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Les Parisiennes de Mamansnet: Be More Aunt Larry

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botemp Wed 30-Oct-19 09:38:27

Lovers of Parisian style and fashion with a conscious mindset and lots of chatter in between.

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quirkychick Wed 30-Oct-19 09:43:49

Thanks, bo.

ParisInTheSpringtime Wed 30-Oct-19 10:39:32

Checking in! Made a Reiss (via Brandalley) order last night. Looking forward to receiving a(nother) black work dress, a few blouses and a leather skirt which looks lovely and might be the answer to what I have been searching for for ages.... fingers crossed!

Sunglasses are next on my list as a big purchase. I have a huge and ostentatious pair of Bulgari lunettes, but the crystals (I did say they were ostentatious 😆) catch in my hair and annoy me. I love the Fendi shape but not sure I can justify such a purchase 🤔

banivani Wed 30-Oct-19 11:19:22

Will stop by properly later but girls - look what I passed on my Dublin bus now.

ParisInTheSpringtime Wed 30-Oct-19 11:29:16

BTW who is Aunt Larry?

XingMing Wed 30-Oct-19 12:38:21

Thank you Bo. I luff a shiny new thread!

Be very careful venturing inside 99b, Bani! Danger! Wallet hazard!

@Springtime, if you read over the early pages of our last thread, the first five or so pages IIRC, Aunt Larry was a much loved relative and huge influence on one of our merry band. We all liked the sound of her so much, this thread was unanimously named in her honour.

botemp Wed 30-Oct-19 12:52:54

Springtime, a French secret sales site, showroomprive, currently has Fendi sunglasses in a sale. Pretty sure they deliver to the UK too. I can give you a referral code which I think gets you a discount but not sure if it actually works across the different countries.

Aunt Larry was Methen's remarkable and inspirational aunt. You can read back at the beginning of the previous thread, I think. First few pages anyhow.

I started on my annual boot search and these Acne Studios ones arrived yesterday. I'm in two minds as they tick a lot of my required boxes which is ridiculously rare, and the minuses I can overcome. Some slouchiness at the ankles but nowhere near as bad as any others I've tried over the past 2/3 years and the shaft width is very slim so unlikely to slouch more and a bit of slouching is inevitable with a straight shaft like this with my narrow ankles. There's a seam down the middle of the shaft which I usually hate but it's not all that visible). I feel I should be overjoyed but feels more like settling as I'm not instantly going I ♥️ them so much. I expected them to have a bit more presence as they're a more modern/sharper take on the classic 70s tube boot but they're quite understated but do avoid being a bit frumpster which quite a few I tried did end up looking.

I really don't know if I can be arsed to spend another year looking for a 'perfect' pair that likely only exists in my head when these are probably as good as it's going to get but maybe I'll regret it later? Though rationally I've been more abboyed not having a staple pair like these in my wardrobe these past winters. They don't widen my legs out which many seem to do, they're fitting below the knee rather than partially on top or higher and knocking the backs of my knees. I really can't fault them. I'm just a bit, I don't know about them.

Did try them on with lots of things and it would instantly expand my wardrobe and allow me to wear things I haven't been able to with these temps and I'm eyeing up lots of knit dresses on COS which they'll look great under. Le sigh.

ParisInTheSpringtime Wed 30-Oct-19 14:28:09

Thank you Bo, I shall take a look. I love those boots. I seem to spend every October looking for boots. This year I am in the market for flat tan leather and mid heel black and have not found very much.

Aunt Larry sounds awesome.

XingMing Wed 30-Oct-19 17:46:20

The boots sound as if they're 95% of what you've been searching for bo, but missing je ne sais quoi. The colour is versatile, the heel is stylish and if they fit as you want.... But I know what you mean: you want a coup de foudre!

However, if you return them, they will be forever sold out in your size, and if you don't, you will see the perfect ones next week.

Redandblue11 Wed 30-Oct-19 18:15:18

New thread!! This is like opening presents at Christmas 😀
Thank you Bo
Loving the totes too.
Those boots look great I would probably get them tbh as you have been searching for so long ... and if you do ever see your perfect pair , can you afford to obtain that as well and have two pairs? wink

Redandblue11 Wed 30-Oct-19 18:19:54

Here is me at work attempting to show you silk blouse and second hand Sandro jacket , the light and space is very poor there so I had to light up the photo , angle not best either so you might be thinking why is she raving so much about the fit ?? I cannot see that in the photo, you have to trust me.

Redandblue11 Wed 30-Oct-19 18:21:12

Photo didn’t upload for some reason here it goes

FestivaMaxima Wed 30-Oct-19 19:10:36

Buy the boots Bo ! They’re lovely and there’s only so many years that you can spend on a quest... Of course, if you do buy them, the perfect ones will appear in a month or so!
Had session with personal shopper today. Did not start well. Lots of dresses, all too clingy on hated mum tum. All midis (but has accepted my midi fate by that point otherwise would have had nothing to try on). Stylist suggested Spanx 🙄 And then suggested a different stylist... Got on much better with second stylist. Ended up with these Jaeger trousers and Temperley top. Not my usual style at all, but I feel slim and elegant and it’s conservative enough for church and practical enough for toddler wrangling!

