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How do you prepare your little ones for being away from you? Tell us for a chance to win one of TWO Owl Babies bundles, including copies of the book plus Ollie the Owl Sound and Light Gro Friend

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SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 08-Sep-17 12:52:39

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For your chance to win an Owl Babies bundle, just share your top tips for preparing your little ones for being away from you.

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Scoleah Fri 08-Sep-17 18:17:24

I talk to him and try and explain where Mummy is going, and I won't be long.
Then I give him some toys to play with and try and make it as normal as possible: rather than running out the room, then wondering if he is looking for me.
Seems to be working so far as we don't have any tears when I have to leave at the moment!

tomatopuree Fri 08-Sep-17 19:00:27

I pack his little clothes in a bag with all his favourite dinosaurs, make sure blanky is there. That's the most important bit.

Then I organise a bottle of wine. Some fresh bedding and the minute he's away ...I pour myself a glass of wine and turn off the phone. Films on. Chocolate and crisp wrappers everywhere and starfish right in the middle of my bed!! grin

Ashhead24 Fri 08-Sep-17 19:08:21

"Gone to work" seems to work for us, he understood this was where DP went during the day and is happy with this as am explanation when we're not there.

Livelaughlu Fri 08-Sep-17 20:27:09

I get mine to help me pack a bag take their favourite toys, comforters and usually a piece of my clothing pj top for them to sleep in obviously being ridiculously too big.

While we are packing their bags I explain every step of what it going to happen and how long I will be.

BonjourMinou Fri 08-Sep-17 21:16:58

I pack their favourite toys and explain that they are going to have a fun time with Nanny and to be good!
They cope!

starlight36 Fri 08-Sep-17 21:40:34

I emphasise the coming back part and always try to arrange a 'fun' distraction for whilst I am out. I also build up to going out throughout the day or night before so it isn't suddenly a big shock. We still get tears though, apparently always short-lived but part of our parting process. No fretting whilst I'm out.

ifigoup Fri 08-Sep-17 21:45:39

I keep it low-key, as DC is not really old enough to know in advance the difference between three hours and three days. We have a healthy attachment, but DC is absolutely fine with my husband so although I still miss DC, I don't worry as such.

MustBeThursday Fri 08-Sep-17 22:03:40

For overnight trips we pack her special suitcase with her favourite pyjamas, her special teddies, her "duck duck" and her favourite bedtime stories.

We always give her a cuddle and say goodbye, but don't linger whether we're away for an hour or a day.

FlowerTink Fri 08-Sep-17 22:07:34

I make sure she has her favourite toy, and talk to her beforehand about an activity she will do whilst we're away and focus on what a good time she will have. I spend the day beforehand chatting about it too so it's ot too much of a surprise. She also normally picks a favourite book to take with her that can be read to her

Alexandra87 Fri 08-Sep-17 22:16:11

My dc have only ever stayed with my grandmother overnight. They have their own beds/bedrooms there. She has a load of toys for them and buys them the food they like etc. I often think they'd go permanently if they had the choice

Kraggle Fri 08-Sep-17 22:29:36

Dd has only ever stayed at Grandmas a couple of times but each time we've explained that she's sleeping there, mummy and daddy won't be there but Grandma and Grandpa will give her a bath and story and come up if she needs them in the night.

When she started nursery she found it reassuring to know when we would be coming back for her so we always said we'll be back after tea time and that helped her to settle as she had a timeframe to go from when she knew we'd be back for her.

OfIceAndFire Fri 08-Sep-17 22:58:25

Photos of home and me.
Something that smells like me (t-shirt).
Cloud pet works well as you can record a message in your voice and they can play it back to themselves.
Talking about what we'll do when we're together again (whilst convincing them what I'm doing is boring!).
Favourite teddys go with them.

kateandme Sat 09-Sep-17 08:24:55

as soon as I told her every time I left the room in the run up to it became her thinking id we had to go through explaining that id tell her when mummy was gone for longer but she want to worry until then.something I totally missed she think when ifirst told her weeks in advance.
get a teddy and spray it with of our best ideas to date.
when she got older we made a mini calendar so she could cross it off.
made her a week of packages/letter to open every day.i made her favourite cds.wrote peoms silly pictures etc.
make sure she new I was deffinately coming back and would never ever leave her.
help her feel all grown up by telling her she must look afte rdaddy and little brother.
practice leaving the room and showing her youd always comes back.
make sure you keep bringing it back to what fun she will be doing not focusing on us not being together.
show her on the clock what time mum would be back.but only when she got really nervous as otherwise she would be clock watching.
try not to specify times as she would become so anxious if it wasn't on the dot.
make her feel safe with you then she more likely to feel better when without.

georgedawes Sat 09-Sep-17 10:25:52

Role playing, practicing and above all modelling what you want yourself! If you're cheerful and excited for them I think it helps a lot.

mo3733 Sat 09-Sep-17 10:35:01

i have encouraged my children to do sleep overs at friends regularly to let them grow as people and not bee solely reliant on me

TracyKNixon Sat 09-Sep-17 10:42:20

It’s hard to leave kids somewhere else for the night, even if you’re really looking forward to that night out!

Talk about all of the fun things your child will do and the amazing meals she might have at Grandma’s. Help them think of fun games to play and things to do (forts, inside camping etc) so that they are excited for the overnight trip.

Annimousey Sat 09-Sep-17 11:17:52

My little ones only stay over at the grandparents but we prepare them by taking cuddly toys from home so they have something that feels familiar.

andywedge Sat 09-Sep-17 12:14:54

Just tell her how exciting it is

glenka Sat 09-Sep-17 12:18:24

When they stay away at a friends or relatives they always take some of their favourite toys which seems to help them.

123hartley123 Sat 09-Sep-17 12:31:12

They have to take something which they like is a toy a blanket towel and tell them to keep it safe

ameswright2906 Sat 09-Sep-17 13:10:30

Make sure they've got all their home comforts - e.g. dummy, muslin cloth/comforter/special blanket, and a sleeping bag

beckyinman Sat 09-Sep-17 14:27:27

She doesn't need any preparing - any opportunity to be out and about (with or without me) - just some snacks, a change of clothes and she'd be good to go anywhere!!!

lhlee62 Sat 09-Sep-17 18:54:10

I tell them it will be a huge adventure and make sure I pack all of their favourite things. My eldest has a cuddly blanket which she has had since she was a baby, the youngest isn't that bothered she would happily go with a complete stranger if they were nice!

Sid98 Sat 09-Sep-17 19:00:55

Just toys and snacks

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