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FEB 2011 - Peekaboo!! Sitting, Eating and sometimes Sleeping

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wigglesrock Fri 05-Aug-11 14:34:15

wine, brew Welcome all - will post stats later, so any lurkers decloak grin

reastie Fri 05-Aug-11 14:42:01

<shouts> It's PEEPO wink

marking my place. Thanks wiggles for new thread

brew <gulp gulp>

ledkr Fri 05-Aug-11 15:07:34

Its boo i tell you!
Borg shsh pat is the baby whisperer i think,you say shush rythymically whilst patting firmly the bum or chest alternatly.i think it stops them crying cos the brain cant cope with 2 things at once grin
the idea is to teach them to settle in cot not arms but that they are not abandoned.Dilly took a while and laughed a lot grrrrr.I really shouldnt answer you tho cos you ignored me yesterday when i asked re the aquarium <folds arms and pouts> grin
just led in garden with Dilly pawing me,she has had half a lolly,it so hot here that even i am under shade shock

janedoe25 Fri 05-Aug-11 15:24:01


Happy new thread grin Thanks wiggles

Hope you are all having a nice day. I am having a boring one, had the car in for MOT and service. Im off to spend the rest of the afternoon with DF.

PussInConverse Fri 05-Aug-11 15:27:33

Peekaboo! Need wine already. Dh texted to say he'd be late back, I replied saying he won't be! She's not even playing up, it's just too damn hot to be patient, playful, etc. Going on a 6 hour train journey with her tomorrow - wish me luck!

chocoroo Fri 05-Aug-11 16:27:16

Peepo! Definitely feeling like time for a wine already today. DP swears he'll be home on time so I might drag him for a walk that accidentally goes to the pub.

R is sleeping loads in the day at the mo which is pretty unusual, she had an hour at about 11:30 and has been asleep again since 2:30. Guess it must be the weather and I think she might be growing again.

I need to bake cupcakes for our NCT meet up shortly but I have a feeling as soon as I start she'll wake and want her tea.

Can't remember who else was looking for a stroller but mothercare have an OBaby one reduced to 59.99 at the mo, so going to look at it tomorrow to check out how it reclines. Still can't quite believe I'm thinking about another buggy after how much the oyster cost!

NeedToSleepZZZ Fri 05-Aug-11 16:41:57

Just marking my place, hello everyone!

Just took B to Pirates' Day and we dressed up, baking hot but good fun smile will write more later.

NeedToSleepZZZ Fri 05-Aug-11 16:42:33

Oh, btw, it's 'bo' in my house! grin

hubbard86 Fri 05-Aug-11 17:56:16

it's PEEPO in our house. Just marking my place. I have wine chilling in the fridge. A yummy bottle of sparkling rose. Which i am going to open at half 7 when kiddos are in bed. We were contemplating taking them to brum sealife but remembered it was the holidays so no chance.
Oh we're no longer contagious yeah grin

Emski76 Fri 05-Aug-11 18:15:18

Hi to all

ledkr Fri 05-Aug-11 19:27:36

Hi all,im having a nice pinot blush already,listening to radio one in Ibiza and getting all nostalgic and feeling old sad
Dh is off to bath Dilly so im going to have a little sneaky cig while nobody is about to judge me grin

debka Fri 05-Aug-11 19:31:27

Peepo everyone!

Girls in bed after the noisiest day ever. Imy's had a day-long tantrum today. I will give you an example of Her Awfulness's behaviour. Breakfast time. Weetabix, milk, a bit of sugar, just how she likes it. One spoonful in mouth- then SCREAM!!!!! She screamed so loud she woke up her sister. Joy. She carried on after this all day, pretty much. S has been on and off, too, dead tired this pm, she went to bed at 7, they both did. She ate for tea half a mango, then half a banana, then some yoghurt- her belly is like a tight little drum! Whilst I was getting her in her babygrow she stuffed a cotton bud in her mouth and presumably down her throat as half her dinner came back up! It's official, I'm the first one with a child with an eating disorder grin

Did you get those cupcakes baked choc?

needto Pirates Day? hmm BTW where are you from, I can't remember- my PILs say bo and they're from Manchester area.

wigglesrock Fri 05-Aug-11 20:14:26

Evening all, Anna just spent 15 mins squealing and I mean ear piercing squeals before deciding to go to sleep, she can be a bit moany but this was shocking. Can't even blame the heat here hmm

hubbard Congrats on a pox free house, enjoy the wine

debka fancy a weekend night down the pub grin Hope tonight is ok and Imy returns to her usual charming self.

We went to a swanky park today, very fancy dan, it was fab and I was thinking to myself "ooh very Mumsnetty" and they had a huge sign just inside saying "Voted No3 in NetMums poll of best free attractions in NI" shock I am off to have a nosy to find out what No1 and No2 are grin. Am putting bets down with you all that No1 is the museum!

Ps My pils use the word 'bo' for poo grin

puss good luck tomorrow grin

reastie Fri 05-Aug-11 20:59:16

wiggles you got me intrigued enough at the netmums best free attractions to look them up for my area but couldn't find anything about the awards on their website hmm . Btw how can a park be fancy? Surely it's just some grass, trees, plants, paths and maybe some playground equipment/ice cream sellers if you're lucky? What defines it as fancy?

needto arrrr arrrr me harties - you're going to have to expand on the pirate day grin

deb here's hoping tomorrow is much much much better <throws magic sleep vibes over the beanster and good behaviour magic glitter over Imy>

Is this going to turn into a getting drunk on friday night thread then with ledkr , choc and hubbard at it (not 'it' )

wigglesrock Fri 05-Aug-11 21:08:38

Reastie it was laid out beautifully, there were five different play areas, picnic tables in abundance, toilets grin, a coffee/cake vendor, loads of big spaces to lay out a blanket, a different world grin. I went onto NetMums local and typed in NetMums Awards 2011 and bingo on the Museum - no1 grin My local pages on here are piss poor, but NetMums is very bright and shiney grin

NeedToSleep have to admit am fascinated by pirate day too.

hubbard86 Fri 05-Aug-11 21:14:03

only on my 2nd glass reastie nowhere near drunk yet maybe with enough wine dh is hoping it will turn into "it". Freya decided to wake up and has only just gone back to bed. Hope tonight is better deb

chocoroo Fri 05-Aug-11 21:14:44

Definitely not at "it" reastie but am on my second large White. Very nice it is too, we're cat sitting and the cat bought it for us. led I danced round the kitchen to Radio 1 in Ibiza while wondering if we could go next year and I could leave R with DP while I went and spent ludicrous amounts of money clubbing!

