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Best laundry baskets to buy in 2024: practical and stylish laundry storage for families

Laundry - forever piling up and a never-ending household task. But while dirty clothes may be unsightly, the best laundry baskets will add something to your bedroom or bathroom, too.

By Kat Storr | Last updated Mar 21, 2024

Three washing baskets on standing side by side on a mottled pink background

Is your laundry basket overflowing? Is it falling apart at the seams? Are you forever picking up dirty socks and bunched-up pants off bedroom floors? If you’ve answered yes to all of the above, buying the best laundry basket, tried and trusted by parents, should be top of your shopping list. After all, children produce a lot of washing daily; from pyjamas to club kits, from school uniforms to favourite t-shirts, laundry can quickly spill out onto the floor and make your washing loads disorganised and your home feel messy.

From our research, we discovered that the best laundry basket should be durable, easily portable and affordably priced without compromising on style! Whilst that might sound like a tall order, our Mumsnet users had plenty to say on the matter and using their authentic views, combined with expert opinion and verified customer reviews, we whittled down our list to the best top twelve. We’ve got laundry baskets with removable liners, castor wheels and multiple separate compartments that’ll make loading your best washer dryer that little bit easier. No more accidental red socks in with the whitewash or pants lost on their way to the tumble dryer or delicates tangled in the bedsheets; getting your family to buy into your organised laundry system will be so much easier (and there’ll be no more excuses!).

However, as we suggest in all of our Swear By articles (from the best steam iron to the best laundry detergent), you’ll want to consider what you’re looking for. Think about the space you have to play with, the size you need, whether you plan to keep it in the bathroom or bedroom and how much you are willing to spend. Ultimately, these factors are essential, and by thinking about them carefully, you’ll ensure you buy one that is a help, not a hindrance. Regardless of your choice, using our triple-check vetting process, we’ve guaranteed that we have something to suit you, your family and your home in our guide to the best laundry basket.

Here are the best laundry baskets to buy in 2024.

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Best laundry basket overall

Joseph Joseph Tota Laundry 60L

What we like
  • Convenient design with two 30L sorting compartments and removable tote bags

  • Sleek design keeps dirty washing out of sight

  • Easy-to-use and portable

What we don't like
  • Self-assembly required

  • It is comparatively expensive

Key specs

Price: £84 | Material: Fabric (Polypropylene) | Dimensions: H71 x W39.5 x D39.5cm | Capacity: 60L

What Mumsnet users say
OnTheBoardWalk · Tried & Tested
Love my Joseph Joseph hamper. Holds loads of clothes and isn’t flimsy at all.
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SquigglePigs · Recommended
We have the double one and I love it! Can't believe how much difference it made, or how ridiculously middle aged it made me feel!
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Our verdict

Struggling from your washing machine to your rotary washing line with your tatty old laundry basket? We think it's time to consider an upgrade, and the stylish and practical Joseph Joseph Tota is our best overall award winner.

Boasting a sleek, minimalist appearance that will blend discretely into any bathroom, bedroom or hallway, this is a highly functional offering from a brand known for its innovation and sophistication. With two compartments of 30 litres each, you can separate lights from darks as you take off your clothes, and the volume is easily enough for a family of four. (There is also a 90-litre version available if you need the extra room). When you’re ready, this laundry basket has no additional steps; just pull the inner totes bags by their handles to transport the full load to your washing machine. You won’t have to faff to put them back in place either, as the inner bags each have a self-locating rim that sits easily in place (no Velcro or ties necessary). The only downside is the price; opinions differ on whether it is worth it. Some feel that the self-assembly aspect should reduce the cost, especially as some previous customers found it trickier than others. However, regarding quality and longevity, we'd argue that you can’t beat this laundry basket.

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Best budget laundry basket

Lifewit 72l Collapsible Hamper

What we like
  • Convenient, portable design that is available in three colours and two sizes

  • Free-standing, but still easy to collapse when not in use

  • It is waterproof, so you can use it to transport wet washing

What we don't like
  • It has no lid

Key specs

Price: £13 | Material: TC fabric (cotton and polyester blended) | Dimensions: ‎H60 x W30 x D40cm | Capacity: 72l (100l also available)

What Mumsnet users say
CarefullyCourageous · Tried & Tested
We have one big bag in a central place, everyone brings their stuff each morning, and a big basket for moving the wet washing/dry washing.
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Our verdict

At Mumsnet, we’re all about finding convenient products that’ll save you money, and just like our best clothes steamer that cuts your ironing time in half, our best budget laundry basket will help you streamline your laundry routine without breaking the bank.

