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Discover the best wand vibrators that Mumsnet users rate themselves

Achieve deep, powerful orgasms within a matter of seconds with help from one of the best wand vibrators available.

By Kat Romero & Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Mar 28, 2024

Best wand massagers: browse LELO, Moregasm+, Doxy

In the world of sex toys, wand vibrators hold a timeless appeal. Originating in the 1970s, these devices adhere to the age old saying: if it's not broken, don't fix it. Regarded as the top choice for clitoral stimulation and more powerful than your best bullet vibrator, the best wand massagers are powerful wands that have been meticulously engineered to precisely target your clitoris to help you achieve deep and powerful orgasms.

So, whether you need something small and discreet for travel, something curved or flexible for pleasure or something extra powerful for the deepest orgasm, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our guide to the best wand vibrators of 2024, as recommended by Mumsnet users.

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Best wand vibrators: at a glance

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Best overall
What we like
  • 10 different settings

  • Waterproof and submersible for aquatic fun 

  • Whisper-quiet, discreet during use

  • Can be used for all-over body massages, too

  • Comes in medium or large size

  • Cordless so not restrictive

What we don't like
  • Higher price tag

  • The large size is… Very large!

Key specs

RRP on writing: £180 | Material: Silicone | Allergens: Latexfree, phthalate free | Waterproof: Submersible | Function settings: 10 vibration settings | Power: Rechargeable via magnetic cable (included) | Run time: Four hours | Suitable for internal use: No | Suitable for external use: Yes, on all body parts | Colours: Available in three

What Mumsnet users say
FellatrixLestrange · Tried & Tested
LELO is definitely my preferred brand and this wand is my favourite toy. Its vibrations are strong and steady but never uncomfortably intense. It feels good to hold due to its ergonomic design and it looks great.
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MNHQ editor, Rebecca · Tried & Tested
If you’re looking to splurge on something that will bring you pleasure, is multipurpose, and will stand the test of time, the Smart Wand 2 from LELO is a safe bet.
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Our verdict

Tried and tested: our in depth LELO Smart Wand 2 review.

There’s no denying that £150 is a huge amount to pay for a sex toy and definitely out of budget for many of us. But if you are looking to splurge on something that will bring you pleasure, this wand by LELO is a safe bet.

Best of all, it’s cordless so you don’t need to worry about buying batteries or plugging it in to work. Plus, it looks good and customers say the design feels like silk on the skin... Earning it a place in our best wand vibrators roundup!

How we chose our recommendations

When searching for the best of the best, we turned to our trusty Mumsnet users for their impartial recommendations. They've tried and tested a range of products to see whether they’re worth the price tag. To make sure we include only the top picks, we also:

  • Tested products ourselves within the MNHQ team, so we know we're only including products we'd personally recommend

  • Consulted experts like Lucy Rowett, Sex Coach at The Lowdown, to make sure the ones included are body-safe and designed specifically for pleasure

  • Cross-referenced customer reviews on sites like Ann Summers and Lovehoney

Most affordable

Ann Summers’ Self Love Massage Wand, £48

What we like
  • Multiple intensity settings

  • Clit stimulation and body massager

  • Rechargeable

  • Easy to clean

  • Comes with discreet storage bag

What we don't like
  • Expensive

  • Large size could appear bulky

Key specs

RRP on writing: £48 | Size: 1.75" diameter | Material: Silicone | Colours: Purple and gold | Power: Rechargeable via USB

What Mumsnet users say
WW86 · Tried & Tested
So I got this new toy, Ann Summers magic wand rechargeable thing.... omg is all... so I came literally within about a minute, so carried on and came a further 2 times... then all of a sudden, I think I wee'd myself!!!! Quite A lot!
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Our verdict

Tried and tested: find our full review of Ann Summers' Self Love Massage Wand.

When you think of sex toys and all things fun and exciting in the bedroom, you think of Ann Summers. This wand is beautifully designed with a purple silicone body and splashed of vintage gold. 

It’s a versatile toy as it has multiple functions and intensity settings. Reviews say it’s ideal for self-pleasure or for fun with a partner. It’s easy to clean with the brand’s Buzz Fresh Wipes and it comes with a cotton bag, which offers discreet storage in your bedroom.

Some reviews have claimed that this is a bulkier item compared to some toys, so it may not be the best for travel. But the five-star reviews make it clever that if your objective is a powerful orgasm, you’re going to achieve that in seconds.

Best waterproof

Ann Summers Moregasm+ Wand, £80

What we like
  • Waterproof

  • 10 vibration settings for versatility

  • USB rechargeable

  • Achieves deep and powerful orgasms

  • Quiet and discreet

What we don't like
  • Not as powerful as others on our list

  • Only one colour available

Key specs

RRP on writing: £80 | Material: Softest, dual density silicone | Colour: Turquoise | Power: Rechargeable via USB

What Mumsnet users say
jainaproudm · Tried & Tested
Classy looking, rechargable, feel amazing, waterproof... Honestly, just the best luxury toys I've ever owned!
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Our verdict

This is one of the best wand massagers that does what it says on the tin. Essentially, it's the key to achieving even more, stronger orgasms - and as the many glowing reviews say, those orgasms are likely to be deeper and more powerful. Plus, with its long battery life, you can enjoy the wand's benefits for longer periods of time.

