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Best baby room thermometers for a safe night's sleep

Ensure the temperature in your baby’s room is safe for them to sleep in with our pick of the best baby room thermometers. 

By Louise Baty | Last updated Jan 14, 2022

baby room thermometer in nursery

If you’re pregnant, the chances are that you will have put a lot of thought into where your baby will be sleeping. You may have chosen your newborn’s very first bed or crib as well as thinking about how to decorate your baby’s nursery - a hot topic of discussion for many Mumsnetters on our forums.


But there’s also another very important thing to consider when it comes to your baby’s sleeping arrangements. Have you thought about the temperature of your baby’s room and how you’ll monitor it?

First things first: it’s important to know that newborn babies can’t regulate their body temperature. This means that they’re at risk of overheating if the room they’re sleeping in is too hot. Sadly, overheating increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or cot death. 

For this reason, the NHS advises that the ideal temperature for a baby’s room is between 16 to 20°C and that you should always check your baby’s room temperature before you settle them down to sleep.

But how exactly do you monitor your baby’s room temperature? Well, that’s where baby room thermometers come in. 

Many Mumsnetters recommend getting a baby room thermometer to keep an eye on your baby’s room temperature and to help you know how to dress them appropriately for bed, including which baby sleeping bag to use. 

There’s a wide variety of baby room thermometers on the market, ranging from bargain cardboard thermometers costing less than a cup of coffee to hi-tech digital room thermometers which double up as night lights or bath thermometers. 

If you find the choice baffling, don’t worry. We’ve trawled the Mumsnet forums to find baby room thermometers that have been tried, tested and approved by real parents, as well as consulting the latest guidance from safe sleep experts including The Lullaby Trust and the NHS.

Here are the best baby room thermometers for 2022, as recommended by parents. 

1. Best overall baby room thermometer: Tommee Tippee Groegg2 Digital Room Thermometer and Night Light

Groegg2 Digital Room Thermometer

Price: £16.99 (was £28.99) | Buy now from Amazon

“We have it and I'd be lost without it! We also used it as a night light during the newborn night feeds. She's nine months now and I still rely on it so I know how to dress her for bed.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user WhenTwoBecomesThree)

You only need to glance at this ingenious little egg-shaped room thermometer to know if your baby’s room is safe for them to sleep in. It glows different colours depending on the temperature of the room, meaning that you won’t need to squint at tiny numbers on a screen in the middle of the night.

While the original Groegg had three colour settings - blue for too cold, red for too hot and yellow for the ideal temperature, the Groegg2 is an updated version with a flexible silicone dome in a larger size and easy to read display. 

Tommee Tippee has also added in an extra shade of light as well as the original three. It shines pink if your baby’s room is on the warm side - around 20 degrees - so that you can take steps to prevent it from getting any hotter.

The Groegg2 is a great money-saving two-in-one product. Not only is its gentle glow a useful way to stay aware of the temperature of your baby’s room, it also does the job of a comforting night light for your little one and there are four levels of brightness to choose from. That said, many reviewers found that it wasn’t actually bright enough for their needs as a light for  night feeds and nappy changes. But if you’re specifically looking for a night light, the Grolight 2-in-1 Night Light could be the right fit for you.

The sleek futuristic design of the Groegg2 also deserves a mention. Unlike many baby products, it’s utterly devoid of cutesy details and will fit in with modern home decor rather than adding unwanted tweeness. In fact, you might well not want to limit yourself to only having one Groegg2, as this Mumsnetter confirms: “We have a few dotted around the house and they've been a big help.” 

The Groegg2 is praised for giving very accurate, reliable temperature readings. The only downside to this invaluable baby room thermometer? It's powered either through a mains lead or a USB charger. You can’t choose both options when you buy, which is a shame considering its price.


  • Doubles up as a night light
  • Stylish design


  • Must be plugged in via a USB lead 

2. Best budget baby room thermometer: Peter Rabbit Nursery and Baby Room Thermometer

Peter Rabbit Nursery and Baby Room Thermometer

Price: £1.25 plus 75p delivery charge | Buy now from Amazon

“We have a little cardboard thermometer near DD's Moses basket which usually sits between 18 to 21°C.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user Andersonx3)

Listen up. You really don’t need to spend a fortune on a baby room thermometer. A straightforward thermometer card to pop in your baby’s room will do the job just fine if you simply don’t have cash to spare for up-to-the-minute gadgets.

