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Miele W1 WSG363 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine review

Energy efficient and ideal for families, the Miele W1 WSG363 is a reliable workhorse for tackling tough stains and large loads. We tested it out with parent and mum of two, Maaike, in her family home.

By Maaike Van Den Branden | Last updated Nov 2, 2023

Miele W1 WSG363 washing machine

Overall star rating: 4.5/5

Price: RRP £1,125 | Buy now from Amazon

Our verdict on the Miele W1 WSG363 Freestanding Washing Machine

  • Set up: 5/5

  • Features: 5/5

  • Results: 5/5

  • Ease of use: 4.5/5 

  • Design: 4.5/5

  • Ease of cleaning: 3/5

  • Value for money: 4/5

The Miele W1 WSG363 is one of the brand's best performing washing machines. Its size is an instant plus point for a family of four, and it cleans and rinses so well that I can really notice the cleanliness of my laundry after using this machine.

It has a variety of different programmes, which helps me tailor each wash cycle to my family's needs, as well as some impressive features, including an AddLoad function that allows me to add items after a programme has started - one of the features I use most! 

My husband and I went for a cheaper make and model when we bought our first washing machine together, but we regretted because our laundry was never really clean. Since upgrading to the Miele, we are so much happier with the results of the washing process. Because we use a lot of non-bio laundry detergent due to sensitive skin issues in our household, the Miele manages to clean our clothes well irrespective of the type of washing powder or liquid we use.

What we like

  • ‘A’ energy rating

  • 12 different programmes

  • Express 20 cycle clean clothes in 20 minutes

  • CapDosing (auto dose) feature

  • Pre-ironing feature to smooth out clothes after washing

  • Quiet Mark certified with an ‘A’ noise rating

  • App-compatible

  • AddLoad function allows you to add items mid-way through a wash

What we don’t like

  • Expensive

  • Spin rating only at a ‘B’

  • Drawer hard to clean

Key specs

Type: Freestanding | Spin speed: 1,400 rpm | Capacity: 9kg | Energy rating: A | Spin performance: B | Number of programs: 12 | Wool wash: Yes | Delicate wash: Yes | Hand wash: Yes | Energy consumption per cycle: 0.49 kWh | Water consumption per cycle: 48 litres | Dimensions: 85 x 59.6 x 60 | Guarantee: 2 years

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Miele W1 WSG363 washing machine in a family home

How we tested the Miele W1 WSG363 Freestanding Washing Machine

  • Used once a week on average

  • Tested over the course of 2.5 years

  • Tested in a family household

I’ve used the Miele W1 WSG363 Freestanding Washing Machine in my family home for the last two-and-a-half years.

For the purpose of this review, I scored the machine on a number of key performance areas, including overall cleaning, stain removal, rinse and spin effectiveness, ease of use, programme length, noisiness, and energy use and cost.

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How easy was the Miele W1 WSG363 Freestanding Washing Machine to set up?

A breeze. The hard part was related to our kitchen layout and getting the waste cable connected to our sink drainage, but that problem was unique to our situation, not the washing machine itself.

Miele W1 WSG363 washing machine touch screen

How well does the Miele W1 WSG363 Freestanding Washing Machine clean, rinse and spin?

With four people in my household (my husband, myself and our two children aged three and six), the Miele W1 WSG363 and its large 9kg drum suits our needs well. The washing machine has 12 different programmes to choose from depending on preference - these include including Express 20, hand wash, extra rinse and Sportswear - however there are some cycles I use more than others. 

My husband and I jog regularly, so there are a lot of sports gear to be washed in addition to everyday clothes. On holiday, we used my mother’s machine in between two destinations, which proved hugely inefficient because we didn’t have much time and the machine was smaller. It made me appreciate our Miele much more.

In terms of cleaning, rinsing and spinning, the Miele W1 WSG363 always performs well, getting rid of most stains with ease after only one wash cycle. Sometimes I have trouble removing particularly stubborn stains from my toddler’s clothes, but these are the type of stains that require some pre-soaking and that most washing machines would struggle to get rid of.

The Miele has a QuickPowerWash function, which takes small loads and performs a very short, high energy-efficient wash at either 40 or 60 degrees. I use it quite a lot because my laundry always comes out exceptionally clean. It also has a honeycomb drum, which protects our clothes during a 1,400rpm spin.

On the cotton wash cycle, there is a button to speed up the programme. I always tend to do this because I don’t see the difference in quality between the short and the long programme, so it’s better for our wallet and for the environment to always run the shorter cycle. 

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Is it energy-efficient?

The Miele W1 WSG363 has been awarded an ‘A’ energy rating, so it’s one of the more energy-efficient washing machines on the market, using 0.49kWh of energy per cycle. 

Energy efficiency was one of the top priorities for me when it came to buying a washing machine, and the Miele does not disappoint.

Miele W1 WSG363 washing machine programme dial

What's the Miele W1 WSG363 Freestanding Washing Machine like to use day-to-day?

There are a lot of settings (12 programmes and several additional settings, like delaying the programme or making it shorter), which are a game-changer for me and my family. 

I’ve found the machine to be very intuitive. Every setting is so straightforward to use that I generally haven’t had to consult the user manual. However I did have to look up now to cancel a programme once it had started as it wasn’t easy to work out how to do this myself.

We decided to set up the child lock as my toddler kept opening the door and pushing the buttons mid wash. Apart from the dial, most buttons are touch screen, so it was easy for her to do so and even easy for us to accidentally touch them. 

It also has connectivity with the Miele@Home app, which I’ve personally not set up as I work from home a lot and don’t need it. There is also a pre-ironing function which I’ve never used as I don’t do any ironing, but it’s purpose is to reduce the need for ironing by up to 50%.

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Is it noisy? 

The Miele W1 WSG363 sits in our kitchen and is fairly quiet. Miele says that this machine, like all their washing machines, has been fitted with a PofilEco motor, which makes their machines quieter than those with a carbon-brush motor.  

This machine has a 48dB noise reading for a wash cycle but 72dB for a spin, so when I’m in the living room or dining room I can’t hear it unless it's at the height of the spin cycle.  

That said, my daughter’s bedroom is just above the kitchen and if the house is quiet (when everyone is asleep) and I set the machine to come on early in the morning, I have noticed she wakes up early on those days. Whether that’s down to the machine or just a coincidence is debatable.

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Miele W1 WSG363 detergent drawer

Detergent drawer hard to clean, which results in detergent build-up

Is it easy to clean?

While I’ve found it simple to clean the Miele’s drum, door window and seal, it’s not easy to clean the drawer due to Miele’s CapDosing system (you get a couple of free CapDosing capsules to try out when you buy the machine). 

These are pre-measured capsules that use specialist detergent to help protect your laundry, which you insert into the hatch in the detergent drawer before a wash cycle. You don’t need to use a CapDosing capsule for your wash, but the system makes it harder for me to clean the drawer. As a result, there's usually some detergent build up after a few wash cycles. 

Is the Miele W1 WSG363 Freestanding Washing Machine good value for money? 

If it lasts as long as my previous Miele washing machine (11 years), then the Miele W1 WSG363 offers great value for money.

The machine comes with a ‘climate pledge friendly label,’ which ensures it has had improvements in at least one aspect of sustainability. It also has an ‘A’ energy rating and annual energy consumption of 130kWh per year, so it’s a washing machine to consider if your main goal is to save on energy costs and usage.

While I haven’t made full use of the compatible app and all the features the Miele has to offer, it’s a machine my family relies on, particularly when it comes to ensuring our clothes are fully clean so as to not agitate sensitive skin. 

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