Made from lightweight materials and with long handles that allow you to carry your washing around in one hand for on-the-go multi-tasking, Lifewit’s 72L collapsible laundry hamper is perfect for busy parents (aka all of us). So, it doesn’t have a lid; a family home will never be as sparkly clean and tidied away as the ones on Instagram, and maybe it's for the best. That way, we won’t forget to pop a wash on! It also isn’t as on-trend as other options on this list, but we think its nautical-themed stripes are quite cute, and as it is available in grey, blue and red, you can pick your perfect colour to complement any room. Free-standing and generously sized, you can pack this down when it's unused and store it away (not that that is likely to happen with the average family, but we can dream!). Alternatively, you could take it away with you on holiday.

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Best laundry basket with 3 bins
What we like
  • Its portable, convenient design

  • Compartmentalised storage space for easy sorting

  • Space-saving without the need for multiple laundry baskets

What we don't like
  • A little on the expensive side

  • Not as stylish as other options

Key specs

Price: £53 | Material: Metal/Polyester/Cotton | Dimensions: H126 x W46 x D44cm | Capacity: 3 x 33L

What Mumsnet users say
steppemum · Recommended
We have a triple laundry basket - darks, colours and whites. Kids put clothes in right section, and it is easy to chuck a load in the wash
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Our verdict

Ideal for small flats with limited space or busy family homes with never-ending weekly washing cycles, The Wenko Escala is our best practical laundry basket for those needing some order - and those with loads of washing to do.

With a design focused on substance over style, it may not be stylish, but it will shave time off your to-do list. It has four wheels that allow you to move it quickly around your home (no-heavy lifting allowed) and three removable baskets for simple separation, so you can decide how to organise and sort your washing based on material or colour. Also, its vertical and compact design means you can tuck it in a corner when not in use, which is perfect for those with limited space.

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Best traditional laundry basket

John Lewis ANYDAY Willow Round Laundry Basket

What we like
  • Made from renewable materials, it is stylish and eco-friendly

  • Functional with side handles and a lid

  • Removable inner liner for portability

What we don't like
  • Like all wicker type baskets it may be easily damaged

  • Previous customers say it isn't big enough for a family - more suited to a couple

Key specs

Price: £40 | Material: Willow | Dimensions: ‎H56 x D35cm | Capacity: Not specified

What Mumsnet users say
CointreauVersial · Tried & Tested
We have three laundry baskets - one in our en-suite, one in my sons room and one in my daughter's room (which my second daughter also uses). Large wicker things with lids.
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Our verdict

Many laundry baskets contain some element of plastic; sometimes, it's hidden, and other times it’s more noticeable. Either way, if you’re trying to buy eco-friendly products, that can be incredibly annoying, which is why we’re recommending the John Lewis ANYDAY Willow Round laundry basket as the best option for the environmentally conscious.

Weaved from willow, a rapidly renewable resource (it can grow back to full height within a year), this laundry basket's simple, elegant design will store unsightly laundry loads out of sight and make an attractive addition to any couple’s bathroom or bedroom. Its hidden, washable cotton liner is handy, too, as its drawstring opening prevents losing any socks on the way to your washing machine. The only hiccup, aside from being not quite family-sized, is that, like all wicker products, they can be a pain when it comes to breakage or snagging, so you’ll want to keep it in a low-traffic area.

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Best wicker laundry basket
What we like
  • Made from natural wicker, painted with a clean white finish - great neutral to complement any home

  • Made from an environmentally-friendly resource

  • Convenient, spacious and sturdy

What we don't like
  • The wicker may have sharp bits that small fingers or clothing could get caught on

Key specs

Price: £40 | Material: Wicker | Dimensions: H59 x W45 x D32cm | Capacity: 85L

What Mumsnet users say
Angus6 · Tried & Tested
We have one central laundry basket on the upstairs landing. A large square wicker basket.
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Our verdict

Classic, traditional and able to complement any home, the Arpan Laundry Basket is our best wicker option and the perfect alternative to its plastic counterparts.

Although that isn’t to say that it isn’t practical, spacious enough for a medium-sized family, there is a decent 85 litres that’ll conceal your children’s muddy football kits and grubby school jumpers to keep your home looking neat and tidy. And like the John Lewis ANYDAY Willow hamper, you can remove the washable fabric liner to transport your washing or to give it a whizz in the machine and keep your laundry basket smelling fresh. Also, as above, the only gripe is that wicker is fragile; over time, you may see breakage that’ll catch clothing and potentially little fingers.

