Back to school

back to schoolPreparing for the first day of school? Whether you’re new to the juggling act, moving schools, or an old timer looking to pull your socks up, the age-old wisdom of Mumsnetters is here to help.

From preparing for primary and secondary, to school lunches, to homework, and – of course – The Morning Routine, we’ve got it covered. All systems go!


Starting primary school

Knowing what to expect when starting school will ease the process for you and your child. Here’s how to be as prepared as can be.

Starting secondary school

male pupil

Many children find it daunting going from ‘the top of the school’ to being the littlest fish in the pond. But there are lots of things you can do to prepare them for the move to secondary school.

School reading list

starting school

Books about starting school are a great way to get your children feeling comfortable and confident about their first day. We’ve compiled Mumsnetters’ suggestions for the best ones.



To help, hover or hide? Sort yourself out with some schooling on how to best to support your children with their homework.