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10 best mould removers that actually work

Not only is mould unsightly, but it can also be harmful to your and your family’s health. Fortunately, the best mould removers on the market now allow you to eliminate existing mould and prevent new spores from growing, too.

By Hannah Wilson | Last updated Feb 20, 2023

Woman using spray bottle for cleaning

With energy bills at an all-time high, damp and mould are becoming even harder to tackle, which is why combining the best mould remover with the best dehumidifier is essential this winter. Black mould grows along walls and between bathroom tiles in the shape of furry black, green or brown spots with a tell-tale musty smell. It is sneaky and insidious, hiding behind furniture and growing in dark corners. You’re most likely to find it in the busiest parts of your home, like the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room, because it results from poor ventilation and excess moisture from using appliances like your best steam iron, tumble dryer and washer-dryer. We know that standard advice is simply to turn the heating on, dry your clothes outside and ventilate your home by opening windows. Whilst this tackles the underlying causes, sometimes that isn’t possible or won’t be enough in severe cases. 

Black mould spores not only cause damage to clothes, curtains and furniture, but they can also irritate allergies and asthma and even cause respiratory illnesses. To eliminate it for good, you need to treat and kill the mould already present to prevent it from spreading, which is why buying the best mould remover is critical. Mould removers use a combination of bleach and caustic soda to disinfect, dissolve and kill spores effectively and efficiently and prevent regrowth. However, if you’re worried about using strong chemicals in your home, you can buy natural alternatives that contain enzymes; just be aware that these aren’t as potent. To really hit the mould where it hurts, the more traditional products that use chemicals will banish it for good. 

So, which is the best? To ensure that our mould removers guide is balanced, honest and up-to-date, much like our guide to the best laundry detergent, we utilised our triple-check-verification process to ensure we’re recommending quality products that work. As always, we consulted the 10 million unique users on our Mumsnet forums and researched their authentic views and opinions on which they’d found most effective (and which they hadn’t). We then compared these against the top ten lists rated by experts and consumer review champions, mainly looking for products with awards, accolades and multiple mentions. Once we had our shortlist, we investigated every mould remover's consumer reviews across various retailers to see which had the highest 5* ratings. By going through these steps, we can guarantee our guide to the best mould remover contains products that have been tried, tested and trusted by parents, experts and consumers. Whether you’re looking for a spray, foam or liquid mould remover for indoor or outdoor use, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the best mould removers to buy in 2023.

1. Best overall mould remover: HG Mould Spray

HG Mould Spray

RRP: £5 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Volume: 500ml | Type: Spray bottle | Suitable for: Bathroom, kitchen, outdoor | Scent: Unscented

What we love 

  • Kills mould, prevents it from returning and removes unsightly mould stains 
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor cleaning 
  • Trigger design reduces splashback 

What to know 

  • Can’t be used on high gloss painted walls, laminate blinds or metal (such as aluminium and stainless steel)
  • Brown discolouration may occur when using this spray on silicone paste, glazed tiles or tiles with hairline cracks

What Mumsnet users say

“HG Mould Spray. [Beats] other brands. Makes your bathroom smell like a swimming pool. Think it's chlorine-based. Mould disappears in seconds.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user SmellMySmellbow)

“Yes - HG Mould Remover spray. It was recommended to me by a plumber and is very high strength and effective. Make sure you protect your hands and use it when the room is empty as it's strong and fume-y.” (Tested and trusted by Mumsnetter DorothyParkersCat)

Our verdict

HG Mould Spray is a name that comes up again and again (and again) on Mumsnet as the best mould remover. Users love it because it’s affordable, effective and plumber recommended. Whether you’ve got mould on plastered walls, tiles, bathroom seals, grout, windows or outdoor furniture, just spray on the HG Mould Spray, wait 10 minutes and simply wipe it away.

One of the reasons it’s so potent is that it contains powerful chemicals to help kill the mould for good. However, they are also dangerous, so ensure you read the label before use, patch test surfaces, ventilate the area well, and wear gloves, goggles and old clothes. From mould in your best washing machine's gasket to stains to stains in the grout around your shower, HG Mould Spray is a targeted, one-size-fits-all solution for your home. 

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2. Best budget mould remover: Astonish Mould and Mildew Blaster

Astonish Mould and Mildew remover.

