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14 best baby shower gifts new parents will love

An invite to a baby shower usually means an afternoon of delicious cake, fizz and silly games. You’re there to shower the delighted, often surprised, mum-to-be with support, love and gifts. But what is the best present to buy? Here are the most practical, cute and thoughtful baby shower gifts.

By Gemma Lumley | Last updated Dec 18, 2023

Baby shower set-up

Choosing a gift for a baby shower can be tricky. Do you go for handy but unexciting gifts like bags of nappies and wipes? Or opt for an expensive bottle of champagne to enjoy after the birth and risk offending a woman planning to breastfeed? Maybe you’re thinking of selecting a gift that you would have loved as a new mum, such as premium quality muslin squares that have a multitude of uses.

Many baby showers are organised by the new mum's friends and family and they will be an excellent resource for present ideas. There may even be a gift registry that you can access. These do tend to be for new baby gifts, but there will hopefully be smaller gifts suitable for a baby shower on there.

When choosing a baby shower gift, remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune. All new parents will be thrilled by a small, thoughtful gift that will make their lives easier or make them smile. Remember, they’ll soon be welcoming a new life into the world, but first the mum-to-be needs a little fuss at a fun party.

If you decide to take a gift, we’ve sought out recommendations on our forums, because if anyone knows how to choose a delightful baby shower gift, it’s our reliable army of Mumsnet users.

Here are the best baby shower gifts for 2021.

1. Best overall baby shower gift: LifeTree Muslin Cloths and Swaddle Blankets

Lifetree muslin cloths

Price: £26.90 | Buy now from Amazon

“Really good quality muslins. They’re so much better than the cheap ones but when there’s so much to buy you feel silly paying £25 or so. But as a gift, amazing.” - Derbee

Muslin cloths are essential for early parenthood. They can be used as a shoulder protector when burping your baby, as a bib, swaddle cloth, a cosy pram blanket, a comforter, soft flannel or a towel.

There are plenty of cheaper alternatives on the market, but high-quality muslins like these will wash better, dry quicker, absorb more mess and feel softer against the skin.

Many parents won't have the spare cash to invest in the large collection of muslin cloths they need, so setting them up from the start with this set of richly coloured, beautifully crafted pieces will be a fantastic treat.

These cloths are made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, making them soft, breathable and durable. The size is generous, so their range of uses is much broader than the smaller muslin squares you can buy.

2. Best budget baby shower gift: My First Disney Classic Bedtime Stories

Disney book

Price: £7.92 | Buy now from Amazon

“At my baby shower, I asked for (via my SIL who organised it to mention to people who did wish to bring a gift) a book for the baby. That way it built up her book collection and each one has a little written note from the giver. Plus books cover all budgets so it seemed an easy option.” - MsSquiz

Books are a timeless gift, and including them in a child’s life from the very start will encourage bonding, their imagination and, later on, the urge to read voraciously.

We loved the idea of a book as a baby shower gift as it can be inscribed with a personal message from the giver and will be the start of a much-loved nursery library. There are so many titles from which to choose: the classics such as The Hungry Caterpillar, The Jolly Postman and Goodnight Moon, plus modern titles which teach tiny ones about diversity and looking after the planet. However, we chose this Disney bedtime story collection as the characters are recognisable across generations. The parents can read a new story each night, and one day they will be able to read it for themselves.

Books also make a fantastic budget gift choice as a beautiful picture book usually costs well below £10 but can be quickly and stylishly wrapped and will be cherished forever.

3. Best voucher to give at a baby shower: M&S Baby Bunting Gift Card

M&S new baby voucher

Price: £10 - £500 | Buy now from M&S

The gift of nourishing and tasty food is a wonderful one. As a parent, a gift card to spend somewhere like an M&S food hall will be a life-saver in the first days and weeks.

You can pick the amount you can afford and write a note in the gift card offering to shop for their choices or even cook it. Even better, you can use the gift cards for online shopping, so they don’t even have to leave home until ready.

M&S is our choice of supermarket because the recipient can choose between basics such as fruit and veg or decadent ready meals and to die for puddings.

Many people disapprove of gift cards, but we think that new parents will enthusiastically welcome a practical, long-lasting gift like this as it means they can choose exactly the products they need or want.

