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10 tips on how to start writing or drawing – even when you think you have no time to spare by Anna Davis of Curtis Brown Creative 8 Witchend 22/09/18 22:42
Book club special: Author Sarah Waters and screen writer Lucinda Coxon join us for a webchat about their writing careers and new film adaptation of The Little Stranger: Wednesday 19 September at 12.30pm 61 OlennasWimple 19/09/18 14:32
Webchat with John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor, Tuesday 18 September at 11am 354 KateMumsnet 19/09/18 13:27
National Eczema Week: Webchat with dermatology nurse Julie Van Onselen: Tuesday 18 September at 9pm 61 Thishatisnotmine 19/09/18 01:19
Guest blog from Gina Miller: ‘’If you want to make a difference, you have to be prepared to put your head above the parapet’’ 98 catlady3 10/09/18 21:27
Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams on the dark side of social media - Webchat Wednesday 9pm 61 JeezYouLoon 26/07/18 11:58
Louisa Young on alcoholism in the family: "Just because you're strong, don't mean it's easy" 91 pointythings 19/07/18 08:39
Join the webchat with author Matt Haig: Monday 9 July, 9pm 73 fruitpastille 09/07/18 23:38
Guest post: "The abuse I experienced in Rotherham prompted the work I now do in schools" 57 Tartle 06/07/18 22:05
"At the heart of my activism is the need to give voice to millions of silenced women” 86 Ereshkigal 28/06/18 23:55
Come and chat to author Marian Keyes: Monday 4 June, 9pm 134 DurhamDurham 25/06/18 09:15
"How would I know when I had reached the peak?" Author Nancy Tucker on her 13-year-struggle with eating disorders 33 Hefzi 22/06/18 20:27
Webchat about feeding babies and toddlers with Dr Clare Llewellyn an Dr Hayley Syrad, authors of Baby Food Matters: Wednesday 13 June at 9pm 37 DrHayleySyrad 13/06/18 21:57
Webchat with perfumer Sarah McCartney: Thursday 24 May, 9pm 125 ChoccyJules 02/06/18 16:47
"How open water swimming helped me survive IVF" Join our webchat with author and outdoor swimmer Alexandra Heminsley, Wednesday 30 May, 9pm 58 PottyMouther 30/05/18 22:05
Webchat with former nurse and author of The Language of Kindness, Christie Watson on Thursday 17 May, 9pm 39 CorvusUmbranox 18/05/18 22:36
Webchat with Liz Earle, Wednesday 9 May at 9pm 76 ppeatfruit 10/05/18 19:29
Webchat about depression and its treatment with Dr Edward Bullmore, Wednesday 2 May at 9pm 64 kateandme 03/05/18 13:12
Join us on Tuesday 1st May for a webchat on Sepsis with Dr Ed Gaynor 61 PoliticalBiscuit 01/05/18 22:29
Chat to author and journalist LIONEL SHRIVER during our webchat on Thursday 19 April at 9pm 91 RachelMumsnet 26/04/18 10:49
Webchat with journalist and author Matthew Syed about boosting kids' confidence: Wednesday 18 April at 9pm 48 Guerre 19/04/18 01:15
Webchat with Sherrie Palm of Pelvic organ prolapse support organisation: Tuesday 23 January, 9-10pm 90 Wallywobbles 21/02/18 07:35
Webchat about bereavement with grief psychotherapist Julia Samuel, Thursday 9 March, 1-2pm 84 fireflame 10/02/18 09:50
What to do with Nasty neighbors? 6 bingebiscuiteater 15/12/17 11:50
Is there a LEGO NINJAGO fan in your house? Post your questions to Jackie Chan and Dave Franco ahead of the new film 25 TinaMumsnet 19/10/17 10:11
Webchat with Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, Friday 8 September at 1pm 127 singadream 12/09/17 14:09
Quiz Jonathan Freedland on Trump, May, Brexit and anything else that takes your fancy 58 Lweji 03/08/17 16:46
It's Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. Put your questions to the experts from Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, Friday 27 Jan, 1-2pm 154 Mom2be777 25/07/17 13:31
Webchat with Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, on Friday 2 June at 1pm 258 JaniceTollis 05/06/17 02:16
Webchat with Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, Tuesday 30 May at midday 923 notaflyingmonkey 03/06/17 21:34
Heads up - webchat with Jeremy Corbyn Monday 19th Sept @ 2pm. 983 Wickerqueen 29/05/17 14:39
Webchat with Cathy Warwick, RCM Chief Exec, on Tuesday 23 May at 12.45pm 55 MissShittyBennet 23/05/17 15:51
Webchat with Brendan Cox on Tuesday 16 May at midday 47 BojanaMumsnet 16/05/17 13:07
Webchat with Nick Clegg - Tuesday 9 May at midday 163 Wellysocksbox 12/05/17 16:05
Webchat with experts from Breast Cancer Care - Friday 12 May, midday - 1pm 59 ArgyMargy 12/05/17 13:03
Webchat about bullying with Liam Hackett, founder of Ditch the Label - Wednesday 5 April, 9-10pm 39 Noeuf 07/04/17 01:43
Webchat with Catherine Mayer, author and co-founder of the Women's Equality Party - Thursday 30 March, 1-2pm 66 NauticalDisaster 02/04/17 15:29
Having trouble getting your baby to sleep? Join our webchat with sleep expert Andrea Grace, Thursday 23 March, midday - 1pm 63 MissAmEdwards 24/03/17 17:45
Need help 4 elsmummy 18/03/17 00:08
University independant project 2 HilairHilair 09/03/17 22:19
Ex reducing maintenance through Salary Sacrifice 2 Stereophonic… 07/03/17 14:14
Preparing for childbirth? Join our webchat with midwife Clemmie Hooper (aka @mother_of_daughters) from 8-9pm tonight! 54 TillyOcean 28/02/17 22:20
New to this need advice please!!! 2 Datun 22/02/17 14:34
MNHQ here: webchat with Harriet Harman MP on Monday 20 February at 1pm 121 AskBasil 21/02/17 07:57
MNHQ here: webchat with MPs Jess Phillips and Flick Drummond 397 Ouriana 18/02/17 21:39
My friend is in the middle of radio therapy, what would cheer her up.... 3 Fairlyuselessfriend 18/02/17 20:28
Webchat about pregnancy and post-natal nutrition with Jane Clarke, Tuesday 7 February, 11am - midday 35 LastnightaDJ 16/02/17 14:54
Presents to DD from new baby? 1 Bluefrog26 15/02/17 08:03
Teenage son and contraception 22 SloanyAnne 07/02/17 18:25
Are you worried about your alcohol intake? Do you regularly think about quitting? Join our webchat with Lucy Rocca, founder of, Wednesday 1 February, 9-10pm 45 RachelMumsnet 02/02/17 10:20
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