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Best budget dehumidifiers: keep your home damp-free for under £100

If you are looking for ways to tackle dampness without spending a fortune, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the best dehumidifiers for under £100 to help you in your search.

By Laura Cooke | Last updated Jan 26, 2024

With the cost of living crisis continuing to bite, keeping energy bills down is a priority for many of us over the winter months.

If you are looking to save a few pennies, you may have already switched from using a tumble dryer to using a heated clothes airer to dry your laundry indoors. Having a dehumidifier running in the room will prevent moisture from the clothes from settling on the walls and making the room damp. 

Although dehumidifiers are cheap to run, the initial £200-odd outlay for one may be a little difficult to stomach.

But there are plenty of excellent cheap dehumidifiers under £100 from big-name brands including Russell Hobbs and Black+Decker that can help to keep your home damp-free this winter.

Here is Mumsnet’s pick of the best budget dehumidifiers for 2024.

Best budget dehumidifier overall

Pro Breeze Dehumidifier 1500ml

What we like
  • Lightweight and portable

  • It has no compressor, so it makes very little noise

  • Very energy efficient

What we don't like
  • Less effective in larger rooms

Key specs

Price on writing: £70 | Type: Thermo-electric peltier dehumidifier | Extraction amount: 500ml | Tank capacity: 1500ml | Dimensions: H30 x W21.8 x D6.3cm | Weight: 1.85kg | Power: 40W | Cost per hour: 1p | Noise level: 33dB | Max room size: 150sq/ft | Laundry mode: No | Warranty: 1 year

What Mumsnet users say
nosyupnorth · Recommended
“I have a 'Pro Breeze' and it worked wonders for getting the damp under control when I moved into a 1900s terrace that had been neglected for years and running it for a few hours a day keeps the humidity from day to day living under control.”
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jellycat · Tried & Tested
“It works pretty quickly and is cheap to run.”
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Our verdict

Tested by MNHQ: Read our in-depth Pro Breeze 1500ml Portable Dehumidifier review

The Pro Breeze Dehumidifier is compact, low-cost and energy-efficient - there’s no ugly, giant white box rattling away noisily in the corner here. In fact, with a noise level of just 34dB, it is barely louder than a whisper, which makes it ideal for a home office.

With an extraction rate of up to 500ml daily and a water tank of 1500ml, this dehumidifier won’t eliminate a severe damp problem and is not as effective in larger rooms (you may need to bring in the big guns if you have a particularly serious damp problem over a large area). However, it will remove moisture from a small space, effectively managing mould build-up, absorb condensation during the morning, and speed up laundry drying.  All for well under £100. That’s an absolute bargain, if you ask us.

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Best dehumidifier for small spaces

BLACK+DECKER BXEH60001GB 900ml Portable Mini Dehumidifier

What we like
  • Great value

  • Very quiet

What we don't like
  • Only works in very small spaces

Key specs

Price on writing: £41 | Type: Thermo-electric peltier dehumidifier | Extraction amount: 250ml | Tank capacity: 900ml | Dimensions: 14.5D x 14.5W x 21.7H | Weight: 0.82kg | Power: Not stated | Cost per day: 9p | Noise level: 30dB | Max room size: 8m/sq | Laundry mode: No | Warranty: 2 year

Our verdict

If damp in your box room or wardrobe is driving you to distraction, then the dinky Black+Decker 900ml Portable Mini Dehumidifier can help. It’s the lightest and quietest dehumidifier on our list, coming in at just 30dB, so it can be left to run without the risk of disturbing sleeping children or home workers.

The downside is the dehumidifier only works in very small spaces, but if you have a persistent damp patch in the corner of a wardrobe or the utility room, this may well be the best £40 you will ever spend.

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Best budget dehumidifier with timer function
What we like
  • Cost effective at 2p/hour

  • Timer function

  • Humidity sensor display

What we don't like
  • A little on the noisy side

  • Makes a distracting sound every time a new option is selected

  • Less effective in larger rooms

Key specs

Price on writing: £56 | Type: Dehumidifier | Extraction amount: 800ml per day | Tank capacity: 2,300ml | Dimensions: ‎30.5 x 15.3 x 22.3 cm | Weight: 2.2kg | Max room size: 250 sq ft | Laundry mode: No | Cost per hour: 2p

Our verdict

Tested by MNHQ: Read our full CONOPU 2300ml Dehumidifier review

With three modes - strong, sleep and auto - and a timer function, the CONOPU 2300ml Dehumidifier gets the job done with minimal fuss. The controls are easy to use and the handy humidity sensor display shows how well the dehumidifier is performing. 

The downside to the CONOPU is that it isn’t the quietest machine on our list, plus it makes a rather annoying noise when the settings are changed. However, costing just 2p per hour to run, this handy gadget will make a huge difference to your home without impacting too much on your energy bills. 

