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SW Support Thread #1 of 2018

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Groovee · 31/12/2017 21:34

New thread to see in 2018. Everyone welcome.

Having lost 4st in 2017... I'm looking at target by Valentine's Day if possible.

Look forward to welcoming everyone back and welcome to those embarking on their journey x

OP posts:
Groovee · 21/02/2018 07:25

You only get a different syn allowance if male or if you are above 16st or 20st.

OP posts:
boats16 · 21/02/2018 08:20

I make my porridge (27g sachet ) with 100ml water and 100ml skimmed milk (HEA ). I save my milk for brews. Im a tea belly. I also add sliced fruit. [Cherry] is right its filling.

boats16 · 21/02/2018 08:24

I mean Groovee is right. Its far too early. Havent woken up properly yet. My apologies Groovee

latedecember1963 · 21/02/2018 09:34

That's great about the weight loss, Groovee!

Have planned meals again for today. I'm enjoying the discipline of the SAS log so far. It certainly makes me stop and think about what I'm eating.

DH at a job interview this morning so I'm going to go and blitz the bathrooms to distract me from nibbling food I don't need.

Groovee · 21/02/2018 09:36

I find 40g is too much so have 20g and then make baked oats with the other 20g.

OP posts:
Groovee · 21/02/2018 09:38

Thanks @latedecember1963. Good luck to your DH and hope this morning goes ok for you x

OP posts:
boats16 · 21/02/2018 09:56

I know my soup was syn free .But just before I ditch it can anyone tell me how many calories it would of been. (Just out of curiousity ) It would settle an arguement between me and my worse half !

twizzr · 21/02/2018 11:07

Huum! I lost 8 lbs in the first two weeks only eating Free foods ,I was advised to introduce a small amount syns which I did in the third week, I have only lost another 1lb.Is the introduction of syns by Slimming World a way to slow down weight loss to get slimmers to pay for longer membership terms/fees?
I still go to the Gym every day and burn 300 calories on the treadmill in 1/2 hour and use the weightlifting machines for another 1/2 hour

boats16 · 21/02/2018 12:50

I agree twizzr about the calories. I exercise every morning and must burn calories and yet I stay the same. That is why Im trying SW and yet when that doesnt work either its because Im eating too many calories !! Im confused !!!

Flutterby81 · 21/02/2018 15:08

Well done to everyone who has lost.
Feeling nicely on track this week just made a batch of carrot and coriander soup and making beef in black bean sauce from this months magazine. What’s everyone else eating today?

Groovee · 21/02/2018 15:21

To be honest massive losses never seem to last. 1-2lb loss a week is good as it keeps it steady. It took me 25 weeks to lose 3st last year and it's taken 31 weeks to lose 1st and 4.5lbs.

Had fruit and yoghurt for breakfast. Baked potato and beans for lunch with carrots and sugar snap peas on the side. Making spaghetti Bolognese with mushrooms, onions, carrots and a salad for tea. Have had popcorn for syns and thinking chocolate pretzels after brownies. Can't make up my mind if I want baked oats or eggy bread for my healthy extra B later.

I'm tired today but it's my last Wednesday off before the Easter holidays, as I start my new role and hours on Monday.

OP posts:
BlooBagoo · 21/02/2018 18:28

Maintained this week, think it's my awful week from last week carrying on as I've been really good this week and even my little treats were well within my syns. Bit gutted but can't fall off the wagon, I have some big family birthdays coming up and have a couple of dresses in my wardrobe I'm determined to fit into for them. :)

boats16 · 21/02/2018 18:56

Never mind Bloo I maintained last weigh in also.Its very disheartening, I felt awful , especially when you really tried. Im due to weigh again Fri morn and hoping for better. Just wanted to let you know ,I know how you feel Smile

MumInTheCity · 21/02/2018 19:05

B - banana and satsuma
L - Chicken and veg stir fry with rice
D - onion and goats cheese tart (HEA plus 1.5 syns for filo pastry) with salad
S - 2 hifi bars (HEB)

It's my birthday on Friday, I'm going out for lunch, then drinks on Saturday and a meal out on Sunday. Going to try my best to stay on plan as much as possible but it's gonna be so hard!

Cherrypi · 21/02/2018 19:34

Day 1. I’ve had
B: Porridge and blueberries
L: Celeriac soup
D: jacket potato with beans, salad and 15g cheese
S: Jaffa cake, melon, milk in tea and coffee

Does that look ok?

Do you record drinks on the food diary?

boats16 · 21/02/2018 20:19

I find it hard eating out and going out for drinks. I have settled on steak with side salad when Im out and take syns for the peppercorn sauce and vodka and diet coke to drink,I keep topping that up with diet coke ! ! !

Groovee · 21/02/2018 20:28

Looks ok @Cherrypi. If you want to have a snack I go for a speed or protein type snack.

OP posts:
Groovee · 21/02/2018 20:30

@BlooBagoo we all have weeks like that.

I don't drink alcohol unless on holiday 😂

OP posts:
Scaredofthegym · 21/02/2018 20:36

Hi all
Just checking in as I tried doing an sp day today after disappointingly only losing 1lb this week. I've had:
B- big bowl of strawberries and raspberries and an orange
L - tuna and boiled egg salad
D- slimming world bolognese (no pasta)
Hea- 250ml semi skimmed milk, heb- 4 x hifi bars

Does this seem OK, any suggestions to improve? Also would love to hear how doing sp days worked for anyone else out there as my consultant said it doesn't work for everyone? I thought I'd try doing it a couple of days a week and see if it gives me a bigger loss..although I have lost 7.5lbs in 3 weeks so I am pleased but the 1lb loss this week threw me a bit.

Groovee · 21/02/2018 20:40

I'd try mixing your HEB's up a bit.

I don't do SP days as I can't live without my yoghurt.

Break your loss up over the 3 weeks. If you look at it it's over 2lb per week. There will be weeks where you maintain or only lose 1/2lb and this is just how our bodies work.

OP posts:
Scaredofthegym · 21/02/2018 20:54

Thanks groovee - I know, that's how I'm looking at it its just a bummer as I'm so impatient! Not giving up though as I'm feeling very good since I started, much healthier.

Groovee · 21/02/2018 21:19

This is me a year apart, it's probably not a massive difference but I definitely see it as a lifestyle change.

SW Support Thread #1 of 2018
OP posts:
Scaredofthegym · 21/02/2018 21:51

Yes, that's how I'm trying to look at it - not as a diet but focusing on how much better/more energetic I feel and losing weight is a bonus.
You look great by the way, well done!

BlooBagoo · 21/02/2018 22:09

Thanks boats and groovee, trying not to let it get to me but getting fed up of going lose 1lb, lose 1/2lb, lose 1/2lb, gain 4lb or whatever. I'm still around 1.5 stone down overall, and even though it's been months of dancing around the same sort of weight I do think my waist feels smaller so I think I need to get the inch tape out to hopefully keep my motivation up too.

Today was meant to be me starting on an SP week but was halfway through some pomegranate with breakfast before I realised that wasn't S or P so I've had half an SP day so far. Blush

boats16 · 21/02/2018 22:14

You look really good Groovee Grin

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