This budget baby room thermometer is an incredibly affordable option at £1.25 (plus 75p delivery charge). And let’s be honest - that’s probably well under the price of your morning decaf latte-to-go, isn’t it? 

Made from strengthened cardboard and plastic, it can be easily fixed to the wall close to your baby’s cot and will display the room temperature on an easy-to-read colour-coded strip.

Featuring a classic Peter Rabbit illustration - and who doesn’t love a bit of Beatrix Potter? - this cardboard baby room thermometer will brighten up any nursery. 

There are some downsides though. It’s not as stylish or as hi-tech as more expensive options like the Groegg 2. Also bear in mind that you won’t get as precise a reading as you would with a digital baby room thermometer. 


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Not as precise as digital room thermometers

3. Best baby bath and room thermometer: Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Bath and Room Thermometer

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Bath and Room Thermometer

Price: £19.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“We have this one and it flashes red when the water is too hot.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user BirdIsland)

Dual purpose baby products are a bonus because they save you space and money, and every little bit helps at a time when you’re having to invest in lots of new kit. 

 So what does the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Thermometer do exactly in terms of multi-tasking? Well, not only is it an easy-to-use room thermometer, it can also be used as a bath thermometer too. 

When you’re running your baby’s bath, simply place the BPA-free, lightweight star-shaped thermometer in the water - don’t worry, it floats! The easy-to-read LCD display is activated by either being dropped in water or tapping it. If the water is getting too hot, an LED warning light will come on.  

As a room thermometer, this little gadget is fairly straightforward. Simply set it up on its stand and tap it to activate the display. The room temperature will be displayed in a few seconds and can be shown in fahrenheit or celsius.

One thing to know is that reviewers say that you do need to give the thermometer a fairly robust tap to activate it - not ideal if you’d rather be able to check the room temperature with just a quick glance. However, they also say that this thermometer is reassuringly accurate in both water and on dry land.


  • Doubles up as a bath thermometer
  • Easy to use


  • Thermometer must be dropped in water or tapped to be activated


4. Best basic digital baby room thermometer: AONAT Digital Hygrometer Thermometer

AONAT Digital Hygrometer Thermometer

Price: £6.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“I bought some normal digital thermometers with a stand. They give you the humidity level as well! I have one in each room the baby will be in.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user Alexandra07)

If you’re not too fussed about fancy schmancy features or having a room temperature that will also double up as a bath toy then look no further. This no-fuss digital thermometer does what it says on the tin and doesn’t cost the earth either. 

So will it meet your needs? Well, while the white plastic LCD Digital Indoor Room Thermometer could never be described as cute, it’s practical and useful and won’t take up much space in your baby’s nursery

Not only does this clever little gadget’s screen indicate how warm your baby’s sleeping environment is, it will also measure humidity. And for its next trick, it will tell you the time too, which can either be very useful or utterly soul-crushing when you’re on 3am night feed duty. You decide.

These types of thermometer are basic but generally pretty reliable when it comes to accuracy. Also, at this price, you could choose to buy more than one thermometer and dot them around your home so that you can check the temperature wherever your baby happens to be sleeping.


  • Affordable option
  • Easy to use


  • Not particularly stylish

5. Best hardwearing baby room thermometer: Philips Avent Bath and Room Thermometer

Philips Avent Bath and Room thermometer

Price: £19.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“I had a great one shaped like a flower and pale blue. It was fab - worked as a room thermometer and a bath one. Would highly recommend.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user PeraltasWife)

Another genius multi-tasker, this baby room thermometer from Philips Avent is also an excellent bath thermometer. It works in a similar way to the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Bath and Room Thermometer in that you can use the battery-operated unit on dry land to monitor the temperature of your baby’s room and then pop it in their bath water to check that it won’t burn them or leave them feeling chilly as this Mumsnetter explains: “We have this one. It’s a room thermometer as well. We didn’t think we needed one at first, but realised that the reason DD seemed to hate having a bath was because we were making it far too cold!” 

Reviewers say that this floatable, waterproof thermometer generally returns accurate readings both in water and when dry. It comes in an attractive and tactile flower-shaped design which should keep your little one busy in the bath. It then dries off easily after use so that it can go back into your baby’s nursery ready for bedtime. It’s also in a subtle shade of blue which should suit most nursery decor.

But the best thing about the dual action Philips Avent Bath and Room thermometer? It’s surrounded by shock-resistant rubber which makes this gadget practically indestructible. Even if you or your baby drop it from a fairly great height, it should bounce and live to see another day. 


