December 2011 - Attack of the Threenagers

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Faffin Mon 27-Apr-15 09:53:02

New fred

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Figster Mon 27-Apr-15 10:28:15

Love the title very appt!!

Ds got his next set of jabs next Friday anyone else been through it yet? Is it 1 or 2?

I have to share this My childcare bill for May is only £338 15hrs and no charges on bank holidays truly adds up shockshock without it would have been £640

mopsytop Mon 27-Apr-15 10:47:59

Thanks faffin!

We had a gorgeous walk yesterday along a disused railway track. New buggy board (scooter that attaches to buggy and can be taken off and used as normal scooter) is ace. It meant we could do several miles round trip.

Faffin Mon 27-Apr-15 11:40:10

DS had his jabs last week. There are two, one in each arm. I tried explaining to him in advance what would happen and why it has to be done. He wasn't thrilled about it and obviously cried a bit when they went in, but wasn't too bad. I had promised him a treat afterwards! He came over quite lethargic in the afternoon and by the evening was all over the place - weeping one minute and laughing hysterically the next. One of his arms hurt too. He was fine the following day, although one arm was red, hot and a bit swollen for a couple of days (same thing happened to a little friend of his the week before too). He wasn't allowed in nursery for the day he had them, so it's worth checking with yours if he's due to be in that day.

The thread title is actually a little unfair to DS, he's pretty good most of the time. I still get far worse behaviour from DD who has just turned 5!

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Figster Mon 27-Apr-15 13:25:34

Faffin I am happy to claim the thread name for DS as he was a little blighter on Friday only a couple of flare ups rest of the weekend but he is a monster when he starts losing it. Friday is my non working day so taking him for his jabs after swimming lesson rest of the day and weekend for him to recover should he have a reaction like your ds.

Have taken the decision to put DS back into pull ups at night we have had 2 accidents over the weekend both times we ate late and he had a drink with dinner so while he went to toilet before bed he obviously just drank too much too late. Other nights he does wake up for a week so seems a bit unfair and i dont want to set him back but think we will leave it another month.....we were going to put him back in them this weekend anyway as away for weekend and didn't fancy him weeing the hotel bed in the middle of the night where we couldn't do anything about it.

NorthernChinchilla Mon 27-Apr-15 21:37:41

Awesome fred title, thanks faffin! I'll wrestle figgy for control of the threenager crown.... It's so annoying, at the weekend he was a delight, he even sat for 1.5 hours in a restaurant for Sunday lunch (we had not intended to be that long), and was generally a little ball of energetic sweetness. Weekday bedtimes are a nightmare, when the TV gets turned off he flips- he tried to throw his bottle at me, hit me, and then tried a weak-raspberry-cum-spitting at me. Appalled. His father whisked him off to bed so quickly his feet did not touch the ground, although he was allowed down to apologise.

We've made the arrangements for the funeral, DP's family are really stepping up. looking after DS for a day-overnight-morning, lending us one of their cars and generally being great. Means DP can come to the funeral with me. My Mum is still wobbly, and you can tell my Aunt has had to hit the pills. They're going to place a picture of DS in the coffin, which makes me want to howl each time.

Lovely to hear from you Cheap, and sounds like Hope's doing brilliantly. The whole potty training malarky is a pain though. Perfect for wees but still pooing in his pull ups at night here.
Like aethel, our DS is just at a private nursery, which we need for the hours. Plus, as we've moved, it wouldn't have benefited us if we'd had one attached to a school. We'll be checking out the provision attached to the local school when we scan nurseries round our new home though.

I want to start looking at a few more structured things for DS too PTP, the gymnastics sounds a really good idea. I'd been thinking martial arts or dance, will add gymnastics to the list.

Right, laundry, Big Bang and bed. And I mean that in the [boring middle aged] way and not the wink way!!

cheaptrickster Tue 28-Apr-15 00:18:52

Dd has swimming lessons Tuesday mornings and has been going for about five months now. She really loves it and is a lot more confident in the water. They do lots of swimming with floats and songs for kicking her legs and jumping in the pool. I think she has improve a lot from going. I'm looking at skating lessons as well as its run the same time ds is playing inline roller hockey.

I love the thread title it suits dd as she can be very challenging at times (mostly at tea time and before bed). She also has the whole bossy boots thing going on with hands on hips and the tone of "I told you that already" or "I know that already" & "oh mmmuuummm <sigh>" hmm

Dd current obession is painting she will paint butterflies houses and seashells and I have to guess which it is!!! I get asked to read her books and to listen to her telling the story of the three little pigs repeatedly. She is very attention seeking and more so when ds is around.

We are waiting for the allergy results back before we sort the MMR jab out as we may need to go to hospital for it done or just the gps as it has egg in it sad

Figster Tue 28-Apr-15 08:59:14

On the private nursery front DS still crying every day when he goes to his new one it's been a month I'm told he's very happy when is there and he's always playing smiling and running around when we pick him up hmm I could count on one hand the amount of times he cried going to the CM and he never cried when he started at the other preschool in fact he would run in excited I think part of it is that he is now a small fish in a big pond which is very different for him he likes to be quite dominant and he was allowed to be at the CM surrounded by familiar people. He will go back to old preschool on a Friday morning from September when they have a space for him but his best friend there will have gone to school in September so it might not be the best solution anyway (but for the sake of £12 a week half day session he can go).

She goes swimming every Friday for lessons and has done since he was a few months old I would like to take him to football but the only class we could do is 9 AM on a Saturday and as we have to be in church for 930 on Sundays not sure I want to give up another morning yet. I expect we have years ahead of us having to drive him around to various clubs and classes so will make the most of not having to now. Also he's knackered he's in bed by 7 o'clock every night as I think the preschool really do keep him busy.

