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Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)

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botemp · 21/02/2023 16:16

Lovers of Parisian style and fashion with a conscious mindset and lots of chatter in between.

Favoured Parisian addresses:

Second Hand Shops


Favoured London addresses:

Charity Shops, Dress Agencies, and Outlets

Favoured NYC addresses:

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OP posts:

Floisme · 03/03/2023 09:59

God dammit you're so right Grin


banivani · 03/03/2023 10:03

Thank you for the photo, Poppy! It comes up as quite white for me too, but I trust your colour description (more than my own eyes, I have TWICE bought knitwear that is grey and argued vehemently to the family that it was brown resp green - after they all to a person said grey the fog cleared and now that's all I see).

It's the kind of skirt I'd just walk past if I'm honest, thinking it would look like nothing special on (frumpy, mumsy, all the #hater buzzwords). That's so interesting and show how important it is to try things if you don't have a good eye for shapes right off the bat.

Flo I do forget, is it that you want joggers now or is it these joggers that aren't joggers you're fond of?


MmePoppySeedDefage · 03/03/2023 13:29

Thanks to this thread, I've just bought myself a second hand Sophie d'Hoore black cotton skirt in the same style as my my pale lilac one, but 4" shorter. £50 from Oxfam in Newcastle.

I came across it when I was looking for a picture of my original skirt.

I'd been looking for a full black spring/summer skirt anyway, so it seems fate.

I had ordered a gathered one from DKNY - whch took ages to arrive with no updates, and arrived dumped in its plastic cover in a plain cherap cardboard box. It made me look huge, so back it's gone.


Floisme · 03/03/2023 15:35

MmePoppy I was shouting down my phone last night not to tell everyone about the skirt when it was a one-off and online(?)! so I'm very glad you got it. Great buys and I'll look out for Sophie d'Hoore.

bani they're joggers that aren't joggers, basically a repeat of the +J gauchos that weren't gaucho's saga, including my not getting up in time to grab some before they sold out, leaving me obsessed, and including bo warning me they wouldn't work.

Speaking of the perils of ignoring bo's advice, do you remember these chunky loafers I bought just before Christmas, to give me a bit of a lift with widelegs? And how bo thought the heel looked a bit high for me and I said nah it's just the camera angle, and anyway it's a block heel so they'll be fine? Well they're not fine. The heel might be chunky but it still pitches me forward which is discombobulating, hurts my toes and makes me ache all over.

This morning I decided to show them who was boss so wore them into town. By lunchtime I couldn't stand it any longer and swore I wasn't going home until I'd found some more. Given that just about the only shops still selling shoes round here are Clarks, M&S, TK Maxx, H&M and Next, this wasn't as big a task as it it sounds. So I'm now wearing these They're plastic, and I had to try on 3 pairs all labelled the same size before I found any that fitted (although I suppose I was lucky they had 3 pairs in stock). But crucially they're more sole, less heel, they still give me the lift I wanted and Oh Dear Lord the blessed relief.


botemp · 03/03/2023 17:39

How exciting about the new skirt, hope it's as good as it looks, Poppy. Is DKNY still around, or was that also secondhand? I remember she defended Harvey Weinstein and I vowed never to buy anything with her name on it ever again but then realised the last time I saw anything Dona Karen it was in the homeware section of Tkmaxx so really not such an impressive boycott as I thought...

Well Google has been a creepy stalker again (something must have updated and now I have to figure out what and opt out of being stalked again) and Vinted suggested I'd like this Sofie d'Hoore ensemble. And I do, especially the skirt is effing glorious. If only I were tall and had the occasion to wear it, fuck it, I'd wear it everywhere (it could totally be dressed down), I'd totally ignore that that type of top turns my perfectly normal arms into balloon animals too. <sob, sob>

And sobs is what you get when you don't listen to me Flo, plastic fantastic, Greta is going to haunt you in your dreams tonight. I really do need to exercise that gavel that I apparently have possession of more often to avoid these situations. But how dare you SP, I may have man sized hands, but they're not heavy 😑 <grumbles about fatshamers>

Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)
Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)
Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)
OP posts:

BlueSummerBaby · 03/03/2023 18:30

I like the skirt Poppy it shows up as ecru on my phone. I'd buy it, pure white doesn't suit me and I love big pleats


MmePoppySeedDefage · 03/03/2023 22:29

Bo yes DKNY is still around though judging by the service I've had, won't be for much longer.

