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Laura Cooke

Content editor

Laura Cooke is a Content Editor at Mumsnet, with a special focus on home care content. She is a mum of two and lives in Sussex.

Laura’s journalism career began with an apprenticeship on her local newspaper when she was 18, studying at City College Brighton and Hove. Over the following 19 years, Laura’s byline appeared in numerous local newspapers and magazines across Sussex. Career highs include leading a successful campaign that won her a regional media award. Career lows include writing an obituary for a cat…

In August 2021, Laura left the weird and wonderful world of local news behind her and made the jump into freelance journalism. Since then, Laura has written articles for a number of national, international and specialist titles, including the Daily Mirror, the i, Metro, Stylist and Happiful magazine.

Laura started writing Swears By articles for Mumsnet in 2021 and has recently taken over responsibility for floor care and laundry content. She writes buyers guides, including what to consider when buying a robot vacuum cleaner, cleaning articles and tests products, including the Henry Quick vacuum and the Beldray 60m Rotary Airer, to help Mumsnetters make informed choices when it comes to parting with their pennies.

In her free time, Laura enjoys going to gigs, learning to play tennis and fish and chips by the seaside.

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