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Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)

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botemp · 21/02/2023 16:16

Lovers of Parisian style and fashion with a conscious mindset and lots of chatter in between.

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OP posts:
botemp · 21/02/2023 16:22

Poppy under 15 denier does tend to be very delicate. I do really like Fogal in this category but they're even more ££££, especially the ones with silk, they're beautiful and do seem to be a bit more durable but ££££.

Although, knowing they're so expensive probably also makes you more cautious with them than a pack of three for under a tenner. If you're ever near an outlet village I usually stock up a bit in a Wolford there. Kunert is also good and more affordable but not sure about the lower denier, as I said before, it's been a while. These days I look more at the eco credentials as tights are the things cycling out of my wardrobe quicker than anything else. I like Swedish Stockings and Arket have some too but I've not tried the lower denier ones.

OP posts:
Voltefarce · 21/02/2023 20:40

I actually think that Boots tights are really good quality. I find it hard to buy the right size in tights though, the charts are always off in my opinion.

botemp · 21/02/2023 21:05

Tights charts never make sense, and I'm always borderline with my height. I tend to size up, rather too big and wear an extra pair of pants over the tights than too small.

OP posts:
Floisme · 21/02/2023 22:18

Christ in a Kaftan Shock

Floisme · 21/02/2023 22:18

Thanks for the new thread Grin

botemp · 21/02/2023 22:23

Floisme · 21/02/2023 22:18

Christ in a Kaftan Shock

Bugger, that would have been a better thread title. <Harumph>

OP posts:
Redandblue11 · 22/02/2023 08:13

Brilliant title 😂
I am definitely doing an orthodox nanny (not on acid) look today. I kind of like it but there is a fine line and I am not sure if I have crossed it.
Grey long twill, not a full circle but half maybe and white shirt. Not my usual look at all.

MmePoppySeedDefage · 22/02/2023 09:07

I tended to size up, with tights too but found I had wrinkly ankles which is not a good look. Hence I am exploring new options.

missmoon · 22/02/2023 09:33

Heist tights were a revelation for me. Expensive, but the fit is amazing, and there is no need to size up. They just stretch and stay in place. Also wash well. Need to be careful when taking off though as I’ve snagged a couple when doing that. Annoying given the price.

botemp · 22/02/2023 09:41

I swear by the cotton gloves to avoid that missmoon, it's a rather ridiculous sight though, I get called Mickey Mouse 🤨

The local luxury department store started selling Heist here, I might give some a whirl. Will need to check their eco credentials.

Are the Wolfords good in terms of size for you Poppy? It's more of a hassle to set up but I have found thigh highs with a suspender to give the best fit, not the ones with the sticky tops. Wearing pants over suspenders also makes it an easier visit to the toilet.

OP posts:
Redandblue11 · 22/02/2023 13:04

i find Wolfords pretty much bang on sizing for me. With cheaper brands I also need to size up.
I never scrutinised the eco credentials of heist, but if I had to buy now I probably would, mine are 3 years old at least.
But let me know Bo what you find out about heist in terms of eco credentials.
I was thinking DH face looking at me putting white cotton gloves to them put tights on …

Floisme · 22/02/2023 13:37

Hmm, so there haven't been any technological advances in sheer tights while I was engrossed with trousers? Cos thanks but I don't think anything so fragile it requires cotton gloves is going to work for me. Sounds like it'll have to be opaques then until the summer.

MmePoppySeedDefage · 22/02/2023 13:41

The Wolford tights I wore yesterday were bang on size-wise. And comfortable. I will check out Heist too, and actually returning to stockings and suspenders is a good idea, as it's usually only one leg that goes isn't it? I wonder where my old suspenders are...

botemp · 22/02/2023 14:00

Yeah, that too, and it really is one size fits all.

Red, I checked and while Heist definitely has ambitions towards sustainability and a couple of products with recycled nylon (tends to be open knit like fishnets), I'd say they're not at the forefront of it.