RRP: £2 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Volume: 750ml | Type: Foam spray | Suitable for: Bathrooms, floors and other surfaces | Scent: Apple Burst 

What we love 

  • It is budget-friendly and cost-effective
  • Mrs Hinch approved 
  • Multi-use cleaner that kills mould and disinfects your home 

What to know 

  • Apple scent does not fully disguise the scent of bleach
  • May need to be applied several times for stubborn mould

What Mumsnet users say

“Astonish makes a mould remover in a green bottle with a blue trigger. I've used this on painted walls with no problems. Spray on, leave it for 10 minutes, and the mould disappears without needing much, if any, wiping.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user FortunaMajor)

"Would suggest trying the Astonish Mould and Mildew remover. It is exceptional stuff, and I've had great results with it on anything I've tried it..." (Tried and tested by e1y1)

Our verdict

Astonish’s Mould and Mildew Blaster is a Mumsnetter and Mrs Hinch-approved multi-use household cleaner that eliminates mildew, mild cases of mould and kills 99.9% of bacteria in just 10 minutes; just spray, wait and wipe. 

Designed to be used daily as part of your cleaning routine, it is a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free preventative measure that you can use throughout your home. Oh, and did we mention it is affordably priced, too, winning it our best budget mould remover award title? You can use it on anything from tiles and concrete to sealant and glass. Our only gripe is that despite the inclusion of an apple scent, you can’t escape the smell of bleach that lingers underneath, so we’d still recommend you ventilate the rooms you use it in.

3. Best black mould remover: Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover

Cillit Bang

RRP: £3 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Volume: 750ml | Type: Foam spray | Suitable for: Bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms | Scent: Unscented

What we love 

  • Its formula is very powerful and effective against black mould 
  • Affordably priced and can be bought in bulk 
  • Recommended for homes with severe damp and mould issues 

What to know 

  • Very strong chemical smell, so rooms need to be well-ventilated 
  • You must wear protective clothing when using it 

What Mumsnet users say

"Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover. It smells strong but works really well." (Suggested by Danikm151

"Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover. The best I've found so far." (Recommended by Mumsnetter Fizzyfuzzy123

"Cillit Bang Mould Spray is brilliant - spray it on, wipe it off. Just done our bathroom with moulds up easily as there's no extractor fan." (Tried and trusted by threepiecesuite)

Our verdict

Severe cases of black mould aren’t the result of switching to the best heated clothes airer or the daily use of appliances like your integrated washing machine or clothes steamer. They’re often a sign of a much larger problem, such as a lack of adequate ventilation, leaks within the walls or, in some cases, damp that has been left untreated over time. When this happens, your first step should always be to address the root of the problem. However, having a powerful, effective mould killer like Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover can be an essential weapon in your arsenal. 

Ranked as our best black mould remover, its formula is no joke, and we cannot stress how important it is to wear protective clothing like a mask, gloves and protective goggles in a well-ventilated room when using it. That said, if you want to kill mould, prevent regrowth and remove stains, Cillit Bang will do the job in seconds, not minutes. All you need to do is spray, leave for 30 seconds and wipe it away. You won’t have to fork out a fortune either, as it is affordably priced, and you can buy it in bulk!

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4. Best environmentally-friendly mould remover: Method Bathroom Cleaner

Method Bathroom Cleaner

RRP: £3 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Volume: 828ml | Type: Spray bottle | Suitable for: Bathrooms | Scent: Eucalyptus 

What we love

  • Only uses non-toxic, environmentally-friendly ingredients
  • Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly
  • Smells nice - fragranced with eucalyptus 

What to know 

  • Might not be as effective at killing mould and lifting stains 

What Mumsnet users say

“I've always been one for whatever cleaner is on offer, but my fiance purchased some Method bathroom cleaner and it was a game-changer for me. It's great - you spray it on, leave it and then wipe it away. And my god, it's good.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user mommybear1)

Our verdict

Method Bathroom Cleaner is perfect for those who like laundry products, like their best fabric softener and laundry detergent, to be eco-friendly and natural. With a biodegradable and plant-based formula, this eucalyptus-scented cleaner tackles mould, lifts mildew stains, and cleans soap scum and grime leaving your bathroom smelling fresh. 