4. Best practical baby shower gift: Moteph Extra Large Diaper Caddy

Diaper caddy

Price: £22.97 | Buy now from Amazon

“I've recently had a baby shower and a relative got me a caddy type thing with all the essentials in (nappies, wipes, baby lotion, baby oil, cotton wool, ear buds etc.) to keep in our living room to save us running up and down the stairs.” - WhenTwoBecomeThree

A handy carry case full of helpful baby kit or treats for the mum-to-be would make a wonderful baby shower gift.

This elegant caddy is made from sturdy, water-resistant fabric and has lots of different-sized pockets so everything is easy to find.

It’s enormous too; the main compartment would fit a large pack of nappies plus cotton wool or wipes and then baby moisturiser, nail scissors and all the other bath and nappy time accessories.

When the little one is very new, parents will feel anxious, and mum will probably be a little bit sore too. Having another easily transportable bag of everything they need downstairs and in the nursery will be a lifesaver.

When the baby is older, this robust caddy will make a functional overnight bag that they can leave packed ready for visits to friends and family.

5. Best baby shower gift for your best friend: Rustic Robin Three Tier Nappy Cake

Nappy cake

Price £55.00 | Buy now from Amazon

“I used to make a diaper cake with a bottle of their favourite alcohol in the middle, topped with a thrifted outfit and a jellycat cuddly toy.” - Parent19876 

We adore this cheerful yellow nappy cake. It’s not cheap but it’s excellent value for money, so it would be the perfect fun gift for a best friend or a group of work colleagues to buy for a team member going on maternity leave.

This cleverly designed cake includes 30 good quality nappies, muslin cloths, a hooded towel, baby journal, tiny socks, a footprint kit, a sweet plaque for the nursery and a lovely ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ rabbit rattle.

It all comes beautifully gift wrapped, and its bright colour and quirky details, such as the rosebud-shaped socks, will add a real ‘wow’ to the gifting table at a baby shower.

6. Best bedtime baby shower gift: Grobag Sleeping Bag


Price: £23.95 | Buy now from Amazon

“What about a Grobag? Can't have enough of those.” -  BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz

The Grobag is an iconic product that has revolutionised the way babies sleep. Sleep safety is an essential consideration for any new parent, and sleeping bags are a great way to prevent your little one from sliding down under the covers.

This gorgeous neutral print would suit any nursery style, and at 2.5 tog, it is the ideal weight for cooler, spring weather (summer tog Grobags are available too).

Grobags all have zippers that make them easy to get on and off, even the most fidgety of babies. This one, the smallest size, also has poppers under the arms for a snug fit that will prevent tiny babies from shuffling too far down into the bag.

These fab sleeping bags are made from soft but durable cotton. They are machine washable and quick to dry, so you don’t need a large number of them to make a system of wash and wear work.

7. Best baby shower gift for the birth: Deluxe Pre-Packed Birth Bag

Hospital bag

Price: £35.99 | Buy now from Amazon

The thought of going into hospital to have your baby is a nerve-wracking time for any mother. However, knowing what they will need and worrying about how they will cope is normal and natural, and this hospital essentials bag is a lovely gift for soothing her anxieties.

The bag is large enough to carry everything needed for labour and the first hours after birth. There is also plenty of room for clothes, nightwear and baby kit.

Lockable, sturdy and with a jolly flamingo pattern, it would make an ideal overnight bag in the future.

There are over 70 useful toiletry items in the bag, and they will last for at least three days. This new mum essentials bag was created by a new mother who had to pack her hospital bag in a hurry and, in her panic, missed lots of essentials.

8. Best baby shower gift for the nursery: FRAVITA Baby Night Light

Baby night light

Price: £22.75 | Buy now from FRAVITA

“Any friends of mine who have babies will get one of these! I bought a couple for myself and they're so useful - bright enough that you can see but not so bright that you blind yourself/disturb your partner when it's 3am and you need to see if the baby needs a nappy change.” - Kinsters

The FRAVITA night light is a must-have product for surviving life with a new baby, and it will be used by all the family for many years afterward, too. It’s simple to use and emits the right warm light for night feeds and nappy changes in the early hours.

Crafted from soft, BPA-free silicone, this night light is perfect for carrying from room to room if you need to. The light is flicker-free and won’t disturb anyone still sleeping or make the baby feel as though it's daytime.

With a simple press of the light, you can adjust the light's tone and brightness and to switch it off and on; all you have to do is turn it over. Charging is quick at two-and-a-half hours, and each charge will last for an impressive 100 hours.

