Week 9 - Summer Low Carb Bootcamp - let's get focused!

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BIWI Mon 17-Jul-17 07:38:14

Morning campers

Here's the spreadsheet

So we start our last two weeks. Let's get really focused - think about the food you're eating, pinpoint any carb creep and eliminate that cheating!

If it helps, post what you're eating each day. Or even consider going back to strict Bootcamp for the last fortnight!


Good luck to everyone

@ilovecherries - I feel your pain! And I hope very much that the hotel were able to make you a lovely, low carb fry up this morning

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SayrraT Mon 17-Jul-17 07:44:51

Just copying a bit from my post on the week 8 thread.

Sorry for those of you who gained, maybe just take a look back and see if you can spot anything you did that might contribute to the gain.

Common things are:

Cheatinggrineven just a wee bit
Not eating enough fat
Water retention (period related)
Water retention (exercise related)
Carb creep (accidentally eating too many carbs in the form of "allowed" but higher carb foods)

I've sts which is a miracle.

swlondonnanny Mon 17-Jul-17 07:45:23

Morning everyone,
Weigh in today at 243.4lbs (-1.6lbs) will try to get on laptop tonight and update the spreadsheet
Only 2 more weeks to go...

ASDismynormality Mon 17-Jul-17 07:54:08

I gained this week and am having a big sulky immature strop about it!

Food plan for today -

B - eggs
L - courgette and mushroom omelette
D - not sure yet!

Cherrypi Mon 17-Jul-17 07:55:36

2.75 lbs up this week. 3lbs overnight. I ate a custard doughnut when it was put in my hand yesterday. It was really nice. I'm getting a bit bored again. Any suggestions for easy no cook 'sweet' breakfasts. Getting bored of yoghurt. Thanks.

starsky22 Mon 17-Jul-17 07:56:20

I've lost 1lb this week, think it would have been more without the alcohol on Sat night, lesson learned!

OldBooks Mon 17-Jul-17 07:58:37

Asd me too, both the gain and the strop!

I am hungry but really want to start IF and see if that helps to start a steady loss rather than yo yo loss. So need to hold on till 12 at least.

B - no no no will not give in
L and T - planning to make some egg muffins with pancetta, leeks and spinach. Will have with salad and avocado


NamelessEnsign Mon 17-Jul-17 07:59:18

Sigh. Same pattern of seeing a new low on Thurs/Fri then a bounce at the weekend makes my Monday weigh in higher. Maybe weekend exercise, possible weekend carb creep, possibly AF this week. I even did IF this weekend as well.

So we need to get on it BCers as lots of us are unhappy with the scales this week. Onwards to victory!

Egg fast anyone?

YoLoZammo Mon 17-Jul-17 08:03:22

Woohoo 3.1 lbs down from last week!! Now I'm 15 stone dead. Must be the exercise wot did It!!!

L238 Mon 17-Jul-17 08:11:08

STS this week. Annoying as I think I've been pretty strict. Possibly not enough fat and water
Sorry to those who are disappointed this morning.
It's my OH's birthday so taking him out for a meal. Food will be easy - salad/steak/bearnaise but allowing myself a few drinks - only had 1 glass of wine in the last fortnight

ilovecherries Mon 17-Jul-17 08:20:37

I weighed yesterday before I left, and STS. Can't pretend I'm not a bit disappointed. That's only 2 lbs in three weeks, and means I won't achieve my goal of being just fat (i.e. 13 stone 9 lbs) rather than obese by the end of BC. In fact at this rate I will be very likely to even see 13 stone anything. I thought last week it had slowed because I'd been too low fat, but have really worked on that this week. Can't identify any carb-creep (apart from yesterday's diet of 20gms dark chocolate and a 40 gm packet of almonds, but these were a) exceptional for me and b) after I had weighed anyway. On the plus side Tesco has a cafe. Sausages taste carby so left those, and the beans, AND the hash browns, but I've got extremely fatty bacon and an egg.

ilovecherries Mon 17-Jul-17 08:28:26

I think it's harder to accept when you can't see anywhere where you went wrong. I've got green veg coming out my ears. I'm awash with water. I haven't had any alcohol, I don't eat a lot of diary anyway. I'm adding fat to everything. I haven't had as much as a taste of off-piste food. My biggest aberration was a few onion slices on a salad on holiday, two tomatoes (over two weeks!) and the odd slice of red pepper in a restaurant salad. And with 3 stone to go to reach a normal bmi, I'm not even (surely??) at the stage where I need to count calories. However, I AM a stone down, although that was all in the first 5 weeks really.

ScoobyDoosTinklyLaugh Mon 17-Jul-17 08:30:33

Morning all,

I'm bowing out due to morning sickness. I've gone off all the lovely food that made bootcamp great and I had to demand toast was delivered to me before I could get out of bed this morning! There's been an untouched pot of double cream in the fridge for 3 days sad

I'm going to continue to loiter though and I'll be back with a vengence when the sickness (hopefully) passes.

Namaste Bitches!