One of my favourite garments is a DKNY 1960s sort of style mini skirt in beige wool from about 6 years ago, that always looks smart, so I have, or possibly had, fond feelings towards the company.

That Sophie d'Hoore concertina skirt and top is an amazing outfit- could you wear it with platforms?

Flo are you going to return the M&S loafers? I would, as they sound badly-designed...


RhadamanthNemes · 04/03/2023 01:07

Ah! @botemp

I've been lusting after ANNA QUAN

Juliana gathered cotton-blend poplin and ponte maxi dress

Very similar silhouette.

But you the skirt and wear everywhere


botemp · 04/03/2023 07:56

Poppy, I have a DKNY silk skirt somewhere from my teenage years, it's brown (a really nice brown) with a sort of mattie Jacquard but super light and the pattern was very small flowers but you couldn't really tell. It's imbued with fond memories, she can't ruin those. She did walk her comments back eventually (I think she initially blamed those women were asking for it, even mentioned how they dresses themselves 😲) but the damage was done already.

Oh that Anna Quan dress looks lovely in its simplicity Rhada. I like that dropped waist silhouette. And from clicking through on NAP, Catherine, where are you, this has sleeves and would be great for a wedding, but maybe not black tie enough, but it's got pineapples, two stunt pineapples Grin and I also spotted some simple silk voile dresses from Baserange that cost next to nothing by NAP standards that I'd be ever so thankful for my foreward thinking if we get another scorching hot summer this year. Can't make up my mind between white and black though. Black is more sensible but I'm a sucker for a white dress...

Back to the Sofie d'Hoore ensemble, it's already a size up, size 38, and she says it comes up big, all her other clothes are 40-42. Aside from that, it really is just one of those things that you need length in the body for, my body has other qualities and makes other things look great but in that, unfortunately, I'd just look like a depressed accordion.

OP posts:

microbius · 04/03/2023 08:44

I absolutely love that Sofie D'Hoore ensemble. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the skirt. European vinted must be so much better than ours - what the british side shows to me is nothing compared to that


Floisme · 04/03/2023 09:08

That skirt is wonderful bo What's it made of? It looks like a cross between paper and rubber.

I hadn't thought about returning the shoes MmePoppy. I don't think it's a design flaw though, more that I just don't get on with a heel higher than about 2 centimetres and they're probably at least double that. I thought I could get away with it because it was so solid and chunky but it was a mistake.


Redandblue11 · 04/03/2023 13:52

I am in love with all those skirts and the dress that Rhada shared. Now I have a new search on my Vinted.

I wish you happy trotting around on the plastic H&M ones Flo. How annoying the M&S ones.

Talking of wadrobe malfunctions, I had a disastrous malfunction. It could have been worse, at least I was not left completely exposed. I have a The Fold blush pink velvet long sleeve top. It RIPPED about 15 cm along BOTH arms from the elbow downwards, I was having dinner in a fancy full of beautiful people restaurant. It was from a sample sale, only worn it twice. It has the label, it is lined etc etc
If I had been younger I would have been mortified and embarrassed, but nowadays I really cannot care less and just laughed and carried on into the night.


MmePoppySeedDefage · 04/03/2023 14:22

Faustina the t shirt arrived safely - thank you so much - it's beautiful. Now to embark on dyeing it.

Margaret Howell t shirts are just so lovely aren't they? An assistant in MH once told me that Sunspel make them for them and are just as good, but that is not my experience.


Redandblue11 · 04/03/2023 15:32

I am now very annoyed at my top falling apart. The thing is , it was from their sample sale so I suspect not much I can do… do you think is worth writing to them? Or am I wasting my time?

Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)
Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)
Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)

faustina · 04/03/2023 16:35

@MmePoppySeedDefage - so pleased you like it and that it got there safely. I'm fairly sure it will dye well - I've dyed a few pale tops navy in the past and they've been fine, except once with some white stitching which stayed white, but I quite liked it like that. It is beautifully made, just too fitted for me - I prefer a looser cut. Glad it has a more appreciative home!


MmePoppySeedDefage · 04/03/2023 23:15

Thanks Faustina. I already have a white one in that style - as I'm short I like more fitted clothes.

