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Daughter 24 wants to come home

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AinJD Sat 28-Mar-20 20:55:11

DD loves London but is working from her little room in a shared house currently as office is closed - life so different from normal and says she just wants to come home (to North Yorkshire) where she can have more space and will feel somehow safer with family. DH reluctantly (is it essential?) said he’ll fetch her tomorrow if she’s sure she wants to be here till the end of the lockdown. He will go there and back, no interactions with anyone but her. We all feel guilty already at going against the spirit of the guidance, but she’s taken care to walk everywhere for the past two weeks, is not ill and will self-isolate in her room here for seven days on arrival. It is probably not essential but feels natural for her to want to be here with us and of course we don’t really in our hearts want to say no. We almost wish there was a form to fill in for this mission!

AinJD Sat 28-Mar-20 20:56:39

What would you do?

Thisismytimetoshine Sat 28-Mar-20 20:57:53

I’d go and get her.

Blingismything Sat 28-Mar-20 20:58:19

I would go too.

Lumene Sat 28-Mar-20 20:59:00

I would go too.

Lightofthephoenix Sat 28-Mar-20 20:59:01

I would go and get her

DartmoorChef Sat 28-Mar-20 20:59:14

Go and get her.

Tuilipcity Sat 28-Mar-20 20:59:19

I would go and get her. Some may disagree but this is for the long haul and if she can stay with you for that amount of time that is what she should do. After her period of isolation on arrival it will be normal that she is there with you n

BrooHaHa Sat 28-Mar-20 21:00:15

I'd go and get her. I think most others would too, if they're honest with themselves.

Blackdog19 Sat 28-Mar-20 21:00:49

I’d get her

IDSNeighbour Sat 28-Mar-20 21:01:20

I don't know, I don't think I would to be honest. If every single person went back to their family home it would be another way to spread the virus. I'd love to go and live with my mum or my sister and brother in law for a bit. The loneliness is driving me crazy. But I think it would be irresponsible. We've clearly been told that we can't mix with family members from other households.

I especially think it's a bad idea as it's such a long journey to have to make.

I don't think it's especially risky for just you to do it. It's if everyone did it that it would be a problem. Which is why there have to be blanket rules I guess. Nothing to stop them being broken in a genuine emergency. But this isn't one.

Kbear Sat 28-Mar-20 21:01:50

No question I'd go and get her

BraveLittleDragon Sat 28-Mar-20 21:03:20

I would go and get her - I am in a similar situation and would like to go home but I have to stay in London due to work (even though I am working from home).

BeardedMum Sat 28-Mar-20 21:04:18

I would get her.

Landlubber2019 Sat 28-Mar-20 21:04:26

Yes I would bring her home, but I would make it clear that the isolation was essential and non negotiable. I would add that turning up now rather than 7 days ago was poor planning on her part and the risk that she had placed on you and your dh

doodleygirl Sat 28-Mar-20 21:04:45

I would go and get her now.

My 25 yr old lives round the corner with her boyfriend and I wish she had moved back in with us. I miss hugging her.

Leobynature Sat 28-Mar-20 21:04:49

Bloody hell! Are you seriously asking whether you should get your own daughter?

BoogleMcGroogle Sat 28-Mar-20 21:05:36

Of course you should go add get her!

AlpineSnow Sat 28-Mar-20 21:07:33

I'd get her

eggandonion Sat 28-Mar-20 21:07:43

My 23 year old has been here for two weeks, since before lockdown in Ireland, she's got a house share in Dublin. I understand why you and she wants to be together.

user127819 Sat 28-Mar-20 21:08:04

Go and get her.

BilboBercow Sat 28-Mar-20 21:08:30

Feel like I've read this before...

happinessischocolate Sat 28-Mar-20 21:08:38

I'd go, the company I work for has shut for 3 months, she's going to be there for a long time if you don't go get her now

starrynight19 Sat 28-Mar-20 21:11:17

Yes I would get her

Theodoreb Sat 28-Mar-20 21:11:36

Go get your daughter no judgment here

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