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Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)

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botemp · 21/02/2023 16:16

Lovers of Parisian style and fashion with a conscious mindset and lots of chatter in between.

Favoured Parisian addresses:

Second Hand Shops


Favoured London addresses:

Charity Shops, Dress Agencies, and Outlets

Favoured NYC addresses:

Consignment shops, Vintage, and Restaurants


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OP posts:

Redandblue11 · 23/03/2023 18:40



MmePoppySeedDefage · 23/03/2023 20:29

I'm a member of V&A and missed the initial information about the Chanel exhibition- boo. But for the Dior one, which is why I joined initially, all members could go in when they wanted.


Voltefarce · 23/03/2023 22:14

MmePoppySeedDefage · 23/03/2023 20:29

I'm a member of V&A and missed the initial information about the Chanel exhibition- boo. But for the Dior one, which is why I joined initially, all members could go in when they wanted.

It’s the same for Chanel. I am a member and got my email today. Unlimited visits without booking. And members previews out for booking from 1 September.


botemp · 24/03/2023 12:06

Some more information on the Chanel exhibition here and it confirms it's the same exhibition as in Paris but some added UK pieces. Not sure if that's enough to get me to come over but there also looks to be an interesting exhibition at Kensington Palace and they overlap. If anyone goes there please report back although I've booked a few holidays these past weeks and on that experience I should probably book now, prices seem a lot more digestible when booked well in advance.

V&A Chanel exhibition to feature 200 looks across seven decades

Blockbuster to include origin story of famous tweed suit and not gloss over controversial wartime past

OP posts:

ProstituteHair · 24/03/2023 18:31

Excellent @botemp I'm a member.

Good opportunity for my sister and I to have a day out in Town.


RhadamanthNemes · 24/03/2023 19:09

Latest prostitute hair look btw.

Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)

ShangPie · 26/03/2023 11:59

Morning mes amies! Sadly V&A exhibits are beyond me - my next trip to London will take me to South Ken, but I’ll be across the road viewing dinosaurs. DS is now too old for the buggy so he can’t be easily corralled into doing things I want that he doesn’t, which makes visiting London much less enjoyable. Need to strike out solo!

Just popping on to say that I have already pavement-trashed my new pale wide leg jeans, a la 90s bo teens. I haven’t got on board with the mega clumpy flatform trend, so there’s only one pair of boots I can wear them with.

Thinking ahead to summer and sandals, I just can’t make my mind accept the solid-ness of the clompy sole with the strappiness of the top-sole. Everything either looks too heavy or weirdly delicate and spindly. I will need some new sandals this summer, so do I have to shift my perception to accept these styles? Is it a slow burn that will make them more appealing the more I see them, even though they don’t seem right just now?


botemp · 26/03/2023 12:19

I suppose you can go halfsies and go with the Teva Voyas, the midform version, they are very popular in Japan atm and I can see why (versatile with casual fitted and airier styles). They just look like normal sandals from above but have a bit of that grounding feel that the more clumpy ones do from the side and afar. I do think they sort of ask for immaculate feet in them though (for city wear).

Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)
Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)
OP posts:

botemp · 26/03/2023 12:27

*Correction, Teva Infinity midform (as opposed to Voya Infity which are the flatter ones, also popular in fashion circles), anyhow, here's a link as all these names are confusing. Linkydink

Teva Midform Infinity Sandals

Shop our Teva Midform Infinity Sandals at Boho clothing for the creative spirit- free worldwide shipping.

OP posts:

ShangPie · 26/03/2023 20:15

sorry bo, thanks for looking but my first reaction was a hearty and resounding no. They look to me like a bad mash-up of Ancient Greek sandals, so it’s not the shoe to convert me, no matter how popular they are in Japan.

I have odd feet - wide at the front but very narrow at the heels - so Tevas should be great for me but somehow I just can’t get on with them. I also won’t wear cross-over sandals as I feel the shape of the leather makes a weird shape and odd proportion of toe and foot.

