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Slimming World

SW Support Thread #1 of 2018

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Groovee · 31/12/2017 21:34

New thread to see in 2018. Everyone welcome.

Having lost 4st in 2017... I'm looking at target by Valentine's Day if possible.

Look forward to welcoming everyone back and welcome to those embarking on their journey x

OP posts:
ALemonyPea · 31/12/2017 21:41

Just marking my spot. Happy new year losers.

PositiveAttitude · 31/12/2017 21:43

Thanks Groovee.

I have achieved what I wanted to achieve and I am leaving 2017 at my lowest weight in over 20 years. 5 stone 2 lb down. 2 more stone to go. I would love to get there in 2018.

FelixCited · 31/12/2017 22:31

Signing up!

Huffpot · 31/12/2017 22:33

Hi, I'm a newbie to this thread. Have done SW in the past and starting again tomorrow and first group Tuesday. I would have started last week but couldn't make the meeting.
Need to kick myself into gear as I'm getting married in May

14spanner · 31/12/2017 22:38

New here too. Starting SW (again) on Wednesday and getting married in September. I am dreading the initial weigh in.

ChessieFL · 01/01/2018 01:08

Hi! I have almost a stone and a half to lose. I originally got to target in April 2016 then started a new job which involves lots of travelling and weight’s gradually gone back on. I rejoined just over a month ago and have lost 4lb so far. Haven’t been very good this weekend but back on it properly tomorrow (today?!)

Ineweverything · 01/01/2018 01:12

Lurking for tips and encouragement - I'm determined to do AF January, and it would be motivating to lose a few lbs at the same time.

fraggle84 · 01/01/2018 06:43

I’m on it now!!

Food planned for today is :
B- wholrmeal toast & 2 poached eggs
L - homemade butternut squash soup
D - chilli & rice (cheese for healthy A)

Syns - milk in 3 coffees (3), hi fi bar (2)

Groovee · 01/01/2018 07:21

Good morning everyone.

Hope you had good new year celebrations.

I will have a cooked brekkie. Going to my mums where I am cooking so Paprika Pork and Eton Mess SW style.

OP posts:
bingandflop · 01/01/2018 08:38

Hi all, starting online on Weds after my big online shop of SW friendly food is arriving Tuesday eve. Looking forward to keeping up with this thread. Groovee, eton mess SW sounds amazing, how do u make it?

Blankiefan · 01/01/2018 08:49

After a year off plan I've managed to regain the 4 stone I lost. I feel like such a Muppet.

So - back on today. The house is still full.of Xmas goodies which we'll have to sort- it'd be easy to wait until everything is eaten but I'm starting to get quite anxious about my health - I feel like every twinge i get is some terrible.disease / condition that I've eaten my way into. I feel like a massive idiot for doing this to myself - again.

Groovee · 01/01/2018 09:08

@bingandflop I used quark with sweetener, usually 2 big tubs, mixed with summer fruits frozen berries, mix together and defrost. Give a good mix then add meringue and serve. So yummy. I usually let everyone add their own meringues that way I know how much the syns are x

OP posts:
RealHousewifeOfLapland · 01/01/2018 09:14

Can I join in too please? Feel like a serial slimming worlder now but this will be my final and successful attempt!!(I hope!)I rejoined last Wednesday and want to lose at least 5-stone this year. Looks like this is a good place to start!

LollipopViolet · 01/01/2018 09:29

Lost 2 stone in about 18 months, got another 3 to go.

Need to move my bum and get ready for group at 11.30 - hopefully start the new year with a loss :)

TheImprobableGirl · 01/01/2018 09:46


Not going back to group, as I just can't afford it at the minute, but I'm a stone lighter than this time last year. I've booked a mini holiday in June so want to lose a considerable amount by then

Groovee · 01/01/2018 10:01

Welcome everybody.

No cooked breakfast but a cup of green tea, melon, satsuma and banana.

OP posts:
Oldowl · 01/01/2018 10:24

1 st 7lb lost since Sept. Now at target, but want to stay there or lose another 7lbs. Checking in so I stay on track. x

skittycat · 01/01/2018 12:09

I’m aiming to lose at least 7 stone... with me being an unhealthy weight for so long I’m not 100% sure what my final goal is but I can remember that I felt good about myself at 13 stone (which is where the 7 stone loss would leave me) so that’s my initial aim and I can reevaluate from there.

I have been on slimming world for a couple of years but have got myself into a bit of a vicious circle - I’ll lose a bit of weight but then get frustrated because it feels like I’ve got so far to go and it doesn’t happen quickly, so I tend to comfort eat to cheer myself up (which of course means I gain the weight again)

I need to break the cycle as I want to be happy without being reliant on quick fixes, I want to be healthy and confident and have some self esteem.

Hoping this thread will help support me on my journey and I can help support others too Smile

latedecember1963 · 01/01/2018 12:29

Thanks for the new thread, Groovee.
Happy New Year everyone and welcome newbies!
I'm going to try to incorporate exercise into my daily routine. It's now 6 weeks since my operation so I'm going to start with 15 minutes on the Wii Fit when I've finished watching the New Year's Day concert.

Stephisaur · 01/01/2018 12:36

I lost 4 stone back in 2014 but have managed to put it all back on Blush

Getting back on it - I want to shift at least 2 stone before getting pregnant (although knowing my luck I’ll shift like 2lbs lol) not going to class this time as I’ve fallen out of love with my local ones, so trying it from Home for a change.

Good luck everyone!

Yukbuck · 01/01/2018 14:53

Yes please! Starting diet tomorrow but possibly a run today (although it's daunting!) I started a thread back in June but fell off the bandwagon pretty quickly but I'm determined this time.
I've got a wedding and stuff this year for immediate family and want to feel comfortable and look good as I'll be in lots of the photos.
If people can post meal plans etc.. then I find that really helps to motivate me.
I'm trying to save some money and have some tinned soup already in the cupboard (low salt and sugar ) so going to use those up for lunches this week and having blueberry wheats for breakfast. Tea is a mixture. Snacks will be fruit (banana, melon or pears). I still have Christmas chocolate so going to put it all into boxes and syn it to use whenever I fancy a treat.
Really determined this year. Got to make sure I come back on here each day to keep myself motivated!

LollipopViolet · 01/01/2018 14:55

Yay 2 and a half off for me this morning :)

Had fruit for breakfast and leftovers from last night for lunch. Dinner tonight is a SW meal :)

Olgivy · 01/01/2018 14:58

Room for one more?

I have about 100lbs to lose and it's time I stop doing the silly juice diets, regaining the weight, doing another fad diet etc, beating myself up over it when in actual fact if I just followed a healthy eating plan and put the work in consistently the weight will be off in no time. So here I am...going to write a menu for the week today!

Groovee · 01/01/2018 18:39

Picking plate for dinner. Need to have a HEB choice but no clue what I fancy. My throat is sore and my glands are all swollen again.

SW Support Thread #1 of 2018
OP posts:
susurration · 01/01/2018 20:03

Evening all. I've just joined slimming world today. I did it for a little bit last year and it worked amazingly well, but then I somehow just let it slide. I've put all the weight back on and more and now I want it gone again.

Probably going to start tomorrow or Weds, just because I haven't done any food shopping since before Christmas.

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