Cakes baked thanks deb I made 8 inscribed with the initials and DOB of all our babies and 8 with random spinkley things in the cupboard. Not sure how they taste as I stupidly only made enough to go round. I did get scrapes though - had forgotten how good they taste after pregnancy without them!

Hope all the babies and siblings wake up nice and late tomorrow, I think Imy would have ended up with weetabix on her head if it was me. I may need to learn some patience,...

Oh, and ponyo I do have some 2-4-1's if you can't get one on net....

janedoe25 Fri 05-Aug-11 22:04:01

chocco the cakes sound fab!

wiggles the park sounds great, our local parks are good but not that great.

ledkr hope you are enjoying your tunes and wine!

Im having a wee wine or 2 whilst watching a film, The film is "faster" but i have given up on it.

debka hope you manage a good sleep and the girls both behave.

ledkr Fri 05-Aug-11 22:11:43

choc im on the rose,tit lovely,am in grave danger of finishing the bottle. I was at Ibiza rocks 2 years ago,fabbo,im abit of an old dance music fan.i have loads of friends in Play den bossa so am getting lots of texts to wind me up grrr.

deb it sounds as if Immy is reacting to the attention that s requires,id say give her lots and reassure her,one of my boys started to pooh his pants when a new brother came.Poor you,you are really up against it,i am in awe of you coping,must be a very special lady.

wiggles park sounds unreal.are you sure it wasnt a dream love? grin

Off to find a drunk thread.

ps did cc again tonight,20 mins,feelimg pretty damn pleased,i bet she will play up all night now.

wigglesrock Fri 05-Aug-11 22:14:49

ledkr I'm sure your tit is lovely grin Park was fab, only problem was the bloody children and the huge amount of zombie mummies grin

wigglesrock Fri 05-Aug-11 22:40:29

jackfrost Lucy 24/12/10 at 6.50am 3lbs 10 & Katie 24/10/10 at 7.15am 5lbs 10
Cler - Corey 5/01/11 5lb 12oz.
ledkr: Girl- Delilah Ivy 27.1.11 7lbs 13oz
NeedToSleep Ben 30/01/11 6lb 4oz
byronicheroine - Konstantinos 2/02/11 7lb 1
tadjennyp - Samuel Jude; 05.02.2011; 8lbs 8oz
Debka : Girl- Sabine; 08.02.2011 : 10.6 <hollow laugh>
Tarlia - Zachary 09/02/11 6lb 6
suzym1984 Harry 09/02/2011 6lb 13oz
PussInConverse Josie (Josephine) 11/02/2011 8lb 9oz
MizK - Cassia 12/02/2011 7lb 14oz
WeAreBorg - Nate 13/02/11 6lb 8oz
canoe Boy - Leo : 13.02.2011 8lb 2oz
ILovePonyo - Girl - Anya 14.02.2011 - 6lbs
americanexpat - Boy - Leo - 15.02.11 - 8lbs 4oz
wigglesrock Girl - Anna : 15.02.2011 8lbs 8
Four4me : Boy- Archie: 16.2.2011: 7lb 7oz
Deliaskis - Girl - Claudia - 16.02.2011; 6lb 9oz
chocoroo Romilly, 17.02.2011, 8lb 11.
emski76- Noah: 20.02.2011: 9lb
WanderingSheep Girl - Charlotte; 22.02.2011 : 8lbs 3.5 ozs
Hubbard86 Freya 24/2/11 8lb 1.
Grannyapple Nate 24/2/2011 6lb 15
reastie: Girl - Alice; 25.02.2011 : 8.13
40Weeks Mikey 26.02.2011 8lb 6oz
janedoe25- Girl - Zoe 28.02.2011 - 7lbs 2oz xx for Zoe, a part of all of us and our babies, never forgotten
irishqueen - Maeve : 01.03.2011
knittakid - Pablo: 13.03.2011 - 9lbs 11oz

janedoe25 Fri 05-Aug-11 22:54:34

Ha ha ha ha ha ledkr glad you are enjoyng your tit! grin

ledkr Fri 05-Aug-11 23:08:13

lovelt tit thanks you piss takers haha,off to my bed now praying Dilly doesnt wake up before my booze has worn off grin hic

tadjennyp Sat 06-Aug-11 00:59:33

Hello, just joining new thread. Not done much exciting recently but Sammy had his 6 month check today and is 17 lbs 15oz and 28 inches. Apparently he's on the 95th centile for length but I'm not sure if they are different here. Hope you all have a great night's sleep and Imy is good for you tomorrow Deb. Night all!

debka Sat 06-Aug-11 05:59:32

Well we had some waking, some sleeping, some pacing, some co-sleeping and this morning a proud looking S on her tummy, she'd rolled over in her cot! Night no better than the one before really, will pack the sleepers off to Granny's tomorrow and do some training.

tad glad to hear Sammy's so big and bonny smile

Hope you all enjoyed your drunken carousings wink

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