We must be honest; a product without bleach and other chemicals is unlikely to blitz black mould effectively, so you may see regrowth more often and struggle to lift stains. However, all Method products come in 100% recyclable plastic bottles and use cruelty-free and vegan-friendly ingredients. Keeping your home clean and safe shouldn’t harm you or the planet; maybe that’s why many Mumsnetters rate Method’s Bathroom Cleaner as the ideal mould-removing solution.

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5. Best bulk-buy mould remover: Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover

Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover

RRP: £3 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Volume: 6 x 750ml | Type: Spray bottle | Suitable for: Bathroom, kitchen and living room | Scent: Unscented

What we love

  • Reasonably priced and can be bought in bulk
  • Kills mould and 99.9% of bacteria and viruses 
  • Can be used throughout your home 

What to know 

  • Struggles to lift really stubborn mould stains from tile grouting 
  • Really strong chemical smell 

What Mumsnet users say

“Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover. It contains bleach, though. Don’t even have to scrub - it just dissolves [mould]. Keep your bathroom window open for ventilation all year round, if possible. But yes, you will probably have to keep [using] it periodically.” (Recommended by Mumsnetter statetrooperstacey)

“Dettol Mould and Mildew [Remover] is amazing. If that doesn't work, you have real issues!” (Tried and trusted by Mumsnetter peachgreen)

Our verdict

Dettol’s Mould and Mildew Remover is another affordable, multi-use cleaner you can use throughout your home, with some previous customers having even proven it works on chalk paint! For the money-savvy, Amazon sells it in various multi-packs, which brings it in at £4 a bottle or less, which is a pretty good price, and if you have a mould problem - trust us - it won’t be a one-off job clearing it up, so buying in bulk makes sense. It’s also available in most major supermarkets.

Thanks to the active bleach ingredients, there’s no scrubbing required, and once you spray it on the mould-affected area, you only need to leave it to sit for five minutes before rinsing or wiping it off. As with all Dettol products, the Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. While best for bathrooms, you can use this mould remover on ceramic basins and toilets, acrylic baths and showers, tiles, grout, chrome, stainless steel and plastic. As you’d expect, always be extra careful when using it – have your windows open, ideally wear a mask and gloves, and never use it on food contact surfaces.

6. Best mould, mildew and algae remover: Kilrock Mould Spray

Kilrock Mould Spray

RRP: £9 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Volume: 500ml | Type: Spray bottle | Suitable for: Inside and outside | Scent: Unscented

What we love 

  • Suitable for use indoors and outdoors
  • Kills and removes mould, mildew and algae 
  • Easy to use, no scrubbing needed 

What to know 

  • Strong chemical smell, so make sure you ventilate the area well

What Mumsnet users say

“Kilrock Professional Mould Remover will shift it.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user Roselilly36)

“Kilrock mould spray is great. Just make sure you open your windows!” (Tried and trusted by Iwantafuckingbreak)

Our verdict

Kilrock’s Mould Remover does what it says on the bottle - it blasts mould, mildew and algae away effortlessly (no scrubbing necessary). Using a bleach-based, fast-action formula, Kilrock has created a mould remover that you can use everywhere, from kitchen tiles to garage windows. Our best mould, mildew and algae remover will make quick work of problem areas indoors and outdoors! 

Able to eliminate stains and prevent regrowth, this is the powerful, easy-to-use answer to your prayers. Just spray, leave for 20 minutes and wipe away, and Kilrock will have done all the heavy lifting. More expensive than its competitors and accompanied by a strong chemical smell, Kilrock Mould Remover is not perfect by any stretch. However, if you want to treat multiple problem places around your property, you should pick this one!

7. Best mould and algae remover for outdoors: Wet and Forget: Mould, Lichen and Algae Remover

Wet and Forget mould remover

RRP: £21.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Volume: 2 litres | Type: Bottle (use diluted in a garden sprayer) | Suitable for: Outdoor surfaces, including patios, decking, shed walls, conservatory roofs and furniture | Scent: Unscented

What we love

  • It is safe to use outside as it is non-caustic, bleach-free, non-acidic and is biodegradable 
  • It has no shelf-life, so you don't have to worry about using it up before it goes off 
  • Perfect for patios, gardens and outdoor furniture

What to know 

  • Takes time to work, and may need to be used more than once 
  • Toxic to aquatic life 

What Mumsnet users say

“If you're not in too much of a hurry, there’s a product called Wet & Forget which you dilute and apply with a garden sprayer. It’s a fungicide which is activated by the weather. It will gently remove moss and mould without the aggressive action of a pressure washer.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user rslsys)

Our verdict

If you’re struggling with mould lichen and algae on your paving or patio, the Wet & Forget Mould Lichen and Algae Remover may be your best bet. You can dilute it using one part Wet & Forget to five parts water, which means that this bottle containing five litres of solution will make a whopping 30 litres – enough for up to 300 metres squared. You don’t even need to scrub. Just follow the instructions on the container – wet the area, then leave it to do its thing if it rains, even better, as the rain helps to reactivate the product. 

