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Poll - Roast Chicken - do you wrap it in foil?

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Ceolas Wed 17-Jan-07 16:04:26

I usually do but have none left.

I think Nigella advocates not foiling it.

lulumama Wed 17-Jan-07 16:05:54

no foil ever

stuff between the breast and skin with butter and herbs and rub outside with olive oil and rock salt !

moist chicken and crispy skin !

a nd baste every 20 mins or so!

colditz Wed 17-Jan-07 16:06:32

No, it mskes it bland

Kelly1978 Wed 17-Jan-07 16:07:57

only if I'm making it with gravy.

MegaLegs Wed 17-Jan-07 16:08:12

No, carrot, onion,lemon, rosemary and sage in cavity. Garlic in neck end, rub with olive oil and season with s&p.

Ceolas Wed 17-Jan-07 16:08:56

I also usually put lemon and garlic inside but no lemon.

Just olive oil and s&p

flatmouse Wed 17-Jan-07 16:10:14

I do - but remove for the last 20 mins when i whack the oven up. But then i cook it slow and low and it is gorgeously moist.

mosschops30 Wed 17-Jan-07 16:11:58

no never use foil

Twiglett Wed 17-Jan-07 16:12:14

I did until I ran out and asked if I could roast without

its much nicer without foil tbh .. you just need to remember to baste it a little

Ceolas Wed 17-Jan-07 16:13:33

Ok with foil I removed it for the last 30 mins and basted twice in those 30 mins.

How often without?

MegaLegs Wed 17-Jan-07 16:14:33

When I used to have a fan oven it could get a bit dry so foil helped. Have an AGA now (dontcha' know) and it roasts beautifully.

Blandmum Wed 17-Jan-07 16:14:35

No. not ever.

Stuffing made of bread crumbs, garlic, mixed herbs, onions, apple and apricot, with a splash of brandy

Trust me it is wonderful

Ceolas Wed 17-Jan-07 16:24:19

Smells good anyway!

Any advice on the basting?

MegaLegs Wed 17-Jan-07 16:25:23

Not sure about basting, probably every 20mins or so. I just stick it in the oven for a couple of hours.

purplemonkeydishwasher Wed 17-Jan-07 16:27:09

cover with bacon.

lulumama Wed 17-Jan-07 16:27:27

Yes , baste every 20 minutes !

grouchyoscar Wed 17-Jan-07 16:27:50

Nah, just wack it in and leave it, they turn out suntanned and yummy

Blandmum Wed 17-Jan-07 16:28:14

I baste every 20 minutes.

MarsLady Wed 17-Jan-07 16:28:16

Nope and I don't baste either! I always have gorgeous, moist chicken with crispy skin!

grouchyoscar Wed 17-Jan-07 16:29:37

Nigella suggests massaging it with olive oil and butter before roasting btw

doormat Wed 17-Jan-07 16:30:01

like marslady, i dont use foil and i dont baste neither
I always put it on the middle shelf

Aloha Wed 17-Jan-07 16:35:27

I roast very quickly in a very hot oven - no foil. Sometimes I turn the chicken upside down as this means you get very moist meat with no basting or anything.

MegaLegs Wed 17-Jan-07 16:36:04

Blimey I am starving

colditz Wed 17-Jan-07 16:40:01

I put mine in a 190 degree fan ocven, with garlic salt on the skin, and I don't bastye BUT I don't like chicken breat anyway. I like the leg and wing!

Ceolas Wed 17-Jan-07 16:48:41

Aloha how hot and how fast?

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