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🐌 Fantastic Skincare: New Year, NuFaces

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botemp Mon 28-Jan-19 22:23:16

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For those who are taking a peek and wondering what this all about, we mostly discuss a bit of advanced skincare here with a perspective of seeking out the right ingredients (rather than the latest new shiny product and all its empty promises) for our particular skin needs. Distinguishing the acid toners from the actives whilst avoiding the truly unimpressive and harmful ingredients with a hope to achieve a bit of anti-ageing, alleviate irritation and sensitivities with some idle chat in between. Newcomers are always welcome but please note the following:

Questions and asking for help on this thread is encouraged, however, we can’t give you a specific routine to follow and hope it works out for the best. There are no overnight miracles in skincare whether it be in the form of products or techniques. It’s about perseverance, understanding your skin, assessing its needs and responding to that in a diligent manner.

These threads were created to help those who want to learn for themselves. We’re a group of interested and invested skincare nuts happy to offer tea and sympathy and dole out advice. Everyone’s journey with skincare is different, what is universal and binds us is that through actually learning about the different active ingredients it helps us get to know our skin and help us adapt as it will change many times throughout our lives - with seasons, hormonal changes, ageing, genetics etc. It's in everyone's best interests to get to know their skin and to keep reviewing those changes with the confidence that comes from the gathered knowledge here. We really encourage you to spend the time reading through previous threads and linked info sheets that the many contributors have taken the trouble to share.

By no means are we experts, we're only a bunch of amateurs that can only respond by suggesting what we would do in your place, for any severe conditions please seek out professional help.

Ahem, and finally a little note on spending. I'm well aware these threads cause many to reach for their wallets and spend with wild abandon. There can sometimes be a bit of a frenzy surrounding the excitement around a newly discovered product or on the back of great improvements when someone reports back. This is all great, it doesn't however, mean everything that's a sudden miracle for one will be it for you. Usually, it's a light bulb moment for connecting the right skincare ingredient with an individual experiencing a specific problem. Take your time to mull over decisions and question whether it's right for you too. Skincare is highly individual, it's a slow game that should cost mostly in patience, input, education, and perseverance. Please don't make it cost you financially needlessly.

I am very slowly working on consolidating the gathered information from previous threads into easier to read formats but it’s slow going. I would suggest reading thread 1 and at the very least the following info sheets (provided they apply to you):

Where to Start

Basics of an Actives Routine

Skin Types vs. Skin Conditions Info Sheet

Anti-Ageing Info sheet

Adult Acne Info Sheet

Understanding Which Sunscreen(s) to Buy

Do I Really Need to Wear Sunscreen Every Single Day of the Year?

A Damaged Skin Barrier - Now What?


So You Want To Buy A Retinoid - A Guide

JANUARY 2019: We're exploring gadgets, and I, Accountability Bo, will attempt to keep everyone in line grin

SallieSallow Mon 28-Jan-19 22:46:42

Thank you for the new thread Accountability Bo grin

And in honour of our new title I’m copying some of my last post from the old thread just in case anyone missed the Drumroll Big Announcement smile

I have started using the Nuface! Very, very quick and easy to use, I used the hand chemistry HA gel and kept it wet with Vichy thermal water spray.

Last time around I was doing the extended routine as the leaflet that came with mine suggested I should, think that was why I got fed up so quickly as it's more time consuming. I might still do that at the weekends when I have more time but other than that will be 5 minutes in the morning which is much more manageable and I'm likely to keep it up.

Also reading reviews I think they've changed the formula of their conductive gel - not that I'm going to buy theirs but for JDSTER or anyone else that has one coming with the gel seems like it's a much better formula now.

princessTiasmum Mon 28-Jan-19 23:24:32

Aloe vera gel is just as good, and bought mine for £1 at my local chemist, some gels are very sticky and feel horrible to use

EnidButton Tue 29-Jan-19 02:04:55

Great title!

mintmagnummm Tue 29-Jan-19 08:53:21

Place marking

Truckingonandon Tue 29-Jan-19 09:50:28

I'm about a week into my new nuface mini. I do 5 mins on each side and forehead. Have had a couple of zingy zips when I've run over an area that's missing the gel!! I, of course, wanted overnight transformative results but sadly that hasn't happened. It may well be the power of delusional thinking but I think I can see maybe a 5% improvement. Hard to tell really. I think fillers is going to be the only thing that will make a difference really.

On a different note, once I've used up my current stash of retinol, I'm going to get Neostrara retinol + nag. I have high hopes for it!

SallieSallow Tue 29-Jan-19 13:14:28

How long have you been using it for Trucking? I keep checking to see if there's any difference but after a grand total of 3 goes that would be a no..... I think Nuface are a bit naughty though as some of their vids I watched suggested you would see a 'lift' straight away hmm

on another subject whilst I was doing my nuface research I noticed Hot&Flashy is a big fan of Timeless serums, I'm eyeing up the Vit C one now. Does anyone have any experience of it? I do like the Medik8 but think I might be ready to try a stronger one again now.

banivani Tue 29-Jan-19 13:44:15

Well, placebo is also an effect ;)

botemp Tue 29-Jan-19 13:53:52

<Ahem, taps foot>

I do hope all the NuFacers have remembered to take before pictures (for own assessment).


Sallie, the Timeless vit C is a dupe of the Skinceuticals one but I think you have to order it from the US, either that or something else put me off, but can't remember what.

SallieSallow Tue 29-Jan-19 16:00:21

Timeless have a UK site Bo and it says postage is with Royal Mail for £2.50, could well be different/more difficult if you're not in the UK though. Quite tempted to give it a try.

