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Help please! Ebay prob....need help asap please 8 mumofdjandbabies 16/05/08 09:40
Rules about Ending a Listing Early 8 Legacy 16/05/08 09:40
Need some advice please. 6 tortoise 15/05/08 22:06
Boo Hoo! put several things on turbolister last night. tonight they are gone! not in the waiting to upload :( what did I do wrong? 16 sixlostmonkeys 15/05/08 17:07
I thought the rules were changing so that sellers could no longer leave feedback? 9 UpsyDaisyDo 15/05/08 15:43
Ebay help needed please 8 sixlostmonkeys 15/05/08 15:25
trouble listing on ebay and auctiva last night .... can anyone help? 2 UpsyDaisyDo 14/05/08 23:02
Can I have... 11 sixlostmonkeys 14/05/08 20:27 showing unpaid 6 sixlostmonkeys 14/05/08 11:45
Listed as Cash on collection but buyer has paid via paypal- Can I do anything? 7 YouNeverKnow 14/05/08 11:07
if i buy something form the US for £130, do i have to pay any tax or anything on it? 28 FrannyandZooey 14/05/08 07:50
why do people ask if i have a BIN price when i havnt listed it as BIN!! 11 worley 13/05/08 22:13
Best way to send a pram 1 geordieminx 13/05/08 20:27
Morning - how do you search for ALL the local items being sold say within 15 miles from you? 6 mumofdjandbabies 13/05/08 18:59
Do you start most things at 99p or at at what you really wouldnt let it go for any less for? (did that make sense!) 9 mumofdjandbabies 13/05/08 09:33
If someone buys something with *unconfirmed* address would you send the item? 7 mumofdjandbabies 13/05/08 09:17
I've had a refund into my paypal account, will it automatically go into my current account? 5 hopefully 13/05/08 07:40
Has anyone used GREEN METROPOLIS to sell books? 4 sushistar 12/05/08 22:32
What do you charge for postage/packing and is it my imagination or have the post office put their prices up? 1 UpsyDaisyDo 12/05/08 14:00
So annoyed with this buyer - HELP! 16 itsahardknocklife 12/05/08 11:05
Which cheap but reliable courier do you use? how much is it? pref looking for one that uses DHL! 3 pickie 11/05/08 21:44
I have always wondered should I have a wee bit at the bottom of my listings saying my terms.... 4 onelittlelion 11/05/08 12:07
Would you post interntationally? If so to which countries? how do you work out costs and what if it gets lost? 8 sixlostmonkeys 11/05/08 11:41
What do you do if you think someone is at it? ie a buyer.... 7 mumofdjandbabies 11/05/08 10:57
Quick Ebay question about refunds 7 Haylstones 11/05/08 08:59
I have some items in my "unsold" section 2 mumofdjandbabies 10/05/08 23:37
I know how to use photobucket now but not how to get the photos free onto ebay? can someone help me please :) 9 mumofdjandbabies 08/05/08 13:10
Is it me or can Auctiva be a bit temperamental sometimes??? 2 laura032004 08/05/08 10:55
Tips for selling on ebay! 6 laura032004 08/05/08 10:54
If someone sends you an item - the wrong size to what is advertised, say.... 6 Wolfgirl 08/05/08 09:30
Should I open a paypal dispute or wait a while? 13 auntypurple 07/05/08 18:40
I won some items on Saturday, but the seller hasn't contacted me since.. 2 WiiMii 07/05/08 18:29
Am going to get told off i think but...... 33 sixlostmonkeys 07/05/08 09:59
Why can't I leave feedback? 6 onelittlelion 06/05/08 23:15
I bought an item seller sent me mesage saying it was wrong listing what do I do? 2 Flier 06/05/08 15:27
Why can't I use my credit card through Paypal? 3 Ceolas 06/05/08 07:32
I need help with descriptions for selling music equipment! Anyone know anything about a Yamaha SG2000 guitar/Marshall cab/peavey head??? 8 DirtySexyMummy 05/05/08 20:13
What is it called when the ebay seller is bidding on their OWN item?? 68 largeginandtonic 05/05/08 16:04
Can anyone recommend a cheap but reliable courier for a 5kg box? 2 UpsyDaisyDo 05/05/08 16:01
I need a total figure for items I've sold and I just can't seem to get it............ 5 charliecat 05/05/08 09:51
when does the feedback system change again? can I as a seller still leave feedback? 3 sixlostmonkeys 05/05/08 07:45
Paypal shopping cart problems 1 dingdong05 04/05/08 22:36
new to ebay ....why cant i win anything? 3 TurkeyLurkey 04/05/08 19:52
I expect it's been mentioned before but... 8 NurkMagiggy 04/05/08 14:43
Peppa Pig Toys - Sell As A Bundle or Separate? 11 jillybabie 04/05/08 09:52
So, it's been... 9 anitaj1982 03/05/08 02:14
Late nights on ebay ..don't do it 8 blinkingthreetimes 02/05/08 09:30
Advice please...... 6 sixlostmonkeys 02/05/08 00:17
someone is buying my item but why two bids same woman? 10 anitaj1982 02/05/08 00:13
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