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Baby bouncer for newborn?

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newmum234 · 16/05/2020 11:48

Is it worth buying a baby bouncer or something similar for my newborn? When he’s on his changing mat on the kitchen table, he seems to enjoy looking around and taking in what’s going on. But it struck me that he really only gets to do this when being changed, as the rest of the time he’s either in his carrycot snoozing or being fed and focusing on that.

I found these on the John Lewis website, but they’re very pricey. Also it says they’re suitable from birth, but I thought newborns were meant to lie flat for most of the time?


This thread is quite old now so some of the suggestions may be out of date, but if you’re looking for bouncers, we’ve recently updated our best baby bouncer page with lots of great options tried and tested by MNHQ and real parents. We hope you find it useful. Flowers

OP posts:
newmum234 · 16/05/2020 11:50

He’s 3 weeks old...

OP posts:
dochas06 · 16/05/2020 11:54

I’ve had my now 3month old in a boncer since she was born, not for more than two hours at a time, I put her in it so I could shower, take her up the stairs so I could get dressed ect. She sits in it while we eat meals.
As far as I’m aware the one I use isn’t specifically for newborns.

rosydreams · 16/05/2020 11:57

for my first daughter being slightly upright in a bouncer helped with colic.During the day being in a bouncer was a good place to put my daughter

also your looking an the wrong are they are very cheap

TeddyIsaHe · 16/05/2020 12:00

I had a cheapy £20 vibrating one that Dd adored and still tries to jam herself in now at 3.5 if she spots it in the cupboard!

You don’t need to spend a huge amount, especially as some babies despise bouncers, so it could be a very expensive way to hear your baby scream Grin

rosydreams · 16/05/2020 12:00

or if you want a vibrate one they keep them very happy if they are suffering with trapped gas .Still much cheaper

Laaalaaaa · 16/05/2020 12:11

Baby bjorn is one of the best things we bought. We take it into the kitchen so they can join us as meal times or just put baby in it in the living room so we can get stuff done. Our baby loves bouncing in it and it’s also very portable - we’ll take it with us when visiting. Probably started using it at about 3 weeks old. I’ll be gutted when they outgrow it.

newmum234 · 16/05/2020 12:11

Those Argos ones look good, thanks

OP posts:
SnowdropFox · 16/05/2020 12:17

We found it useful for when we were cooking or showering. Lo could be in the bouncer closely and so would be less likely to freak out without direct human contact. No need to spend a lot imo, they grow out very quickly.

newmum234 · 16/05/2020 12:35

Love the look of the Björn one and so tempted by @Laaalaaaa’s post and the reviews on the JL website. Not sure I can justify the price at the moment though so will prob go for the Argos vibrating one!

OP posts:
Persipan · 16/05/2020 12:46

Hit up eBay and you'll find lots of second hand Baby Bjorn bouncers for a lot less than they cost new.

Laaalaaaa · 16/05/2020 12:54

@newmum234 we got ours in mamas and papas with £60 off - worth looking for deals

Letsallscreamatthesistene · 16/05/2020 13:16

My son HATES his! Its gathering dust in the corner. I wish he liked it.

Lordfrontpaw · 16/05/2020 13:23

We had the baby Bjorn (blimey just googled them and they are expensive) but it was brilliant and has been used by a further 2 babies since.

newmum234 · 16/05/2020 14:05

They are sooo expensive but the reviews are really good. I will have a look at eBay and other deals.

OP posts:
Blondebear123 · 16/05/2020 14:51

Another vote for baby bjorn. Got loads of use out of it now on our second child and it looks as good as new. Easy to wash too should baby have a poo explosion in it!

Lordfrontpaw · 16/05/2020 14:53

I seemed to remember it made a nice little toddler seat too - so you can use it up until 2/3?

Fivebyfive2 · 16/05/2020 14:55

We have a chicco balloon bouncer that vibrates, our baby loves it and it's good for getting a poo from him sometimes too! Got it off gumtree for half the price and it was good as new, so definitely worth shopping around 🙂

userabcname · 16/05/2020 15:00

Yes! They are fab especially the vibrating ones. We got one from Amazon which was about £30 and used it with both dc.

ZooKeeper19 · 16/05/2020 15:09

Hi @newmum234, I second this -> "Baby bjorn is one of the best things we bought"

Same for us, I got mine as a gift and it saved my sanity for the forst 3-4 months. Can only recommend.

newmum234 · 16/05/2020 16:53

Thank you! I’m going to bid for a Baby Bjorn on eBay.

OP posts:
NameChange30 · 16/05/2020 17:02

We have the BabyBjorn bouncer and it was brilliant for DS - very well designed, good quality, got loads of use out of it. We have kept it for DC2.

See if you can find one second hand, the covers are washable. If not there are some good deals if you search online, eg this one is £123:

newmum234 · 16/05/2020 17:14

@NameChange30 thanks. Judging by eBay it looks like the resale value is decent too, which always helps.

How long can a 3 or 4 week old sit in the bouncer?

OP posts:
YRGAM · 16/05/2020 21:50

Another recommendation for getting one here. Alongside the swaddle it's probably the most vital purchase of our parenthood so far (baby 4 months old). It is 100% worth the investment

newmum234 · 16/05/2020 22:21

Another recommendation for getting one here. Alongside the swaddle it's probably the most vital purchase of our parenthood so far (baby 4 months old). It is 100% worth the investment

Wow - I’m really excited to get mine now!

OP posts:
OnlyFoolsnMothers · 16/05/2020 22:30

Had a £30 bouncer from mother care - life saver. No way in hell would I spend so much money on one though. It’s easy to get caught up with your first baby purchases- honestly do enjoy it but really the time goes in a flash- get a bouncer a walker for when they are older with some change left over!

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