Wolford has some cradle to cradle certified ones which I'm curious about as this isn't really a certification I see much outside of my work field so I know a lot about it (got a whole indoctrination and met the people that set it up when I was a student) so I know it's not a bit of greenwashing and requires a lot of long term commitment from the companies involved. Aside from the Swedish Stockings (which I like) I've only found recycled ones at Arket, but I think those are part recycled part new, SS too, I think.

I also find Wolford sizing just right for me, Poppy, Fogal is also good when you follow the chart (you need to be very petite to fit a size S) but I suspect no good for tall people.

OP posts:
MmePoppySeedDefage · 22/02/2023 21:11

In my tights hunt today I came across the excitingly-named website "UK Tights", which seems to sell some more eco-friendly tights. Plus Oroblu that I used to buy.

I also searched for Charnos as my mum wore their stockings with her girdle (!) and came across their recycled offering:


botemp · 22/02/2023 21:30

I always used to buy Orublu pop socks which I also haven't worn in forever. Why did I 🤔 I also remember stocking up on Calzedonia tights whenever I was in Italy, we have a shop here now but in my book they're immoral bastards who have no shame in continuing to do business in Russia.

Heist sizing has confused me in their UK to EU conversion and since they're not all that green I think I'll buy some of the Wolford cradle to cradle ones instead (it's the aurora range, entirely recycled and the elastane is biodegradable, they have some other items in the range that are completely biodegradable and can be thrown in the compost heap, apparently 🌱)

OP posts:
Redandblue11 · 23/02/2023 10:10

Good to know those cradle to cradle ones from wolfords, next time I need some I will get those.
I also used to like calzedonia, I haven’t purchased from them for ages but more due to not seeing their shops where I normally frequent.
I got this ganni cardigan from Vinted and arrived in pristine condition. I like the idea of wearing it with a long dress like the model with the white one.

Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)
Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)
botemp · 23/02/2023 10:27

I really like that for you Red, will add a bit of interest to most outfits. It has a bit of a tennis vibe with that white dress.

Apparently the Wolford c2c ones can also be recycled, they come up small for Wolford though, if you're between sizes you need to size up.

OP posts:
EffortlessDesmond · 23/02/2023 11:09

I don't wear tights very often, not since I went freelance. The last ones I bought and rated came from M&S! Very briefly like most of their best things a 'best of British' series and the tights were excellent, wearable colours and subtle patterns (dogtooth checks, herringbones). I still have them as a nice riff on opaques but they vanished after that season and were never repeated. M&S can do things so well, but they don't work on improving their successes.

Definitely a good cardi for you red, I can see you wearing that.

timeisnotaline · 23/02/2023 11:19

Unexpected but the better end of average supermarket stockings here in australia are better quality than the uk for sheers- there are some comparatively hardy 15 denier ones! Not wolford, but decent. That said, I haven’t worn a pair for probably 2 years 😁
I dropped off the thread completely as my phone couldn’t load big threads and i was too lazy to log in online and change the settings. Until yesterday, so of course there is a new thread.

Floisme · 23/02/2023 14:18

I'm following the tights talk with interest. I guess what I'd really like to find are some that look sheer but are also robust. I got a bit bored with opaques last time around but equally I just cannot be arsed with the fragility of fine deniers. I realise this is probably an impossible dream! Maybe Fogal but they're ££££?

4plusthehound · 23/02/2023 18:30

@Redandblue11 LOVE that cardigan.

botemp · 23/02/2023 18:52

Good to see you again time, is your baby already a grown up 😱

Flo, I find footless tights can also be useful, you can wear warm socks and everything but since you're not doing acrobatics with getting the foot in right and then the other they seem a little less vulnerable too.

I'm now getting flashbacks to the Oprah Winfrey show, I think she always cut off the feet and I was shocked by this revelation somehow 🤷 she would also cut the leg off one at around upper thigh height if it got a ladder and then match it up with another ladder victim and have a 'whole' one again.

OP posts:
Redandblue11 · 23/02/2023 18:59

Thank you for the cardigan feedback.

Blimey Oprah 🤔never had her as an eco warrior to that extent.

botemp · 23/02/2023 19:02

I think it was more a grew up in poverty than environmental thing.

OP posts:
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