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Cambridge Diet

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TrollyDolly1 · 04/08/2010 09:48

Firstly, apologies if this thread is already on here,but I couldn't find it. Last time I did the Cambridge diet I found lots of help and support on Mumsnet and was hoping there would be a thread in place to help me this time ..........

Day one today, had a chocolate shake with lots of ice, a pint of water and am currently drinking a cup of hot water.

Yesterday I was weighed at my consultants house and I was 14 stones 7 and a half pounds. Going on holiday on the 26th September and would love 2 stones off by then. Last year I did this diet for my sisters wedding and lost 28 pounds in as many days. Was very pleased, unfortunatly I am a greedy PIG and cannot control my eating. Am doing to do ss for a month then a week at a time until my hol,as much as I can. Then will follow slimming world principles during and after my holiday, just need this kick start to get me going!

If anyone would like to join me on this thread we can help each other, last year the help I got on here was invaluable!

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TrollyDolly1 · 04/08/2010 19:46

Day one done! [smile} have a slight head ache but am just watching Emmerdale with my last glass of water before taking myself off for an early night. Oh and made tea for DS and DP and was only the littlest bit tempted ......

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Jacaqueen · 04/08/2010 20:20

I think I might have been on that thread.

Just wanted to wish you luck. As you know once you are in ketosis it will become so much easier.

Cambridge wasn't the answer for me, but if you can stick it out the weight will go.

TrollyDolly1 · 05/08/2010 08:50

Thank you very much Jacaqueen! I really am hoping that I can stick to it and this morning, I feel great! At work tomorrow, a shame that its also my day three but hopefully I will be fine!

Tried on all my holiday clothes last night, at best they are extremly snug at worst they are no where near even fastening. Did all the awful measuring and photos last night, find this really helps. I have also written a list of "inspiration" to keep me going!

OP posts:
gingernutlover · 05/08/2010 08:57

good luck - cambridge works brilliantly for fast weight loss. Those holiday clothes will be fitting in no time.

I used to like blending the ice in the shake, is that what you did.

Also I found the last time I did Cambridge i did the SS+ plan where you have an evening meal, this was much easier, might be an option after the first month.

Sounds like you already know about changing your eating habits once the wieght is gone. I have done cambridge 4 times and countless other diets and am only now feeling I can change the way I think about food using hypnosis.

caykon · 05/08/2010 09:12

I am starting again today, tired of slopping around in scruffy clothes and having no energy for the kids. So here goes.

jujuloz · 05/08/2010 09:53

To Trolleydolly,

Did try to message you back direct but apparently you account is not set up to accept this.
Anyway, hope you find this message.
Like you I need to loose the xtra.
I have never been on the cambridge diet but know others whom have and have successfully lost alot of weight quickly.
Being a food and lover of wine and nearing my late 30,s i find it much more difficult than 5-10 years ago to loose the weight. Always manage a few pounds then loose heart!!

Myself n hubby are having a wedding blessing on 11/9/10 so only have about 5 weeks and would love to loose at least a stone.
I need a constant kick up the butt and will do the same for you!!! to keep us on track.
Tried on dresses yesterday for our big day and all were tent like... yuk!!
Hope you get in touch!!! keep going, good luck.

p.s must be desparate am currently as I type this all padded up to my old slendertone machine!! ouch!!

Rowan49 · 05/08/2010 10:19

Hi, I am currently doing this diet. I weigh 11 stone 10lbs and I want to get down to 9 and a half stone - so just over 2stone. I hope I can get it off as quickly as possible!

TrollyDolly1 · 05/08/2010 12:10

I think you were doing CD last time I was doing it. I have thought about hypnosis,you will have to let me know how you get on. I really do think my problem with food is deep rooted in me. I am not very fond of the shakes, or the soups or the bars for that matter. I have to stand in the kitchen and down the shakes, I have them as cold as possible - lots of ice! I cant have the soups as they are hot and I cant drink it quickly!


I know exactly how you feel! I had a few weeks off work and I used the time to potty train my ds. I wore my tracksuit bottoms every day! Looked awful and regularly shoe horning myself into my uniform/jeans reminds me that I cant just eat and eat and eat. Lets just say at the end of the 2 weeks my uniform was very very snug!


Congratulations on your wedding blessing - how lovely! I tried to message you back but it wouldn't let me (or I was doing it wrong ). It was a wedding that made me realise last time I did this. We got measured for our bridesmaids dresses shortly after I had had my ds, I refused point blank to be measured, I had, in fairness, alot of padding (bandeges etc.) around my tummy (I split my c section scar back open) so it was agreed I would take myself back to be measured at a later date, 2 months or so. I managed to put the apt. off for 8 months, each month stating that I would sort myself out but never did. In the end I had to go for the measurements, but I assured the lady who measured me I was not normaly this size - she ordered me a size 18.

