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Best freezers 2023: upright, chest and under counter models for all homes and budgets

If you’re planning to improve your frozen food storage and want a reliable, efficient freezer that looks great too, here are the best freezers of 2023.

By Gemma Lumley | Last updated Mar 28, 2023

Selection of the best freezers

An unsung hero of the kitchen, garage or wherever else you choose to keep it, the best freezer will store the usual frozen purchases as well as excess food, bulk buys and batch-cooked meals. 

Long-term frozen food storage is essential during the run-up to Christmas or for big family events too. Whether you’re struggling to fit everything into the best fridge freezer, want extra food storage for your garage, or would love a high-tech model that can be integrated into a minimalist kitchen, there’s a solution for your needs.   

To help you choose a fantastic new appliance for your kitchen, we’ve done all the hard work for you and have spent hours researching the best models. Our first stop was the Mumsnet forums, home to the largest online network of parents in the UK, where we searched for the brands our users had tried, tested and loved. We know the value of an honest, independent recommendation, so every Swears By guide we produce - everything from the best dishwasher to the top cleaning products - starts with Mumsnet user suggestions. We also analysed the opinions of domestic technology experts and scrutinised authentic consumer reviews to bring you the very best freezer for 2023.

1. Best overall freezer: Russell Hobbs RHUCFZ3W Under Counter Freezer

Russell Hobbs RHUCFZ3W freezer

Price on writing: £204 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs 

Type: Under counter | Energy rating: F | Capacity: 68 litres | Dimensions: (H) 85.0 x (W) 50.0 x (D) 54.0

What we love

  • Two-year warranty 
  • Reversible door 
  • Great value 

What to know 

  • Manual defrost 

Our verdict

The Russell Hobbs RHUCFZ3W is a fantastic little freezer that will fit neatly into most kitchens thanks to a reversible door and adjustable feet. It is classic white (it's available in black too) and is a height that is appropriate for sliding under the counter or sitting on its own in a convenient corner. 

This great freezer has three sturdy drawers, holding three shopping bags and making it ideal for organising everyday essentials. It is an excellent price and comes with a two-year manufacturer's guarantee. 

The drawback is that it's manual defrost. However, it works hard to prevent the initial build up of ice and frost, and the easy-to-remove drawers make it a quick and straightforward process. Reviewers also love how quiet it is and the impressive capacity for its small size. 

2. Best budget tall freezer: Hotpoint UH8F1CWUK1 Freestanding Freezer


Price on writing: £460 | Buy now from Appliances Direct 

Key specs 

Type: Tall/upright | Energy rating: F | Capacity: 263 litres | Dimensions: H1875mm x W595mm x D630mm

What we love

  • 10-year parts warranty 
  • Frost-free
  • Reversible door and handle 

What to know 

  • The door can feel stiff to open

Our verdict

If you want high-quality frozen food storage but can’t afford to splash out on the best American fridge freezer, the Hotpoint UH8F1CWUK1 is an excellent value alternative. It has an impressive capacity, is frost-free and comes with a ten-year parts guarantee. In addition, consumer reviewers love the versatility of the layout, a combination of sturdy drawers, shelves with a pull-down flap front, and open-fronted shelves. 

In classic white with a satin silver handle, the Hotpoint will look brilliant in all kitchen styles. Some owners mention the door can be stiff to open after being closed for a while; the robust handle helps with this. Also, if you have a large joint of meat to store, it’s easy to pull out a shelf and make a double-height drawer. 

The touchscreen control panel is inside the freezer, making changing the temperature a cinch. It also has a fast freeze button for a convenient ultra-cold boost, a helpful feature after the big shop or filling the freezer with a glut from the veg patch. 