9. Best baby shower gift for first-time mum: Champagne and Chocolates Gift Set

champagne and chocolates

Price: £36.95 | Buy now from Amazon 

“Nothing too exotic but I was given a little bottle of fizz (just for me!), some nice chocolate and some nice bath bombs, although I am known for liking those anyway. I really appreciated each of them. Your friend might be wanting to use plain toiletries and not be taking any alcohol if breastfeeding but they are something to look forward to.” - Heyha

Baby showers are happy and loving events that are all about making a fuss of the mum-to-be. It’s an exciting time but, for first-time parents, it’s scary too. So buying her a gift that she will enjoy once the baby is here is a lovely way to remind your friend that she will feel more like herself very soon.

This decadent gift set of mouth-watering chocolate truffles and champagne would go perfectly with a handmade gift card for an afternoon or evening of babysitting as she chills out in the bath with a bottle of fizz and sweet treats.

Ladies planning to breastfeed may not enjoy the bubbles straight away, but it will still be something to forward to. A ‘Name a Rose’ gift card has also been included in the gift, a lovely way to celebrate the naming of their new child.

10. Best luxury baby shower gift: Yukon International Sheepskin Pram Liner

Sheepskin pram liner

Price: £40.35 | Buy now from Amazon

“Sheepskin is one of the best materials for thermoregulation/not having a horribly sweaty baby in the heat.” - NuffingChora

Taking their baby for a walk in a brand new pram is one of the things new parents most look forward to. But, once they are here, a stroll is also one of the best ways to soothe a little one and give the tired parents an hour or so of peace.

This Australian sheepskin pram and pushchair liner is suitable from birth and will fit most baby travel brands. It is beautifully soft and fluffy, so it is great for snuggling into.

Sheepskin is a fantastic temperature regulating material that will keep the new arrival warm in winter and cool in summer. It is breathable, lightweight and machine washable, so it’s practical as well as luxurious

11. Best grandma baby shower gift: Tuppence and Crumble Star Blanket

Star blanket

Price: £25.40 | Buy now from Tuppence and Crumble

“The star blanket is a brilliant gift. Nothing worse than trying to get a sleeping baby into a snow suit. Just so easy and practical.” - moobar

The Tuppence and Crumble Star Blankets are one of the most recommended baby gifts on the Mumsnet forums. They are brilliant value, and mums love them because they have enjoyed using one or they wish they’d had one when their children were small.

Keeping a baby warm in chilly winter weather is tough when it’s so easy for them to overheat when popping in and out of shops. Snowsuits are great for toddlers, but for young babies laying in a pram, they are bulky. The star blanket is a clever solution.

They fit easily into car seats and pushchairs and are easy to put on and take off, no more struggling to get wriggly limbs into arm and leg holes.

Star blankets come in many different colours, are gentle on delicate skin, and can be machine washed.

12. Best baby shower gift for pampering mum: Sanctuary Spa Gift Set

Sanctuary gift set

Price: £20 | Buy now from Amazon 

“Agree with things for mum. Nice bubble bath, nice pair of slippers, body cream, prossecco for after baby is born, some good chocolate etc.” - JellyBean100 

Some baby shower guests like to bring two small gifts, one for mum and one for baby. This Sanctuary Gift Set is a gorgeously fragrant bath set presented in a pretty heart-shaped box that can later be used for baby memories such as the hospital tag.

The box contains small bottles of the Spa range that would be ideal for taking into the hospital. We also loved that the products are a mix of practical and indulgent; you get shower gel and face masks plus a mum-friendly, time-saving wet skin moisturiser.

Sanctuary products are also environmentally-friendly and kind to sensitive skin. In addition, they are paraben-free, plastic-free and not tested on animals.

13. Best baby shower gift for night feeds: Hasagei Insulated Lidded Mug

Travel mug

Price: £14.93  | Buy now from Amazon

“Maybe a nice Thermos that she can fill up before bed so she has hot drinks ready for the night shift as we're into winter now.” - CoffeeAndDryShampoo

Night feeds can be a lonely time. It’s lovely for a mum to be cuddling up to her adorable baby, but it can feel like she is the only person awake and it’s exhausting. So a comforting hot cup of tea at 1am, or an energising coffee at 5am can make a positive difference to her mood.

These insulated mugs could be filled with a hot drink at bedtime and then grabbed from the bedside table when the baby wakes. Drinks will stay toasty for up to six hours, and the sturdy lid will stay securely in place.

The mugs come in two sizes and a variety of colours so that you could buy one for each parent. They would also be helpful around the home during the day; most mums know the frustration of having endless cups of tea go cold.