It’s also non-acidic, non-caustic and contains no bleach, so it’s safe for use if you have pets or children. However, it is toxic to aquatic life, so take care near ponds. Some users have reported being initially disappointed with its effectiveness, but this mould remover takes time to work – weeks rather than hours. So give it a chance to take effect, and you could have a mould-free patio or path for the foreseeable future, ready for summer!

8. Best mould remover for bath toys: Milton Sterilising Liquid

Milton Sterilising Liquid

RRP: £10 (pack of 2) | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Volume: 1 litre | Type: Bottle (add to water using cap) | Suitable for:  Baby bath toys, kitchen surfaces and utensils | Scent: Unscented

What we love

  • Food-safe, non-toxic and child-safe
  • Great for soaking bath toys
  • Kills 99.9% of germs

What to know 

  • Mild, so won’t work on large, stubborn mould patches
  • Not suitable for use on metal and may discolour fabric 

What Mumsnet users say

“Neat Milton (or other bottle sterilising liquid) kills most mould.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user Sprogonthetyne)

"Deal with the cause first. Then to clear up mould, I use Milton (chlorine). There are paints for these issues, but I tend to use things like that in high humidity areas." (Tried and tested by Poshjock)

Our verdict

Plastic bath toys, like squirty ducks, make bath time more fun (for children, not necessarily their parents), but if you’ve ever looked inside one, prepare to be disgusted. Because they fill with water and never have a chance to dry, this makes them an ideal breeding ground for mould – the last thing you want in your baby’s bath. You also don’t want to use harsh chemicals when these toys are near your child’s skin or mouth either.

Mumsnet users recommend Milton – typically used for sterilising breast pumps, baby bottles, dummies, or even bleaching pen marks from school shirts. It’s a very mild bleach that takes just 15 minutes to work, so it’s safe for your baby or child to use their bath toys straight afterwards. Milton kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria and can keep bath toys sterilised for 24 hours. However, as the formula is so mild,  you won’t be able to use it to tackle old or stubborn mould stains around your bath or shower.  

9. Best mould stain remover: Cif Perfect Finish Mould Stain Remover

Cif Black Mould Remover Spray.

RRP: £3 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Volume: 435ml | Type: Spray bottle | Suitable for: Kitchen and bathrooms | Scent: Lemon 

What we love

  • Specialist cleaner to fight mould stains 
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors 
  • Particularly effective on the grouting in your kitchen or bathroom 
  • Clears limescale 

What to know 

  • Very strong smell

What Mumsnet users say

“Cif black mould remover spray. I’m a professional cleaner, and it's the best I’ve used - and I have used every product going. Spray, leave it on for five minutes and use a scrubby pad or toothbrush. Sometimes I don’t even have to scrub - it just goes once rinsed with water.” (Vetted by Mumsnetter howsicklyarsekissy)

Our verdict

Cif Perfect Finish Mould Stain Remover can be used around your home and outdoors to clean mould and mildew but is best suited for lifting mould stains in the bathroom, including baths, showers, tiles, showers and grout. Along with sodium hypochlorite, this product also contains bleach, meaning that your surfaces will be mould-free and sparkling clean long after you’ve treated them. You can even use this spray to clean up limescale and stubborn stains such as tea and wine.

Unlike other mould remover products, such as the Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover, Cif’s Perfect Finish doesn’t contain an overpowering smell – but we recommend you allow for good ventilation when using it and wear protective gloves at all times. Just lightly spray on affected areas, leave to sit for 15 to 20 minutes (open the windows to air and leave the room while you wait) and then wipe it away or let it dry.  Do remember to read the label thoroughly before use, as it might not be suitable for all surfaces, such as anodised aluminium and linoleum. Do a patch test if you’re unsure.

