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Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)

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botemp · 21/02/2023 16:16

Lovers of Parisian style and fashion with a conscious mindset and lots of chatter in between.

Favoured Parisian addresses:

Second Hand Shops


Favoured London addresses:

Charity Shops, Dress Agencies, and Outlets

Favoured NYC addresses:

Consignment shops, Vintage, and Restaurants


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OP posts:
botemp · 30/06/2023 13:02

Yes, I remembered them longer and b&w, but mostly white so it was familiar. I think they might be culotte versions, the shape was definitely similar. They were asking €1200 just for future reference, although prices have skyrocketed at the secondhand shops, I bought a Yohji Yamamoto top for €60 last year (or thereabouts it may have been €75) and the same dépôt vente is selling an identical one in black for €248 Shock so it might be double that by the time you find them 🙈

No, MN does not allow private group chats, probably a good thing if you think about it, so short of setting up a discord server or similar, I think Red has most people's phone numbers at this point.

And as much as I'm all about grabbing a freebie ticket, as the most reluctant participant I should probably let someone else use it. If I do get a vote, October probably easier, September doable dependant on dates but Friday usually good.

OP posts:
Redandblue11 · 30/06/2023 13:08

I only have a couple of numbers 😉
but I am happy to roughly get a Friday arranged here and then I message privately around for the final details (as I did in the past)
so far we have

5th Friday September
1st Friday Oct
2nd Friday Oct
3rd Friday Oct

vote pls, but as Elle and Bo coming from afar happy to go with that plus majority

MmePoppySeedDefage · 30/06/2023 13:30

I can do all but the first Friday in October, when I'll be in Gay Paree.

ToEllewithIt · 30/06/2023 13:41

All fine for me

Voltefarce · 30/06/2023 14:59

Any of those provisionally work for me. I also have the “+1” membership so can help with that.

botemp · 30/06/2023 19:40

Ok, I've got some time to waste waiting.

Some impressions, all the raffia bags were in the sale, seems no one wants them anymore. Everyone seems to be wearing their phone on a special chord like these and depending on whether they're working it's with a leather crossbody or a fun recycled market type tote if casual. With bank cards now on phones, I guess this was a somewhat predictable evolution. Only ever saw the ubiquitous Uniqlo bag on tourists, 'le banane' seems to have had its day here. Also at 28 degrees everyone still stoically wears a jacket but at 24 after the rain has passed it's camisole time Confused

Also, I forgot how much Parisians love a platform sandal, they've taken to them way more than I've seen elsewhere. Does anyone remember the Bocage shoe brand, they were huge in France at one point (15+ years ago, I guess) they were sort of overly rounded bulbous platforms, I thought they were hideous but much loved here despite my opinions on them.

Otherwise, Paris is as lovely as ever.

My buys, I've bought another pair of The Row sandals Blush at a cracking discount. I've always loved the idea of white sandals but never liked white leather or the sort of clunk all white can make of your foot so these are perfect in a way I never knew I wanted/needed. Quite comfortable despite looking so flat, they have some internal cushioning and rubber heels/pads. Apparently they were a runway shoe and were worn with £££ tabi socks, not sure I'll be buying those but I'll try and see with some Muji ones.

Also bought, this silk Toteme tanktop which promptly got worn the next day with linen trousers. Although those pictures don't really do it justice, my The Row sandals are also ten times prettier in real life than the above link. Might be a theme here.

I found some jeans proclaiming to be carbon neutral, which helped as I usually prefer not to buy denim new, these are also a huge chunk lyocell (40% iirc) but feel like 100% denim that's slightly worn in. Bit of a relaxed tapered style to ease me into the inevitable gradual move away from wide legs and probably more practical with rain. Brand is Boyish, I'll have to look up which ones they are exactly.

Then this Helmut Lang top which has a bit of a cold shoulder thing going on, so by the rules of S&B you're all supposed to hate it.

Then this top but in a different colour (see pic, only pic I could find of it). Thought it was a French brand, going by the name but turns out it's South Korean. I love the colour and cowl necks are ridiculously flattering on me, plus 80% off, how could I resist 🤷

Other than that I got some really nice makeup bits, a Kjaer Weiss bronzer at a ridiculous discount. I've always admired the heavy compacts with refill aspect but never took the plunge. For shame, the bronzer is instant rich bitch has been on holiday perfection. Also got a really lovely Nars lipstick at 60% off. Red, naturellement.

Not on sale, I got this dress from a Polish brand (they have an Amsterdam store too, really must check in more often). It's the perfect 'holiday I don't want to wear anything, it's too hot dress'. Yes, it's a rectangle with some elastic in Blush but that little split does distinguish it somewhat <clutches at straws> and the fabric would be difficult to source, the texture really made it. It looks better on me without the straps (they're detachable) so I actually did find a new way to wear the strapless revival, with a cleavage window...

Then things I did not buy but am hopelessly coveting, because, insane prices, but this probably enough to plough through already. I'll find some pictures maybe to torture myself and share here.