14. Best unisex baby shower gift: Tommee Tippee Ollie the Owl Rechargeable Light and Sleep Aid

Tommee Tippee Owl

Price: £25.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“Do they have a white noise toy for the baby? The best present we received was Ollie the Owl from the Gro company, it has a cry sensor. Our daughter adores him, we plan on buying one for our next baby too.” - BackToDecember 

New parents can be preoccupied with sleep - too long naps, a sudden end to sleeping through, and enforced changes to the bedtime routine can all feel disastrous. Ollie the Owl is a fantastic toy for ensuring that, no matter where they are, a comforting fluffy friend will be there to soothe your friend’s baby into a peaceful slumber.

Users rate Ollie’s power to comfort a fussing baby as game-changing. The built-in cry sensor will work for three hours at the beginning of the night and will activate a gentle stream of white noise, lullabies, natural sounds or a heartbeat when your baby stirs.

This version of Ollie is rechargeable, great if you don’t like to use hard to dispose of batteries. For safety, it has been designed to be hung up and not placed in the cot, but that also means it can be used as a night light so the parents can peep in on their sleeping baby.

What do you take to a baby shower?

As this kind of pre-birth celebration is relatively new to the UK, buying a baby shower gift is a common question on the Mumsnet forums. But, unfortunately, the answer isn’t that simple as it depends on the mum-to-be you are purchasing the gift for.

Many baby showers will be surprise events hosted by a close friend or relative of the expectant mum, so it’s a good idea to ask them for ideas.

If you’re expected to choose your gift, we suggest a practical gift for the baby or a pampering gift for the mum.

If you have children, think about the items you loved using, found helpful or wished you had. If you don’t, you can’t go wrong with a gift that will bring your friend joy pre- or post-birth.

What to look for in a baby shower gift

With so many beautiful baby and mum-to-be gifts out there, buying a baby shower gift for your best friend, sister or colleague should be easy, but somehow the choice can be daunting. Here are a few tips to help you decide.

  • Budget: Don’t spend more than you can afford. A small, thoughtfully chosen gift is perfect for a baby shower, especially if you’re also planning to buy a gift when the baby is born.

  • Practicality: When your first baby was born, what did you need, and what could you not have survived without? Whether it was a musical toy that soothed your baby or a year’s supply of cosy sleepsuits, use that knowledge (or the wisdom of Mumsnet users) to inspire your gift-giving.

  • Think ahead: Gorgeous tiny outfits and cuddly pram toys are so tempting. However, as the recipients might get lots of them think about gifts that will work a few months after the baby is born. For example, beautifully hand-knitted hats in a size up would make a fantastic gift for a summer baby.

  • Treats for mum: Becoming a mother is challenging and the baby shower is the ideal time to pamper her before the chaos begins.  Indulgent, relaxing gifts for her last weeks of pregnancy or a hamper of foods she loves but has had to avoid in pregnancy are thoughtful, excellent ideas.

What is the best baby shower gift?

Our overall favourite is the three-pack of LifeTree Muslin Cloths and Swaddle Blankets. We loved the rich colours that are a welcome change from blue, pink and yellow if you want to go for something different.

The fabric is gorgeously soft and muslin cloths are so helpful when caring for a new baby. They have a multitude of uses, from burping cloths to a lightweight blankets. Also, Life Tree Muslins are such high quality that the mum could eventually use them as a gentle way to remove cleanser and face masks.

The best gifts are things the recipient would adore but couldn’t justify buying, and premium muslin cloths are precisely that.

What is the most useful baby shower gift?

Practical baby shower gifts will be appreciated by parents who are feeling overwhelmed by life with a newborn. Cute presents will, of course, be gratefully received by mum and dad,  but something useful like this versatile Moteph Extra Large Diaper Caddy will make everyday life easier for new mums and dads.

We suggest filling it with a reusable nappy kit, bath time essentials or bundles of socks, vests, sleepsuits and bibs for the ultimate baby shower gift.

How we chose our recommendations

We focused on the practicality, thoughtfulness and value of each of the baby shower gifts we have recommended to ensure that at least one of our suggestions will help you to bring joy to a special mum-to-be.

We consulted independent baby kit review sites and nursery best buy lists for trusted product opinions. In addition, we checked out the gift ideas that our Mumsnetters loved giving and receiving to ensure we are bringing you an inspiring summary of the most useful, beautiful and indulgent baby shower gifts of 2021.

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