10. Best mould remover for silicone: UniBond Renew Silicone Sealant

UniBond Renew Silicone Sealant

RRP: £15 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Volume: 2x100ml | Type: Squeeze applicator | Suitable for: Sealing over mouldy sealant on baths and sinks | Scent: Unscented

What we love 

  • Repels, kills and prevents mould on silicone sealant
  • Saves time as you don’t need to reseal your bathroom completely
  • One bottle is enough to seal your bath, shower and sink

What to know 

  • You may need to use another mould remover product before applying this
  • Difficult to squeeze the bottle and apply
  • Takes at least six hours to dry 

What Mumsnet users say

“I use this stuff - it’s brilliant!” (Tried and trusted by Mumsnetter FamilyOfAliens)

Our verdict

If you’re struggling with recurring mould on the silicone around your shower, bath or taps, and nothing will stop it from growing back, then it might be time to refresh your bathroom with UniBond Renew Silicone Sealant.  It’s not technically a mould remover, but it does repel, kill and prevent mould from returning once applied (although if your mould is severe, you’ll need to treat the sealant with another mould remover before using this). And the good news is you can apply this on top of existing sealant, saving you a ton of time and stress in the long run.

Just one 130g bottle of UniBond Renew should do the trick for an entire bathroom. Some reviewers have found the integrated smoothing tool challenging and struggled to squeeze the bottle and apply the sealant, so we like this twin pack, which gives you a bit extra to work with. 

What is mould, and what causes it? 

Mould is a fungus made up of microscopic spores that flourish in damp, humid conditions. It breaks down organic material, especially in porous surfaces such as wallpaper, paint, wood and fabric. It is important to remember that mould is common in homes but won’t go away on its own. Instead, it will continue to spread and grow until you remove it. 

The most common places to find mould are in your bathroom or kitchen, and that is because it is caused by: 

  • Rising Damp: Whether it is an issue inside the wall, such as a leak, rising damp indicates a serious structural issue that will cause mould growth. 
  • Humidity: From using an appliance like a tumble dryer or washing machine or going about daily tasks like taking a shower or cooking dinner, humidity is the most common cause of mould. 
  • Condensation: Condensation happens when warm air collides with a cold surface. You will usually find signs of this around your windows, even in your bedroom, which can cause mould to grow along the frame. 
  • Poor ventilation: Linked to condensation and humidity, if you aren’t regularly ventilating your home, moisture has nowhere to escape. Ensuring you use your extractor fan in the kitchen and bathroom and open windows for 10 minutes in the morning can make a big difference. 

What are the three most common types of mould?

There are more than 100,000 documented species of mould, and they are categorised into three ‘classes’ based on risk. 

  • Allergenic
  • Pathogenic 
  • Toxic 

Allergenic and Pathogenic mould groups are low risk, though they can still cause health issues. Toxic moulds are, as you might guess, high risk. 

Of the moulds most commonly found in the home, the most common are: 

  • Strachybotrys is the black mould found in bathrooms
  • Aspergillus is a green or yellow mould that appears in circular shapes on carpets, mattresses and walls
  • Cladosporium is clusters of green, yellow or black spores which tend to thrive during summer 

Which type of mould is the most harmful?

Strachybotrys, or black mould, is the most harmful type found in the home. It can cause flu-like illnesses, respiratory damage, diarrhoea, memory loss and other symptoms, so it really needs getting on top of as soon as you spot it. It’s hazardous for children as their lungs are still developing, as demonstrated by a tragic news story this winter. 

Is it safe to clean black mould yourself?

Small amounts of black mould are safe to clean yourself if you have the right equipment and protective gear. 

Black mould often forms when your room isn’t well-ventilated (think bathrooms without windows). If left untreated, it might cause problems like asthma attacks and allergic reactions. 

You can use bleach or mould removers to try and tackle unsightly stains and spores. Most mould removers contain bleach, which can stain, and other powerful chemicals to break down the mould – so you should always wear protective eyewear, non-porous gloves and a mask when handling these products. Another way to protect yourself from harmful fumes and mould spores is to ventilate the room you’re cleaning. 

If you’re cleaning mould yourself, remember to read and follow the instructions on the label carefully. And never mix dangerous chemicals, such as bleach and ammonia, as these can produce toxic fumes.

How do I get rid of mould?

