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Best champagne glasses: stylish glassware for your finest fizz

Planning a celebration? Toasting the end of a looong week? For stylish glassware worth celebrating, check out our pick of the best champagne glasses to add to your home bar. 

By Poppy O'Neill | Last updated Apr 1, 2022

Best champagne glasses

Let’s face it - drinking champagne from a mug just doesn’t cut it. From flutes to coupes, there's a variety of vessels to add a bit of sparkle to your glassware collection. Saucers ooze old-fashioned glamour (except when you spill your drink on the carpet), and flutes keep your bubbles bubbling for longer. While nothing terrible will come from drinking champagne out of a regular wine glass, you won’t get the full flavour and texture experience that’s unique to sparkling wine.  

If you’re in search of new glasses for prosecco, cava or proper champers, we’ve got you covered. Extra special glasses deserve a bit of research before buying so we’ve turned to Mumsnet's seasoned Champagne drinkers for assistance. 

Here are the best champagne glasses to buy, as recommendation by Mumsnet users. Chin chin! 

1. Best overall champagne glasses: Traidcraft Ngwenya Recycled Champagne Glasses

Traidcraft champagne glass

Price: £20 (set of two) | Buy now from Traidcraft

"Traidcraft make the most beautiful, weighty, get-lots-of-compliments recycled glasswear… they make a great present" - recommended by Mumsnet user, fustybritches

Made in Swaziland from 100% recycled glass, we love the bluish-greenish tint of these Ngwenya glasses just as much as their sustainable and fair trade credentials. The glass is glossy, weighty and has an unusual but elegant tulip shape, which allows the perfume of the champagne to be released. They’re £20 for a set of two 250ml flutes, which makes a lovely wedding present. 

2. Best budget champagne glasses: John Lewis ANYDAY Champagne Flutes

John Lewis ANYDAY champagne glasses

Price: £5 | Buy now from John Lewis & Partners

A good quality set to get your glassware collection started, these flutes from John Lewis's ANYDAY range are shorter than most, meaning they’ll fit easily in the top shelf of your dishwasher. At £5 for a set of four 180ml glasses, they're perfect if you’re planning a big get-together with a champagne toast.

3. Best champagne coupe glasses: LSA Champagne Saucers

LSA champagne glasses

Price: £80 (set of four) | Buy now from Amazon

"I have those LSA champagne saucers and they really are gorgeous" - recommended by Mumsnet user, revel

How elegant are these?! Their stiletto-like stems make them more precarious than other styles, but if you’re on the hunt for looks over practicality, Mumsnetters agree that these are perfect. The wide coupe style is ideal for sipping bubbly, and they can also be used for cocktails like daiquiris and Manhattans. 

4. Best classic champagne flutes: Dartington Crystal Champagne Flutes

Dartington champagne flutes

Price: £20 (set of six) | Buy now from Amazon

"I LOVE the look of saucers, but find I spill my drink too easily. Also, flutes are easier to store, they take up less space" - recommended by Mumsnet user, thisisyesterday

Known for their affordable crystal glass, Dartington champagne flutes are a classic shape and great quality. The long stem on a champagne flute works to keep the wine cool, while the narrow flute keeps the bubbles fizzing for longer. These ones come in a set of six, each holding a generous 190ml. 

5. Best crystal champagne glasses: Cumbria Crystal Grasmere Champagne Coupe

Cumbria Crystal champagne glasses

Price: £95 (per glass) | Buy now from Fortnum & Mason

"Cumbria Crystal - the most beautiful glasses!" - tried and tested by Mumsnet user, FourCandelabras

"Saucers are so much more glamorous IMO" - recommended by Mumsnet user, monkeymoma

These are really special. Featuring intricate cut glass detail and an elegant coupe shape, these weighty glasses from Cumbria Crystal are fit for the swankiest drinks cabinet. One of the last UK manufacturers of hand-blown, hand-cut crystal, Cumbria Crystal supplies glasses to the set of Downton Abbey. The perfect gift for a big birthday, these glasses will set you back £95 a pop. 

