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Sosander - anyone bought from them?

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MissisBoote Wed 15-Feb-17 08:29:55

They keep popping up on my Facebook.

What are their clothes like quality wise?

Are they true to size? I'm a 10/12 so never know whether to size up/down or just order two sizes grin

SueEllen1971 Thu 27-Jul-17 11:57:26

I just ordered for the first time and found the sizes small

Seashellp70 Wed 13-Sep-17 11:13:16

I ordered half their summer collection! Very happy with the clothes however their sizing is very random and awry - I have items varying from a size 12-18 depending on style when I am a 14 bottom half 16 top occasionally with most retailers! As such multiple items in each style ordered and then returned! I have had to chase them for every single refund regardless of their 10 day policy! The last and most recent they claim they have sent via sage pay which I have no knowledge or account with! I have never received the refund! Have played email tennis with the finance director in trying to get some sensible explanation! He maintains they have sent it and I contact my bank!!!! He also maintains they sent the refund on a date prior to when I received and then returned said item which is rather bizarre! Will avoid like the plague now and advise others to which is a shame as the clothing is good when you eventually find the correct size for the style and item!!!!! As an online company refunds and returns must be part and parcel of their daily business - they seriously need to review their procedures and policies and "up their game" here as well as standardise their sizing

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