No matter how tempting it might be, you should never try scrubbing or scraping at mould, as this can release spores you’ll breathe in. If a general household cleaner or bleach doesn’t remove the mould, you must find a mould remover that can kill and prevent it from returning. 

Before removing the mould, ensure you’ve ventilated the room and are wearing protective gloves, goggles and a mask. Then check that the mould remover suits the surface you’re treating, and read the instructions on how to apply it.

A general guide on getting rid of mould:

  1. Remove items from the area (for example, shampoo bottles in the shower)
  2. Follow the instructions on the label and spray or dab the mould remover on a small area. This is known as a patch test and will help you to determine whether this mould remover is suitable for your surface and if it will work.
  3. If you’re satisfied with step two, you can apply the mould remover onto your surface as directed on the label. 
  4. Leave the remover for the recommended time (often between five and 20 minutes). 
  5. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and wipe off any residue with a cloth.

Stubborn black mould stains may need several applications, so reapply the remover until you’ve successfully cleaned and killed the mould. And don’t forget, no matter how powerful the mould killer if you don’t treat the underlying causes listed above, mould will just come back. 

How do I stop black mould from coming back?

Mould spores thrive in damp and cool conditions, so the best way to stop mould from returning is to avoid creating this environment. Luckily, there are several things you can do to prevent it from returning, including: 

  • Dry your clothes outside: Wet washing can add extra moisture to your home, which is the perfect breeding ground for mould. If you need to dry your washing inside, avoid putting it on radiators, and open a window. 
  • Using a dehumidifier: Dr Andy Whittamore, an in-house GP at Asthma UK, says, “Some people find that dehumidifiers help to dry the air and prevent damp and mould. But you must get the setting right, or they can leave the air too dry and make you cough.” Dehumidifiers can remove excess moisture in the air, which can help stop mould from spreading and ultimately prevent it from returning. 
  • Keep your home ventilated: Open windows as much as possible to let air flow in and moisture out. Place lids on pans when you’re cooking in the kitchen. Turn on extractor fans when cooking. Turn on the fan before you shower and leave it on afterwards (for 10-15 minutes). 
  • Dry wet areas: Drying wet areas can also help to reduce the amount of moisture in your home - this might mean wiping down and drying the bathroom after having a shower or cleaning up any spillages/leaks as and when they happen.

What kills mould permanently?

You can only remove mould permanently by changing the environment to ensure the area is not humid, damp or cold; it is about long-term prevention over short-term cures. To combat it, install extractor fans, ventilate by opening windows, keep rooms warm, and use a dehumidifier if the room is prone to humidity and condensation. Once mould appears, get on top of it as quickly as possible and use a good mould remover to eliminate any black spots. 

What should I consider when buying a mould remover? 

To pick the best mould remover for your home, you need to consider several factors: 

  • Do you plan on using it inside or outside? Some mould removers are only for outdoor use, whereas others specifically target areas indoors. 
  • What type of surface do you need to use it on? Most mould removers come with an extensive list of surfaces you can and can’t use - ensure you read the label and conduct a patch test before applying it. 
  • Who lives in your household? If you have pets or children, consider where you are using it carefully and guard against accidental ingestion. 
  • How often will you use it? Powerful mould removers are great for immediate treatments, but if you’ve solved the underlying issue and it is about prevention, a milder mould remover may be best. 

What’s the best mould remover?

HG’s Mould Spray is loved by many (including Mumsnet users), experts and previous consumers because it is affordable, effective and works in as little as 10 minutes.

How we chose our recommendations

When choosing our recommendations, our journalists spend hours researching products using our triple-check verification process, which involves analysing various sources to find the best products on the market. 

Mumsnetter recommendations 

To bring you the best mould remover roundup, we investigated highly-rated products recommended on the Mumsnet forums by real families who have put these mould removers to the test.

Expert opinion 

We then cross-referenced this long list with the opinion of industry experts and product comparison sites. We specifically looked for repeatedly mentioned mould removers which had won awards or were endorsed. 

Verified customer reviews

Using our final shortlist, we checked the reviews of each product, looking for those with the highest 5* ratings and weighing up the pros and cons of each mould remover. 

Celebrated Mould removers 

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As a cleaning enthusiast and someone who has had to tackle mould several times, our writer Hannah knows a thing or two about the daunting task of treating and preventing mould. As such, she was determined to provide honest, independent advice and tips that’ll help you live mould-free for the foreseeable.