FestivaMaxima Wed 30-Oct-19 19:34:38

Also really liked this jumpsuit (I took Bo’s advice and asked for some and they were a lot more flattering than I had expected). It’s a bit summery though... Do we think jumpsuits will still be in fashion next summer?
Thinking of putting these Sezane shoes which I bought a few months ago with christening outfit but not sure that the pink and orange red are in the same tonal palette. Will have to try them together and see. Otherwise plain black courts I think as don’t have the time / energy to find an orange-red pair.

botemp Wed 30-Oct-19 20:16:55

You look absolutely beautiful in that christening outfit, Maxima. Slim and elegant indeed and, thankfully, no Pope will be scandalised halo Added bonus that you'll actually be able to wear them seperately elsewhere.

Yes, no point in spending on shoes, I'd be much more tempted to get a special piece of jewellery as a memory of the day. Jumpsuit looks great too, I think jumpsuits will be around for a while. Not necessarily a victim of being fashion or not as people are such easy converts to them once they've discovered them so unlikely to suddenly become obsolete.

Xing I think you've hit the nail on the head with wanting a coup de foudre. I've been itching lately and looking at very expensive things that are beautifully made as I seem to be hankering for something truly breathtaking. I've legitimately questioned whether it's a result of secondhand September and October, or just general dissatisfaction with what's on offer elsewhere. I'm heading to the Antwerp sample sales next week, should probably clarify what exactly is causing the itching.

I am of mind of just keeping them (I have 14 days left to decide). Last year there were the Aquazurra boots (attached) that I liked but had some negatives that were unsurmountable, as they needed to be worn with my invisible heels to get them to fit and not cover half my knees which is just a bad idea all round but several times after sensibly sending them back I regretted returning them and thinking I should have just worn them with fear of breaking ankles as at least I'd have some boots that somewhat met criteria.

Money's not really the issue, since I haven't found any boots to take my fancy the budget's accrued over the past few years, it was at €3K before buying the Acne Studios boots. That wasn't for a single pair, I'm still on the lookout for a black heeled pair with pointed toes, hopefully something more sculptural/distinctive but it's not burdened with the same amount of requirements as the 70s cognac tube boots so more of a coup de foudre candidate probably. And if I see them some flat leather riding boots, I'd really like some in that really expensive looking high polish finish. I really liked the Bottega Veneta chunky boots from the runway (pic 2) and they aren't as crazy expensive as I thought they'd be but I guess I wasn't alone as they sold out instantly.

1frenchfoodie Wed 30-Oct-19 20:23:21

Lovely trousers festiva , are you quite tall though? And really nice jumpsuit - I’m pretty sure they’ll be around next summer. Really hope so, I practically lived in a wideleg black linen one this summer.

I know what you mean about not loving the boots Bo though boots are so hard to shop for that 95% there feels like good enough where I’d hold out for other stuff.

ParisInTheSpringtime Wed 30-Oct-19 20:57:29

That jumpsuit looks great on you festiva

banivani Thu 31-Oct-19 00:24:00

Unfortunately since I’m travelling with my son there’s no way I’m getting into Margaret Howell this trip. I need to plan carefully to not overtire him - any flexibility he has is better used on other things 😉 But randomly seeing the shop outside the bus window was so funny, I was like but but but my Parisiennes!!!

Xing, so pleased for you finding that MH coat. You look great it in and great in general. ☺️

I agree that the streetwear inside out coat was great but I was quickly skimming the video to see the jeans - I must keep an eye out for coats you can wear inside out, it looked cool. Uniqlo had one the other year but that one looked cooler? Maybe she was just cool.

Bo I really liked the totes - good call on the font for the Larry one! Now there are about six thousand totes at casa bani already but perhaps a ridicule one wouldn’t go amiss nonetheless... Now the boots ... I can see why you’re not happy. They’re something a little bit unsatisfactory? Great boots but a bit replica maybe? Wouldn’t matter if they weren’t acne ie v dear but if you have the budget why not. Good enough can be good enough!

Springtime “the crystals catch in my hair and annoy me” is such a great sentence 😂

Am enjoying the photos of your outfits! Looking great.

I passed a charity shop yesterday that had a pair of Donegal tweed trousers for three euro; marked as women’s but clearly men’s and quite large. My cousin was urging me to buy them as “they can be taken in” and I don’t know if I’m proud of myself for not falling for this fantasy or kicking myself for not falling. 😉

Floisme Thu 31-Oct-19 07:29:52

I've just switched from shouting 'Get off the bus bani!' (didn't realise you had your son with you though) to 'You can take them in, bani!'. But it sounds like they needed more than a tweak at the waist?

Red I knew the Sandro blazer would look good but I like the silk shirt even more! The ruffles work really well.

