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Best heated gloves for keeping your mitts toasty this winter

Does the change in seasons leave your hands feeling cold and numb? Whether you’re working from home, commuting, or planning to hit the slopes, here are the best heated gloves to keep your hands warm this winter.

By Lucy Cotterill | Last updated Dec 5, 2023

Selection of heated gloves

While they may feel like quite an investment, adding a pair of heated gloves to your winter arsenal along with the best electric blanket and hot water bottle can help to keep you toasty and warm all day long. With a range of temperature settings, the best heated gloves can not only prevent your fingers from getting icy cold wherever your travels may take you, but they can also help improve circulation, easing the symptoms of medical conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain and Raynaud’s. 

When researching the best heated gloves you can buy today, we first scoured the Mumsnet forums, investigating tried-and-tested recommendations from Mumsnet users on the heated gloves that they’ve used and would happily recommend to others. 

We also conducted extensive research into heated gloves to understand their must-have features and benefits - including touchscreen capabilities, breathable fabrics, and of course, a power source that can generate a long-lasting source of heat. We then sought expert opinions on the heated gloves that were award-winning and well-regarded in the industry, before investigating wider feedback and verified customer reviews to gain more perspectives about the heated gloves on our shortlist.

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Best heated gloves UK: at a glance 

  • Best overall: Saviour Thick Heated Gloves, £141

  • Best budget: Heatmax Heated Fleece Mittens, £23

  • Best for skiing: Sporvet Store Heated Gloves for Men and Women, £90

  • Best for cycling: ORORO Heated Gloves, £100

  • Best for Raynaud’s: Aroma Season Battery Heated Gloves, £70


Best heated gloves overall

Saviour Thick Heated Gloves 

What we like
  • Ideal for those with Raynaud’s, poor circulation or arthritis 

  • Unisex design

  • Three temperature settings

  • Stay warm for up to six hours on low heat

What we don't like
  • Costly

  • May be too bulky for some 

  • Come up small so may want to size up

Key specs

Price on writing: £141 | Heating source: 7.4 V 2200mAh lithium-ion batteries | Temperature levels: Three - 40-65°C | Battery life: 2.5 to 6 hours | Material: Leather | Sizes available: Small to 3XL | Touchscreen capability: Yes

What Mumsnet users say
TheNestedIf · Tried & Tested
"The ones with heated fingers that I bought were a previous generation of these. Expensive but worth every penny. I managed six hours outdoors during The Beast From The East in the ones I have. With my useless circulation, I struggle to unlock my door in normal gloves when the temperature is 1°C."
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Our verdict

Whether you are fishing, cycling or hiking, or suffer from a medical condition such as Raynaud’s, arthritis or poor circulation, these stylish unisex gloves can make a big difference to your comfort levels on cold winter days. While they’re certainly an investment, they’re made from super-soft, breathable and waterproof leather that can withstand the elements and they even have touchscreen capabilities - so you won’t need to remove them to answer your phone. 

The Savior Thick Heated Gloves are available in sizes small to 3XL and are elasticated at the wrist to achieve a secure, non-restrictive fit. Reviewers claim they come up small, however, so you may want to check the measurements closely or size up if in doubt.

Powered via a discreet rechargeable lithium battery (that needs charging for around three to four hours before use), they offer three different temperature settings, allowing you to switch between low gentle warmth or a higher heat of up to 65°C. Depending on your setting, they can keep your hands warm for up to six hours - plenty to enjoy some fun in the great outdoors without feeling the chill.


Best budget heated gloves

Heatmax Heated Fleece Mittens

What we like
  • Budget-friendly price tag

  • Insulated gloves with integrated pockets to house Hot Hands hand warmers

  • Easy to switch between gloves and mittens

  • Includes one pack of Hot Hands hand warmers

What we don't like
  • Hand warmers are disposable 

  • Need to factor in the ongoing cost of hand warmers

  • Don’t offer touchscreen capabilities

Key specs

Price on writing: £23 | Heating source: Used with Hot Hands hand warmers (sold separately) | Temperature levels: One | Heat lasts for: Up to 18 hours (with hand warmers) | Material: 3M Thinsulate with TruGrip leather palm | Sizes available: Large and extra large | Touchscreen capability: No

What Mumsnet users say
MrsWooster · Suggested
“Could you try ‘tea bag' hand warmers’? They fit inside gloves and provide warmth for a good few hours.”
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Our verdict

Heated gloves generally don’t come cheap, so if you’re looking to keep your hands warm without a significant investment, they don’t come much more affordable than these budget-friendly Heatmax Heated Fleece Mittens.