ScoobyDoosTinklyLaugh Mon 17-Jul-17 08:33:57

Before I fuck off


2lbs in 3 weeks is a perfectly reasonable loss and what do you think the average weight gain is when you go on holiday for most people in this country. Stop whinging and well done for your overtly weightloss.

ScoobyDoosTinklyLaugh Mon 17-Jul-17 08:36:01


AdalindSchade Mon 17-Jul-17 08:54:03

Place marking

ASDismynormality Mon 17-Jul-17 08:54:50

ilovecherries. That's exactly how I feel, I haven't gone wrong anywhere, still plenty to lose but have done well so far! Fingers crossed we both get a whoosh next week!

scooby. Hope the morning sickness passes soon flowers

Veryflummoxed Mon 17-Jul-17 08:56:52

Yep you're doing well Cherry. You're keeping to the rules and further loss will show eventually. You were perfectly entitled however to be pissed off with last nights lack of food and the breakfast offerings. Hope the fatty bacon and eggs have done the trick KOKO

I'm still not weighing and haven't put on the blouse yet today, it's gradually loosening, I'm hopeful that it will be wearable by the end of bootcamp. I'm currently having a non elimination problem though. My stomach is huge and hard. As I've been fine up until this week I think it's the painkillers causing the problem. However I'm starting to reduce the medication now so hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.

Giraffeski Mon 17-Jul-17 09:08:37

I'm up for an egg fast @namelessensign
Haven't weighed yet but I had a few drinks and cheats over the weekend as ILS had massive weekend long party to celebrate art five children being in one place at one time. I felt rough as fuck yesterday evening so I think it just proved how well/ energetic etc I feel when i'm sticking to this WOE.
I may not weigh today. See how brave I am in a bit.
So. Egg fast starting today.
I'm in. May even try a five day-er.
Do we need to be taking supplements do you think? Vitamin c?!

bellalurgy Mon 17-Jul-17 09:11:57

STS for me. I'm guessing not only has my sprained ankle curtailed my walking somewhat but the inflammation is causing an issue.

Onwards and downwards!

bellalurgy Mon 17-Jul-17 09:12:21

ps I am now on day 161 grin

GoodBadOrIndifferent Mon 17-Jul-17 09:14:29

3lb off. I know I'm not quite doing bootcamp but i don't want to leave the thread

StuntNun Mon 17-Jul-17 09:23:50

I have lost half a pound this week bringing me to a grand total of...
1.5 lb over the last eight weeks of Bootcamp.
I feel slimmer, my clothes fit better, my hunger levels are under control and I'm eating a healthy diet that will help prevent chronic diseases and hopefully keep me active into old age. Yes I wish the weight loss was faster but I'm still happy with my way of eating.

Scooby in my last pregnancy I ate more carbs during the first trimester but once the nausea passed I went back to low carb again. The real problem was staying low carb in the hospital after DS4 was born but I had a bag full of pork scratchings and almonds to keep me going good thing too because the food was abyssmal.

TimeIhadaNameChange Mon 17-Jul-17 09:24:47

First of all, C4 - really am very sorry about Spug. I tried to post of Saturday but we had such awful weather I don't think my message made it to the thread. You tried your best for him, and now he has a lovely grave in your garden and won't be forgotten. x

My weekend was nice and quiet. Tried to get down to the post office twice under my own steam on Sat, but the rain defeated me. I started off walking, but the rain got behind my glasses and it was not pleasant, and, despite being in full waterproofs I still got wet, so I turned back. I then thought I'd get the bus, waited about 15 mins but it didn't turn up and went back inside. Live rurally, so the next possible bus was a couple of hours later. In the end I jumped on DP as soon as he got in and we went down in the car, only to find that, despite it being open for another hour and a half the woman had cashed up for the night. But I went back yesterday and managed to get the Euros I needed for my holiday.

Diet-wise I wasn't too bad, but it could have been better. Rather worried about my week and a half away, as I'm staying with friends and I really don't want to be an awkward guest, but I'll go back on to full BC when I return. Plus I won't be able to weight myself again until a week Thursday, so I'll see what the damage is then.

Oh, and I suspect I upset my mother by saying I was looking forward to seeing my friends this week. I was supposed to be seeing her as friends had a party on Saturday night which I was invited to, but I said I couldn't afford the time away, and now I'm going on holiday. What my mother doesn't understand is that, not only will I will be able to get some work done whilst I'm away, which I couldn't do at hers, but that being at hers isn't the stress-free experience she thinks it is. Plus, my sibling and husband were there, and considering they are both narcs, liable to tantrum if they don't get their own way, it really would have been hell on earth. But I think my mother feels I should have been there to take some of the strain. Never mind.

secretsignal Mon 17-Jul-17 09:34:01

Morning! Sorry to those who are struggling, I feel a bit mean posting this. 2.7 down and have broken a stone barrier and hit my target weight. I was hoping to get to 10st by the end of BC, which I thought was pretty much impossible. Today I weighed at 9/12.

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