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Worst name ever

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mnmnddddd · 04/10/2023 07:28

I dare say the Womaniser is a fantastic piece of design and a really good sex toy, but who the hell decided calling it a Womaniser was a good idea? No one in their right mind would call a sex toy The (Alleged) Russel Brand.

Rant over.

OP posts:
FellatrixLestrange · 04/10/2023 08:37

It is a fantastic design, the first toy that I was aware of that was made for my experience of masturbation- focusing on the clitoris. The name is crap though- I’m totally with you there!

StarlightLady · 04/10/2023 14:08

I never have liked the name. Likewise, no matter how I try I cannot become comfortable with the positive use of the term "queer women". But I suppose that could potentially be the subject of another thread.

But in the same vein, maybe it's time we reclaimed the Womaniser name as well.

mnmnddddd · 05/10/2023 09:25

@StarlightLady I've not previously been aware of any potential issues around the term "queer women", whether it be used positively or negatively. I know I'm going to regret asking this, not least because it doubtless tars and feathers me as an irrelevant social dinosaur, before being thoroughly flamed as if by a an extinction level event, but considering the irrepressible speed at which idioms become pejorative these days, should I stop using the word "queer" or "women"? I know at least one committed feminist for whom the words "lady" and "girl" can induce near apoplectic rage, and I'm far too old to be able to keep up which terms for not-hetrosexual the kids are railing against this week, so ireally can't keep up. Help me please, oh enlightened one. 😉

OP posts:
StarlightLady · 05/10/2023 10:58

@mnmnddddd - I’m not sure I’m an enlightened one, but l like to think l am a pragmatic one.

I think it’s all about respect, something historically women have not always been afforded.

Where to start? The term “Queer” also means ill, and was used as a derogatory term to describe (in most cases) gay men. Often with an expletive mentioned before. For that reason, I’m not comfortable with it. The same applies to “slut”.

As for “Lady”, the clue is in my user name. Without totally outing myself, l was brought up in France which runs on titles (and kisses); no chance of gender neutrality in the French language. One of my best (female) friends calls me Lady, in a similar way to men using “mate”.

Girl? I’m 40 something and still go out with the girls. I’m happy with that, providing it is not used negatively in a mansplaining way.

l could go on, but there is a risk of derailing the thread. My PMs are open if you would like to discuss further.

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