And as mentioned previously, the secondhand shops have gone rogue, so that wasn't fruitful.

WRT London dates, those look fine, any odds on when the Matches sample sale would coincide with one of those dates.

Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)
OP posts:
MmePoppySeedDefage · 01/07/2023 13:09

Thanks for the report. The Odder Side has some lovely things on its website, doesn't it? That is such a simple but attractive dress.

ToEllewithIt · 01/07/2023 14:49

Adore that Toteme top and The Row shoes. No hope the sales are available online?

Sounds like a very productive trip.

quirkychick · 01/07/2023 16:56

I also like the Row sandals and the tops. I think everyone needs a too hot to wear anything dress. Years ago I had a long, black, loose weave, linen maxi from Gap that was pretty much a rectangle with a drawstring waist - but so useful. I'm pretty much sure I wore it till it fell apart!

mm47 · 01/07/2023 17:54

Excellent retail report bo I love bare shoulders and arms - that black dress is especially fabulous. Bargainous Row sandals must be like hen’s teeth so 👏
thanks for keeping our fingers on the Parisian pulse as far as raffia is concerned and flagging up that phone necklaces/crossbodies are on an upward trend.

CrkdLttrCrkdLttr · 01/07/2023 18:15

Very much enjoyed your shopping, @botemp, the sandals in particular.

I am only sorry I am currently too deeply embedded in the precariat to be able to make museum visiting plans more than a few days in advance. The V&A is on my CV, though … (Wot, no nose tapping emoji? ShockGrin)

Floisme · 01/07/2023 22:28

Crkd you are such a tease Grin You can't leave us hanging like this!

I'm hoping to make a trip to London in the autumn but when will depend on family stuff and whether we decide to have a last minute European break. But if you don't mind sharing whichever date ypu agree and the stars happen to align then I'd love to join in. I'm a V&A member so can get in any time.

Thanks for your shopping report bo, I'm going to save it for tomorrow.

botemp · 02/07/2023 07:33

Elle, you're in luck I still have the tabs open, not as great as bargains as they were for me but still some availability with a discount.

The Row Sandals at 30% off in larger sizes (think they have yours, it fits tts). MT might discount them a bit more they do tend to do a 40% extra off sale prices frequently.

Toteme top is a bit more challenging, they have a satin version on their own site but I'm not a fan of satin and lots of drape personally as it usually looks very full/busy. The habutai versio I bought is on a UK resale site but is new and looks to be some sort of colab with Toteme to clean out their old stock, and they allow returns but lots of taxes and import fees outside of the UK. There's also one on Vestiaire for less money but it's in the US and looks to be the satin version. For better pics of the satin version see here.

Then slightly off tangent, there's a viscose/silk mix dress version which is comparatively good value for money, and has a nice mix of matte and shine <tries not to click buy now>.

Black Habutai Drop Top

OP posts:
botemp · 02/07/2023 07:42

BTW, is everyone a V&A member except me? When did you all collectively decide to do that without telling me Shock Envy Sad Sorry, I watched the Bama Rush documentary last night and it seems I've still got residual social anxiety jitters from it.

I had more to report from Paris, now that I think about it. I saw loads of Succession's Naomi Pierce lookalikes (except with longer brown hair), especially in emulation of attached ensemble. Even I fell into it with my new Toteme top and linen trousers one day. The slightly halter/racerback top in black is definitely the Uniqlo banana bag of Paris atm.

There were also some interesting new (or new to me) brands as always in Paris that I wanted to share, I need to go round them up and find links, though. Soon, I promise.

Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)
OP posts:
Floisme · 02/07/2023 10:07

Oh I so want to tease you bo but I'm not feeling sharp enough this morning. The boring truth is, I joined quite recently. I was sick of missing out on exhibitions because although we do come to London, it's always last minute for some reason so I'm never in time to book for the big events. I realised my only realistic chance of seeing the Chanel was to either cough up for membership or book a random date and just come on the train for the day - which would have cost more in fares than the membership. Just about to read your shopping report while I drink my coffee.

mm47 · 02/07/2023 12:54

I’m not a member so definitely hoping to be a member’s plus one!🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

microbius · 02/07/2023 17:21

I can do all the Fridays listed, and I am sorry I am not contributing better/more to the organisation of the meet-up. It's a lovely gift of having a small child who anyway exhausts you while also awarding you with special viral gifts from nursery, such as, for instance, an exquisite summer bronchitis.

Redandblue11 · 02/07/2023 19:02

I am also admiring The Row sandals and the Toteme top. It sounds like you have had a fab time in Paris Bo.
yes those chains for the phones are very popular in Arg too, saw them loads when in the airport too.

Meet up: let’s go for 2nd Friday Oct (13th Oct).
It is in my calendar now, so if people want to make plans towards it please do.

Sooverthemill · 10/07/2023 10:06

This reply has been withdrawn

This message has been withdrawn at the poster's request

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