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Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: JesusFlo Superstar in a Back Lit Kaftan (Toyboy Not Included)

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botemp · 21/02/2023 16:16

Lovers of Parisian style and fashion with a conscious mindset and lots of chatter in between.

Favoured Parisian addresses:

Second Hand Shops


Favoured London addresses:

Charity Shops, Dress Agencies, and Outlets

Favoured NYC addresses:

Consignment shops, Vintage, and Restaurants


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OP posts:

EffortlessDesmond · 20/03/2023 14:20

Nice skirt micro, especially the colour... I had a cheap daffodil yellow handbag that was incredibly useful for a wallop of flash on a monochrome ensemble. If you'll wear it mostly with browns, I'd stick to the buttons to start with, but covered buttons would also be good as bo suggests.

I haven't forgotten the picture flo, but it's so dark and grey here that I wouldn't get enough light to show the shirt in any detail.


Floisme · 20/03/2023 16:25

Ok I'm posting and running for the next few days.

No rush Desmond, our only full length mirror is in a room with the worst lighting so I feel your pain.

Sooverthemill thanks so much for your thoughts. It's heartening to hear there are some newer, possible easier techniques in town. I may well get back to you when I have a bit more headspace.

microbius I don't think I've ever worn such a bright yellow so what do I know, but my initial instinct says why go for such a bold colour if you're instantly going to tone it down with sober buttons? I know we fear the children's TV presenter look, and not without reason, but I think I'd try swapping for other yellow or even another bright colour - you can always swap back.

And hi Rhadamanth, great to see you here!


ProstituteHair · 20/03/2023 16:37

Hi @Floisme!

@botemp has inspired a name change...


Floisme · 20/03/2023 16:52


botemp · 20/03/2023 16:53

Sesame Street Fainting GIF

ProstituteHair · 20/03/2023 16:37

Hi @Floisme!

@botemp has inspired a name change...

I am that Spy Kids quote right now 🙈 what's next, micro namechanging to Yogi Button...

OP posts:

yogibutton · 21/03/2023 00:29

Not a bad name! And available!


botemp · 21/03/2023 09:48

<cracks fingers>

Right, I'm renaming all of you...

I don't know what's happening to me, I've been looking at pastels 😱 in my head I like the idea of them with rusty browns and sienna/terracotta. I think spring weather needs to arrive already...

OP posts:

banivani · 21/03/2023 10:03

But Bo those colour combinations are lovely and very “young” as well. So go for it!


botemp · 21/03/2023 10:11

The young part is the issue, it's too girly on me IME, but maybe I'm old enough now where that doesn't happen anymore, this colour palette was mostly prompted by a blue oxford men's shirt so if I stay away from the more feminine I might get away with it. I shall have to find out.

OP posts:

banivani · 21/03/2023 11:44

I thinking young in a Ganni way can be carried off!


MmePoppySeedDefage · 21/03/2023 13:28

For buttons try Duttons in Yorkshire.I've used their postal button matching service a few times - you send a sample or an idea of the colour and size that you're after and they send samples, You choose the ones you want return the rest and away you go.


ShangPie · 21/03/2023 19:18

There’s a Duttons near me! If you want something checked over IRL before you make a decision micro / YoniB, let me know


ShangPie · 21/03/2023 19:20

Yogi B, not Yoni B. That is an entirely different new username 🤭


botemp · 21/03/2023 19:23

Buttons on your yoni feels like something the Victorians would do...

<Ahem> between the yoni massages and prostitutes, the real estate values are going to take a hit if we keep this up 😶

OP posts:

botemp · 21/03/2023 19:28

I missed Bani's comment about Ganni. They definitely do pastel but not so much of my desired Mediterranean spice palette. I suspect your much hmm-ed at Acne might have some pastels too, Scandi brands do seem to like the pastels in spring.

