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10 best online flower delivery services for 2023

Brighten someone’s day from afar (or just cheer up your own dining table) with the help of a flower delivery service. Here's our pick of the best – ideal for treating someone special.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Feb 16, 2023

Bunch of flowers on table

There are few things more cheering than a huge bouquet of flowers arriving on your doorstep. Whether it’s to remind your mum how much you appreciate her, to wish a friend afar a happy birthday or simply to bring some of the outdoors into your own home, it can all be achieved with the click of a button.

There are hundreds of online companies delivering flowers, so how to track down the best? We’ve done the leg work (and the stem work) for you and found the 10 online flower delivery services that offer the most bloom for your buck.

1. Best flower delivery service: Bloom & Wild

Bloom and wild flower delivery

“I've always gone with Bloom & Wild. The flowers last for ages and the delivery is always brilliant. Even if I order last minute, the delivery date options are available. The best part is that they do letterbox flowers so I don't have to worry about the recipient not being home.”

Bloom & Wild are overwhelmingly the Mumsnetter go-to for beautiful, affordable flowers. Their blooms seem to last for weeks, and they offer fantastic customer service too, with hardly anyone reporting problems with delivery or the flowers themselves.

As well as hand-tied and arranged bouquets, they also sell dried arrangements, potted plants and other gifts. Their letterbox flowers, which come with instructions for arranging them from a florist, are very popular, with many options under £30. And their well-priced flower subscriptions do a brisk trade too.

What we like

Their commitment to not selling red roses for Valentine’s Day! All their bouquets are a bit more thoughtful and offer something less clichéd.

What we don't like

Honestly? Nothing. But it’s worth knowing that their letterbox flowers may arrive looking slightly less than perky and this is completely normal – they ‘revive’ as soon as you put them in water.

Need to know

  • Price range: From £23
  • Letterbox options: Yes
  • Same-day delivery: No
  • Next-day delivery: Yes (order before 5.30pm Monday to Friday)
  • Nominated-day delivery: Yes (from £5)

Buy flowers now from Bloom and Wild

2. Best budget flower delivery service: Bunches

Bunches flower delivery

“Bunches are good – I've just ordered from them myself. The flowers last for ages too.”

For speed and excellent value, Bunches is far and away the best. While they don’t do same day delivery, their next-day service is excellent, and you can even pay extra to nominate a day and time for delivery.

While most flower delivery companies offer only a handful of bouquets at the £30 mark, Bunches has a huge range at this price point – and much lower. In fact, their most exquisite and expensive arrangement is only £49.

Reviews suggest their flowers last well and the bouquets are all very pretty and cheerful. And for flowers delivered for £16, you’d feel pretty cheerful too.

What we like

The Florist’s Choice option. If you’re not sure what you want, just choose a size of bouquet and let Bunches’ florists do the hard work for you, picking seasonal stems to send out.

What we don't like

Delivered by Royal Mail so only guaranteed if the post is on time.

Need to know

  • Price range: From £16
  • Letterbox options: Yes
  • Same-day delivery: No
  • Next-day delivery: Yes (before 5.30pm Mon to Friday and before 11am Saturday)
  • Nominated-day delivery: Yes, from £5.99

Buy flowers now from Bunches

3. Best supermarket flower delivery service: Marks & Spencer

M&S flower delivery

“I get mine from Marks & Spencer online. They've always been good and reliable.”

Supermarket flowers often get a bad press. Flowers, after all, aren’t their main business. M&S is definitely an honourable exception, with rave reviews from Mumsnetters who say the flowers are beautiful, always arrive in excellent condition and aren’t going to require you to remortgage your home in order to wish someone a happy birthday.

Because it’s M&S, there's also a good range of potted plants too, and you can easily add a gift bag, champagne, chocolates, or even Percy Pigs to your bouquet. The site is easy to use and the customer service is exactly as you would expect from Marks & Spencer.

What we like

Their ranges of ‘just because’ and the ‘under £25’ section, which makes cheering someone’s day something we can do more often.

What we don't like

The packaging can be a bit bulky, but the flowers do arrive well protected. Reviews suggest that sometimes the card can get lost in the packaging too.

Need to know

  • Price range: From £20
  • Letterbox options: Yes
  • Same-day delivery: No
  • Next-day delivery: Yes (free – order before 7pm Monday to Friday and midday on weekends)
  • Nominated-day delivery: Yes (free)

Buy flowers now from M&S

4. Best value flower delivery service: Serenata

Seranta flower delivery

“Serenata flowers – the £25 jobs including delivery have always turned out well and last quite a while.”

Online flower delivery company Serenata offers a wide range of flowers for delivery all over the UK, and also internationally.

The British company has been in business nearly 30 years, has a reputation for beautifully presented, great-quality flowers, and is often much cheaper than other florists.

The subscription service, which starts at £19.99, is very popular and excellent value. There are lots of good delivery options, whether you need something the same day or at a specific time, and Serenata’s website is very easy to move around and navigate, making the whole process completely stress-free – just as buying flowers should be.