6. Best modern champagne glasses: The White Company Halden Champagne Flutes

White Company champagne glasses

Price: £48 (set of four) | Buy now from The White Company

"The White Company have beautiful ones!!!" - recommended by Mumsnet user, mildmanneredmum

Now for something completely different - these stemless glasses from The White Company divide opinion on Mumsnet, as the stem helps keep wine cold. Like big shot glasses, they have a chunky bottom which keeps your drink from getting too warm. The sleek, modern glasses hold 140ml each, and come in a set of four. 

7. Best champagne glasses for gifts: Portmeirion Atrium Champagne Flutes

Portmerion champagne glasses

Price: £36 (set of four) | Buy now from Amazon

"Have a look at Portmeirion. They have some lovely glassware" - recommended by Mumsnet user, LST

Makers of lovely patterned crockery and quirky glassware, Portmeirion’s Atrium flutes have a teal ombre tinge and a stylish square shape. This set of four comes in a pretty box that makes them easy to wrap. Mumsnetters agree these are a failsafe gift - perfect for those hard-to-buy-for friends.  

8. Best colourful champagne glasses: Villeroy & Boch Boston Champagne Glass

Villeroy Boch Boston champagne glasses

Price: £15 (per glass) | Buy now from Amazon

We love the retro look of this blue champagne glass from Villeroy & Boch. Also available in green, red, pink, smoke and clear glass, it features a dramatic diamond texture and is made from crystal glass. With a capacity of 145ml, it’s on the dinky side, and could double up as an ice cream sundae bowl. 

9. Best champagne glasses for celebrations: Lucente Hollow Stem Champagne Flutes

Lucente hollow stem champagne glasses

Price: £20 (set of 12) | Buy now from Amazon

"I like the flutes with the hollow stems best of all, but they are difficult to finish elegantly cos the last inch won't come out unless the glass is practically upside down and then it falls all over your face" - recommended by Mumsnet user, Catsmamma

These stylish hollow-stemmed flutes from Lucente are a bit more steady than thin-stemmed alternatives, making them great for big parties. Not the easiest champagne glass to drink from, that last drop can be difficult to get to. Each glass holds 175ml of liquid, they’re freezer and dishwasher safe and they come in a pack of 12. 

10. Best champagne glass set: Oliver Bonas Ariele Champagne Saucers

Oliver Bonas champagne glasses

Price: £35 | Buy now from Oliver Bonas

"Oliver Bonas has decent glassware" - recommended by Mumsnet user, RudeAF

A beautiful design to give as a gift (or keep for yourself), these delicate Arielle champagne saucers from Oliver Bonas come in a set of four. The gold fan pattern gives these glasses a Gatsby-esque look. There are flutes, martini, wine glasses and tumblers available in the same pattern - why not get the whole range? 

What’s the best style of glass to drink champagne out of?

Although flutes are the most popular, experts say the best shape of glass to drink champagne from is a tulip glass. The wider middle allows the champagne’s aroma to reach the drinker’s nose, improving the flavour. 

Flutes are popular in the hospitality industry because they take up less space and keep champagne fizzy for longer. The saucer-style coupe glass, which loses bubbles quickly, was suited to sweeter champagnes, popular in the early 20th century, but doesn’t work so well with drier modern tastes. 

What’s the best way to clean champagne glasses?

To keep your champagne glasses in good condition, clean them with hot water and steer clear of washing up liquid, as this can leave an invisible residue which affects the taste of your next drink. A baby bottle cleaner is a good way to get into narrow flutes, and don’t forget to dry your glasses with a clean cloth to prevent streaks. 

What are the best champagne glasses to buy?

Ngwenya recycled champagne glasses from Traidcraft are the best champagne glasses to buy. Sustainably made and featuring that expert-recommended tulip shape, they look great too. 

How we chose our recommendations

We spent several hours trawling the threads in Mumsnet’s Talk forum for recommendations from our users on which champagne glasses they rated most highly. We were also on the lookout for poor reviews of products to avoid.

For our initial longlist, we also consulted recommendations from experts, consumer websites and print media, and made sure we included brands that regularly appeared in top 10 lists.

We then looked at reviews for each of our longlisted glasses to check that previous customers were satisfied with their purchases.

We then whittled our longlist down and chose a top ten that we think offers something for every style and price point.

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