While they’re not electrically heated, these gloves are designed to be used with Mumsnet-rated Hot Hands Disposable Hand Warmers, slotting into the integrated pocket to create up to 18 hours of gentle warmth. While they won’t reach the high temperatures of some battery-powered designs, it’s certainly enough to take off the chill alongside one of the best winter coats for women when walking the dog or spectating football on a Sunday morning.

Made from extra warm 3M Thinsulate and a TruGrip leather palm, they are a little on the bulky side for everyday wear. However, we love how easy it is to convert them from mittens to gloves - helping improve your dexterity as required.

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Best heated ski gloves

Sporvet Store Heated Gloves

What we like
  • Windproof, breathable and water-resistant fabric

  • Touchscreen compatible 

  • Five temperature levels

  • Heating elements span the back of the hand and all five fingers

What we don't like
  • Costly

  • Long charging time 

Key specs

Price on writing: £90 | Heating source: 7.4V 5000 MAH Li-ion battery and nanofiber heating wire | Temperature levels: Five - 40-70°C | Heat lasts for: 6 to 12 hours | Material: Thinsulate cotton | Sizes available: Medium and large | Touchscreen capability: Yes

Our verdict

If you’re heading on a skiing holiday or intend to get involved in some winter sports, you’re going to need durable heated gloves that can really be put through their paces.

The Sporvet unisex heated gloves are not only water resistant and windproof, but they’re also made with multiple layers, including warm Thinsulate insulation that helps hold in the generated heat for longer. Unlike some other heated glove designs, Sporvet Store Heated Gloves have heating elements that span the entire back of the hand and down all five fingers, keeping your entire hand warm and protected from the elements.

While they take a significant eight hours to reach full charge, these gloves have five temperature levels to choose from, lasting between six and twelve hours depending on the setting. We love the touchscreen compatible sensors across all ten fingers, and thanks to the large heating areas, they’re also well suited to those with Raynaud's disease, arthritis and stiff joints.


Best heated cycling gloves

ORORO Heated Gloves

What we like
  • Brand trusted by Mumsnet users

  • Slimline, non-bulky design that can also be used as a liner

  • Anti-slip silicone palm

  • Heat across the entire back of the hand and five fingers (including fingertips)

What we don't like
  • Costly

  • Don't get as hot as some other options

Key specs

Price on writing: £100 | Heating source: 2000 mAh lithium Ion batteries  | Temperature levels: Three - from 35-45°C | Heat lasts for: 3 to 9 hours | Material: Synthetic with anti-slip silicone palm | Sizes available: Small, medium and large | Touchscreen capability: Yes 

Our verdict

When it comes to outdoor heated clothing and accessories, US brand Ororo certainly knows their stuff, with their heated gilets coming well-rated amongst Mumsnet users.

The Ororo heated liner gloves are water resistant and cushion soft, allowing you to wear them alone on cold days or under thicker winter gloves in more extreme weather conditions such as snow, blizzards and ice. 

Powered by discreet, curved rechargeable batteries, they offer three levels of heat up to 45°C and up to nine hours of running time on the lowest temperature setting. Despite their lightweight design, they offer excellent heat coverage, with heating elements spanning across the entire hand and back of the fingers (including the fingertips). With a non-slip silicone palm and touchscreen-compatible tips, they also allow the freedom to type and go about your day without feeling bulky or restricted.

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Best heated gloves for Raynaud’s

Aroma Season Battery Heated Gloves

What we like
  • Wide range of sizes 

  • Touchscreen compatible 

  • Three heat settings lasting up to ten hours 

  • Heat across the entire back of hands, palms and fingers

  • Well suited to outdoor activities

What we don't like
  • Battery is heavy and can be a little fiddly to install 

  • A bit bulky in design

Key specs

Price on writing: £70 | Heating source: 7.4V 3000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery | Temperature levels: Three - 40-55°C | Heat lasts for: 5 to 10 hours | Material: Nylon | Sizes available: S/M, L/XL, XXL/XXXL | Touchscreen capability: Yes, thumb and forefinger

What Mumsnet users say
WhatWouldYouDoWhatWouldJesusDo · Type of product recommended
"I got my brother-in-law who has Raynaud's a pair last Christmas. They're rechargeable and he takes a pocket charger out with him as backup. We're in Cumbria so very cold here at the mo. He's just bought a second pair as a backup just in case.”
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Our verdict

If you have medical conditions affecting your circulation such as Raynaud’s, the winter months can leave your hands feeling bitterly cold, numb and painful. 