Basically it’s one of those ‘kiss a hundred frogs to find my prince among sandals’ things. I’m starting early, but I reckon that by the time I find them, it’ll be November 🤦🏻‍♀️


botemp · 26/03/2023 20:30

You make your feet sound like flippers 😂 but I do know what you mean (do feet have fruity names yet, not food but I suppose yours are like diamonds). I can definitely get the apprehension towards clunky footwear and criss crosses would probably emphasise the width differential like some optical illusion. Doesn't leave you with much though, wider horizontal straps at the front and some sort of fastening at the back? I suppose the fishermen sandals are still out there but they can still be quite clunky. I shall ponder what else is out there 🤔

OP posts:

timeisnotaline · 27/03/2023 02:29

I think I have the old teva infinities, as travel /beach wear more than city chic I confess. I find the straps pretty close fitting- fine as I have pretty narrow feet but surely that means they mustn’t work for a huge range of feet? They do flex though as I remember wearing them out at 7 months pregnant, I looked like I was carrying a Swiss ball and most of my shoes not fitting. With chunky sandals there is huge definition in the wearability - the sole can be quite heavy and it doesn’t always flex so can feel clumpy, you really need to try it on. I have one pair I should move on due to this and another pair that are lightweight and so comfortable for proper walking.
ive just read an article saying jaeger invented the camel coat when wool was in short supply following ww1 so they used camel hair. This kind of history is so interesting! And one day I will own a classic camel (wool variety) coat.
im trying to plan to get to an Alexander McQueen exhibit finishing soon here at the ngv (national gallery victoria). I’m not sure it’s at all me but am rather excited to get out, I don’t think the exhibit has come here from overseas but can’t swear to that.


Redandblue11 · 27/03/2023 11:17

I love a sandal chat. Reminds me how I went on and on about sandals … and 3 years ago I ended up buying some black clarks ones , black , thick leather strap crossed at the front , then last year (or the one before) some Birkenstocks.
All my sandals are black (I think…) so I also have been thinking about adding a pair on a different colour .
not sure spending as much on the claudie pierlot ones, but I like the style.

Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)
Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)
Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)

Redandblue11 · 28/03/2023 11:15

hello? Anyone here?

Update - I got myself a parlux aylon hairdryer . Lighter and quicker than the ghd, and in my first rough dry today it did a pretty good job, also considering that today is damp and horrid so typically would be me in a frizzy mess, but no it seems to have done a good job. Happy so far (expecting it to last)


botemp · 28/03/2023 14:19

Why wouldn't you want an actual camel hair coat, time? Is there more cruelty involved than wool?

For those that live closer to Dundee than London, the V&A look to have an interesting Tartan exhibition on soon. (I'm usually a fan of Kuma (the architect) but I'm not sure about this one...)

I'm too cold to be thinking about sandals at the moment, I did see some Khaite dupes at Zara, bit like the design versions of Birkenstocks. I'll have to go and see them in shop seeing as there's been so many threads about being refused returns on here.

Glad the Parlux worked out well, Red now what are you going to buy with the money left over that would have gone towards the Dyson? 😁


Tartan - a radical new look at one of the world’s best-known fabrics

OP posts:

banivani · 28/03/2023 14:28

We've just had a massive snowstorm, so the mere idea of sandals is very abstract to me. And yesterday while out in it I slipped and fell right on my back. Luckily I was cushioned by 10 cm of new snow, a big backside and a yellow down maggot coat, so i lived. Are those Pierlot sandals comfortable? They look a bit fulsnygga as we say in Swedish, which is to say prugly, which is too say pretty in an ugly way or ugly in a pretty way, whatever you like. I think prugly can be very cool but I'm a poor judge of it. I have a problem with soles that look too plasticcy in a false wood/cork way or too lego smooth, IYSWIM (I barely do).

Now a tartan exhibition sounds a bit interesting. I'm very much considering folksy things, and history, and traditional fabrics again. Possibly a reaction to being TBFF (too big for fashion) because I can find fuck all else to wear so dressing as a 19th century milkmaid starts to look appealing.


botemp · 28/03/2023 14:38

Kind of like ratched (ugly in a good way, but only if intoned like a Valley girl)? At the risk of calling upon Flo's wrath, I'm always a bit unsure about the 'granny chic' style pieces. I think they require too much styling to not look staid and I can't commit to fashionable styling. And then I'm left wondering are they just ugly or just not for me or both or neither and then it all starts feeling a bit post modern and above my comprehension...