3. Best freezer for longevity: Miele F12011S-1 Freestanding Freezer


Price on writing: £569 | Buy now from John Lewis

Key specs 

Type: Under counter | Energy rating: F | Capacity: 98 litres | Dimensions: H85.1 x W55.3 x D62.4cm

What we love

  • Fast freeze function
  • Deep drawers 
  • Quiet
  • Temperature alarm

What to know 

  • Manual defrost
  • Pricey 

What Mumsnet users say 

“If you can afford it, Miele is a good investment and their lower priced range has the same build quality as their more expensive products, though they usually have less technology.” (Miele recommended by Mumsnet user PurpleWhi1teGreen)

“As a number of others have said already, we also went with Miele - once we could afford it - and the quality and performance has been superb.” (Suggested by Mumsnet user nickymanchester)

Our verdict

The Miele F12011S-1 is an under counter freezer with a fantastic amount of storage space for its size. It has three deep drawers which feel sturdy and slide open smoothly. We particularly like the translucent plastic as it makes it easy to see what’s inside. 

Miele is a high-end brand, and the price reflects this. However, the quality of the build and durability make the investment worth it. It also has a fast freeze button for a post-shop cold boost and an easily accessible control panel. 

While it does have a low energy rating (E or F grades are very common for freezers), it is still fairly efficient and not too expensive to run; based on the annual energy consumption and the current price cap of 34p per energy unit, it will cost around £72 per year to run. This affordability is ideal for a model that you will use each and every day.

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4. Best under counter freezer: Liebherr GP1213 Undercounter Freezer

Liebherr GP1213 55cm Undercounter Freezer

Price on writing: £380 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs 

Type: Under counter | Energy rating: E | Capacity: 98 litres | Dimensions: ‎55.3 x 62.4 x 85.1 cm

What we love

  • Impressive energy efficiency
  • Clear door fronts 
  • Fast freezer

What to know 

  • Manual defrost

What Mumsnet users say 

“My Leibherr fridges are 20-plus years old. The freezer is the same. I don’t expect any issues with these appliances but they don’t have bells and whistles. They work, are well built and last!” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user PresentingPercy)

Our verdict

Liebherr freezers are made in the same factory as Miele models, and the quality of the build is very similar, but you’ll pay less for a Liebherr. The GP1213 is a fab little under counter freezer with a generous 98-litre capacity in a compact 55cm frame. 

It is a manual defrost freezer. However, the nifty SuperFrost technology will work hard to prevent the build up of frost and ice, so you will only have to defrost a couple of times a year. It can also work in temperatures down to -15˚C, which is ideal for the garage. 

The Liebherr is relatively efficient, with an E rating, and it has three deep, transparent drawers for easy access and organisation. In addition, we're impressed with the wide range of features: a super freeze button, power cut protection, and a versatile layout that allows the removal of shelves and drawers to create a bigger space.

5. Best freezer for the garage: BEKO Pro FFEP3791W Tall Freezer

BEKO Pro FFEP3791W Tall Freezer

Price on writing: £750 | Buy now from

Key specs 

Type: Tall/upright | Energy rating: E | Capacity: 404 litres | Dimensions: 192 x 70 x 76.8 cm 

What we love

  • Relatively good energy efficiency rating 
  • Frost-free
  • Fast freeze
  • Reversible doors

What to know 

  • Expensive but offers good value 

What Mumsnet users say 

“I’ve got a Beko freezer in the garage. It’s 16 years old and still going strong.” (Brand tried and tested by Mumsnet user CurlsandCurves)

Our verdict

The BEKO Pro FFEP3791W, with Freezer Guard technology, is our best freezer for a cold garage space. It has incredible capacity and is easier to organise than a chest freezer. In addition, we loved the Big Box drawer, perfect for large and awkwardly shaped products. 

Mumsnet forum members are enthusiastic about the exceptional value of Beko appliances, and this robust, thoughtfully designed freezer is an excellent example. It has an easy-to-access and user-friendly LED control panel to quickly adjust the temperature and switch on the fast freeze after a big shop. 

Unlike many garage-proof freezers, this smart appliance is frost-free, so the capacity isn't compromised by frost and ice, and you don’t have the faff and mess of a manual defrost. In addition, the classic white and silver handle combination will be a sleek and modern addition to any kitchen. 