OP posts:

microbius · 22/03/2023 10:44

Thank you, MmePoppy and ShangPie!!! And thanks, red and flo, and everyone for opinions. I do like the experimental freedom of child clothes, and am hugely enjoying both buying for my daughter and also observing her choices when she decides what she will wear in the morning. But! The inspiration for the skirt comes not from childhood but from maybe a decade ago when I saw a young Danish woman doing a presentation in a midi flared very bright yellow high waisted skirt and I think a plain white top. Before then I wouldn't look at a colour like that, I don't think, but her outfit was amazing - very simple and striking. No buttons though 😵


MmePoppySeedDefage · 22/03/2023 13:45

Circa 1990, I had a similar skirt that I got from M&S. I bought it with a toning baggy blouse, which was A Mistake, but I loved the skirt. Swishing all that colour does cheer one up.


Redandblue11 · 23/03/2023 07:55

Does anyone here has the Dyson hair drier? Bo do you have one? Considering buying one with bday money … or is it a waste of the money? Thanks


botemp · 23/03/2023 08:14

No I don't t own one on grounds of James Dyson being a bit of a twat and my cleaner complains all the time about the Dyson hoover we have Blush I don't know if they're really worth the money (didn't you have a ghd one you liked?). People I know who did buy one and were evangelical about them are a lot less so since they've had issues that had to be fixed (it was fixed or replaced but it was still a hassle and it was often a string of issues). My hairdresser who loves his doesn't think it's worth having as a non professional 🤷 You can try them in store, I think they are meant to be quicker but the whole less damaging thing is a bit Hmm I'd probably buy the Shark one if I needed a new one. The main qualities the Dyson hair dryer has that others don't, it's compact and lightweight and can be used anywhere around the world without issue.

OP posts:

Redandblue11 · 23/03/2023 09:48

thank you Bo. I had a ghd that lasted roughly 4 years I liked it while it lasted But stopped working (a year ago but probably did not mention it here) the annoying thing is that it was the transformer thing and it was so complicated and expensive to repair that last year I got a babyliss which has now decided to stop working. I genuinely do not know if is something I am doing …
I think I will try that shark one.


Voltefarce · 23/03/2023 10:06

My gym has Dyson hair dryers and I do not see any difference between how that dries and the GHD I have at home. Not even quicker for me. They also feel quite flimsy which makes me nervous.


MmePoppySeedDefage · 23/03/2023 14:05

I got one of the very first Dyson Hoovers, which died very quickly, but we believe the hype & got another one – which also died very quickly.

We then got a SEBO vac, which has lasted for about 15 years so far. We didn't learn a lesson and got a Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner – which was rubbish - the Shark that replaced it, because it was so rubbish, is much better.

A friend of mine lent me her. Dyson hairdryer, and it was nice and quiet, but I prefer mine which came via my hairdresser. She bought it at the hairdressers' wholesale place, and while it's heavy, it's very powerful and extremely solid and considerably cheaper than the Dyson.

My advice is, based on my experience – Dyson products are rubbish.


Redandblue11 · 23/03/2023 16:51

thank you all
Interesting poppy ! I had two Dyson hoovers … which have been utter rubbish, replaced a long time ago with Miele. But every so often I think, maybe they are better now and I should get a hand held one … every time I think to get another Dyson product I will remember your post and wake myself up to reality.

I will go and get myself a shark or any other cheapy product I think


botemp · 23/03/2023 16:57

If I wasn't looking for one with a good diffuser (my main criteria) then the professional ones by Diva or Parlux are probably your best value for money. I have a Diva but it's a bit of a pain to attach a diffuser to but if you just do normal blow-drying and make use of a nozzle it does that perfectly.

Those Revlon all in one stylers might also be of interest?

OP posts:

botemp · 23/03/2023 17:04

Forgot to mention, looks like there's going to be a big Chanel exhibition in the V&A this autumn. But I think I've seen it in Paris already, I'm not sure if it's the exact same but they're crediting the museum I saw it at as collaborators. Tickets for September seemed to be available but I think they're sold out already 😲

OP posts:
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