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We Vibe Sync Lite review: the app-controlled sex toy for couples

It’s the lighter, app-controlled alternative of the popular We-Vibe Sync 2 couples vibrator - but is it as effective? Mumsnet editor, Rebecca, puts one to the test.

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Dec 5, 2023

We Vibe Sync Lite

As a renowned brand in the world of intimate pleasure products, We Vibe specialise in innovative, high-quality couples’ vibrators and sex toys. Their range of devices offers unique and customisable experiences that are all designed to bring pleasure and satisfaction to individuals and couples alike. 

While the company is best known for the original couple’s sex toy, the We Vibe Sync, the Sync Lite is a more affordable, easier to use and smoother vibrator that’s not quite as intimidating as its predecessor. And, since We Vibe is a name that regularly crops up on our sex Talk board, we wanted to see what all the fuss was about. So, MNHQ editor, Rebecca, put one to the test with the help of her DH to see whether it really does help to deepen your connection…

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What we like
  • Great for couples to use

  • Dual stimulation for clit and G-spot

  • Penetration-friendly

  • Quiet when in use

  • Manual control by button

  • We Vibe app for long-distance control

  • Works as a standalone vibrator

  • Adjustable size for a comfortable fit

  • Premium, body-safe materials

What we don't like
  • Easy to slip out when using solo

  • Only 45 minutes run time

  • No Bluetooth remote

  • Not waterproof

  • No charging dock included

Key specs

Material: Silicone | Settings: 10 functions | Special feature: Bluetooth and app controlled | Power: Rechargeable via USB | Waterproof: Not submersible, but splashproof

What Mumsnet users say
MephistophelesApprentice · Recommended
My partner and I use We Vibe now and then, it's great fun. Takes a little getting used to (and lube, lube is good).
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fizzingwhizbee · Tried & Tested
DH and I use a We Vibe during PIV sex. I would definitely say use lube. I also find it works best if I'm on my front as it helps keep the We Vibe in place. At least to start with.
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Our verdict

Like Mumsnet users above, we too found the We Vibe Sync Lite needed a little getting used to, some practice, and the right amount of lube. Trying out a toy designed for use during penetration is admittedly intimidating and it took a lot to convince my DH to help me test it out. 

With that said, if you’re hesitant to invest in a sex toy that you’re not 100% sure you’ll love, then the We Vibe Sync Lite might be the best option for you. At £79, it’s much more affordable than the original Sync vibrator. It’s also smoother and easier to use, with one-button control to navigate the 10 different vibration modes. That’s not all - with the We Vibe App you have extra control of your toy and is a great choice for couples in long-distance relationships or with DP who travel a lot. 

We Vibe Sync Lite

Now admittedly, I was a little sceptical at first (and so was DH). Like I mentioned earlier, it took some practice to figure out positioning and how best to keep it in place during intercourse that benefits us both. We were also worried whether it would be incredibly uncomfortable, but much to my surprise, it wasn’t for either of us. 

We found it very easy to use and change the settings without it becoming too distracting while DTD, although, I would say that it would benefit from a separate Bluetooth remote control - but I guess that’s why this is the Lite version (the original Sync comes with its own remote control, in comparison). 

Final thoughts: When it comes to sex toys for couples, the We Vibe Sync Lite offers everything that the popular We Vibe Sync 2 does but with a more affordable price tag. It covers all bases; solo play, use during PIV sex, long-distance relationships, and even public play. As far as connection goes, though, I wouldn’t say it helped deepen ours. It’s a great toy to add to a collection, but it’s not one we’ll use all the time, every time. 

We Vibe Sync Lite: how we tested

Putting the We Vibe Sync Lite to the test, my DH and I used it a few times over several weeks during PIV sex. I also tested its power and effectiveness while alone, and for some added fun while DH was away for work, we tried out the app’s control and connectivity.

We Vibe Sync Lite review

We Vibe Sync Lite review: packaging and what’s in the box?

  • We Vibe Sync Lite C-shape vibrator

  • USB pin charging cable

  • Quick start guide and safety instructions

  • Cotton storage pouch

Unlike the We Vibe Sync 2, the Lite version of the couples sex toy doesn’t have a charging dock or separate Bluetooth remote included. The clue’s in the name, really. As the lighter version of its predecessor, the We Vibe Sync Lite comes in small, neat and well designed packaging.

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We Vibe Sync Lite sex toy: how easy is it to set-up?

Setting up this couple's vibrator is relatively easy. Unlike the We Vibe Sync 2, the Lite model only needs 90 minutes of charging time to be ready to go. However, I was disappointed to learn that the run time is 45 minutes. Charging is with a USB pin charging cable that’s included - but make sure you have a USB plug head to hand. 

Before wearing it during PIV sex, you can adjust the flexible arms to find the right C that offers the most comfortable and most effective positioning both internally and externally. I personally found that it didn’t need too much adjusting, and it fit quite snugly to start with. 

Whilst charging, I set up the Bluetooth and WiFi connection with the We Vibe app on my smartphone, which I found simple and straightforward. 

We Vibe Sync Lite

We Vibe Sync Lite: how does it look?

As far as vibrators go, the We Vibe Sync Lite isn’t intimidating. In fact, it’s smaller than I thought, smooth, soft and our version is aqua in colour. You can also get a pink version. 

While smooth, there are strategically placed ridges within the C shape for added texture and stimulation during use. 

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We Vibe Sync Lite: what is it like to use?

Whilst it’s designed to be worn by a woman during PIV sex, the We Vibe Sync Lite can also be used solo as an independent device for personal (or distant) pleasure. The thinner, bottom arm goes into your vagina, while the wider, more textured upper arm should be placed against your clitoris. 

Using the We Vibe Sync Lite with a partner

The settings can be controlled by the button manually during use, but for added customisation, you can adjust each arm’s vibration intensity separately through the We Vibe app. Although admittedly, it was a little distracting having to reach for the smartphone during intercourse. 

When positioned correctly, the vibrator fit snugly against the right areas and during PIV sex, we found it secure and it didn’t fall out. However, if you use too much lube, things can get slippery - be warned! As mentioned, both arms are adjustable and can be bent up to 70 degrees to adapt to different bodies and vaginas. 

DH found the stimulation from the vibrator to be effective, and it was smooth and comfortable to wear. The added bonus for him? There was more friction and tightness due to the limited space. 

We Vibe Sync Lite

Using the We Vibe Sync Lite solo 

For solo play, I was a little… Disappointed. I just didn’t find it as effective as it was during PIV sex. For this reason, it would be great to use during foreplay or to get in the mood - but personally, it wasn’t the best at going solo. The same can be said for wearing it while DH was in control via the app. 

Of course, this could be entirely down to personal preference and not exactly a defect of the product itself. 

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We Vibe Sync Lite: how easy is it to clean? 

Cleaning the We Vibe Sync Lite couples vibrator is easy. You can choose to clean it with your dedicated sex toy cleaner - like Ann Summers’ Buzz Fresh Wipes for example - or you can gently wash with warm water and soap. Although, take care not to submerge the vibrator in water entirely as it’s not waterproof. 

With that in mind, avoid using it in settings like the bath, shower, or a swimming pool to make sure it continues to work.

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