6. Best integrated freezer: Bosch GIN81AEF0G Serie 6 Built-in Freezer


Price on writing: £973 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs 

Type: Integrated/built in | Energy rating: F | Capacity: 211 litres | Dimensions: 54.5 x 55.8 x 177.2 cm

What we love

  • Frost-free
  • Automatic super freeze
  • Flexible storage 

What to know 

  • Expensive 

Our verdict

The Bosch GIN81AEF0G Built-In Freezer is an integrated appliance for large families who need frozen food on hand but want their machine to blend seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen. It also has a reversible door and a neat, user-friendly control panel. 

This high-tech freezer has seven see-through storage drawers, including a double-height Big Box. However, the layout is adjustable thanks to VarioSpace's removable shelves. Reviewers were also delighted with the high-spec features of this freezer - it is frost-free and has an automatic super freeze, so you don’t have to remember to switch it on after a supermarket delivery. 

If you have an open-plan kitchen and want peace and quiet, this option is excellent as it has been awarded an industry-approved Quiet Mark. The only noise will be the audible temperature alarm if you have accidentally left the door open.

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7. Best upright freezer: Grundig GFN3671N Tall Freezer


Price on writing: £649 | Buy now from Currys 

Key specs 

Type: Tall/upright | Energy rating: F | Capacity: 256 litres | Dimensions: 171.4 x 59.5 x 65.5 cm 

What we love

  • Frost-free
  • Open door alarm
  • Two-year guarantee 

What to know 

  • No interior light

What Mumsnet users say 

“Massively impressed with my Grundig!” (Brand recommended by Mumsnet user livelyredjellybean)

Our verdict

The Grundig GFN3671N is our best tall freezer and is ideal for plentiful storage, helping to avoid adding food that would otherwise go off to your kitchen bin. It has a generous 256 litres of storage space in five robust, transparent drawers and two flap-fronted shelves, the ultimate combination of organisation and ‘grab and go.’ 

With frost-free technology and super freeze capability in the top two compartments, this is a high-spec freezer at a great price. In addition, it has a handy open-door alarm and a control panel that allows you to adjust the temperature. 

The Grundig looks fantastic too; the dark grey colour and satin fingerprint resistant finish will add sophistication to your kitchen. It also has a practical, well-designed handle that doesn’t stick out and catch you if you have a narrow kitchen and must squeeze past. 

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8. Best compact freezer: Simple Value Table Top Freezer

simply value

Price on writing: £99 | Buy now from Argos 

Key specs 

Type: Table top | Energy rating: E | Capacity: 33 litres | Dimensions: H51.0, W49.0, D44.0cm

What we love

  • Cheaper to run than larger freezers
  • Reversible door
  • Compact

What to know 

  • Manual defrost 
  • May be too small for some

Our verdict

Look no further than the Simple Value Table Top Freezer for the best mini freezer (speaking of which, we’ve also investigated the best mini fridge too). It offers enough room for two supermarket shopping bags at a reasonable price. In addition, consumer reviewers love the compact convenience of a freezer that will fit wherever you need it to. 

This cute freezer has two durable shelves and a smooth interior that is easy to wipe clean. Also, because of its size, and the fact you are likely to fill it, this freezer is fairly efficient and cheap to run when compared to larger models. 

We're impressed with the quiet operation of the Simply Value too. It is manual defrost, but this shouldn't take long as it’s so small. So, if you’re looking for an overflow freezer at Christmas or somewhere to store the kids’ ice lollies in summer, this is the ideal, affordable solution. 

9. Best chest freezer: Hotpoint CS1A 250 H FA 1 Chest Freezer

Hotpoint CS1A250HFA1 Chest Freezer

Price on writing: £335 | Buy now from Currys

Key specs 

Type: Chest | Energy rating: F | Capacity: 255 litres | Dimensions: 91.6 x 101 x 69.8 cm 

What we love

  • Fast freeze
  • Suitable for outbuildings 
  • 'Frost Away' setting

What to know

  • Manual defrost 

Our verdict

The Hotpoint CS1A 250 H FA 1 Chest Freezer is a medium-sized unit with an impressive 255 litres of storage. As with the vast majority of chest freezers, it is manual defrost. However, our favourite feature of this fantastic model is 'Frost Away' which fights frost and ice formation so you don’t have to defrost it as often. This also makes it an easier and quicker task when you do have to defrost it. 