Great outfit Maxima you look lovely. Regarding jumpsuits, I'm going to stick my neck out and say I think (note I said 'think') they'll be around for a while longer yet. However if the last time is anything to go by, when they do go out of fashion they will crash and burn, and our kids will have hours of fun laughing at the photos.

bo thanks for the thread and the totes. If you get the boots will you feel vaguely annoyed and dissatisfied every time you wear them?

botemp Thu 31-Oct-19 08:08:24

No, I think I'm just vaguely annoyed that they're somewhat boring. They're most exciting from the back because of the heel being slightly inset which I'd never really see from that angle, otherwise they just appear like any old pair of tube boots which is a bit unusual for the brand. Although all other pairs of tube boots have looked shit or fitted unfortunately, so that seems to be its main selling point. Sometimes boring and safe is good, but I expected to be a bit more excited over a 70s inspired tube boot I've been looking for forever 🤷 I think I'll go try some ill fitting ones in the shops tonight to give myself a bit of context. Maybe I'm having withdrawal symptoms at the idea of letting the search rest and admitting a small defeat on them somewhat. Capitalism is weird.

I'm joining the just buy them chorus Bani, for 3 euros I'd just buy them for the fabric alone and rework or get them reworked into a well fitting pair as that will still be less than any mediocre pair from the high street. Besides, Brexit is a bitch and Ireland can use some (financial) love.

ThisNameIsDifferentFromTheLast Thu 31-Oct-19 08:57:59

Bani I'm very tempted to hop on the bus across to Dublin just to have a mooch!

Bo do I remember correctly you tried the Arket knee boots, if so, how did they measure up? They are probably the nicest of the high street knee boots at the moment, although I've seen a nice pair at Sezane but put off by the lack of free returns from Ireland.

Festiva both the jumpsuit and christening outfit look fabulous. Comfortable, chic and toddler proof is a winning combination.

botemp Thu 31-Oct-19 09:40:01

You mean these Name? I've indeed seen them in the flesh, the shaft was too high and too wide for me. Heel height also felt a bit dinky to me. Overall lacked a bit of stiffness in the leather to really have shape. Also didn't like the leather finish, the colour didn't really feel 'full' iykwim? Like you'd want to be polishing them up regularly to restore colour but it would never last.

I find Sezane boots (and their leather goods in general) a bit underwhelming, occasionally there's a real nice gem. I've tried on their boots but found them very uncomfortable on the sole, it really doesn't feel like there's anything between you and the pavement but I find this with most boots at the lower end of the range.

H&M actually have a few nice pairs in their premium selection. I'll have the same fit issues as with Arket, I assume, so haven't ordered them.

banivani Thu 31-Oct-19 10:22:43

Thisname whereabouts are you then?

Methenyouplus4 Thu 31-Oct-19 13:37:43

Awww, the thread title wine, here's to you Aunty Larry (though hers would be a G&T, long before the current gin revival).

Bo- fab tote bags, absolutely do not need one but think I'll have to invest in an Aunty Larry one. As ever, appreciate the time you put in for this thread.

Talking of do we get some sort of crowdfunder going to get you an anthropology advent calendar in return for one on here?

Just been catching up after horrible bout of norovirus hit the family (getting some of us twice sad) and then Manchester trip.

Made it to Uniqlo in Manchester, which was my first 'in the flesh' experience, it was busy and hot, tried on several things that were 'okay', but came away empty handed. There was a large '& Other Stories' which seems to get a lot of press, but didn't bother going in as the window display looked like lots of shapeless knitwear that was made from cheap synthetic fibres and had already stretched and faded in the wash? Perhaps I'm missing something as price tag was around £85 per jumper hmm? There was a Cos but when I spotted it I had all 4 kiddos with me thought better of it. The only other shop I looked in (for me) was Zara, bought a few bits which will try to photograph later.

Manchester street style was very funky, not at all Parisian but very individual and eclectic due to mix of ethnicities, which made it interesting for people watching. I did notice that the only people wearing skinny jeans were the young punky/ goth/ alternative types and overall a much looser style was prevalent, especially wide 3/4 length.

Max- lovely trousers and blouse. I imagine you'll get lots of wear from both.

Can't remember who had the Sandro tux style jacket but that was also beautiful. I have a tux jacket I really like but never know what to wear underneath, some sort of cream blouse seems the obvious but I just don't like the look on myself when I try it on, which is odd as I normally suit more masculine styles due to figure/ facial bone structure. Will have to nose around pintrest for inspiration.

Bo- I liked all the boots linked, but you sound as though you've already half talked yourself out of them. I think if I had your budget, I'd probably hang fire as I imagine there are quite a few options from different ranges.

Methenyouplus4 Thu 31-Oct-19 13:40:18

Also, with being the anniversary thread, looked back to see who started it: Toss Daily- are they still here under name change? Was just curious if they were still reading and realised they inspired so many threads, a meet up and even merchandise?

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