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Best laundry basket for babies and toddlers

Fankang Pink Elephant Laundry Hamper

What we like
  • Comes in a whole range of funky, colourful designs from star constellations to dinosaurs

  • Convenient, portable design with a waterproof coating

  • Multi-functional storage space at a reasonable price

What we don't like
  • Is folded for transit, so will arrive wrinkled (use a clothes steamer or hairdryer to remove them)

Key specs

Price: £14 | Material: Polyester canvas | Dimensions: H49.8 x W40cm | Capacity: 40L

Our verdict

Once you have a baby, it soon becomes clear that life is going to involve a lot more washing, as they can undergo multiple outfit changes in one day, from spag bol weaning meals to nappy explosions. You’ll definitely want a laundry basket that can withstand heavy use. However, before you rush out and splurge on a top-of-the-range laundry basket, ensure you shop around, as there are so many good quality, budget-friendly products on the market. That's where the Fankang Laundry Basket comes in.

Swooping in as our best laundry basket for babies, it is available in various colourful designs to match any bedroom. From unicorns to cars, there is an option to suit newborns, toddlers, and even teenagers. We love that they’re lightweight, waterproof and portable, too! It's the perfect affordable, multi-purpose solution for dirty clothes, toys and books, guaranteed to keep your baby’s room tidy.

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Best laundry basket for kids

Little Stackers Triceratops Laundry Storage Bucket

What we like
  • Fun, engaging designs

  • Soft and lightweight

  • Durable, long lasting

What we don't like
  • No handle for carrying

Key specs

Price: £28 | Material: Felt | Dimensions: Vary in measurements | Capacity: Not specified

What Mumsnet users say
UndeadSlut · Tried & Tested
Children have a laundry basket each in their rooms which they bring to my room on Wednesdays and Sundays. I have four baskets in my room - bedding and towels, whites, lights and darks, and everything gets sorted into those.
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Our verdict

If you’re looking for ways to encourage your children to remember to put their clothes in the wash, why not try one of Little Stacker’s line of laundry baskets? Previous customers all agree that their children love using them and that they are perfect for supporting that first step towards independence.

Every child will get excited about laundry with one of these fun, adorable laundry baskets. Practical and attractive. The soft, flexible felt material means children won’t get hurt if there are any bedroom tumbles either, and if you don’t want to use this for dirty washing, why not use it for storing toys or teddies? Lightweight, durable and long-lasting, they’re a super sweet addition to a kid’s bedroom. Just bear in mind they sell out fast, so if you like one, nab it quickly!

Best wooden laundry basket
What we like
  • It has a discrete minimalist design that'll suit every bathroom

  • Solid and durable structure

  • Can be used as a smart storage solution for towels and bed sheets

What we don't like
  • Assembly required

  • Heavier than other laundry baskets (8kg)

Key specs

Price: £45 | Material: Manufactured wood | Dimensions: H54 x W40 x D30cm | Capacity: Not specified

What Mumsnet users say
BringMeThatHorizon · Tried & Tested
We've got two nice wooden box style ones on the landing - lights and darks.
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Our verdict

For a laundry hamper built to last, the Bath Vida Priano Bathroom Laundry Cabinet is the perfect solution to seamlessly blend into your decor and discretely hide your dirty clothes.

Made from wood, it is pretty heavy despite its optimistic carry handles, so we wouldn’t recommend carrying it up and down the stairs. However, on the other hand, it is sturdy, with a hinged lid that keeps the room looking clean and tidy. It is also easy to wipe clean, and the box is multi-purpose; you could just as easily use it to store towels, bedlinen or even children’s toys. Some self-assembly is required, but if you can put together a set of Ikea wardrobes, it’ll be a walk in the park.

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Best laundry basket for large families

Songmics Rolling Laundry Sorter

What we like
  • It is a large capacity laundry basket with four compartments perfect for families

  • Easily portable, you can lock the wheels in place when you don't want it to travel

  • Durable design and water resistant

What we don't like
  • Assembly required

  • No lid

Key specs

Price: £40 | Material: Iron frame, Polyester fabric | Dimensions: H67 x W87.5 x D38.5m  | Capacity: 140L

What Mumsnet users say
WeatherwaxLives · Tried & Tested
I've got one of these, after it was recommended on here, it's bloody brilliant! No lid, but you could easily make a fabric one to flip over the top.
See Post
Sparklynewname · Recommended
I got a 4 sectioned one from Amazon. No lids though but I find that easier to get everything in and out. It also doesn’t get overrun as I take it down when it is getting full and wash that load.
See Post
Our verdict

By far, the best feature of the Songmics Rolling Laundry Sorter is its four removable compartments that are guaranteed to revolutionise your laundry routine. Highly recommended by Mumsnetters, and praised as 'life-changing', this laundry basket offers you 140L, perfect for larger families of four and up. Available in black or grey, the compartments aren't labelled, leaving it up to you to decide how you'd like to sort your laundry - whether that is by person, by colour, or by material type.

