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Slimming World

SW Support Thread #1 of 2018

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Groovee · 31/12/2017 21:34

New thread to see in 2018. Everyone welcome.

Having lost 4st in 2017... I'm looking at target by Valentine's Day if possible.

Look forward to welcoming everyone back and welcome to those embarking on their journey x

OP posts:

TheImprobableGirl · 26/02/2018 11:46

Will you have me back? I genuinely daren't go back to my actual slimming world group as I have joined, rejoined and rejoined AGAIN since January 2017.... I am not going back to a formal group so I'm going to hopefully get lots of ideas and support off here instead.

You guys are such an inspiration Flowers

TheImprobableGirl · 26/02/2018 11:48

Just gone back to read the thread and saw that I also Shuffled Back In on the first page in January Blush I think if I did less bloody shuffling and more body magic I might actually get somewhere!


Mollie85 · 26/02/2018 12:14

4.5 lbs!!!! Whoop! In seven weeks - with a maintain and a 2lbs gain one week- I’ve managed to lose 21lbs in total!!!! SmileGrin

Well done to everyone who’s tried this week (loss or not)


TheImprobableGirl · 26/02/2018 12:18

Thats awesome @Mollie85 you must be absolutely buzzing right now :)


Flutterby81 · 26/02/2018 12:29

Wow that’s fantastic @Mollie85 well done Smile
Welcome back @TheImprobableGirl and good luck for the week ahead


Mollie85 · 26/02/2018 12:32

I feel amazing Improbable.... I know it sounds a bit “woo” but I’ve eaten everything I’ve fancied (this weekend bacon and egg sandwiches for example) pasta, potatoes etc... and still had a fantastic loss. Grin

Although on the flip side, doing an SP week made me gain 2 lbs... Confused


Groovee · 26/02/2018 12:36

Thanks everyone, loved my new role. I'm doing one to one and I had so much fun!

Well done @Mollie85

Welcome back @TheImprobableGirl

Just had soup which was Chicken, leek, carrot and butternut squash. So yummy and a nectarine and 4 strawberries. Need a wee snooze now x

OP posts:

TheImprobableGirl · 26/02/2018 12:57

I always found that an SP week never worked in my favour - but then I think it was reducing the bread that really oomphed up my weight loss at the start. I found my old sign in book (one of many Grin) and apparently when I first started I was 15st 4lbs, so happy that I am not back up to that yet.

I am just really struggling with laziness, so instead of fighting it and losing I think I will buy some of the slimming world meals to have ready to throw into the oven of a night. If only they did a tasty slimming world pizza! Not a meatza, that is SO not the same thing

Menu for today:
Poached egg whites on one piece of wholemeal (800g loaf)
Salt and vinegar walkers (6.5 syns)
SW quorn cottage pie & green beans
Hopefully no other snacks
Cheese and pasta bake, with lots of roasted veg in (6 syns for extra cheese)

Not a great start but I am yet to do a food shop - got the new mag today and some great bits and pieces in it so feeling really motivated.

Has anybody tried the Ryvita Rye-cakes? They're 5 for a HEB and I reckon that could curb my crisp habit. As long as they don't taste like scan bran


twizzr · 26/02/2018 12:58

You are doing a great job keeping everyone motivated.


Testarossa1 · 26/02/2018 13:20

Well, after a weekend of eating out at a Mexican and having a proper roast dinner yesterday, I've lost 2lb and reached my 1 stone lost! There was lots of walking over the weekend which has obviously helped. So to celebrate I've just had this for lunch, all syn free. (Potatoes par boiled, frylighted, a bit of salt and garlic granules and in hot oven for 20 mins)

SW Support Thread #1 of 2018

boo1507 · 26/02/2018 14:22

Devastated at a 1.5lb gain. I maybe deserved a maintain but railing at the injustice of a gain. Someone talk me down before I eat a whole box of chocolate rice crispie cakes whilst sobbing in the work bathroom.


Cherrypi · 26/02/2018 14:30

Oh no boo.

Made the lovely pinch of nom carrot and butter bean soup today. First weigh in tomorrow eek.


boo1507 · 26/02/2018 14:39

Good luck Cherry. I made a carrot and ginger soup this week. It was yum.


MumInTheCity · 26/02/2018 14:44

We're having a taster night tonight so I've just made some vanilla and raspberry baked oat muffins. They work out as half a syn plus HEB for four of them, or 2 syns each if not using HEB. Now I just have to try not to eat them all before I go!

SW Support Thread #1 of 2018

ALemonyPea · 26/02/2018 14:46

Well done Mollie. Great loss.

I had a Costco hot cross bun today. 9.5 syns but so worth it. Didn't even need butter on it. Have had to put the rest in the freezer though as otherwise I'd eat the lot.

I love soup but found it didn't help with my losses. So only have it once in a blue moon.

Chilli and wedges for tea tonight though mmmmm


boats16 · 26/02/2018 15:27

Welcome TheImposibleGirl. Well done to Mollie and Testarossa , especially reaching your 1st lost mark. Never mind boo, dont eat those cakes, youll only regret it ! Good luck for tomorrow Cherry . Monday seems to be a really busy day. I went swimming again.The water was so warm .Smile


Groovee · 26/02/2018 15:35

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