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Slimming World

SW Support Thread #1 of 2018

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Groovee · 31/12/2017 21:34

New thread to see in 2018. Everyone welcome.

Having lost 4st in 2017... I'm looking at target by Valentine's Day if possible.

Look forward to welcoming everyone back and welcome to those embarking on their journey x

OP posts:

skittycat · 01/01/2018 20:04

I feel like I’ve had a good day food wise....

Breakfast - apple, satsuma & yoghurt
Lunch - Sausage sandwich (b choice bread) plus 2 babybels & some cherry tomatoes
Tea - jacket potato with mince, sweet corn, onion, mushrooms, carrots.

I tend to avoid snacking as I find that once I start I don’t stop!


Stephisaur · 01/01/2018 20:08

Today went to pot at the mother in law’s, but I knew it would. Still calling today a win as I haven’t eaten a chocolate every 5 minutes 😂


ChessieFL · 01/01/2018 20:09

My food today:

No breakfast (oops)
Lunch: SW Iceland burger in a wholemeal roll (HEB) with 30g cheddar (HEA) and 1 tbsp relish (1 syn).
Tea: SW chips, SW southern style chicken (3 Syns for breadcrumbs) and roasted tomato pepper and courgette.

Other Syns: 3 for dashes Of milk in tea, probably about 10 for a few toffichocs.

Not as good as I was hoping, have gone slightly over Syns and not enough speed. Could have been much worse though!!


PositiveAttitude · 01/01/2018 20:49

Welcome newbies!

I am just putting this picture here to encourage those who like me had 100lb to lose. In the 1st picture I am 6 stone heavier than I am now (2nd Pic) 5 stone 2lb of that is since joining SW 18 months ago. I had plateaued terribly and have faffed around the same weight since getting to my 5 stone award in July 2017. But over the last 2 weigh ins i have somehow managed to lose 5lb and I am hopeful for another loss tomorrow, so i am hoping I have started to drop again.

I have been asked to be a "bridesmaid" (I am 50+ Grin ) in the summer alongside 3 skinny binny friends, so I am determined not to be the whale in the photos and to feel good about myself.

For the 1st time ever this Christmas I have not hidden from the camera. I was even telling people to take photos of me!! Unheard of!!

We can do this!!

SW Support Thread #1 of 2018

Groovee · 01/01/2018 20:53

Well done PA, you look amazing!

This was me in June 2016 and Dec 2017!

SW Support Thread #1 of 2018
OP posts:

ibuiltahomeforyou · 01/01/2018 20:55

Signing in!

I've lost 2 and a half stone and am about nine pounds from target. Have wobbled about since November but desperate to get there now!

@PositiveAttitude and @Groovee you both look great - you look so much more confident in the second photos!


WorkingMumOnTheGo · 01/01/2018 21:38

Hi everyone!

I joined Slimming World at the beginning of May 2017. I have lost 3 stone 6lb so far and my target is to lose 5 stone (approx 2 stone to go). Fingers crossed I will reach my target before the summer season arrives! I only had 2 days off plan during Christmas. I lost 1lb and put 0.5lb back on this week because AF decided to make an appearance yesterday! :(


holycityzoo · 01/01/2018 22:18

Hi room for one more?
I've been around on this thread before but I've name changed, new name, new year new start!!
I'm rejoining on Wednesday and I'm determined.

PA and groovee you look amazing!!


passmethewineplease · 01/01/2018 23:14

Definitely joining this thread!

I've been messing about for the past year and I'm hoping 2018 is going to be the year I finally crack it.

Good luck everyone.

Fantastic before and afters. Smile


calzone · 02/01/2018 00:02

I love before and after photos.

Well done Groovee and PA.

I’m back to weigh in on Wednesday and losing a stone for January.


Groovee · 02/01/2018 10:46

Thanks everyone.

Have taken my measurements for the start of 2018... 🙈 a couple of inches everywhere. Not looking forward to weigh in now lol!

Had porridge for breakfast. Will have omelette for lunch then making beef stroganoff for tea.

OP posts:

UnwiseOldElf · 02/01/2018 11:26

Hello! Marking my place... here's to a fantastic 2018, everyone! Thanks for posting the brilliant before-and-afters - hugely inspiring to see.

(I weighed in last night - just 4lb gain, which is a minor miracle and prompted a mini-"I got away with it"-binge last night Hmm. Back on it today.)


latedecember1963 · 02/01/2018 11:34

Love the photos - really inspiring on a cold wet January morning!Been to WI and I've put on 4 lbs. It's what I expected so it's fine.
Did 20 minutes gentle exercise on the Wii yesterday and I'm going to do the same today.
I'm also going to take my measurements as an added incentive, thanks for the prompt, Groovee!
This afternoon I'm going to do some meal planning.