Northern ds does that raspberry blowing spitting thing too he gets a similar reaction angry

PartTimeProcrastinator Tue 28-Apr-15 11:38:57

Sounds like he starting to settle Figster, I bet over the next few weeks the crying at drop off will start to tail off. DS cried for around 3 weeks at drop off when he moved from toddler room to preschool, and that was in the same building!

DS had review with dietitian yesterday, he has finally put some weight on and grown a little bit after 18 months of virtually no change in either. He is still tiny but I'm hoping consultant will discharge him when we see them mid may as he is now back on centile chart rather than falling way off the bottom of it!

mopsytop Tue 28-Apr-15 13:37:46

Totally have a threenager here!

Figgy if it's any consolation, minimopsy has been in her nursery for 3 years and loves it, yet recently has been clinging and crying to me every morning and saying she doesn't want to go. She's fine once I leave and when I pick her up she's always happily playing and running about. So unless his behaviour changes in other ways, I wouldn't worry too much I think.

Figster Tue 28-Apr-15 14:37:13

Working from home today can't get into it just had a big slab of home-made salted caramel cheesecake to aid in my distraction. Feel ashamed and fat now but hey Ho needed to be done.

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Wed 29-Apr-15 10:41:54

Oh hai! Marking place in new thread.

Figster Wed 29-Apr-15 10:58:46

PTP I'm intrigued to know what size clothes your ds is in? Does he have many allergies which contributing to him being dinky

PartTimeProcrastinator Wed 29-Apr-15 18:56:27

He's just coming out of 18-24 months figster! He had multiple food intolerances but has grown out of them all in the last few months. Hopefully now that he's started to gain weight again he will catch up. He more than makes for lack of height with noise though, so he seems to be able to hold his owngrin

Aethelfleda Wed 29-Apr-15 22:53:26

love the thread title!
I had a yummy dinner tonight thanks to inspiration from tyelperion who was chatting to me about a Jamie Oliver chicken curry traybake with new potatoes.
my threenager has graduated from under-coffee-table sleeping to behind the sofa. Tonight he is lovingly clutching the nozzle of the hoover while he sleeps. I have Absolutely No Idea why.

mopsytop Thu 30-Apr-15 20:06:27

I love your stories of little boy sleeping places aethel!! Cute!

NorthernChinchilla Thu 30-Apr-15 21:40:48

There's great affection for the hoover (pr. 'hoober' as he still can't get his v's) attachments here too aethel, especially since we got the new one.

Been ill the past few days, there's a fair bit going round work, and had to take today off as I knew I couldn't make it out the house.

Looking forward to the BH though, bit of gardening, family visit and just general chilling out before the mammoth travels for the funeral next week.

NorthernChinchilla Thu 30-Apr-15 21:41:42

And how's Tyel doing btw?

mopsytop Fri 01-May-15 21:32:05

Pretty hard day here. Minimopsy throwing everything she's got at me in the way of being naughty and having tantrums. Poor mopsyboy basically got ignored hmm

Now feeling terrible for being snappy to Minimopsy and ignoring mopsyboy as a result of coping with her shenanigans hmmhmmhmm

Mr Mopsy made me an awesome cocktail though. And bubbles. Already off to bed. Loved the nice boozles but let's face it, can't handle it ! Need my zzzzzs before the night feed grin

Hope you all have a lovely bank hol weekend

Figster Fri 01-May-15 21:43:40

Mopsy I feel your pain ds decided to throw a chocolate tiger he wanted to buy at the lady behind the tills at paignton zoo today he was tired and grumpy and although he wanted it he wouldn't hand it over in the end he just flung it at her angry he was out if there so fast his feet didn't touch the floor little sod!! Needless to say no chocolate for him

NorthernChinchilla Sat 02-May-15 14:11:04

DS having some fairly memorable moments here too; it's all tiredness, and as nursery keep giving him a nap, which then keeps him up far too late for a decent sleep, plus DH getting home late with him too, I can't win.

I have really been not with it since my Gran died, especially now with being ill. I thought I had taken the metaphorical biscuit last Friday, when I went to post something to a friend, got to Post Office and had forgotten her surname and my wallet, but no....
Try to pay for something today-thank Bob I was with DP- and find my card isn't in my wallet. Panic. Call supermarket where I last used it, and thank Bob again they had it and returned it to my bank. Only thing is that means I had not only left it in the chip n pin machine, but had done so on MONDAY and not noticed til now. blush
Clearly not safe to be let out....

mopsytop Sat 02-May-15 14:47:23

A sure sign that your brain has too much to be dealing with at the moment, Northern hmm Hope you're okay. This has been the shittest period ever for you.

NorthernChinchilla Sun 03-May-15 21:14:05

Thanks mopsy flowers

Well, I got through today without leaving DS at a bus stop or eating soil, so onwards and upwards! Made a cracking chocolate meringue roulade for the family visit, and am just getting on with ttc... wink

Hope you're all enjoying the BH!

NorthernChinchilla Mon 04-May-15 09:39:46

And this is why I never say things can only get better, as DS has come down with chicken pox.
Which utterly screws up all the arrangements for the funeral and weekend as both my Mum n DP's Dad are totally immuno-compromised through illness/disability and transplant. They are the people you're told about when you're told not to take your CP kids in public!

Christ alone knows what we'll do now as DP will need to stay here with DS, I'll need to now get myself to Lancashire, we'll have to see if Fil can get us to the Midlands, we may have to cancel the hotel.....

The only blessing is that so far DS seems to be OK in himself and only have a few, so fingers crossed it's a mild dose.

Someone just hide me under a rock and wake me up when it's fucking 2016 will you <sobs>

JustSeven Mon 04-May-15 10:13:15

northern what a truly crap couple of months you've had. It can only get better surely?

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