Week 6 Low CarbBootcamp - the second half

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BIWI Mon 22-Feb-21 01:05:30

Morning campers!

Here's the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness for you to confess all

We're half way through now. Hopefully by now we should all be getting used to a low carb way of eating, which will mean we should be fat-adapted.

I hope you've enjoyed the recipe challenges, and I really look forward to reading more recipes.

I especially hope that the challenge has lured the lurkers out! Please post your recipes!

And, of course, here's hoping that we all have a good week ahead

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ShagMeRiggins Mon 22-Feb-21 01:58:32

#nightowl wink

ListenLinda Mon 22-Feb-21 02:55:59

Checking in at this ungodly hour, thanks DS, i say with a massive eye roll

Onelittlepiglet Mon 22-Feb-21 05:39:58

Morning all! Sorry I’ve not posted for a few days. Thanks for all the celeriac mash advice - will definitely use a hand blender next time and also try adding leeks.

I’m down by 1lb this week (which is actually 2.5lb as I’d put on 1.5lb last Monday but it was TOTM). So very happy with that! Yesterday the scales were 3/4 of a lb even lower so I fingers crossed it carries on down. I usually go down then up again slightly and then eventually the lower weight sticks after a few days!

Had a few days of quite boring food but all fine for this WOE. Need to go shopping today and get some more variety. Those celeriac steaks look great whoever posted those!

Hope everyone has a good week x

MrsOmelette Mon 22-Feb-21 05:41:12

Well I stood on the scales yesterday morning for no reason and had put on 4lb since Friday morning so was really grumpy...even though I know I can’t have done really, not long-term, as have been following the rules. I didn’t get too demoralised to keep on keeping on though, had scrambled eggs and cherry tomatoes for lunch and a bowl of mushroom stroganoff for dinner. Today is fluids, fluids, fluids, sardine salad for lunch and beef goulash & cauliflower rice for dinner.

LostaraYil Mon 22-Feb-21 06:32:19

Less than 1lb down for me this week, but I'll take it. Slow and steady.
Sorry I'm not taking part in the recipe challenge, I don't really use recipes except for baking. I can, however, recommend frying spinach until wilted and adding a big chunk of Boursin and letting it melt, even DS will happily eat spinach this way!
This week I'm going to try to cut out the dark chocolate that has been gradually creeping into my daily routine. My plan was to limit it to 2 days a week originally but I am not a moderator and it's easier to just not have any.

Justcallmecaptainobvious Mon 22-Feb-21 07:23:25

1lb on here today. I’m ok with that - it’s period week, and I had some non-boot camp foods one day (stood in Tesco and asked myself if they were worth not losing weight this week. The answer was yes). Not expecting much this week - it’s my birthday and whilst everyone has been briefed on not getting any food/cake/chocolate, we are going to have a nice pub meal and dessert. But I’ve planned good boot camp food for the rest of the week, and am getting back on the water wagon (not had enough this week).

My weight loss app tells me that if I lose 2lbs a week it’ll take a year to get to a healthy weight. Surprisingly, that was actually quite motivating rather than demoralising!


Bestbees Mon 22-Feb-21 07:26:10

Thanks for the new thread @BIWI

Up 1/2 an lb here. So, super strict week for me. No booze (easy in the week) no choc (not too hard) no snacking/nibbling which is harder!

B 1 Cup of tea with almond milk, balc coffee, water
L green tea salmon with brocoli and cabbage cooked with ginger, chili, soy and lemon grass. All cooked in coconut oil.
D recipe from Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals - basically chicken, bacon fried with greens (spinach leek and bean) with what is mean to be potato gratin but will be swede here. Greek yoghurt.

Watch portion sizes this week, focus on more greens and shrinking portion s of things like gratin, due to the carbier veg not the fat.

Hope everyone has great losses!

pinkpinkeverywhere Mon 22-Feb-21 07:31:02

Morning everyone, 1.2lbs for me, but I spent most of the week losing the increase I had after a few treats last weekend. Overall I've lost a lot since the 18th January so concentrating on that and remembering that even 1lb a week would be good.

WitchWand Mon 22-Feb-21 07:39:09

Thanks for the new thread BIWI. My weight's been up and down over the last week and I can identify with everyone who's cultivating patience with their bodies. I'll be weighing in tomorrow with mine. smile

CowGurl Mon 22-Feb-21 07:43:18

Morning all.

Stayed the same for me, but the lower number showed up on the scales twice this week so hopeful for a bit of movement by next Monday esp as will have had period by then. Spreadsheet only showing 0.5lb loss but I started a week early and lost 6lb that week, so am quite content with where I am for the mo.

Hope everyone has a good week.

MrsHuntGeneNotJeremyObviously Mon 22-Feb-21 08:03:05

Good morning all. I think I'm 1 lb down. Not sure because I haven't been weighing regularly. Yesterday was too much food - will lay off the cheese for a bit and see what happens. Haven't had any alcohol for a week though and no plans to drink at all, so I want to see if that can kick me down a bit of weight.
Good luck to all those yet to weigh x

prettybird Mon 22-Feb-21 08:03:34

Had a lovely meal last night thanks to the recipe challenge (report on the old thread) smile Will post it up later on the meat recipe thread.

venusandmars Mon 22-Feb-21 08:06:38

I'm 2.4lbs down this week, which was last week's + pound (Valentine's day) and now one more. I'm very happy with a steady gradual loss. If I keep on like this, then in a couple of weeks I'll hit a major kg goal, one that I last passed 2 years ago. It will be a welcome sight and will bring a spring in my step, which will hopefully match the spring in the weather.