Best of all, it’s waterproof so you can use as much lubrication or oil as you wish. It’s also quieter than some wands so it’s perfect for discretion and there’s ten vibration settings to suit your desire. So, this waterproof wand is perfect for those who want to enjoy their toys in the bath or shower without worrying about water damage.

The one downside is the higher price point compared to other options on our list, but if you have the money, we suggest this is one investment you won’t regret.

Best vibrator for power
What we like
  • For clitoral stimulation and massage

  • Multiple speeds

  • Mains powered, so powerful

What we don't like
  • Very expensive

  • Made with aluminium

  • Need a plug socket nearby

Key specs

RRP on writing: £150 | Size: 37cm body length, 6cm head diameter | Material: Aluminium, silicone | Colour: Purple and black | Power: Mains powered, cable length 3m

What Mumsnet users say
Bexx87 · Tried & Tested
Doxy Wand. Strong, powerful vibrations that rumble through your entire body and speedily take your orgasm to the next level, due to being able to plug into the wall. Also good to massage other areas of your body. Long cable so you can plug it in almost anywhere and it will reach you. It fits so well in your hand due to the shape and size and the head of the vibrator is so much more smooth and luxurious compared to other types.
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Our verdict

Once again, we know that £150 is a huge amount for one of the best wand massagers. This is also mains-powered, which many may see as an inconvenience. However, this high quality option is great for clitoral stimulation as well as body massage and the silicone head is easy to wipe clean. The design is modern and sleek and there’s a good choice of speed settings to ensure you reach climax quickly.

Best cordless
What we like
  • Super soft to touch

  • Magnetic USB charging

  • Eight paces and patterns

  • Completely waterproof

What we don't like
  • Magnetic charging can fall off easily

  • Quite loud during use

Key specs

RRP on writing: £70 | Material: Medical grade silicone | Settings: Eight speeds and patterns | Power: Magnetic USB rechargeable | Wateproof: Yes

What Mumsnet users say
nonflirtinghusband · Tried & Tested
I also like the Unbound Ollie wand. It's USB rechargeable and waterproof so it can go in the shower.
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Our verdict

Tried and tested by Mumsnet: read our full Unbound Ollie review

The Ollie vibrator, created by Unbound, is a cordless blue take on a wand massager. There's no confusing dials or buttons and it's baby blue colour is not intimidating in the slightest. But looks can be deceiving, as Unbound's Ollie wand still provides the intensity of a Doxy or Lovehoney's Magic Wand.

This particular wand vibrator offers eight speeds and patterns to customise your use. It's 100% waterproof and is incredibly smooth and soft to touch while handling. Unlike Lovehoney's Magic Wand, we found this one doesn't get in the way as much during PIV - although, it is still quite large and does offer great coverage... A bonus if you're a lover of clitoral stimulation.

One downside is that Unbound's universal magnetic USB charging cable can be fiddly to use and might fall off, which isn't always ideal if you need to recharge quickly.

Most versatile

Lovehoney Extra Powerful Multispeed Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator, £55

What we like
  • Powerful and long-lasting

  • No need to recharge during use

  • Offers large coverage on your clitoris

  • Great for full-body massages, too

What we don't like
  • Quite bulky to hold

  • Can get in the way during PIV

  • Needs a plug nearby to use

Key specs

RRP on writing: £55 | Material: Hard plastic | Flexibility: Flexible head | Dimensions: 7.5" circumference, 13" length | Power types: Mains powered | Vibrations: Multiple speeds | Allergens: Latex-free, phthalate-free

What Mumsnet users say
MaryJean87 · Tried & Tested
I got the Lovehoney mains powered one for Christmas. I orgasmed in under 2 mins which is unusual for me as I normally take around 10 to 15 mins. I never thought a wand was for me as I also thought it was too numbing, but playing around with it I found what makes it work.
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Our verdict

Tried and tested by Mumsnet: our review of the Lovehoney Extra Powerful Multispeed Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator

When it comes to wand massagers, cordless is all well and good until you need to set it aside to recharge between uses. But with the Lovehoney Extra Powerful Multispeed Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator, all the fuss of charging is removed and instead, you have a powerful wand massager that packs a punch - and is an incredibly affordable price.

Available in four colours, Lovehoney's classic magic wand is the ultimate wand massager if you're looking for something that can do everything. On-demand pleasure during masturbation, enhanced fun during intercourse, or a deep-tissue massage - whatever you fancy, Lovehoney's magic wand can deliver.

What's more - there's various wand attachments available to extend your wand's capabilities and we appreciate the easy to use scroll wheel control that removes any fiddly buttons when changing settings. We also love how flexible the neck is, making it easy to reach different places like your clitoris, thigh and even your shoulders.

Take care though, as it's mains powered it does pack a punch so start off slow and work up the vibrations to a intensity that suits you and your needs.