Chest freezers are often used to freeze gluts of fruit and veg from an allotment. The fast freeze button is perfect for this as it freezes 50% quicker, so nutrition and flavour are locked in, and the product will freeze without sticking together. 

Mumsnet users often complain about the disorganisation that comes with chest freezers. This Hotpoint model tackles that problem with a storage basket for smaller items and a counterbalanced lid that allows you to search with both hands. This robust and reliable freezer is also suitable for garages and outbuildings as it will continue working in temperatures as low as -15°C. The other features we love are the lockable lid, interior light and high-temperature alarm. 

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What to consider when shopping for a freezer

When shopping for a new freezer, here’s what to think about before you make your decision:

  • Size: Whether you’re looking for a large chest freezer or a mini freezer for the corner of your kitchen, measuring the space is vital. You should also pay attention to the gaps needed for airflow around the appliance, these usually need to be three inches, and they will prevent the compressor from overheating. 
  • Type: This will depend on the space you have available. A tall upright sits nicely amongst a run of units and will have drawers that can make organisation easier; an under counter will do just that, sit underneath the countertop, and will have less capacity. There are also deep chest freezers. These tend to be cheaper, but they can be tricky to organise as it is hard to reach the bottom. Also consider where you will put it - not all freezers are suitable for outbuildings.
  • Integrated or freestanding: If you want to ‘hide’ your appliance, choose an integrated model to attach to a kitchen door. These are more expensive, and you must check which type of hinge you need, fixed or sliding. 
  • Capacity: Generally, the bigger the freezer, the more capacity it will have. A chest freezer or tall upright will hold around 250 litres, whereas an under counter will have space for 90 litres. 
  • Colour and finish: What colour would you like? Standard freezer colours are white, silver, dark grey and black. In addition, they might be glossy, satin finish or matte. If you want something with impact, there are brightly coloured and retro options. However, these tend to be more expensive. 
  • Energy rating: Energy ratings changed in 2021. They are now from A - G, and it is much harder to get ratings at the top end of the scale; freezers will be an E or F. It is also helpful to look at the number of kWh a model uses annually. 
  • Frost-free/no frost: Manually defrosting a freezer can be time-consuming and messy. A frost-free model will prevent the build-up of frost and ice and automatically defrost any that occurs. 
  • Fast freeze: A cold boost button or sensor that will drop the freezer's temperature quickly. This is useful after a big shop when the door opens and shuts, and ambient temperature or slightly defrosted foods will be introduced. 
  • Open-door alarm: If you forget to shut the freezer door or it doesn’t quite close, an alarm will alert you.
  • Reversible doors: The ability to swap the freezer door's direction so that it suits the layout of your kitchen.  
  • Temperature settings: How easy is it to alter the freezer's internal temperature? Does it have an LED touchscreen or a fiddly plastic gadget at the back of the cabin? 
  • Drawers or shelves: Drawers are more manageable to organise but have less capacity, whereas shelves can be challenging to keep neat, but you can shove more in. 
  • Counterbalanced lid: When rummaging around the bottom of your new chest freezer, a lid that won’t shut on you is very helpful. 

What size freezer should I buy?

The freezer size you need depends on the number in your family, how many times a week you can shop and whether you grow fruit and veg that require long-term storage. 

The space you have available is a significant deciding factor too. For example, will a tall, narrow freezer fit nicely into a run of kitchen units? Or do you need one that will sit underneath a countertop? 

Capacity is measured in litres and can range from 90 litres (four to five shopping bags) in an under counter freezer to over 400 litres (24 shopping bags) in a large chest freezer. Remember that a partially empty freezer is less energy efficient than a full one, so don’t be tempted to buy bigger than you need regularly. 

Also, don’t assume that two freezers with the same dimensions will have the same capacity. Insulation, the layout of the interior and door storage can all have an impact on the usable space. 

Which are the best energy ratings for freezers?

The new energy rating system was launched in March 2021. Appliances now receive a rating from A - G; most freezers will be either an E or an F.