Red I'd definitely write. I would expect them to be decent given it's not a cheap brand.

I've always said positive things about Russell & Bromley, ever since a heel broke on a 6 year old pair of R&B shoes when I was on my way to a meeting and I popped into the Bond Street shop for a replacement. When they heard what had happened, the manager insisted on refunding me fr the 6 year old shoes, even though I hadn't asked for it.


banivani · 05/03/2023 08:23

You absolutely have to complain about the top, Red! No harm.

i love that black fabric/paper skirt! I’d have worn that in my youth for sure. In the 90s or early 00s I bought a pair of curtains in ikeas sale with a similar drape - very heavily pleated and voluminous and sort of origamilike. Should have kept them, clearly, and sewn interesting skirts!

Walled around down yesterday looking for shoes. There is absolutely nothing, and it doesn’t help that I don’t know shoes and can’t pick good ones!

I don’t know if it’s because stuff isn’t come in yet, because fashion is dire, because shops here are afraid to bring in a wide selection and are just getting very insipid sneakers-for-grannies hoping they’ll sell… The only pair I was vaguely drawn to from Rieker, pic attached. And they’re shiny so that’s out, but I sort of liked the sole?

This is my now. Looking at Rieker shoes and browsing Ulla Popken. Keep your fashion youngsters.

Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)

botemp · 05/03/2023 09:11

Ha, I bought those curtains too, also in the sale, they were white and fiddly to use as actual curtains.

I think the skirt is polyester, it usually is, the only other option to steam set pleats like that is silk and that's a horrendously expensive nightmare to specialist dry clean so hardly anyone makes things like this in silk.

I'd normally say complain, but if you buy in a sample sale, especially if it's a sample, it's a risk you're taking for the low prices. It looks like there was too much tension on the seams and then the fabric ripped instead.

Are those other shoes in the sale Bani, or is that just how they present the shoes Confused I like the sole too, it reminds me of a specialist eraser that I always forget it's purpose of (it does nothing for pencil anyhow).

OP posts:

banivani · 05/03/2023 09:34

Oh that’s so funny that you had them too! They were very difficult as curtains which is why in the end they had to go, my decorating style isn’t minimalistic enough for origami curtains ;)

Yes those are all sale shoes. And I think you can see what sort of shoe selection I’m working with in this town 🙄

Swedish law would give Red the right to complain unless there was specific information about possible defects I’d say, so always worth a shot.


Floisme · 05/03/2023 10:40

I'd be so annoyed about that Red, even though I guess sample sale things won't be quality controlled to the same degree as their mainstream shop. Have you got a receipt with the terms and conditions? There's certainly no harm in having a go - even if they don't give a full refund they might offer you a discount at their next sample sale, although you might not fancy going again.

Well I'm sorry Greta but those plastic shoes might turn out to be just the ticket. I often have to break new shoes in really slowly but I wore them all day yesterday with no ill effects. I'll definitely consider H&M shoes again, although not online as their sizing is as hit and miss as it is for their clothing.

And speaking of H&M clothing, I have to say I'm quite taken with some of these crop tops where the sleeves are bigger than the body. this kind of thing No, no, no not for me, I'm not that delusional, I'm just admiring. I like the contrast between the exposed tummy and the high neck and demure puff sleeves. We don't have teenagers in our lives any more so I guess I've lost touch a bit.


MmePoppySeedDefage · 05/03/2023 10:45

I agree Flo: that is a lovely top and could be worn by someone of more mature years over say a black jumpsuit or slim strappy dress.


botemp · 05/03/2023 10:50

I was thinking the same thing Poppy, but Flo says she likes the sliver of skin on show with it. I'm not opposed to scaring the masses with my midriff but most cropped things are just normal length on me 😑 in my teenage years I got around it by wearing a really padded push up bra as that lifts the fabric up enough but that's a whole different look.

OP posts:

Floisme · 05/03/2023 10:50

Yeah some of them are a lot more erm exposed but I think that's one's quite striking.


Floisme · 05/03/2023 10:55

And yes, I think it's the cheeky bit of tummy along with the high neck that makes it stand out from some of the others that are just well... cheeky. Last time crop tops were around I'd just wear a longer T shirt underneath but I don't fancy that now - it feels too much like those shrug tops in the noughties that screamed to the whole world 'I hate my arms'.

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