While these waterproof gloves are designed for outdoor activities and therefore can be a little bulky and heavy for day-to-day use, the Aroma Season Electric Heated Gloves offer all dimensional 360° heating - covering the backs of the hand, the palms and all five fingers, helping to stimulate blood flow and prevent discomfort. They also have conductive material on the thumb and forefinger, ensuring you can still operate your mobile devices and tablets with ease. 

Offering easy switching between three temperature modes, you can expect up to ten hours of warmth on the lowest setting. It’s worth mentioning that the gloves auto shut off after an hour for safety, but can be restarted quickly and easily as and when required. 


Best USB-heated gloves

Unigear Heated Gloves

What we like
  • Fast charging via USB-C or USB-A cables

  • Triple water resistant with 3M Thinsulate insulation 

  • Touchscreen capabilities 

  • Heat up in eight seconds

  • Three temperature levels heating up to seven hours 

What we don't like
  • Polished look of the leather can deteriorate in extreme weather  

  • Battery life is much lower on highest setting 

Key specs

Price on writing: £90 | Heating source: 7.4 volt 2200 capacity lithium batteries | Temperature levels: Three - 35-60°C | Heat lasts for: Up to 7 hours | Material: Polyester | Sizes available: XS to XXL | Touchscreen capability: Yes index finger and thumb 

Our verdict

Made with luxurious goatskin leather, these highly elastic and comfortable heated gloves are incredibly well insulated, made with breathable water-resistant fabrics and a double layer of Thinsulate to hold in the generated heat. 

Using the convenience of USB-C or USB cables, the 7.4 volt 2200 capacity lithium batteries take just four hours to reach charge. They then heat up in just eight seconds to keep your hands warm and cosy, even in more extreme weather conditions.

The battery life is up to seven hours on the lowest setting (35°C), although it is worth noting that this is significantly reduced to around two-and-a-half hours when used on the highest setting - perhaps not surprising given that it generates temperatures of around 60°C.

While the soft leather can show signs of wear over time due to snow and ice, the ultra-thin battery allows freedom of movement without feeling bulky or weighed down, while the touchscreen functionality on the index finger and thumb allows you to easily check your phone on the go. 


Best waterproof heated gloves

Seal Skinz Waterproof Heated Cycle glove

What we like
  • Lightweight design

  • Three layer insulation for warmth

  • Waterproof

  • Non-slip leather goatskin palm for improved grip

What we don't like
  • High price point

Key specs

Price on writing: £157 | Heating source: 7.4v 2200mAh Polymer batteries | Temperature levels: Three (temperatures unspecified) | Heat lasts for: 5 to 6 hours | Material: Leather, 46% polyester, 4% elastane | Sizes available: Small to XL | Touchscreen capability: Unspecified 

What Mumsnet users say
CMOTDibbler · Brand Tried & Tested
“For waterproof, I can't fault my Seal Skinz gloves.” 
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Our verdict

If you don’t want the unpredictable British weather to halt your enjoyment of outdoor activities, these heated gloves from Seal Skinz make a great investment. Completely waterproof, they promise to keep your hands warm and dry even in the most substantial of winter downpours, and you can match them with a pair of the best heated socks for ultimate toastiness.

With a lightweight and durable design made with three layers of insulation, they’re powered by slimline rechargeable lithium batteries that offer up to six hours of warmth. You can easily toggle between three different heat settings to find a comfortable amount of warmth to suit your surroundings. 

While the goatskin leather palm offers improved grip for activities such as cycling, you may need to whip them off in order to fully control your touchscreen phone. 

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Best heated motorcycle gloves

Snow Deer Heated Motorcycle Gloves

What we like
  • Hard wearing and durable design

  • Impressive insulation

  • Touchscreen compatible 

  • Waterproof and windproof 

  • Up to six hours of heat

What we don't like
  • Costly

  • Too bulky and thick for everyday use 

Key specs

Price on writing: £150 | Heating source: 7.4V 2200MAH rechargeable li-ion batteries | Temperature levels: Three - 40-65°C | Heat lasts for: 2.5 to 6 hours | Material: Leather | Sizes available: Small and medium | Touchscreen capability: Yes

Our verdict

If you’re heading out on a motorcycle in the winter months, you should look for heated gloves that have a hard wearing and durable design combined with a comfortable grip and impressive heat insulation. These Snow Deer Heated Motorcycle Gloves are a great example with reinforced stitching and carbon fibre knuckles to offer extra protection for your hands. They’re touchscreen compatible, have an adjustable wrist buckle to ensure a secure fit, and even include a built-in screen wiper so you’ll have good visibility when the heavens open. 

