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Week 5 - So-called 'summer' low carb Bootcamp - a soggy start!

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BIWI Mon 10-Jun-19 06:35:06

Morning all.

Here's the spreadsheet

Hopefully we will all have successfully navigated the dreaded weeks 3 and 4, and can move seamlessly into week 5, where the scales should be set to be kind to us from now on. The rate of loss will be slower from here on, but a weekly loss of 1-2lbs should be achievable.

I have an interesting week, as our kitchen extension gets underway. At the same time, I have family visiting from Canada, so providing for them is going to be interesting! I suspect we'll be visiting a lot of local hostelries over the next 3 days grin

Anyway, good luck everyone, and hope this is a good week for us all.

SittingontheSidelines Mon 10-Jun-19 06:52:05

Good morning @BIWI. Thanks for the new thread and good luck with the extensions, the weather, and your visitors.

As expected I didn't loose anything overnight and have remained the same.

Onward and downward. Good luck everyone. Hope you're all pleased with your results.

BalloonSlayer Mon 10-Jun-19 07:01:14

Morning all!

Hope your extension goes well BIWI!

Can I ask a question? What does FLGV mean?

BIWI Mon 10-Jun-19 07:06:21

Fuck Load of Green Vegetables!

Nameusernameuser Mon 10-Jun-19 07:24:00

Morning everyone. After my weight being exactly the same the last 2 weeks I've persevered and lost a lb this week which puts my total weight loss at 6lbs. I wanted to lose 2lb a week so only slightly behind after week 4, I'll still take 1.5lbs down per week, better than gaining!
There's someone else with PCOS on this thread, I came on today after 37 days, knew it was coming because I felt tired and groggy but have no period pain which is unheard of for me, usually I'm keeled over in pain.

VeryLittleOwl Mon 10-Jun-19 07:27:04

Good morning, thanks for the new thread BIWI smile

After about 10 days stuck on the same weight I very nearly caved and agreed to DH's suggestion of the chip shop for lunch on Saturday (we weren't fit to go to our usual places as we were taking a van-load of plasterboard to the tip), but held out for a salad and have been rewarded with a 2lb loss this morning smile

It did actually make me think about how my Saturdays have changed in the last month. Previously lunch would be a posh burger and chips from one of the restaurants in town and supper would be a load of sugar-filled crap (pint of ice cream or lots of chocolate and crisps). Now it's a chicken ceasar salad from the restaurant and my Saturday weekly treat supper has turned into half a punnet of strawberries, half a punnet of blueberries and half a small carton of double cream, with the other half saved for Sunday breakfast. Much nicer smile

MrsBertBibby Mon 10-Jun-19 07:33:26

Morning! Soggy day indeed, I have a wet cat on me. 1.5lb down this week, and several days safely under 13 stone, so yay!

Glad to hear about the lack of cramps, nameuser!

MrsKoala Mon 10-Jun-19 07:39:40

Morning all. Good luck with building work BIWI you brave woman. We have been putting off an extension here for a year as I can't face it! I've decided when dd is in school in 3 years I will think about it again.

I'm not on the spreadsheet. Is that because I joined too late? Anyway, been a good week and I've lost 3lb. So now 11st 13. Woohoo into the 11s again.

MrsBertBibby Mon 10-Jun-19 07:42:17

FFS the mostly dried cat just popped out, got soaked again, came back and plopped herself back on me to dry again.

m0therofdragons Mon 10-Jun-19 07:44:39

I'll be getting wet in a football stadium watching the Spice Girls later in storms but at least I can change my clothes. Good luck with the extension @BIWI

In good news, 3lb off. I'm not sure I've ever lost 3lbs other than the first week water loss so I apologise for my moaning. I thought I'd be immune to the week 3-4 stall as I've been doing this long term but I probably have stepped it up.

prettybird Mon 10-Jun-19 07:45:26

I'll not mention that the sun is splitting the sky in Glasgow this morning and we had a glorious day yesterday, (despite the dire forecast) and I got two washings dried outside wink

BIWI Mon 10-Jun-19 07:51:39

You can go off people you know, @prettybird ... grin

IStillMissBlockbuster Mon 10-Jun-19 07:52:15

Good morning all. I lost my mid week loss and am back to the weight I was last week. I know why. BIWI, you've asked me some difficult questions that there are no magic answers to really.