I did take photos before I started Nufacing - my mouth looks lopsided when I'm not smiling, like it's drooping much more on one side than the other shock will be interested to see if that improves at all.

Truckingonandon Tue 29-Jan-19 19:23:45

Been using it for just over a week.

SallieSallow Tue 29-Jan-19 21:01:25

Escentual have got a third off French pharmacy - though excluding Bioderma yet again angry

SallieSallow Tue 29-Jan-19 21:04:01

Oh so you’re a newbie too Trucking we’ll definitely have to keep each other updated.

This is probably my imagination but I think my the drooping round my mouth looks worse immediately after using the nuface confused

EnidButton Tue 29-Jan-19 21:27:58

Watching the Nu face progress with interest. Really like the sound of aloe Vera gel generally and I'm sure I've said that before and then never bought any. 🙄

Back in lovely soft water territory. Oh the relief. No more dried up lips and tight skin.

Trying out a couple of bath/shower bits from Waitrose. Senspa relaxing bath soak, Argan+ indulgent bath float and Urban Veda reviving body wash. All smell amazing. Argan one is subtle and expensive smelling (if you know what I mean. Like a spa type vibe.) Feels really nice. The body wash is rose scented and gave me very smooth skin, very impressed by it. Not tried Senspa yet but it has a herbal lavender scent and I don't think I'll need much per bath so it's a bargain. All bargains actually. I don't have a Waitrose near me and I was impressed by the beauty aisle. Lots of choice.

SallieSallow Wed 30-Jan-19 14:18:22

They sound gorgeous Enid we don't have Waitroses round here either but I suspect all those lovely scents would make me itchy - think I'm stuck with the bioderma atoderm oil and the spray moisturiser for life now grin

Pupsiecola Wed 30-Jan-19 16:57:20

Found you. Phew.

I've got various skin irritations.

My ears, as in the insides of my outer ears, have become really bloody itchy. DH says they look okay. I've taken to putting some LRP body lotion in there. I think it may well be due to the groovy Bluetooth ear buds I got for xmas. Humph. I think I'll have to give them back to DH, and get some bone conductor ones.

Secondly, I love my hair atm. But jeez it seems to irritate my neck a bit. Don't know what that's about.

Finally, if I love Bobbi Brown's Smoky Eye Mascara, which other Mascaras would I like? I like the consistency and the brush and that it goes on well and doesn't clump. For a good few weeks anyway. I'd say I'm buying a new one every 6 to 8 weeks (it is a smaller than usual tube) but before it's all gone. More because it gets thick and mucky.

SallieSallow Wed 30-Jan-19 17:39:00

Are you using any new hair products Pupsie? As with your ears and neck both itching sounds like it might be to do with something you’re using on your hair.

JDSTER Wed 30-Jan-19 19:53:54

Thanks for new thread accountability bo. NuFace arrived yesterday but I haven’t opened it yet. Good idea about taking before pictures.

Let us know sallie if you end up trying timelesss Vit c

Enid I agree Waitrose has a lovely bath/beauty aisle. I use their hand soaps which come in nice tall bottles so dont take up too much space on the side of the sink.
They sell some nice bar soap too.

EnidButton Wed 30-Jan-19 20:29:55

I got a few of those too JD 2 for £2 and they smell expensive. grin (hoping people know wtf I mean by that.)

Pupsiecola Wed 30-Jan-19 23:15:17

No I've not switched hair products but it's a good question!!

TantricTwist Wed 30-Jan-19 23:27:36

Enid of course we know what you mean, sophisticated non-flowery non-soapy smell that lingers for a while (a bit Jo Malone(y).
My favourites are the ginger & clementine and the lime & basil.
I just love citrus smells in fact I've just stocked up on Original Source lime shower gel which was on sale.
I haven't yet been tempted with the Nuface but eager to hear how everyone gets on with it a few weeks down the line.

Pupsie the itching does sound like the earphones rubbing.

EnidButton Thu 31-Jan-19 00:19:40

They're the two I bought Tant! Glad you know what I mean, I was trying to explain it to someone and I think they were a bit 🤔 'huh?'. I stocked up as they were on offer. Waitrose hasn't ventured North yet.

EnidButton Thu 31-Jan-19 00:27:02

Apparently there's one in Preston. Who knew. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Just watching Grace and Frankie and marvelling at the wonder that is Jane Fonda. 81!! I know she's had facelifts but god she looks amazing. Lily Tomlin looks bleedin good too.

Ollivander84 Thu 31-Jan-19 07:28:13

@EnidButton that Waitrose is about 15 mins from me! It was a bit random when it popped up, I went to look and spent £££ grin

botemp Thu 31-Jan-19 09:29:01

Just for the record, I tend to think of expensive smell as the scent of burning money for shits and giggles grin wink

Thanks Sallie, looks to be a partner site rather than the company itself, but all legit and European shipping is only £4.99 so not too bad and there's a discount code as well. Tempted but now have a script for tretinoin and my dermatologist recommended I either go down in Vit C percentage (Serum 10 from Skinceuticals) when I switch over. It's actually quite difficult to find a budget low but effective percentage (around 10%) alternative.

Pupsie I'm not familiar with the BB mascara but isn't it one that's really deeply pigmented black? If so, you can have a look at Chanel Let Volume Ultra Noir (or plus noir, not sure) it's very deep black and doesn't dry out quickly IME. Bugger to remove at night though, definitely needs a separate remover.

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