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Le ridicule ne tue pas....les Parisiennes de Mumsnet

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AuldAlliance Fri 02-Feb-18 13:34:49

New thread for those hoping to add a bit of Parisian je ne sais quoi and je m'en fous to their style.

CatherineMaitland Fri 02-Feb-18 13:44:58

Great title! I have been thinking about that line ever since it was mentioned on the previous thread.

For anyone who was still thinking about pyjamas, I ended splashing out on some Derek Rose cotton ones - expensive, but gorgeous and smart.

Hoping to find a red lippy in Guildford tomorrow.

TheGrumpySquirrel Fri 02-Feb-18 14:04:52

Woohoo! Place marking x

Alison100199 Fri 02-Feb-18 14:09:08

Just what I need. I desperately need more style in my wardrobe and my French friend has offered to help. We're going shopping in a few weeks - any idea how to make the most of her knowledge and style?

BetseyTrotwood Fri 02-Feb-18 14:11:10


quirkychick Fri 02-Feb-18 14:12:45

Love the title! Just marking my place and wanting to say that these threads have been great in a time of stress. Among othrr things, my "complicated" mil seems to be sliding into dementia, accusing dp of stealing, even phoning the police, the gp doesn't want to know and neither do the rest of the family. I definitely feel that the red lipstick is like an armour grin. You've definitely got me back to wearing red again, which is a good thing, as it is a very good colour for me.

Bloomed Fri 02-Feb-18 14:21:11

Great to see this!

omBreROSE Fri 02-Feb-18 14:52:13

Thanks! Following...

ToElleWithIt Fri 02-Feb-18 15:29:47

Love the title. Settles self in.

quirkychick. Yikes that’s a lot to handle. Tough for you and DP.

Flying today and wearing my new leather skirt with tights, black boots, black tights and a grey top. Popped a cream coat on and even managed a cuff! This thread has made me think so much more about how to put stuff together. A real upside is that I’m able to travel really light. I popped in a black silk shirt and grey jumper for tomorrow. That’s it ( well clean tights and knickers obviously) but it’s way lighter than usual. Make up is more minimal too which is an unexpected upside. I’d have had several eyeshadows, bronzer etc in the past!

Tanaqui Fri 02-Feb-18 16:01:19

Elle, looking at your pics on the last thread (love what you have done with the cuffs), I think the grey jumper might work well with flat, chunkier shoes or boots, as I think it is your long slim legs that mean you are seeing the top as rectangular, whereas I think it looks great. Does that make sense?!

MadameBronte Fri 02-Feb-18 16:34:50

Can I ask what you all think of coloured, opaque tights with black ankle boots. Going to a day function in a couple of weeks and will be wearing a black Zara long sleeved, high collared dress with subtle coloured embroidery on the front.

I'm going to wear it with a gorgeous, long, black, Mongolian sheepskin coat and black, suede heeled ankle boots. But it's a lot of black on black, so thought some opaques in a deep navy or deep berry might lift the look?

hilbobaggins Fri 02-Feb-18 16:49:25

These threads are absolutely amazing! I’ve been working my way through for the last 3 weeks and I feel as if ive just taken a crash course in style. I’ve bought a few new things including those amazing pointy chelsea boots from & other stories, and a red lipstick from Kiko and a couple of uniqlo pieces. I now honestly feel as if I’ve been reborn, style-wise! I’ve just turned 50 and had been thinking rather miserably that I guess it’s time to give up on looking and feeling chic, but I’m suddenly actually having loads of fun and feeling much happier. My budget is limited but I’ve started putting things I already own together in a totally new way and finding some fantastic new looks. Merci Mille food!

hilbobaggins Fri 02-Feb-18 16:49:51

Urgh! Mille fois!

TossDaily Fri 02-Feb-18 16:55:04

Bonjour all.

Popping by to say it's great to see you all still embracing Parisian chic.

onlyonaTuesday Fri 02-Feb-18 17:13:31

Could someone link the previous threads please

ToElleWithIt Fri 02-Feb-18 17:15:36

madamebronte I think one of the days of the advent calendar featured computed opaques. Could be good for reference pics. “Fancy” tights could work too?

PetiteMarseillaise Fri 02-Feb-18 17:20:31

The first one

The second one

The third one

Hope those links all work.

ToElleWithIt Fri 02-Feb-18 17:23:10

Thread 1
Thread 2
Thread 3

ProperLavs Fri 02-Feb-18 17:37:54

hello all. I posted this in the old thread.Today two pairs of vintage Levi's arrived that I for from eBay. One pair a size 27" 501 and the other a size 28" men's student fit 562. I was looking to over size and belt.
Well the 501's fit snugly round the hips and sit high on the waist, basically apart from the length they fit as they are, so no belting there. The 562's I could wear low without a belt, but they are good with one, sitting higher. They hug the hips and hang straight down as a wide leg fit. I have tried them with heels and think they look good.
What is fascinating though is that my modern 5@1 pairs in a size 24 need a belt or they would fall off. I also have a pair in size 23 which don't need a belt. The size 23 are wider in the hip though than the vintage size 27!
That is some crazy vanity sizing.

MadameBronte Fri 02-Feb-18 17:56:22

ToElle thank you. I might try some fancy tights too smile

Gah81 Fri 02-Feb-18 19:36:41

Placemarking as have been lurking on previous threads. May actually try to contribute to this one 😊

untoldstories Fri 02-Feb-18 20:17:10

It sounds very dignified MadameBronte , a little funereal though, what's the function?

TheChampagneGalop Fri 02-Feb-18 20:24:19

Hello Parisiennes of MN! I'm going to travel to Paris soon, so I thought perhaps this place was a good one to ask: What are some good French Style and Beauty buys I should be aware of? Not too pricey!

GibbonsSleeve Fri 02-Feb-18 20:27:47

No, no don’t ever wear coloured tights with an all black outfit. It would just look odd. Stick to black opaques or a decent lower denier pair.

GibbonsSleeve Fri 02-Feb-18 20:32:32

The all black does sound a bit funereal though as PP said. A really nice scarf in bright colours would lift it I think. I got a gorgeous Desigual one for Xmas with lots of red and blue and purple in. I will try to find a link.

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