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Swagger Inn 162 - The summer's a bit of a wash-out at the moment but thoughts turn to holidays -

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ApricotCrush Thu 11-Jul-19 20:56:00

And wenches can use their imaginations to make the temperature rise and anything else they can think of.

WickedWenchOfTheNorth Thu 11-Jul-19 21:00:10


SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Thu 11-Jul-19 21:20:45

You can still go on holiday in the rain...

ApricotCrush Thu 11-Jul-19 21:35:01

grin grin grin at cock-up. <ylt>

LetUsPrey Thu 11-Jul-19 21:39:13

Evening wenches.

Hurrah for traditional wench new thread —and HBFs— cock up!

Oh look, one of the few occasions that I’d willingly get into a tent.

Cheers Wicked!

Was straight out as soon as I got home. I think we’re about to start watching Venom. Tom Hardy good evening.

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Fri 12-Jul-19 07:56:54


Was going to bike to school with DS, but it's raining so maybe not.
Best dig out an umbrella, and someone to carry it for me grin

Obviously some HBFs are better at using umbrellas than others grin

LetUsPrey Fri 12-Jul-19 07:57:41

Morning wenches. Is miserable and raining here. Super. But it’s Friday so there’s that.

And it’s also Wimbledon Men’s Semis today <giggles in immature fashion>

Suppose I’d better get a move on <doesn’t>

<sets out selection of breakfast foods and drink for everywench>

LetUsPrey Fri 12-Jul-19 08:00:10

grin Helen

Good idea though to get HBFs to carry umbrellas

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Fri 12-Jul-19 08:11:02

More potential Umbrella carriers... and one without

Best get dressed really. Ho hum.

FancyFancy Fri 12-Jul-19 08:40:40

<sighs happily at new thread cock up> grin
Still stupidly busy at work & am off out this evening with FancyMan. Roll on the weekend so I can catch up on sleep. Laters!

ApricotCrush Fri 12-Jul-19 17:57:58

Afternoon. Sunshine and showers here.

Nothing to report, very boring day.

Have a lovely evening Fancy.

wine for all.

LetUsPrey Fri 12-Jul-19 18:03:39

Evening wenches.

Rain rain rain sun rain sun quite breezy sun. Have just put a line of washing out so expecting rain any time now.

Have a super evening Fancy.

Is that Pimms Apricot? I shall have a pitcher whilst enjoying the men’s semis

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Fri 12-Jul-19 18:30:07

Evening. We had a lovely day after the rain of this morning. So of course I left damp washing in the machine until 5pm - d'oh! And now I've brought it in because it looks like the heavens are going to open, and the washing is all hung up in the spare room. How's that for exciting?

I shall just sit back and think of HBFs in the rain...

LetUsPrey Fri 12-Jul-19 21:23:19

<also thinks of HBFs in the rain>

Why is it that HBFs look all sexy and alluring when they’ve been in the rain, but I tend to look more frizzy hair, mottled skin, generally soggy? How is that fair?

The tennis was absolutely flipping bloody well fantastic!

Collected a clothes order from a shop, tried it on, most of it’s going back.

And just to make you all jealous on this Friday evening, I’ve been cleaning my make up brushes. No, stop, don’t hate me.

Going to carry on watching Venom.

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Fri 12-Jul-19 22:29:49

Have been out and missed the tennis sad but have got the highlights recorded and oh god cat vom... laters.

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Fri 12-Jul-19 23:23:28

The throw is now soaking overnight. Happy days.

DS has been out with a friend to see Spiderman. That's two films he's seen without me now that I was planning to see too. confused

LetUsPrey Fri 12-Jul-19 23:29:11

Well that’s just selfish of him Helen. Nay, rude. I remember the first time DS1 said he was going to see a film with his friends rather than with me. I gave him a lift, left him to meet his friends, and then went and sat away from him in the cinema so I didn’t miss the film grin

I’m heading over to the chateau. Aramis was handling the BSOS with a meaningful look on his face.

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Fri 12-Jul-19 23:52:01

I didn't even get that chance - his friend's mum took them.

I am also heading for the hayloft...

Hope that Fancy is having a nice night!

LetUsPrey Sat 13-Jul-19 09:15:00

Morning wenches.

Well that’s just double rude Helen!

Lots to do today. Need to start thinking about getting some stuff in cases and making sure all tickets, paperwork, etc is together - I’m busy much of next Saturday so need to get organised. I can be fairly certain this won’t happen.

FancyFancy Sat 13-Jul-19 11:48:58

Morning (just), had a lovely evening, saw some very good comedy. Am out again today, so really ought to get moving & stop pratting about online.......

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Sat 13-Jul-19 12:14:23


We are having a lazy day at home today (i.e the TV will be on all day with either sport or x-box) Any wench want to come over and visit and we can go out for the day? grin (Once I've done that washing of course hmm )

We've done nothing about holiday plans this year. Well, we know when we're going and where but it involves staying with several friends etc, so it should be fairly low maintenance. except I can lay money on two new work projects arriving the day we go, because I was meant to get them at the start of the month and they're running late... <grouches>

WickedWenchOfTheNorth Sat 13-Jul-19 12:22:13

Really worried about Sigrid. She's started pooping all over the apartment. Been to the vet who thought she felt something that could be tumours in her colon. Waiting for an ultrasound at the animal hospital, I'm going to call the on Monday to try and get an appointment as soon as possible. Sigrid is 16 years old so I'm prepared for the worst sad

LetUsPrey Sat 13-Jul-19 12:34:49

<sees a blurry form whizz by> was that Fancy?

I’m already installed for this afternoon’s tennis Helen, otherwise I’d be round. FFS at late work people angry

Oh Wicked, come here and have a huge hug. <squeezes Wicked>

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Sat 13-Jul-19 12:55:50

wicked sad <cwtch> fingers crossed it's fine. Stupid cat had similar but was throwing up and seems to have been fixed by a change in diet and laxatives. Fingers crossed its as simple for you.

ApricotCrush Sat 13-Jul-19 17:56:57

Evening. Another quiet day, DH is at DS's again. I'll be so glad when he's finished and he doesn't bore me to death with plumbing when he gets back.

Can't be bothered with the tennis but might watch the men's final tomorrow. I watched a programme I recorded this afternoon called "Why Can't We Sleep? I went to sleep. grin

Oh WW, I'm so sorry to hear Sigrid isn't well. Hopefully it won't be anything serious. <hugs>

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