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11 cleaning hacks that will change your life

Keeping on top of housework can feel like you're fighting a losing battle – a morning's worth of scrubbing and hoovering destroyed as soon as the kids kick off their school shoes. But despair not! Mumsnetters have armed themselves with some extremely nifty tricks for keeping their homes shipshape, and with minimal effort. You'll be kicking yourself for not discovering them sooner.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Feb 1, 2023

Woman cleaning

1. Save time by looking ahead

Kitchen roll

''Put a couple of sheets of kitchen roll at the bottom of the bin. If anything spills, you don't have a manky bottom in the bin. Just replace as required.''

2. Get creative with your cleaning solutions

Woman spraying curtains

''Mix Dettol and fabric softener in a spray bottle to use on curtains, carpets and other fabrics that aren't easy to throw in the washing machine. It makes them smell nice, and sanitises.''

Why not try: Empty 500ml Spray Bottles, pack of two

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3. A little bit of household magic goes a long way

Woman cleaning hob

''Bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar/lemon juice to clean my hob. You literally watch the stains lift as it fizzes.''

Why not try: Bob's Best Bicarbonate of Soda, 500g

4. Cleaning doesn't (always) have to be boring

Children in the bath

''Clean the loo and sink while the kids are in the bath. Such a good use of time.''

5. Kick those stinky odours to the kerb

''Soda crystals in the washing machine get rid of funky smells.''

Why not try: DP Soda Crystals, 1kg

6. You don't always have to fork out for expensive products


"Stick any used lemon halves you have in the dishwasher when you do the dishes. It makes them shiny and the smell is wonderful.''

7. The blender is actually a lot easier to clean than you might think

''To clean the blender, put a cup of water and a tiny drop of washing-up liquid and blitz for 30 seconds. It gets all the sauce off and just needs to be rinsed after that.''

8. Your shower will be sparkling in no time (we kid you not)

Woman cleaning shower

"White vinegar for removing water marks – it's great on glass shower cubicles. I mix white vinegar, Fairy liquid and lemon juice, apply liberally and leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse and buff the shower with some tumble dryer sheets."

Why not try: DriPak White Vinegar (two 500ml bottles)

9. Tackle your oven once and for all

Dishwasher tablet

''I clean the oven door by rubbing it with a dishwasher tablet.''

10. Thinking outside the box has never smelled so good

“Vacuum up a handful of the Lenor Scent Boosters to make your vacuum smell amazing.”

Why not try: Lenor Unstoppables Scent Booster Beads

11. And most importantly, make your life as easy as possible

Mop head

''Use a mop to clean the bath – especially good for people who have a bad back. I did this when I was eight months pregnant.''

Why not try: Vileda SuperMocio Mop and Bucket Set

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