RealHousewifeOfLapland · 02/01/2018 12:43

Just wanted to add my congratulations to Groovee and PositiveAttitude for your fantastic weight loss, so far! Really inspiring!!


ALemonyPea · 02/01/2018 13:25

PA and Groovee you both look amazing and have done so well! Here’s to you both reaching target.

I am officially back on it as of today. Have been off since 22 December and have enjoyed myself, but need to behave otherwise it’ll all go back on. Not getting weighed until next week to do some damage control plus I’m a wimp. Need to get back into target range.

So my menu today
B: yoghurt, orange, hifi bar (needed to go shopping)
D: mushroom omelette
T: shepherds pie (sans cheese for me), carrots, broccoli, cauliflower

Good luck everyone.


theotherendofthesockportal · 02/01/2018 14:01

I would like to join! I can't afford to go groups, but will take inspiration from on here. I've also been looking at the two chubby cubs website.

I have 2 and a half stone to lose. I was doing well until we got loads of chocolate and biscuits for Christmas and because they are in the house I eat them :( I have no self control.

Well done to the ladies who posted pictures, it's good to see that SW does work.


Groovee · 02/01/2018 14:05

@theotherendofthesockportal look at pinch of nom and slimming eats. You can also look at recipes on the SW website.

OP posts:

susurration · 02/01/2018 14:06

@positiveattitude Well done, that is amazing!

I've not eaten yet today. I'm just not hungry! I've eaten so much over the last three weeks that I felt sick after dinner last night. Am well hydrated though and planning an apple in a bit to make sure i've had something before dinner. Doing some meal planning to make sure I get off to a good start. Found some bacon medallions in the fridge so planning bacon, butternut squash and sweet potato stew for dinner, with grilled tomato, courgette and onion on the side.

A bit about me:

29, 5'4", BMI 43.5, current weight is 18st 6lbs, current target is 14st (I know that is still an 'obese' bmi technically, but I want to make it manageable for myself) Will probably readjust target at some point to around 11st when it doesn't feel so out of reach. Brand new fitbit on my wrist too, to motivate me to move. Hoping to join the gym once i've sorted a health problem (waiting to see consultant surgeons/be referred to a different dept)


susurration · 02/01/2018 14:08

Also, weigh in day is Thursday. At heaviest I was 19st 11lbs in April 2016, so I did lose just over 2.5st originally. But i've put about 1.5 st back on since April this year.


theotherendofthesockportal · 02/01/2018 14:14

Thank you @Groovee I'm writing up a meal plan now. What does everyone eat as snacks?


Groovee · 02/01/2018 14:36

I fill up my fruit bowl. Currently has apples, satsumas, plums and bananas. I've eaten the grapes and I have strawberries in the fridge with melon. I like carrot sticks and cucumber for speedy snacks or sugarsnap peas.

If I'm looking for protein quark with a sprinkle of sweetener. Usually about half a teaspoon or wafer thin turkey or ham.

Walkers sunbite popcorn is low at 2.3/3 syns depending on flavour.

OP posts:

Dizzybintess · 02/01/2018 16:09

I’m 40 in February so it would be lovely to lose some weight before the x I started today.


Blankiefan · 02/01/2018 18:55

I need a high five. I've made a slow cooker of bolognaise sauce (2 family dinners), rosemary chicken and roasted veg (1 family dinner and 2 work lunches lunches for me), red pepper sauce for pasta (2 family dinners) and 4 portions of carrot & ginger soup for work lunches. In 2 hours.

Day 2 and the enthusiasm is high!


ChessieFL · 02/01/2018 19:03

Today’s food:

Breakfast: porridge (HEB) with 25g sultanas (3.5 Syns)
Snacks: apple, pear, satsuma, Graze dippers (7 Syns), milk in tea(1.5 Syns)
Lunch: leftover homemade goulash
Tea: jacket potato, leftover homemade chilli, 30g cheddar (HEA)
Egg custard tart (12 Syns) oops - but I did go to the gym at lunchtime so don’t feel quite so guilty!


skittycat · 02/01/2018 19:13

Wow those progress photos look amazing! Thanks for sharing Smile

My food today:-

Breakfast - banana, yoghurt & satsuma
Lunch - BLT (HEB) with cucumber sticks, blueberries and babybels (HEA)
Tea - slimming world sausage casserole with carrot and swede mash

I’m not sure whether I need to include more speed food tbh

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