  • Dual-use room and bath thermometer
  • Surrounded by shock-resistant rubber


  • The digital screen doesn’t light up so may be not be easy to read at night

6. Best baby room thermometer and night light: Purflo Starlight Room Thermometer

Purflo Starlight Room Thermometer

Price: £24.98 | Buy now from Amazon

This room thermometer and night light double act comes in the form of a sweet little star. Comparable in style and value to the Groegg2, it works in a similar way in that it changes colour to indicate a change in room temperature. Like the Groegg2, it also offers four different glow shades: blue for too cold (less than 14°C), green for just right (15 to 20°C), amber for getting warm (21 to 26°C) and red for too hot (over 27°C).

One major plus point of the Purflo Starlight is that it’s powered by rechargeable long-life lithium battery, making it an excellent travel room thermometer as you can take it anywhere. The box also contains a micro USB port for easy charging. 

Reviewers praise this sleek-looking room thermometer for giving extremely accurate celsius readings, which are easy to read on the LCD display. The stylish star design in neutral white and grey should complement most modern nurseries too. 


  • Stylish and efficient
  • Portable and easy to charge on the go


  • Very similar in functionality to the Groegg2 but can sometimes be slightly more expensive

7. Best baby room thermometer and bath toy: Brother Max Whale Digital Bath and Room Thermometer

Brother Max Whale Digital Bath and Room Thermometer

Price: £6.80 | Buy now from Amazon

Meet Finn the whale - your baby’s new bathtime pal. Not only will this fun piece of kit help you monitor the temperature of your baby’s room and bath water, it will also provide them with endless entertainment when they’re splashing around. 

The Brother Max Whale Digital Bath and Room Thermometer is made from chunky blue and white plastic with a waterproof easy-to-read LCD temperature display screen on the top of the whale’s head. Battery-operated, he can float on water and measure your baby’s bath water temperature as he bobs around. If the water is getting too hot, a red warning light will flash. 

When not in use, Finn can be placed on a shelf or close to your baby’s cot to measure the room temperature when they’re sleeping. However reviewers say that it gives more accurate readings in water than when being used to measure room temperature which is something to bear in mind.

Another drawback is that you need to give Finn a tap in order to activate the temperature reading. This could get annoying after a while, especially if you’d prefer to be able to keep a constant eye on your baby’s room temperature. 


  • Fun design which doubles as a bath thermometer and toy
  • Reasonably priced


  • Must be tapped to be activated, which could be irksome

8. Best baby room thermometer and digital clock: Miniland Bee-Shaped Bath and Environmental Thermometer

Miniland Bee Shaped Bath and Environmental Thermometer

Price: £12.40 | Buy now from Amazon

This cute little bee-shaped thermometer is a proper multi-tasker. Not only can it keep on top of your baby’s room and bath water temperature, it even comes with an added digital clock and stopwatch so you can set a limit on your baby’s bathtime. Clever!

The Miniland Bee-Shaped Bath and Environmental Thermometer has alerts for both high or low temperatures. At bathtime, the bee flashes a green warning light when the water temperature is lower than 30ºC and with a red light when it’s greater than 39ºC. It also has arrows on the screen indicating that the water temperature is out of your baby’s comfort range.

Once you know you have the water just right, your baby is sure to love playing with their bee companion while you give them a wash. 

After bathtime, you can dry this waterproof thermometer and place it in your baby’s room so that it can monitor the room temperature. As the monitor stays on constantly, you can check the temperature with a glance without having to tap to activate it. 

You will have to set the digital clock when you first turn it on, but as long as you follow the included instruction manual, it won’t be too fiddly. Reviewers say that this thermometer gives reasonably accurate readings in both water and when dry.


  • Multi-function room and bath thermometer
  • Also has a digital clock and stopwatch function


  • Digital clock needs setting up

Do I really need a room thermometer for my baby?

You may assume that a room thermometer is yet another item of baby equipment that you probably won’t use. However it’s actually really important to be able to monitor the temperature of the room where your baby is sleeping. 

The reason for this is that newborns can’t naturally control their own body temperature so they need their nursery to be at a constant temperature. Many people assume that babies should sleep in a room that’s warmer than the average room temperature but actually this is a dangerous misconception. 

If the room where they’re sleeping gets too hot, then the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) - also known as cot death - rises. Safe Sleep charity The Lullaby Trust offers advice on cutting the risk of SIDs here

The easiest and most reliable way to monitor your baby’s room temperature is with a room thermometer. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a room thermometer but for your baby’s well-being and your own peace of mind, it could be one of the best baby kit investments you make. 

