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Pirate noises during sex????????????????????

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regularmumsnetter Mon 17-Oct-05 21:51:21

Am too embarrassed to reveal my true identity but i am a bit freaked out by my dp. Recently he has begun to put on a strange voice during sex, eg 'Arr matey' in the style of that weird sea captain from the Simpsons?!

The other one is 'Arr, the ship's a-dockin' and 'My lighthouse is tingling'

There are various others along the same lines but i won't go into them all now.

He is not a sailor btw, and has (AFAIK) no connection to seafaring folk;)

Just wondering if i can say how uncomfortable this is making me feel (it's just f*ing weird IMO, but it seems to be turning him on!).

hoxtonchick Mon 17-Oct-05 22:54:37

this wins best thread tonight!

soapbox Mon 17-Oct-05 22:54:40

MI - PMSL (again)!

motherinferior Mon 17-Oct-05 22:54:46

Blu, this is clearly a post from the future, it's your DS's wife-to-be.

Blu Mon 17-Oct-05 22:55:38

Will you be hpisting his mainsail tonight, RMN-er?

soapbox Mon 17-Oct-05 22:55:42

MI - Blu {shock]

marthamoo Mon 17-Oct-05 22:56:01

Can I just say thank you for this thread? It's cheered me up no end - though I'm sorry, regMNer that no-one has realy solved your dilemma.

Blu Mon 17-Oct-05 22:56:18


motherinferior Mon 17-Oct-05 22:56:43

Blu's son is a gorgeous little pirate.

And now I've got Sloop John B running through my head.

Blu Mon 17-Oct-05 22:57:07

That's what I get for logging on to Mystic Familiar!

motherinferior Mon 17-Oct-05 22:58:17

It's clearly the worst trip you've ever been on.

Have just emailed you, btw, hope it gets through.

Blu Mon 17-Oct-05 22:58:23

This thread HAS to go on the home page!

marthamoo Mon 17-Oct-05 22:58:27


soapbox Mon 17-Oct-05 22:59:14

Well my DS likes pirates too - but I'm not sure about him having s e x with anyone

Not my little angel surely!!!!!!

teeavee Mon 17-Oct-05 22:59:43

dare I mention captain pugwash and his faithful first mate, seaman staines..?

marthamoo Mon 17-Oct-05 23:00:32

And Master Bates...

spidermama Mon 17-Oct-05 23:01:04

Nopw that's an urban myth. There were no such characters on Captain Pugwash.

Frieda Mon 17-Oct-05 23:01:13

I think you should try and enter into the spirit a bit more, regmumsnetter. Try decorating the bedchamber with some jaunty home-made Jolly Roger flags [fnar, fnar], rustle up something tempting from Cap'n Birdsye and get in a couple of Cap'n Pugwash videos.

Then come back and tell us how you got on

motherinferior Mon 17-Oct-05 23:01:16

...and Roger the cabin boy?

You can of course tell your lovely husband he's brought a smile to the lips of countless women tonight

teeavee Mon 17-Oct-05 23:02:50

you could even get a water bed!

Frieda Mon 17-Oct-05 23:03:30

You can definitely get Yo Ho Ahoy on video.

marthamoo Mon 17-Oct-05 23:03:56

I know it's an urban myth...but it's a good 'un

marthamoo Mon 17-Oct-05 23:04:47

Poor regMNer - she posts with a genuine problem and we are all falling about and taking the piss. I'm sorry, I'll stop now.

spookylips Mon 17-Oct-05 23:05:41

have you ever thought of playing along with him.?? and ask him what turn you on too? - go on it be a laugh and go down to ann summers shop to get the "gear"

**you should be lucky youre getting some as were are too tired **

jacobsmummy Mon 17-Oct-05 23:07:24

tell him that he reminds you of Captain Birds Eye, when he does those impressions, might be enough to put him off.

Fish Finger anyone?

Blu Mon 17-Oct-05 23:07:43

REgularMumsnetter: "There are various others along the same lines but i won't go into them all now."
Perhaps we could help you better if we did know the full story?
I'm sure we could....

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