We've got smoked mackerel today, just trying to think what carb accompaniment to give dh...

ZiggZagg Mon 22-Feb-21 08:07:29

Morning, 5lb down for me but it is what I had put on Valentine's Day, just a lesson to not overindulge as I could have been 5lbs nearer to my target weight! KOKO

L is Tuna Mayo Salad
D will be Curry Cauliflower Soup with a SLCR

EarlGreyHot Mon 22-Feb-21 08:35:59

3lbs down so that's the 1lb I'd put on over valentines and an extra 2lbs! Delighted. Will be strictly Bootcamping this week as it's my DS's birthday on Friday and I'm planning on having a slice of his cake.

L - ham and mushroom omelette, salad
D - courgetti and leftover pulled pork in sauce. May pour some cream on to up my fats.

Cactusowl Mon 22-Feb-21 08:44:57

Over 3lbs off this week.

Last week was lovely and stress free. This week I’m back to helping my son remote learn so will have to resist the urge to comfort eat.

Iamnotacerealkiller Mon 22-Feb-21 08:52:14

I feared sts this week as numbers weren't moving but a last minute effort on the bog has resulted in 1.5lb down! Weight loss is just a poo away guys!

So I'm basically where I was at the end of last bootcamp so I've now got 5 weeks to get lower plus I'm not planning on stopping until my holiday in June or I've hit my low target of 10st 7. At my current rate that a pound and a half per week ish which I've just about been managing. Would be happy to get to 11st which is probably more realistic though.

I was quite fed up this week as my usual strategies wernt working until today. Was considering making low carb bread which I normally avoid. I've found a decent looking recipe but on the fence about trying it now after a loss this week. Will do a bit more reading and consider it.

Can't really justify the cost of seriously low carb bread.

LittleMy77 Mon 22-Feb-21 09:16:24

grin @Iamnotacerealkiller and your weight loss advice!

I’ll weigh in tomorrow, Mondays are always mental here and I forget. Expecting to stay the same or put on as I fell off the wagon as I was feeling shit this week. Back to it this week, spurred on by the fact clothes are definitely fitting better

Ninkanink Mon 22-Feb-21 09:23:11

Morning everyone!!🌼🌺🌷Congrats to the losers, 💐 commiserations to those who haven’t seen a happy number on the scales today but it will come - your body is doing its thing, just keep the faith and KOKO!💐

I didn’t sleep at all night before last (I woke with a start at half twelve having just gone to sleep about half an hour before; I give it an hour or two of trying to get back to sleep - seasoned insomniac - but if not I find it much better to just get up, so I did, and watched tv series on Prime, read, played Hay Day and had many cups of tea, all through the night), was fine yesterday and managed all day right til the evening, was lucky enough to sleep well last night, but wow I’m feeling it this morning!!😴😴

Sympathy to those who’ve been suffering without sleep, it’s rough! I’ve not got little ones anymore so I can at least catch up on rest in the day...🌻🌻🌻 for a bit of sunshine today, and ☕️ or 🍸🍷🥃!

Weighed in at 70kg (154.3) which is a very modest loss but I’m happy with it after mindful Valentine’s and Anniversary indulgences last week. Please could someone add that to the spreadsheet?

For the latter part of BC I’m going to be pretty strict as I’d really like to see at least a kilo or possibly two off by the end.
This week I’ll focus on water as I’ve not been having enough. Will also make my lunches slightly bigger and my dinners a little on the smaller side.

plumstone Mon 22-Feb-21 09:24:53

Morning All, down a lb so 12st.9lbs which I am delighted with - weigh from yesterday as I am currently in London town for work - last minute issue on Saturday which I will spend this week dealing with. Hoping that I am one of those people who loose weight when stressed.

KOKO this week and i'll try and check in as and when!!

Lyrata Mon 22-Feb-21 09:32:45

I was also super into the celeriac steaks! They look beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing those Jollyholibobs.

I’ve lost 2lbs and I’m delighted. I am going to be really strict this week too, because I’d love to hit my goal in two weeks and move into maintenance. I’ve been a bit laid back about it over the last few weeks and been eating way too much dairy but this week has shown me the benefits of strictness!

Food today:
Breakfast: kefir and creamy coffee
Lunch: cauliflower soup
Dinner: cod with garlic butter samphire and roasted Mediterranean vegetables

Ninkanink Mon 22-Feb-21 09:35:20

Yes I’ll definitely be trying those as well!

pinkpinkeverywhere Mon 22-Feb-21 09:38:22

@Ninkanink I've added it to the spreadsheet and it shows your weekly loss as 2.3lbs, bootcamp loss as 6.1 lbs and %age loss as 3.8%.
That's a cracking loss in this week, double mine, so well done flowers

Dailyhandtowelwash Mon 22-Feb-21 09:43:56

2lbs on this week from last weigh in - went up 3lbs on Valentine's, had lost it, but 2/3rds of it reappeared this morning.

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