Made from a robust iron frame and water-resistant polyester, it has wheels to help you move it around with removable bags for extra portability. Worried that it'll become annoying having it move around your bathroom? You needn't be; it has a wheel lock to prevent that from happening. Songmics laundry sorter has honestly blown us away with its simple and functional design that will save you time and energy. The only gripes from previous customers are that it doesn't have a lid and requires assembly, but if those aren't deal breakers, this is the ideal laundry basket for families who produce above-average loads.

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How do I choose a laundry basket?

You’ll be using your laundry basket on a weekly, if not daily, basis, so it’s worth choosing a high-quality, good-value product from a reputable supplier. To start, we’d recommend considering the following:

  • How many people are in your household? This is a good indicator of the amount of washing that’ll need to be done.

  • Where will you store it, and how much space is there? Make sure to take measurements of where you’d like it to sit. You don’t want to find yourself tripping over it because it is too big.

  • Do you need it to be collapsible? If you plan on putting it away when guests come to stay or packing it for your holiday, you’ll need to be able to fold it down easily.

  • When it comes to materials, do you want something made from synthetic materials or from natural, breathable fabrics that prevent clothes from getting musty?

  • Do you want it to be stylish and functional? In this case, you’ll want to consider your decor.

  • Will you be carrying washing up and down stairs or from room to room and therefore require a basket with handles? Above all, your laundry basket should be large enough to hold a load of laundry but not so big that it’s impossible to carry it to the washing machine. Consider buying one with strong handles, a removable liner or wheels for portability.

  • If you’re a particularly tidy person and the thought of unsightly washing being displayed in your home fills you with dread, you may want to consider a basket with a lid.

What is the difference between a laundry basket and a laundry hamper?

Strictly speaking, a laundry basket is what you collect your washing in, take it to the machine, transport to the airer and so on. A laundry hamper is where you put your dirty laundry while it waits to go into the laundry basket to get washed.

In reality, the two terms tend to be used interchangeably, and we’ve used both here.

What is the best material for a laundry basket?

Much depends on where you want to use it. If your laundry basket is for the bedroom or nursery, you might want one you can dust easily, made of wood or something in fabric or chambray that blends in with a bedroom environment. You’ll want something that won’t mind getting splashed in the bathroom and can be wiped clean easily. But much of it is down to personal preference. Some laundry baskets are made of breathable materials, which isn’t a bad idea to keep your laundry a bit fresher while it waits for a wash.

What is the best laundry sorter?

A laundry basket with compartments to separate lights and darks saves a job for you when it comes to washing. John Lewis does two hampers like this that we’ve included in our round-up. The Habitat Industrial Laundry Sorter with three compartments and the Songmics Rolling Laundry Sorter actually has four compartments (one for colours, too).

Are bamboo laundry baskets good?

They’re as good as anything else. Bamboo does have natural anti-fungal properties, and it’s more water-resistant than most woods, so it’s a good choice for a damp area like a bathroom.

What is a good size laundry basket?

The answer to this will depend on the size of your household and, of course, the age and cleanliness of any young people you live with! Most of the laundry baskets we have listed here are capacious but also easy on the eye.

Make sure you know the dimensions of the space you have in mind for the laundry basket and have considered how many loads you typically do a week. A good size laundry basket has a capacity of around 60 litres.

Why are there holes in laundry baskets?

Piling up dirty clothes in a confined place can lead to mould and mildew, so a laundry basket with holes may reduce the risk of this. The holes can also help to keep the laundry basket clean by allowing odours and moisture to escape, and holes will make the basket lighter when you’re carrying a load of washing, wet or dry, around the house.

But if you’re the type of person who likes to stay on top of your washing pile, a basket with holes may not be something you need to consider.

How many laundry baskets do I need?

Again, this will come down to personal preference, but it’s a good idea to have at least one. A family of four may choose to have a laundry basket in every bedroom to keep clothes organised and darks and whites separate, while smaller households may only require one. Some people may also choose to have a laundry basket for clothes and another for towels and bed linen.

Where should you put a laundry basket?

Convenient places to store a laundry basket include:

  1. The bathroom

  2. The bedroom - some households may have one in every bedroom

  3. The laundry room

  4. A hallway or landing (especially if the whole family shares one basket)

What is the best laundry basket?

The practical but stylish Joseph Joseph Tota Laundry Separation Basket gets our vote as the best laundry basket to buy. Its 90-litre size is one of the largest capacities on the market and would suit a large family who wants to stay on top of their laundry pile.

Whether you want to show it off or for it to be discreet, it will look good in any room in the house. The separate fabric totes keep the laundry process easy.

If all else fails, Mumsnetters recommend repurposing this old faithful: the IKEA FRAKTA blue bag. IwisheIwereamillionaire says: “I use the large blue IKEA bags as they’re easy to carry, I squish them down the side of the washing machine when I’m not using them, and they don’t take up space. I think they’re only 50p, I had mine for years, and they’ve lasted longer than any baskets I previously had!”

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