I soon forgot about the dress and continued to eat and eat and eat. Then quite a few months later, I got my exciteable sister on the phone telling me our dresses had arrived and did I want to go up and see them? No, but I went any way. I opened up this dress carrier and I pulled out the size 8 dress that my little sister would be wearing,she tried it on and looked simply stunning, I then pulled out the size 14 affair the other bridemaid would be wearing - it was too big for her but again she looked beautiful, then I turned my attention to the 1 remaining tent dress in the carrier. I cant even discribe it, there was just yards and yards and yards of this green fabric spilling out! There has been a mistake I thought. No, it fitted perfectly! And I promtly burst into tears!

So, on to the Cambridge diet I went - as I had an end goal in mind ( the thought of being imortalised forever in all the pictures, in a green tent, made me feel ill) I found it quite easy! On the morning of the wedding I climbed on the scales to see I had lost 28lbs. The dress needless to say had to be taken in time and time again. Luckily the lovely dress maker knew of the cambridge diet as her brother often went on it and she was so accomadating. In the end I had a final fitting on the Thursday and the poor women worked through the night to have the dress back with me on the Friday.

I need a good kicking to keep me on track - I am hungry now, will mix my shake shortly. I am at work tomorrow, and its my day 3! I am thinking it will be hard.

I will try my very very hardest to keep you motivated,losing weight is so hard, but at least the first step has been made!!!! As for the slendertone - every little helps lol

OP posts:
TrollyDolly1 · 05/08/2010 12:12

What day are you on Rowan49? How are you finding it?

OP posts:
TrollyDolly1 · 05/08/2010 20:29

Day 2 almost over. Had lots of lots of water today. Felt OK but not fab, feel really really cold. Could not face making food today, luckily DS was at nirsery and DP can look after himself. Hope your all OK, off to bed shortly

OP posts:
FatGirlThin · 06/08/2010 19:04

Hi fellow cambridge sufferers dieters.

I am on day 5 and oh my goodness I'm still hungry! Also I am enjoying the pleasant sensation of a furry tongue and breath that could fell a tree. Marvellous. Haven't had my first weigh in yet so I'm really blardy hoping it's worth it.
I have 3-3 1/2 stone to lose. I'm realistic about the fact that it will be a struggle when I come off the diet but tbh food always has and always will be a problem area for me but I'd rather be struggling at a sensible weight than where I am now (the same weight I was about 3 months and 2 billion calories consumed after the birth of my son).

I have been on the cambridge forum but it's so slooooow, nobody posts for ages so I'm really hoping this thread will have a bit more action!

Off to put children to bed then downstair for a delicious....mmmm....(I'd rather be eating sausages)....strawberry shake. Hopefully when I return there will have been a flurry of posts

TrollyDolly1 · 06/08/2010 21:41

Hi FatGirlThin! Just got to hotel now and god have I struggled today! Some evil person brought some Victoria sponge into the galley and it took all I had to walk away!

But I did walk away and that's what matters. I was presuming I would hungar free by day 5! But at least it sounds like you are in Ketosis, lol, I keep brushing my teeth. Yuk.

How soon are you thinking you will get your weight off? Do you think you can stand to do ss all the way? When do you get weighed?

Just contemplating now, do I have a shake and go to the gym or have a shake and do nothing?........

Mmmmmmmm ....... Sausages ........

OP posts:
TrollyDolly1 · 06/08/2010 22:00

Not going to the gym ..... Forgot my sports bra ...... Shame Wink

OP posts:
TrollyDolly1 · 07/08/2010 13:42

Day 4 Grin !!!! Very pleased! Yesterday was very hard, I was starving but didn't give in which I was proud of myself for!!! So the start of a new day, I have had one shake, and about 2 pints of water. Going to have a cup of hot water now. Hope every o e is doing ok!

OP posts:
FatGirlThin · 07/08/2010 17:28

Hey Trolly!
What a dreadful shame about that sports bra Grin I thought you weren't supposed to exercise for the first few weeks though?
Well done for getting through yesterday. I'm on day 6 and it is starting to get a bit easier.

When you said 'last time I did the cambridge diet....' what was your experience with it then? Did you lose lots of weight and more importantly did you put lots of weight back on?! I am VERY scared about the maintenance phase of the diet. I want to get onto SS+ as soon as possible after I've lost a decent chunk so that my body is actually used to food. The thought of piling it all back on...well it doesn't bear thinking about Sad

Fel1x · 07/08/2010 19:03

I am considering doing this diet.
I need something drastic to kickstart me I have decided!
Is there a website to look it up?
Is it expensive to buy the shakes etc??