OP posts:

Redandblue11 · 28/03/2023 16:41

Lol, now that I look at them again they are certainly pugly. But I am well known for liking pugly things so that is fine .
I am also very interested in tartan and that one looks a promising exhibition.
mmm, left over money from Dyson … now that you say it Bo!
and I might well have some Vinted credit too as pair of high waisted jeans from Vinted were miss sold to me as a size 10, when they were a 26 and very cropped. So it looks like a refund is coming my way …


banivani · 28/03/2023 21:35

Time, that's just adorable. My memory of stuff like that is that it's a bit heavy and sweaty, mind.

Isn't granny chic a bit making the Golden Girls your style icons? But you're 27 so it just looks super-cool on your little self?

Myself I'm too boring as a person looks-wise, I'm can't carry those things off. Just looks like I meant it - I look like someone who says "a lovely pair of slacks".


MmePoppySeedDefage · 29/03/2023 08:45

Article about lovely Lucinda Chambers:

"The ex-Vogue editor who is making Jigsaw fashionable"


botemp · 29/03/2023 09:13

Thanks for that Poppy, and now I've got my tinfoil hat on, from the article:

Then I spot a tiny brilliant blue baguette crystal abandoned on top of one of the gate posts. Indeed it must.

As we sit eating a late breakfast of lemon drizzle cake made by her husband,

🥺 Is she, is she, here?

Is your friend still flaky, btw, you could turn quite a profit, the Vermeer tickets are going for hundreds on the ticket resale sites.

I don't think the crochet cami is granny chic, time, maybe today's grannies wore one at the time but their grannies didn't, I think. It's more the lady Penelope type accessories meets the Golden Girls. A bit of Lady Di too. It's and odd mashup of what people perceive as old without being tied to a specific era. I lack the knowing irony factor to pull it off too, mediocre solidarity Bani.

I don't think it's hard to find real camel, just really expensive these days. I have seen camel fabric for sale and have considered it, it's meant to be really warm and I like the colour.

I assume it's not enough money leftover for a trip to Dundee, Red. My geography is terrible, I did check for flights but we have no direct ones from where I am, but if someone visits and reports back it's not to be missed I'll take a proper look for a closer direct flight.

OP posts:

Floisme · 29/03/2023 09:23

Now now bo you know me by now - using 'granny' as a sneer raises my hackles but I've no issue with 'granny chic' Smile Indeed I rather like the look and speaking of which, I may have spotted my wool, pleated, ankle length skirt. It was in the window of my latest favourite charity shop last night. It was closed so I couldn't go in but it looked nicely-but-not-too-long and properly heavy. I'm off to try it on today, if it's still there. Will report back.

I had an email about the Chanel exhibition but by the time I managed to check, all the tickets had gone. I think they were just selling for the first few weeks though? I couldn't go in September anyway so not a disaster. I hope I don't have to end up shelling out for membership to get in Shock

I adore Lucinda Chambers so I'll definitely check out that Jigsaw collab.


botemp · 29/03/2023 10:10

I know some geeks who object to the term 'geek chic' because it infers normal geeks are not chic and it's only as an adopted style for non geeks that it's chic. <Sighs> finding subtext in everything is rather tiring but I don't want to dismiss it either.

Yes, Chanel tickets are only for the first two weeks of September, they're releasing the rest of the tickets in June iirc.

Fingers crossed someone hasn't gotten to the skirt ahead of you.

OP posts:

Floisme · 29/03/2023 10:24

I guess 'geek' was originally coined as an insult and then reclaimed as a badge of honour so it's got layer upon layer of subtext, whereas 'granny' and 'old' and 'pensioner' were once just straightforward, factual terms. Although now you mention it, I guess 'granny chic' is based on a stereotype.... OK I'm backing away now and off to the charity shop Grin

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