What temperature should my baby’s room be?

The NHS advises that babies don’t need hot rooms or all-night heating. The ideal temperature for a baby’s room is between 16 to 20°C. Check your baby’s room temperature before you put them to sleep in their nursery. The NHS offers the following advice on keeping your baby’s temperature at a constant, safe level when they sleep:

  • In very warm temperatures, your baby may not need any bed clothes other than a sheet.
  • Even in winter, most babies don’t need extra clothes for sleeping.
  • Babies should never sleep in direct sunshine, next to a radiator, heater or fire or with a hot water bottle or electric blanket.
  • As babies lose excess heat through their heads, ensure that their heads aren’t covered by bed clothes while they're asleep.
  • Remove hats and extra clothes if you’re coming in from outside, even if it means waking your baby.
  • Use layers so that you can remove or add them depending on your baby’s temperature.
  • Remember that if you double over a baby blanket, it counts as two layers. 
  • Lightweight, well-fitting baby sleeping bags are a good choice of bedding.

How can I check if my baby is too hot?

The fastest way to check if your baby is too hot or cold is to feel their tummy or the nape of their neck with the back of your hand. Don’t just judge your baby’s temperature on their hands or feet as these tend to be cooler than the rest of their body. 

If your baby’s tummy or the nape of their neck feels sweaty or cold to the touch, you may need to adjust the room temperature. Signs of an overheated baby include rapid breathing and flushed cheeks. 

To cool your baby down, remove layers of clothing or open a window in their room and ensure that they’re fully hydrated if bottle-fed. 

If you need an accurate reading of their body temperature, you can use a baby thermometer  - here are the best baby thermometers, as recommended by Mumsnetters.

The NHS advises that you should quickly seek medical attention if you have serious concerns about your baby’s temperature particularly if they have a high temperature but their hands and feet are cold, if they go floppy or lifeless or are having trouble breathing. For any baby under the age of eight weeks with a high temperature, it’s wise to seek medical advice. Here are more tips from the NHS on spotting the signs of serious illness in babies and toddlers.

How do I choose the best baby room thermometer?

There is a wide range of baby room thermometers on the market, ranging from basic options costing less than £2 to much more techy designs. 

  • Function: Some room thermometers can do several jobs in one.  A thermometer that glows such as the Tommee Tippee Groegg2 Digital Room Thermometer and Night Light can also be used as a comforting night light for your baby. The Miniland Bee-Shaped Bath and Environmental Thermometer is a real multi-tasker - it’s a room thermometer, bath thermometer, bath toy, digital clock and stopwatch in one. 
  • Display: Digital thermometers will display the temperature on a screen, some of which are back-lit, making them ideal for night time use. A more basic cardboard thermometer such as the Peter Rabbit Nursery and Baby Room Thermometer shows the temperature on a colour coded plastic strip. 
  • Accuracy: How precise a reading you get depends on the thermometer, with the  Tommee Tippee Groegg2 Digital Room Thermometer being praised for reliable accuracy. For combined bath and room thermometers, be sure to check that you are getting accurate readings in both water and on dry land.
  • Colour change feature: Some room thermometers such as the Purflo Starlight Room Thermometer glow different colours to indicate room temperature changes. These thermometers tend to be more expensive but are a stylish, easy-to-use option which allow you to constantly monitor room temperature even with the lights out at night. 
  • Budget: Purse-friendly budget options include cardboard room thermometers which display temperatures on a colour-coded strip and basic digital room thermometers such as AONAT Digital Hygrometer Thermometer. Some baby sleeping bags come with their own basic cardboard thermometer too.

What is the best baby room thermometer? 

The Tommee Tippee Groegg2 Digital Room Thermometer and Night Light is a brilliant dual-purpose device which makes it super easy to monitor your baby’s room temperature at a glance. It also looks stylish and fits into any nursery decor.

How we chose our recommendations

We understand that there’s nothing like a real recommendation from other parents. So we first headed to the Mumsnet forums to find out which baby room thermometers were rated by Mumsnet users.

We compiled a list of the baby room thermometers they loved, looking at functionality, accuracy and value for money. We then did some research across the wider web, looking at which baby room thermometers were rated highly by independent reviewers - and what customer reviews said about them too.

Having collated all that information, we picked the thermometers that we thought would make the best buys in a range of interest categories to suit most families.


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