TrollyDolly1 · 07/08/2010 19:19


I just thought exercise might help me tone up a little. Was not going to go mad but a little jog I felt might have done me good. Lol. Last time I did cd I did very well, lost 28 lbs in as many days. I did come off it and it's took me a year to put 26 of those pounds back oo. That said, I am a pig and had gone into total self distruct mode. I plan to do this for 5 weeks (ss) then if I'm honest will come off and do slimming world. I like sw but need a kick start. I am sure you will be fine! :)


I'm paying £40 a week for my shakes. If you google Cambridge diet lots of info will appear.

OP posts:
FatGirlThin · 07/08/2010 20:49

Oh Trolly I know all about self destruct mode, I've been slipping into for about a year and have been in full on for a few months now. The amount of food I was eating was obscene Blush

I lost 34lbs with weight watchers and kept within 1 stone of that for about 3 1/2 years but the last year has just been a disaster weight wise so I'm hoping cambridge will give me the kick start I need. I know HOW to eat sensibly so hopefully when I've lost weight I will be able to stop myself piling it back on, I just can't bear to lose the weight 1lb a week like I did last time, it's just too slow!

I need to start some gentle exercise too but I don't think my body is ready for it yet, I'll talk to my cdc on Monday. Hope the rest of the weekend goes well and well done for resisting the victoria sponge. I had a chocolate cake in the house on Thurs - I just sniffed it Grin

TrollyDolly1 · 08/08/2010 10:11

34 lbs, thats fantastic. I too know how to eat sensibly, its just doing it thats the problem! Is your weigh day tomorrow? Cant wait to see how you have done! Im two days behind you.

Tha flight last night was hard, kept having funny turns but feel ok now,I did notice my uniform felt quite comfy when I put it on last night, not the usual struggle to wedge myself into it.

I know what you mean about losing 1 lbs a week, its soooo slow. And then there are the weeks when you have been saint like yet stay the same or even worse put on for no aparrent reason. At least with cambridge you see results fast.

Going to wait until the post flight bulge has gone down and then maybe have a sneaky look on the scales - see how im doing.

Oh and ....... probably to much information but I havent "been" all week. Is that normal do you think. I'm just thinking I'm hardly eating therefore there cant be that much to come out.

Good luck for tomorrow .... let me know, 1st week is always fab loss! :)

OP posts:
FatGirlThin · 08/08/2010 20:23

OOOh trolly, have a look at this thread here - seems like it's a common problem. Hopefully you'll find the answer there.
I'm really looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow....although slightly apprenhensive too....what if I haven't done that well Shock
Let me know how your sneaky weigh in goes too!
Off to see my new CDC tomorrow, hopefully I'll come back with some new flavours to try. I'm quite hopeful about chocolate orange Smile

TrollyDolly1 · 08/08/2010 20:59

Oh! thank you! Bet you cant wait. It's such a good feeling getting on those scales and seeing such fantastic results. Dont be worried, you cant help but lose weight on CD, thats the beauty of it!

Choc mint is my fav. Found today hard, but the day I land generaly is,its the day I loose all control. It was really odd this morning not poping in the service station for my regulation 3 bars of chocolate!

OP posts:
FatGirlThin · 08/08/2010 21:34

It's the eating habits that are really noticeable. I'm finding that really interesting about not eating at all. I've realised that I:

Eat bits of the children's tea as I am making it (every meal)

I've got into the habit of eating something (like a couple of biscuits) before breakfast if I don't get it ready before my tummy is REALLY rumbling

Associate watching television in the evening with eating (sit in front of it with evening meal) - when I'm eating again I'm going to try and get dh and I eat to eat some (I'm not deluded enough to try all) meals at the table so that we actually pay attention to our food

The other things I've noticed are drinking water really does help to suppress hunger pangs (refused to believe this previously). Also I'm finding it really odd that the food I'm craving is savoury food (I'm a complete sugar-holic!)

I'm still REALLY hating the furry tongue/death-breath Angry


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FatGirlThin · 08/08/2010 21:35

Sorry - all that waffle came from you saying about your post flight chocolate run!

FatGirlThin · 09/08/2010 07:48

I had my weigh in this morning.......

TrollyDolly1 · 09/08/2010 08:13

YEY!!!!!! Well done! very very pleased for you! 9lbs in a week, thats amazing :o :o :o

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