What we like

The excellent value for money. It’s not the cheapest but, for the quality of the flowers, the prices are great.

What we don't like

It would be nice if there were a greater range of add-ons or gift options.

Need to know

  • Price range: From £26.99
  • Letterbox options: Yes
  • Same-day delivery: Yes (£7.99, order by 3pm Monday to Saturday)
  • Next-day delivery: Yes (free – order before 10pm weekdays and 9pm weekends)
  • Nominated-day delivery: Yes, including guaranteed time slots

Buy flowers now from Serenata

5. Best flower and chocolate delivery service: Moonpig

Moonpig flower delivery

“It's my 30th birthday today and I received a surprise delivery of Moonpig flowers this morning. They are beautiful!”

We’ve all relied on Moonpig at some point for a last-minute card. Now, you can sort the whole shebang with flowers and gifts at the touch of a button.

Moonpig offers some really well-priced options that won’t break the bank. Our one complaint is that the options are less modern than other flower delivery services offer (roses and chrysanthemums feature heavily), but the bouquets are good quality and very cheerful indeed, and there’s something there for every occasion. There’s also an entire chocolate gifts section to choose from.

What we like

The budget options, including gifts.

What we don't like

Not such a contemporary selection as some. You can only order from the app at times of high demand.

Need to know

  • Price range: From £20
  • Letterbox options: Yes (though limited)
  • Same-day delivery: No
  • Next-day delivery: Yes
  • Nominated-day delivery: Yes

Buy flowers now from Moonpig

6. Best international flower delivery service: Interflora

Inteflora flower delivery

“I've used Interflora before and they were great. It was actually sympathy flowers rather than happy ones and I just felt like they did it with dignity. The delivery guy knew that it wasn't a celebration and didn't treat it as such.”

Probably the best-known flower delivery service, Interflora is linked to a network of local florists who can deliver flowers on your behalf virtually anywhere in the UK and across the world.

There’s lots of choice available and the bouquets are beautifully designed, if on the pricey side for what they are. But if you aren’t sure what you want, a browse through the easy-to-use site should help.

The only downside is that the quality of the flowers is down to which local florist Interflora get to do your flowers so there’s an element that is slightly out of your control there, but generally reviews are good. You can also opt to send one of their gifts or hampers if flowers aren’t quite the right thing for the occasion.

What we like

Lots of delivery options.

What we don't like

Service can depend on the local florist they use.

Need to know

  • Price range: From £40
  • Letterbox options: No
  • Same-day delivery: Yes
  • Next-day delivery: Yes
  • Nominated-day delivery: Yes

Buy flowers now from Interflora

7. Best flower delivery service for something different: Flowerbx

Flowerbx flower delivery

“Flowerbx have lovely peonies for delivery.”

If you’re looking for something for a particularly discerning flower-lover, Flowerbx really is the queen of online florists. You search for the flowers you want, choose the number of stems and Flowerbx arranges them to be sent straight from the Netherlands to your doorstep.

Whatever stems you want, they’ll have them. The only issue is that they won’t deliver absolutely everything outside of London. That said, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something gorgeous here.

The founder worked for years at Tom Ford, so everything about this company is super stylish. They now do a range of potted plants and also scented candles, which make lovely gifts, and we are coveting our own pair of their dainty florist’s scissors, which you can buy on the site too. We wouldn’t mind one of their beautiful subscription boxes, either.

What we like

The unusual blooms on offer.

What we don't like

Not all the stems can be delivered outside London, and delivery options outside London are limited, with some days not covered.

Need to know

  • Price range: From £30
  • Letterbox options: Yes
  • Same-day delivery: Yes (before 1pm – select London postcodes only)
  • Next-day delivery: No, but standard three-day delivery is free
  • Nominated-day delivery: Yes – price on request

Buy flowers now from Flowerbx

8. Best ethical flower delivery service: Arena Flowers

Arena flower delivery

“Arena Flowers are amazing and ethical.”

Extend the warm glow you get from giving a bunch of flowers by using the UK’s most ethical florist, Arena Flowers. From working with Fairtrade flower farmers to minimising the environmental impact of their packaging, Arena is working hard to be the kindest as well as the best. And for every bouquet bought, they plant a tree in a country experiencing deforestation.

They do gorgeous ranges of hand-tied, luxury and letterbox flowers, and also offer a subscription service if you’re splashing out or fancy regular flowers for yourself. You can also send gifts – from room diffusers to chocolates and champers.

What we like

The ethical credentials.

What we don't like

Limited delivery options.

Need to know

  • Price range: From £16.99
  • Letterbox options: Yes
  • Same-day delivery: No
  • Next-day delivery: Yes (from £4 – order before 7pm)
  • Nominated-day delivery: No, other than next-day delivery

Buy flowers now from Arena Flowers

9. Best next-day flower delivery service: Flower Station

Flower station flower delivery

Flower Station is the best same-day and next-day flower delivery service we’ve come across, but the only catch is that you have to be in London to use their same-day delivery service.