MrsKoala - you can add yourself onto the spreadsheet if you like.

MumbleLumble Mon 10-Jun-19 07:56:47

Nameusernameuser, that's me with pcos.

Well after avoiding the week 3 and 4 stall, I seem to be having it now instead. Only 0.6lb down this week. So close to loosing a stone! I was really hoping I'd lose it this week. Oh well, hopefully next week. My shopping was delivered yesterday, so I've got a fridge full of food but can't decide what to make for dinner tonight.

prettybird Mon 10-Jun-19 08:02:45

MrsKoala - you need to ask @AthelstaneTheUnready to put you on to the spreadsheet smile

Adding names has been locked down because the spreadsheet was being mucked up too often.

Good luck with your kitchen extension BIWI - hope the disruption is over quickly.

Summery1 Mon 10-Jun-19 08:24:35

Lost 1lb. So pleased. (After I logged my food I went back and finished the chocolate 😚). Total loss 6.75 lbs from 11st 13 to 11st 6.25.
The loss is motivating after refusing all the weekend treats, including home made bakewell.

Almahart Mon 10-Jun-19 08:29:07

STS but not surprised as weekbfoir and also too much wine

Heartyhooker Mon 10-Jun-19 08:30:40

@BIWI hope the kitchen extension his to plan. High fives @prettybird over north -South weather divide. @mOther congratulations.
I've had a woosh on weigh in day this never happens down two and a half pounds overnight and have now lost nineteen and a half pounds in 12 weeks and firmly into the sixteens. Prays to weightloss Gods who I am presuming is either Demeters daughter who only are 6 pomegranate seeds when kidnapped to the underworld resisting all other temptation or in American Gods style some sort of animate creepy diet shake. On second thoughts I may stick to the old gods as nearly midsummer

m0therofdragons Mon 10-Jun-19 08:36:19

Yay to the whoosh @Heartyhooker

It's sunny here in Somerset but rain due from 3pm.

m0therofdragons Mon 10-Jun-19 09:01:35

Morning nsv - lovely colleague commented on my loss (subtly in work kitchen) and that my skirt was hanging off me. It's true, I love this skirt but it's a 14 and was an emergency purchase when nothing else fit. She was convinced I must be a size 8... I'm not, I'm a 12 but I'll take the compliment grin

NigellaAwesome Mon 10-Jun-19 09:07:50

A pound off this week which I am happy with. smile

Summery1 Mon 10-Jun-19 09:14:27

I feel terrible today, really lethargic and low energy. Like a hangover.

I've been adding more salt to food, but still not a lot as I forget. I eat a lot of cheese and butter though which I think of as 'hidden' salts. I've been taking Berocca for a few days which has 100mg or 27% RDA of magnesium.

I did a lot of exercise yesterday, 2 hours cycling, 20 mins kettlebells and yoga stretching.
Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

NigellaAwesome Mon 10-Jun-19 09:15:40

@prettybird I'll join you on the deck for a breakfast coffee - weather amazing here and washing machine is happily murmuring away.

Yes, I meant to say good luck with the building work BIWI. Dust gets absolutely everywhere - if I can make a suggestion, tape up the doors to any rooms you aren't using around the edges with parcel tape or duck tape - it stops the dust getting in.

I measured myself the other day - I've lost 3cm from my waist and 5 from my bust. Thighs have stayed the same, but calfs have got bigger confused. I wonder if it is water retention?

BIWI Mon 10-Jun-19 09:19:44

@Summery1 - more salt, I think! But also, are you eating enough? And are you eating enough fat?

NigellaAwesome Mon 10-Jun-19 09:19:57

@Summery1 - It might be the artificial sweeteners in the berroca. I gave up taking it and switched to tablet form multivitamins because it played havoc with my blood sugars.

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