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This is what misogyny and male entitlement leads to.

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BriarRainbowshimmer Sat 24-May-14 18:01:50

22 yo man murders 7 people as revenge for women not sleeping with him.

"Why are girls sexually attracted to obnoxious, brutish men instead of sophisticated gentlemen such as myself?"

ballsballsballs Sat 24-May-14 18:03:54


KoalaFace Sat 24-May-14 18:09:12

Horrible sad

Those poor people.

Shallishanti Sat 24-May-14 18:10:46
link for anyone who wants to avoid the DM
I'm not sure if misogyny and male entitlement alone can account for this. Easy access to guns has a major part to play. And maybe there's a mental health issue too. But I agree that patriarchy is there in the mix. Poor people.

expatinscotland Sat 24-May-14 18:19:09

Sounds like a really warped person.

BriarRainbowshimmer Sat 24-May-14 18:20:30

Shallishanti Misogyny played a very large role. He specifically wanted revenge on women, to murder "hot sl*ts."

I've never heard of a woman who wanted to murder men because she was still a virgin at age 22. Mass-murder is a very male problem.

Shallishanti Sat 24-May-14 18:30:07

Oh I agree
my point is just that when it's easy to get a gun, mass murder is easy.

ballsballsballs Sat 24-May-14 18:30:50

I've in my forties and am used to male violence, both in my own life and in society.

But this kind of this is still shocking and upsetting. It's scary how deeply some men hate women, and what they will do with that hate.

BriarRainbowshimmer Sat 24-May-14 18:44:51

Yes, ballsballsballs It's really shocking.

There seem to be many bitter, misogynist, entitled, crazy men out there. Things like Amnesty's statement that sex is a human right, MRA's, hateful internet comments & supportive communities for womanhaters, will encourage them.
Such things are not harmless...if anyone thought that.

TheSarcasticFringehead Sat 24-May-14 18:51:40

Tbh, it sounds less like misogyny and more like mental illness? My brother has had intrusive thoughts which involve violence against people.

BriarRainbowshimmer Sat 24-May-14 18:57:16

Someone can be both mentally ill and a misogynist. He didn't want to kill random people, he wanted to kill attractive young women. As revenge.

BriarRainbowshimmer Sat 24-May-14 19:05:52

He was influenced by MRA's, according to this site

TheSarcasticFringehead Sat 24-May-14 19:06:11

Of course they can. But my brother's intrusive thoughts often were revenge based- at one point, he believed older men all thought they were better than him and he attempted to assault one (although, tbf, he did not at any point aim to seriously injure), certain experiences meant he made it about a group rather than individuals, but he doesn't hate older men, his thoughts did.

Of course, this man might just be a misogynistic dickhead. Those poor, poor people.

AI's statement that sex is a human right and their position on sex workers/prostitution does seem very off for them I agree Briar I followed the thread on that here and thought the scandinavian (Nordic?) approach of making the buying (not the selling) of sex illegal had a lot to recommend it.
Currently I'm still a member of AI - but a worried one.

As for this recent tragedy I'd agree with most of the above including that guns are too easily available in the US, and increasingly here too?

TheSarcasticFringehead Sat 24-May-14 19:16:15

I agree. I'm in the US and I think guns are way too available- and also safety isn't taught as well. Imo, for a country where a large amount of people could get guns, learning about gun safety (not in detail exactly) should be more important than it seems to be- although obviously I'd prefer for their to be less guns/more regulations.

ReallyFuckingFedUp Sat 24-May-14 21:16:15

I think it's misogyny. He uses the same twisted logic all MRAs do.

I love LOVE that they call women who won't fuck them sluts. hmm
Horrible piece of shit. You can blame it on mental illness, but why would you? I genuinely believe that MRAs as a demographic are mostly violent domestic terrorist. When a woman speaks out of turn or dares to be unfuckable either in practice or in their "look" they get threats of abuse. So to be "the alpha male" you would have to actually fallow through on the abuse. That's all. There will be men applauding this. How dare those women not be sexually available to him.

TheSarcasticFringehead Sat 24-May-14 21:23:30

I'm not blaming it on mental illness, it may be a reason for it, it may be not. I've met a lot of women haters and although I can't imagine them killing anybody over it, I am sure there are quite a few who definitely would. I do see a tendency that if a man doesn't find it easy to get a woman, they will attack the girl (verbally) because obviously he is such a brilliant catch and she's just stupid/too much of a slut for a sensible man like him/blah blah blah misogynistic shit, instead of moving on, as if it's their right to have who they want.

OldLadyKnowsSomething Sat 24-May-14 21:29:29

Apparently he has Aspergers, high-functioning, obviously. (His parents said so.) I don't know if his video, made the night before, is included on those links, but he not only wanted to kill the hot sluts who turned him down, he also wanted to annihilate the men who were more sexually successful than him. So yes, he's highly misogynistic, but also pretty hate-filled generally.

ReallyFuckingFedUp Sat 24-May-14 21:33:18

If mass shootings weren't so heavily gender biased against women and by men I'd wonder more about the mh issue I guess. I just keep thinking of the smaller scale violence that results in 2 women a week dying due to dv every week.

"fun" fact that I just read today about guns in America. In Iowa, you can be blind... as in legally blind, stick/dog/can't drive a car blind. But you can get a gun license. It would go against the American disabilities act apparently. It's fine to say someone can't drive a car because that would be dangerous but arming a blind person seems like an ok idea.

TheSarcasticFringehead Sat 24-May-14 21:43:09

I'm in California- so comparatively strict laws, and it's still not enough. sad

ReallyFuckingFedUp Sat 24-May-14 21:54:29

It really isn't it and not when you can drive state to state. Guns need to be dealt with at the federal level. I really wonder if it's too late for America though. How do you take that many guns away from people?

PurplePidjin Sat 24-May-14 21:56:20

Following as my cousin lives and works in the area and is still waiting to hear if anyone he knows was killed sad

Will update if I hear anything on the grapevine from him

BriarRainbowshimmer Sat 24-May-14 21:58:12

I don't see why Aspergers is relevant.

Goddamn this is just so sad

AskBasil Sat 24-May-14 22:12:42

There is no link between mental illness and murder of women.

There is a very strong link between misogyny and murder of women.

He may be mentally ill (though not "obviously" as the police chief declared hmm) but he's no more likely to be mentally ill than mentally healthy. He is however, far more likely to be a misogynist.

TooOldForGlitter Sat 24-May-14 22:13:15

Just awful. No words really are there. The venomous bile he spewed in the YouTube video is terrifying.

I hope you get good news from your cousin Purple.

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