Flower Station offers a wonderful range of arrangements, whether you want a stylish £30 hand-tied bouquet or want to splash out on a ‘Penny Lane’ roses arrangement at a cool £575 (pro tip: if someone sends you this bunch, ask what they’ve done). You can add booze, chocolates and teddies too, if you wish.

But the standout feature here is the service. You can order up to 6pm for same-day delivery within the capital (amazing, right?), so if you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday or just need to cheer someone up in a hurry, it can be done. And if you can wait a day or longer, they deliver to many other areas of the UK as well.

What we like

The ability to send last minute.

What we don't like

Same-day service is only available in London.

Need to know

  • Price range: From £30
  • Letterbox options: Yes
  • Same-day delivery: Yes (order by 6pm)
  • Next-day delivery: Yes (from £4 – order before 7pm)
  • Nominated-day delivery: No, other than next-day delivery

Buy flowers now from Flower Station

10. Best flower delivery service for depth of range: Floom

Floom flower delivery

“Floom are amazing. Really beautiful flowers.”

Floom has been called The Deliveroo of flower delivery services, and that’s kind of how it works. Rather than offering specific bouquets that get made up by a florist near your recipient, like Interflora, with Floom you enter a postcode and it shows you a menu of various arrangements from florists in that area. You just pick one you like and off it goes.

It’s more of an online marketplace than a shop in and of itself. You can also search for and send potted plants and hampers. What’s possible is limited only by what the sellers themselves can produce, so you see some really cool floral gifts on here – in jars, terrariums and more. If you want something a bit imaginative, Floom is a good place to browse.

What we like

The wide and imaginative ranges on offer.

What we don't like

Same-day delivery not yet nationwide.

Need to know

  • Price range: Depends on florists in the area, but expect to pay from £30
  • Letterbox options: Depends on florists in your area
  • Same-day delivery: Yes (in major cities only)
  • Next-day delivery: Yes
  • Nominated-day delivery: Yes

Buy flowers now from Floom

How to choose the right flower delivery service

To find the perfect floral match for your purpose do a bit of research first:

  • Most of the companies run all over the UK but, before you get started, tap in the postcode to make sure. You don’t want to fall in love with a bouquet only to remember your friend lives on the Shetland Islands and they don’t deliver there.
  • Have a look through the site you’re interested in first to check that they do the style you want and that there are plenty of arrangements within your budget, so you know you’ll have plenty of choice.
  • If the service is using a local florist, look them up to make sure they have good reviews too.
  • Check the company’s policies on complaints or non-delivery, and make sure you can give clear instructions about what to do if the person isn’t home. You don’t want them to come home six hours later to find the box has blown over and the flowers are squashed. Good customer service reviews go a long way.
  • See whether the company has good ethical credentials and is offering flowers in season – always the mark of a good florist.

How long should a bouquet of flowers last?

A bouquet of flowers should last somewhere between a week and a fortnight. Anything less than a week is unimpressive. Anything from 14 days or more is excellent.

How can I make my flowers last longer?

1. Start as you mean to go on by looking after your flowers properly as soon as they arrive. If they come with instructions from the florist, follow those. Otherwise, use sharp scissors to trim the ends as blunt ones will crush and bruise the stems. Cut them underwater too, as this stops too much air getting into the stems, and cut at a 45-degree angle.

2. Add any cut flower food supplied. If you don’t have any, lemonade is supposed to make flowers last longer, as does an aspirin crushed in the water. Sink them into very deep water first to give them a really good drink before arranging in a vase with less water.

3. Remove any leaves that fall below the water line as they can introduce bacteria to the water.

4. Make sure the vase is clean before you start (again, to avoid bacteria) and then change the water every few days.

5. Think about where you’re putting your flowers. You should keep them out of direct sunlight, away from radiators and anything else too warm, but also not near an open window. Keeping them near fresh fruit can shorten their life too, as fruit gives off tiny amounts of gas. Florists also advise that you don’t keep them near your TV or computer.

What is the best online flower delivery service?

Having studied all the big players carefully, we’re in no doubt that the best online flower delivery service is Bloom & Wild.

How we chose our recommendations

Online flower deliveries get a lot of reviews online. There’s nothing quite as disappointing as rubbish flowers, and a really gorgeous bouquet is something that stays with you too.

We scoured trusted review sites as well as customer reviews online to create a longlist of the best online flower delivery services available. Then we took to Mumsnet to compare those findings with what our trusted users told us on the Mumsnet forums. By and large, their recommendations were strikingly similar, but there were some delivery services that we struck off the list after we read numerous bad reviews.

From there, we created a shortlist of 20 of the best online flower delivery services, from which we picked 10 that we thought would offer something for everyone.

Why you should trust us

Transparency is really important to us and that's why we're always upfront about where we find our recommendations. We write about products and services that we feel offer the best value– the ones that our users would recommend to their own friends and family.

If you decided to buy something that we recommended as a result of our research, we usually (not always) get paid affiliate commission from the retailer where you make a purchase. But, if you weren't impressed with the product or service and decided to return it or get a refund, we wouldn't make a penny.