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Anyone know where in the UK I can get a teaspoon rest?

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PeaceLoveAndCandy Thu 31-Dec-20 16:24:04

Something like the ones here

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Krieger Thu 31-Dec-20 16:25:31

Do you not want that one? Too expensive? I use a small ceramic dish that used to contain a camembert.

ThePricklySheep Thu 31-Dec-20 16:26:12

I googled and found lots on Etsy.

katy1213 Thu 31-Dec-20 16:27:25

Pretty well any kitchen shop - if only they were open!

iklboo Thu 31-Dec-20 16:28:22

Lots of different ones on eBay by the looks.

inappropriateraspberry Thu 31-Dec-20 16:28:44

We have a teapot shaped one that we put the teabags and spoon on. Must have bought it from a supermarket or similar. A bit like this

Ted27 Thu 31-Dec-20 16:29:37

I've seen them in wilkos, sainsburys, M&S, The Range

Santaisironingwrappingpaper Thu 31-Dec-20 16:30:25

Mine is from Laura Ashley.. Also some from Asda..

SlippersForFlippers Thu 31-Dec-20 16:31:41

We have a teapot one like above

PeaceLoveAndCandy Thu 31-Dec-20 16:32:02

I'd be happy to pay £13 for the one on the website I've linked to because it's gorgeous, but I wouldn't pay the £17 to have it shipped from the USA. No offence to anyone, but I don't want the teapot shaped ones that you get everywhere and are really meant for the old teabag. I want something quirky that is literally just for the teaspoon.

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SoupDragon Thu 31-Dec-20 16:35:16

I agree with a previous poster, try Etsy

Viviennemary Thu 31-Dec-20 16:37:48

I googled it. Even B& M do them but I expect these ones are everywhere. grin I'd treat myself to that first one if you like it. Hang the cost.

Twobrews Thu 31-Dec-20 16:39:37

Why does a teaspoon need a rest?!

Oblomov20 Thu 31-Dec-20 16:40:46

They all seem very big, as if meant for tea bags. The OP was very small and seemed only to fit a tea-spoon.

Palavah Thu 31-Dec-20 16:40:57

I also don't understand this.

iklboo Thu 31-Dec-20 16:48:40

Ones like this?

NoSquirrels Thu 31-Dec-20 16:56:43

Search on Etsy for “coffee spoon rest” (rattan than teaspoon, which I think gives you the larger tea bag style ones). Like this:

Sevensilverrings Thu 31-Dec-20 17:04:41

Hi! I’m a potter, if you like I can make you one like that? It would take me five minutes at the end of a batch of other things. Don’t want paid for it, but realistically, now my kids are all of school, your looking at three or four weeks from now before I get it twice through kiln. Happy to spread some cheer in these times.
Let me know if you want it!

peridito Thu 31-Dec-20 17:33:18

Ah ,that's such a kind ,thoughtful post .Made my day!

Soutiner Thu 31-Dec-20 17:35:54

“Why does a teaspoon need a rest?”


Well if you spent your life getting into hot water and stirring things up you’d need a rest occasionally!

IBelieveInAThingCalledScience Thu 31-Dec-20 17:35:55

Oh that is such a lovely offer!

On a separate note, how great must it be to be able to just "throw" utilitarian and beautiful objects together?

TheLevyEyebrowsFancIub Thu 31-Dec-20 20:10:00

awards seven a star for being a good 'un.

FairyontopofthetreeBatman Thu 31-Dec-20 20:29:05

Something like this?

SWnewstart Thu 31-Dec-20 21:14:21

Sorry, but I'm another one wondering exactly why such a thing is needed! Use the spoon for whatever then throw it in the sink, dishwasher or leave it on the worktop for next time? Same with tea-bags - why does it have to live somewhere special?

Bluewavescrashing Thu 31-Dec-20 21:24:18

Just use a ramekin.

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