Best mini wand vibrator

Lovehoney 3-Speed Micro Magic Wand Vibrator, £20

What we like
  • Great price point

  • Battery-operated

  • Easy grip

  • Flexible neck 

What we don't like
  • Not for anal use

  • Loud noise

Key specs

RRP on writing: £20 | Size: Circumference 3.5", length 4.5" | Material: Body-safe silicone and hard plastic | Colour: White or black | Power: Battery-powered, 2 x AAA

What Mumsnet users say
AkimboLimbo · Tried & Tested
The rumbly vibrations are very deep and powerful. I haven't tried it but I suspect it could make me orgasm through my clothes.
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Our verdict

Tried and tested: read our review of the Lovehoney 3-Speed Micro Magic Wand

This choice on our list of the best wand massagers may be small, but it’s also mighty. The design offers you a comfortable grip and it has a flexible neck that’s designed to hit every spot. With its powerful motor and easy-to-use controls, this sex wand with wand vibes is a must-have for anyone looking for a satisfying experience.

There’s a choice of three-speeds with different intensity levels to suit beginners and your liking, plus the battery-powered option means you don’t have to worry about having a mains outlet for charging. Additionally, this device has different patterns of vibration modes to enhance your experience.

It's worth mentioning, though, that this one is not for anal use so if that is your thing, it may not be the product for you. Some reviews claim it’s also very noisy so it’s not ideal for discreet use. But for less than £20, it’s a great price and the glowing reviews suggest it’s truly effective. So, if you're looking for a wand toy, this product may be a great option.

What is a sex wand vibrator?

A sex wand, often referred to as a wand vibrator or massager, is a specialised adult toy engineered to deliver intense pleasure through clitoral stimulation. These wands are specifically designed to facilitate the attainment of powerful and deeply gratifying orgasms. Whether you're indulging in a private moment of self-pleasure or exploring exciting escapades with a partner in the bedroom, these devices prove to be versatile companions.

Many of these pleasure-enhancing tools boast a user-friendly grip design, allowing for effortless handling and manoeuvring. Moreover, they come equipped with an array of vibration settings, ensuring a customised experience tailored to your individual preferences. From gentle caresses to more vigorous pulsations, the range of vibration intensities caters to a spectrum of desires, making each encounter uniquely satisfying.

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What makes a good wand vibrator?

The best wand massagers are distinguished by their range of vibration and speed settings, which cater to the diverse spectrum of moods and desires you might experience. With variety at your fingertips, you can seamlessly tailor yours and your partner's experience to precisely match your current cravings, ensuring each session is effective.

A hallmark feature of many high-quality wands is their incorporation of a flexible head. This design element empowers you to reach those pleasure points that might have otherwise remained inaccessible. The flexibility of the head gives precise positioning, allowing you to target specific erogenous zones with accuracy and ease.

Considering the modern demands of mobile lifestyles, certain wand massagers are designed to be exceptionally travel-friendly. These models are conveniently USB chargeable, eliminating the need for batteries and offering the convenience of recharging on the go. This thoughtful design ensures that your pleasure remains uninterrupted, even when you're on the move.

For those who prioritise discretion, the market also offers meticulously engineered designs that give minimal noise emission. These quiet achievers allow you to indulge in your desires without undue attention.

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Can you use lubrication with the best wand vibrators?

Best wand massagers for orgasms

Whether you can use one of the best lubes with your toy depends on its waterproof properties. Numerous models are engineered to be waterproof, like Ann Summers' Moregasm+ Wand, which opens the door for the use of lubricants, oils, and balms without worrying about causing damage.

If waterproof, your toy has been made to withstand contact with liquids. If splashproof, however, take care with fully submerging your massager in baths or pools.

Can you use one for insertion?

Most of the best wand vibrators are designed for clitoral stimulation, so if you’re in the market for something that can penetrate you may need to shop around. Some toys come with separate attachments but for the most part.

There are, however, double ended wand massagers available that offer both clitoral and G-spot stimulation, like the Vive Enora Double Ended Wand.

What is the alternative to the Hitachi wand?

Ann Summers’ Self Love Massage Wand vibrator is widely considered one of the best alternatives to the Hitachi wand, as is the Le Wand Rechargeable Massage Wand Vibrator. Both offer powerful vibrations, versatility, and a cordless design, making them a popular choice for those seeking a similar experience to the Hitachi wand.

Can you get attachments for the best wand vibrators?

Absolutely, you can find various attachments designed to enhance your massager experience. These attachments come in different shapes, sizes, and textures to cater to different preferences.

They can offer added sensations, such as targeted stimulation or even penetration, depending on the specific attachment. Just make sure to check compatibility with your specific model before purchasing any attachments.

What are the benefits of using a wand vibrator?

Best wand massagers

Using a wand massager can offer numerous benefits both in and out of the bedroom. Firstly, it provides intense and focused stimulation, making it an excellent tool for clitoral pleasure. The powerful vibrations can lead to intense orgasms and heightened sensations.

Additionally, the best wand vibrators are versatile and can be used on other erogenous zones like the nipples or even for full-body relaxation. They also allow for easy control of intensity, allowing you to customise your experience according to your preferences. Moreover, wand massagers are often designed with ergonomics in mind, providing a comfortable grip and ease of use.

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