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Best budget dehumidifier and air purifier

BLACK+DECKER BXEH60002GB 2L Dehumidifier with Air Purifier

What we like
  • Easy to read digital display

  • Air purifier removes pollen and bacteria from the air - a great choice for allergy sufferers

  • Operated by one touch button

What we don't like
  • Not as quiet as other similar dehumidifiers

Key specs

Price on writing: £80 | Type: Thermo-electric peltier dehumidifier and air purifier | Extraction amount: 500ml | Tank capacity: 2000ml | Dimensions: 14.2D x 24W x 34.2Hcm | Weight: 2.2kg | Power: 65W | Cost per hour: 2p | Noise level: 45dB | Max room size: Doesn’t state | Laundry mode: No | Warranty: 2 year

Our verdict

The Black+Decker 2L dehumidifier is great for tackling damp and condensation in smaller-sized rooms. But what puts this dehumidifier head and shoulders above the rest is that it comes with air purification technology. A built-in ioniser, UV light and Ti02 filter helps remove pollen, bacteria and nasty smells to provide clean air, reducing the likelihood of respiratory illness. 

It is extremely easy to operate, with its one touch control and digital display, and is lightweight and portable so you can move it from place to place where needed. Just be aware that it’s not the quietest dehumidifier on our list, so if you are looking for a unit to run overnight in the bedroom, you may want to consider a different product so as not to disturb your precious slumber.

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Best dehumidifier under £50
What we like
  • Lightweight and portable

  • Simple, sleek design

  • Whisper quiet

  • Easy to operate

What we don't like
  • Only effective up to 15m² 

  • Small tank capacity

Key specs

Price on writing: £49 | Type: Compressor Dehumidifier | Extraction amount: 300ml | Tank capacity:  600ml | Dimensions: H22 x W14 x D14cm | Weight: 0.9kg | Power: N/A | Cost per hour: N/A | Noise level:  35dB | Max room size:  15m² | Laundry mode: No | Warranty: 2 year

What Mumsnet users say
Roselilly36 · Recommended
"They are brilliant, we have one running every night, makes a huge difference, we brought ours based on the number of bedrooms in our house. Saves wiping down windows in the mornings. Drying of washing when you can’t hang it outside at this time of year, Well worth the money, ours is full every morning."
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Our verdict

Tested by MNHQ: Read our full Russell Hobbs RHDH1061G Dehumidifier review

Lightweight, small, and oh so quiet, this dehumidifier comes in sleek black or stylish grey, with the aim of blending into your living space. As it is a compact unit, it is designed to be used in rooms no bigger than 15m² and the water tank can only hold 600ml at a time, making it perfect for tackling damp in caravans, garages, home offices, box rooms, utility rooms and other isolated areas.

The one-touch button means that the Russell Hobbs dehumidifier is incredibly easy to operate. Some Mumsnetters have been so impressed with the machine’s performance, that they bought several to dot around the home. Costing less than £50 each, this would be a valuable investment in the fight against damp.

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Best dehumidifier under £100

TOWER T674005 Portable Dehumidifier

What we like
  • 48 hour timer function

  • Seven different coloured ‘mood lights’

  • Comes with three different modes

  • Carry handle and wheels for portability

What we don't like
  • The lights may feel intrusive to some

  • A little noisier than other dehumidifiers on our list

Key specs

Price on writing: £80 | Type: Thermo-electric peltier | Extraction amount: 450ml | Tank capacity:  2.3L | Dimensions: 31H x 22.4W x 14.5D cm | Weight: 2.3kg | Power: Doesn’t state | Cost per hour: 2p per day | Noise level:  45dB | Max room size:  Doesn’t state | Laundry mode: No | Warranty: 1 year

Our verdict

If you are looking for a dehumidifier that comes with its own mood lighting (!) then this gadget from Tower offers no less than seven different coloured lighting options. It also comes with three different settings - strong, sleep and auto - and a convenient carry handle and wheels to allow you to move the unit easily from place to place. We particularly love the 48 hour timer function, which allows you to switch the dehumidifier on and off as required.

It’s a little bit noisier than some of the other dehumidifiers on our list, but we’re reliably informed that 45dB is the equivalent of sitting in a library which is still pretty quiet. Just to clarify, that’s the average background noise of a library when Rhyme Time isn’t on, you’ll be relieved to hear.

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Are cheap dehumidifiers worth it?

If you only have a small area affected by damp, such as a box room, home office, caravan or inside a wardrobe, then a small, cheap dehumidifier under £100 is a great buy. If your damp problem is more serious, then you will need to invest in something more powerful. It is also worth knowing that smaller dehumidifiers are less effective when used in larger rooms. Check out our comprehensive guide to the best dehumidifiers for some useful tips on choosing the best dehumidifier to meet your needs.

What is the best budget dehumidifier?

Mumsnetters love the Pro Breeze Dehumidifier 1500ml . Lightweight and extremely quiet, you won’t even know it’s there. It sucks up an impressive amount of moisture too.

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