The top A rating is now challenging for manufacturers to achieve with current technology, leading to a new drive to produce sustainable, highly efficient products. 

Appliance running costs are an essential consideration for most consumers from an environmental and cost of living perspective too. Before deciding on your new freezer, consider the annual energy consumption. For example, our overall best freezer uses 168 kWh per year. The £0.34p energy price cap set in October 2022 means it will cost around £57.10 per year to run. 

What is the best freezer temperature?

-18°C is the perfect temperature for your freezer as it will prevent bacteria from growing, keep your food fresh for longer, and be cost-effective and energy efficient. 

Some freezers have a super freeze button or setting. This will drop the temperature for a short time and is helpful when you introduce ambient temperature foods or have been opening the door a lot while putting shopping away. 

Can I buy a freezer designed for the garage?

Yes. However, some models won’t work at temperatures below 5°C; if you place them outside the home, your warranty will be forfeited. 

A freezer suitable for unheated outbuildings such as garages will continue to run without issue up to -15°C. The Beko brand and a lot of chest freezers will have this capability. 

What is the best freezer? 

The Russell Hobbs RHUCFZ3W is a great value, under counter freezer which will fit into most styles and sizes of kitchen. It is fairly cheap to run and it has a generous amount of storage space for its compact size. It also has super freeze functionality, and while it is manual defrost, the layout and design means this is easy to achieve. 

What is the best way to defrost a freezer?  

No one relishes the prospect of tackling pesky lumps of ice, but freezers that lack an auto-defrost function sadly need attending to when frost begins to build up and starts sticking your frozen foods together. Here’s what to do when that dreaded time rolls around:

  1. In the countdown to Defrost Day, use up as much food from within your freezer as possible.
  2. On the day itself, remove the remaining contents and place them in a cool box with ice packs to prevent them from thawing, leaving this in the coolest part of your home. Alternatively, ask a neighbour, friend or relative if they can temporarily store your food.
  3. Switch off and unplug the freezer, keeping the plug off the floor to minimise the chance of it coming into contact with any water.
  4. Place dry towels around the base of the freezer as well as inside at the bottom to absorb moisture. Prop the door or lid wide open.
  5. If your freezer has a drainage hose, ensure that the end is in a bucket, tray or bowl.
  6. Take out all drawers, shelves and other removable parts if possible (you may have to wait a while if they’re iced in place) and clean them with warm, soapy water. Leave any glass shelves to come up to room temperature first, though, otherwise they could crack. Dry all items thoroughly.
  7. Let the ice melt. It’s safest to let this happen on its own, or you can place one or several bowls of hot water inside the freezer – the steam will help to speed up the process (you’ll need to change the bowls once the water gets cold, however). Mop up water using towels or cloths, which will need wringing out or replacing regularly.
  8. Once all ice has vanished, clean and wipe down the inside of the freezer and be sure to dry it too – otherwise any water will turn straight back into ice once the appliance is turned back on.  
  9. Replace shelves and drawers and switch the freezer on. Wait for it to reach its optimum temperature, which may take several hours.
  10. Replace your frozen food. Do not refreeze any that has started to defrost, unless you fancy a hefty portion of food poisoning, that is.

How we chose our recommendations 

To find the best freezers for busy and hungry families, we scoured all the most recent freezer reviews to see what the experts were saying and what was new to the market and assessed them against our criteria for what we’d choose for our own homes.

We then sought out parents' advice on the Mumsnet forums to discover what freezer brands they had bought and whether they were still happy with those purchases some time on. We also made sure we made notes on any models that Mumsnetters didn’t rate too.

From there, we consulted in-depth reviews on domestic technology sites. We then collated both lists to develop a shortlist of freezers that had won industry awards, expert accolades, and applause from real parents. We also chose the freezers that represented the best value for money.

Why you should trust us 

Mumsnet has been helping parents make their lives easier since 2000, and, in that time, we've investigated, tried, and reviewed thousands of products.

As someone interested in creating an efficient home and providing plentiful, nutritious food for her ever-hungry family, our writer Gemma was determined to provide honest and independent advice on the best freezers available in the UK. 

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