Windproof, waterproof and breathable, these robust leather heated gloves are rechargeable via two 7.4V 2200MAH li-ion batteries and can heat the entire hand, fingers and fingertips. With a choice of three temperature levels to help you adapt to your surroundings, you can expect up to six hours of heat on the lowest setting. 

How do heated gloves work?

Heated gloves are generally powered via rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and contain heating elements, spanning across the back of the hand. Once turned on, the power can produce a variety of heat levels - with many heated gloves offering a range of temperatures between 35 and 65 degrees Celsius. The best heated gloves offer extensive heat coverage, with heating elements spanning all five fingers, helping stimulate blood flow and ease symptoms of poor circulation or medical conditions such as Raynaud's syndrome. 

Are heated gloves worth it?

Heated gloves don’t come cheap, so while they’re not for everyone, they can certainly be worth it if you want an upgrade from your regular thermal underwear or you spend significant time outdoors in winter - whether that’s taking part in snowsports, cycling or motorcycling, or heading out on long walks and treks in extreme weather conditions.

If you have medical conditions such as Raynaud’s, many say the benefits of heated gloves are huge and the improvement in their comfort levels makes them money well spent.

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Are heated gloves safe?

So long as they are used correctly and as per the manufacturer’s instructions, heated gloves are safe to use. You should always turn them off when not in use, avoid leaving them on for longer than necessary and check the batteries regularly for signs of damage. Some heated gloves include an auto shut-off as an additional layer of safety, although some reviewers found this more frustrating than helpful. 

What to consider when shopping for the best heated gloves

  • What do you need them for? - Depending on your needs, the style and bulk of the glove design will be important. Some heated gloves are weighty and robust but offer enhanced durability as a result, so they’re ideal for spending significant time outdoors in winter conditions. Others are lighter, slimmer and more suited to everyday use.

  • Where are the heating elements? - Do the heating elements cover the fingers or simply the back of the hand? If you have circulatory conditions, heated gloves that offer more extensive heat coverage will be more effective at easing your symptoms. 

  • How long do they take to charge? - The majority of heated gloves (with the exception of those using hand warmers) need significant charging before use. The duration can vary from one brand to the next, but charging time tends to be between four and eight hours.

  • What heat levels can they generate? - The number of heat levels and the temperatures generated by heated gloves can vary quite significantly. Consider the temperatures offered and weigh this up against battery life to find which option best suits your needs.

  • Battery life - As a general rule, the higher the temperature, the shorter the battery life will be. If you want something that will last all day long, some heated gloves can offer a battery life of nine to twelve hours when used at a low temperature.

  • Touchscreen capabilities - Do you need to remove the gloves to navigate the screen of your mobile phone? Not all heated gloves have touchscreen conductors, but the best heated gloves have, at a minimum, touch pads on the index finger and thumb. Many designs offer touchscreen conductivity across all fingers. 

  • Cost - Last but by no means least, how much are you willing to spend? Heated gloves don’t come cheap, but when you weigh up the average cost per wear, they can certainly be worth the investment. 

How we chose our recommendations

Feedback from real Mumsnet users 

Due to rising energy costs and climate changes, heated gloves have really grown in popularity over recent years. In our quest to find the top buys, we first sought out tried-and-tested recommendations from Mumsnet users who have invested in heated gloves and would recommend them to others. We gathered their feedback on the features they rate as well as the reasons they used heated gloves, so we could search for products that excelled in those areas.

Expert opinions

Next up, we considered reviews and feedback from trusted industry experts. We want to be confident that the products we recommend are fit for purpose, so we looked out for award-winning products or those that were well regarded in the marketplace.

Authentic consumer reviews

Finally, to bring you our definitive list of the best heated gloves on the market, we thoroughly investigated genuine, in-depth customer reviews on retailer sites to get wider consumer experiences regarding the products on our shortlist. 

About the author 

Lucy Cotterill is a mum of two and Content Writer at Mumsnet, specialising in family and lifestyle product reviews and round-ups. Having written product reviews on her own blog Real Mum Reviews since 2012, Lucy loves to research and explore the pros and cons of products, scrutinising reviews and consumer feedback to help parents make confident purchases that benefit their families.

Working mostly from home, Lucy spent significant time last year reviewing products and services to stay warm during the winter months, including everything from hot water bottles to electric blankets.

Originally from a HR background with a degree in Business Studies, Lucy developed a real passion for blogging and writing when her children were young, going on to write for several online publications including US parenting site Pregistry and the Evening Standard.

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