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BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 10kg Washing Machine review

Affordable and quiet with an impressive amount of programmes to choose from, the BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 10kg Washing Machine is a worthy budget buy. Here’s what we thought after our tester, Georgina, put it to the test.

By Laura Westerman | Last updated Feb 8, 2024

BEKO RecycledTub washing machine

Overall star rating: 4/5

Price: RRP £299 | Buy now from Amazon

Our verdict on the BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 washing machine

  • Ease of use: 4/5

  • Ease of cleaning: 4/5

  • Features: 4/5

  • Results: 5/5

  • Design: 4/5

  • Value for money: 4/5

As washing machines go, the BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 is one of the most affordable on the market. And it performs well too, leaving clothes, bedding and towels feeling both clean and fresh. 

The large 10kg capacity is ideal for bigger households and 15 different programmes ensure there’s always a wash cycle to suit your needs, whether you have allergy sufferers in the family, stubborn stains to contend with or even need to get a wash done at speed.

While we're disappointed that the energy rating is only at a 'B', there’s a handy Eco setting to help you optimise your energy usage. The machine also automatically reduces the water levels for half or small loads to help you save on cost.

Mumsnetter Georgina says, “I chose this washing machine as the price was reasonable and I liked the features and drum size. It's a good washing machine as it’s quiet and washes my clothing well.”

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What we like

  • StainExpert programme tackles up to 24 different types of stains

  • Quick wash takes just 14 minutes

  • Anti-Allergy setting

  • Quiet spin cycle

  • Up to 10% of the machine’s tub has been made of recycled plastic bottles

What we don’t like

  • ‘B’ energy rating

  • ‘B’ noise rating

Key specs

Type: Freestanding | Spin speed: 1400rpm | Capacity: 10kg | Energy rating: B | Spin performance: B | Number of programmes: 15 | Wool wash: No | Delicate wash: Yes | Hand wash: Yes | Energy consumption per cycle: 0.59kWh | Water consumption per cycle: 52 litres | Dimensions: 84 x 60 x 64cm | Guarantee: 10 years

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How we tested the BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 washing machine

  • 2 months of use

  • Used five times a week on average

  • Tested in a two-person household

Mumsnetter and tester Georgina has owned the BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 washing machine for the last two months, so has been able to thoroughly put it through its paces. She uses the BEKO five times per week on average, washing everything from clothes and delicates to towels and bedding.

To get an accurate picture of the BEKO’s performance day to day in a real household, Georgina scored it on a number of different factors: ease of use, ease of cleaning, features and programme length, results, overall design, noisiness, energy usage and value for money. 

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Woman loading washing into BEKO washing machine drum

BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 washing machine: how does it look?

Available in either white or Anthracite, i.e. black, the BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 looks like your standard everyday washing machine, with Georgina saying, “It fits into my utility space nicely.” 

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How easy is the BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 washing machine to set up and use?

While Georgina didn’t set the washing machine up herself, installation took around 10 minutes in total. The BEKO isn’t app-compatible, so there’s no additional set-up required. 

The washing machine benefits from an extra-large porthole door, which is large enough to fit duvets, an LED touchscreen control panel and a spin dial to choose between the 15 different programmes. You’ll also find 10 additional settings including AntiCrease+, Fast+, Extra Rinse and No Spin, as well as a child lock for extra safety if you have small children running around.   

Georgina says, “It would be easier to use if there weren't as many buttons [on the control panel]. It’s not always immediately clear what they are for or if I even need them at all.”

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BEKO washing machine control panel

How well does the BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 washing machine clean and spin?

The BEKO RecycledTub’s 15 programmes include everything from Eco, Hand Wash and Delicates to Sports, Duvet and Shirts. There’s also a Super Quick setting, which takes just 14 minutes to wash a 2kg load of laundry - ideal if you need to get your child’s school uniform washed and dry at the last minute. 

We particularly like the Anti Allergy programme, which is endorsed by the charity Allergy UK. According to the manufacturer, the setting “helps to reduce the amount of allergens in your laundry, dealing with everything from cat and dog hair to pollen and bacteria,” This is ideal if you have allergy sufferers in the family, especially young children who may be more susceptible to flare-ups caused by allergens.

Parents in particular will also like the StainExpert setting, which is handy for tackling up to 24 different types of stains, ranging from food and drink spillages to dirty PE kit. 

Georgia says, “I have mostly used the Synthetics programme and the Quick Wash, which I really like, as well as the Fast+ function,” which, according to BEKO, “shortens the duration of the wash programmes by up to 55%.”

She adds, “The Quick Wash cleans well in a short time as it's only 30 minutes. While I haven't had any stubborn stains on clothing, the machine does get rid of muskiness on clothing so that they smell fresh. It cleans towels and bedding well and the spin is also good.”

The BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 successfully rinses 4.9g per kg and has a maximum spin speed of 1400rpm, however the spin rating is only at a ‘B'.

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Is it energy-efficient?

With a ‘B’ energy rating and using 0.59kWh of energy per cycle, the BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 isn’t as energy-efficient as other, more expensive washing machines on the market. However, the Eco 40 60 programme allows you to run a wash using the optimal amount of energy.

It uses 52 litres of water per cycle, which is slightly more than the UK average of 48.8, however it automatically reduces the water levels for smaller loads to help you save on your energy and water bills. If reducing your carbon footprint is a priority, up to 10% of the machine’s tub has also been made from recycled plastic bottles.

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Is it noisy? 

The BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 has a noise level of 76dB (a ‘B’ rating), which is higher than other budget washing machines like the 9kg BEKO RecycledTub.

However Georgia says, “It’s fairly quiet when washing and spinning. Even the highest spin cycle is relatively quiet. I could still have a phone call when the spin cycle is on.”

BEKO washing machine detergent drawer

Is the BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 washing machine easy to clean?

The BEKO RecycledTub has a standard Drum Clean function, which makes it easy to clean. Its detergent drawer simply needs to be rinsed out regularly with hot water.

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Is the BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 washing machine good value for money? 

When it comes to performance, the BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 is both versatile and efficient, which makes it excellent value for money. Our tester Georgia was impressed with the results and found its Quick Wash programme to be a particular highlight for getting through large loads at speed. 

While we wish that it was more energy-efficient, all in all the BEKO RecycledTub WTK104121 is a great buy if your budget is limited. 

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