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MN TOWERS - WHAT was wrong with the old layout???

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DingDongDraculaOnHigh · 15/12/2006 10:11

What prompted this change?

OP posts:
Ceolas · 15/12/2006 10:12

Yeah, it's a bit odd

GlennCloseAsCruellaDeVille · 15/12/2006 10:14

just made that point on the other thread

it is now just another site just as awkward to use and more designed for dipping in than lingering

hat hate hate the split pages malarky

DingDongDraculaOnHigh · 15/12/2006 10:15

we'll be having those stupid bouncing emoticons and people having little bye lines to their names next

OP posts:
IdrisTheRedNosedDragon · 15/12/2006 10:15

I suppose after the home page changed talk was going to as well.

But this is driving me a l,ittle mad

May even be forced to go and do housework.

munz · 15/12/2006 10:16

yeah, loved posting a reply then pressing active convos button on the top.

least DH will be happy cos i'll prob be MNetting less and cleaning the hosue more!

munz · 15/12/2006 10:17

dingdong - please don't sat that, I lothe those things and the 3 pages of goodbyes or whatever people post after their messages. it's awful.

NoXmasNameForNomDePlume · 15/12/2006 10:20

I don't like this new layout at all.

It isn't nice to use.

Hopefully this will mean that my personal MN veto is more effective and continues long into the new year.


NoXmasNameForNomDePlume · 15/12/2006 10:21

Active convos page is now really hard to read.

DingDongWaspEllyonHigh · 15/12/2006 10:23

Adding my humph! to general grumpiness er: new layout

GoodKingWhimsylas · 15/12/2006 10:23

I don't like it

ThrockenAroundTheChristmasTree · 15/12/2006 10:26

I think it is the brown stripe down the left that is most irritating - it keeps catching my eye.

GlennCloseAsCruellaDeVille · 15/12/2006 10:27

I think it has changed to make people go to other parts of the site instead of just commercial reasons, hence the side menu..

Twiglett · 15/12/2006 10:29

Oh god .. just logged in ... this is top message

THIS IS AWFUL!!! .. cumbersome and just looks ugly on the screen

a rethink perhaps?

Twiglett · 15/12/2006 10:30

you can't have a left hand navigation bar AND an ad server on the right hand side

Glitterygookwithchocsonthetree · 15/12/2006 10:31

It's just awful and for that reason, I'm logging off. I can't stand it.

jampots · 15/12/2006 10:32

sorry I dont like it either. bring back the old one please...

dublindee · 15/12/2006 10:33

Yeah MN Towers, we like the old layout better.

Let's start a petition and keep bumping this til they succumb to "might of the mums"!!!!

Ooh I'm getting all militant now!

JustUsTwoTurtleDoves · 15/12/2006 10:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tortington · 15/12/2006 10:34

i dont like it
i dont like it
i dont like it]#

Tortington · 15/12/2006 10:35

i do like the dfact i can come straight ere from home page to active convos - good one

please i dont like this layout

Troutpout · 15/12/2006 10:36

next thing you know...there will be tickers

Tortington · 15/12/2006 10:36

i dont like it - i seriously dont like it

dont change things please - the odd thing here and there- but this is like coming home to find you ahve a new dog

if i wanted a new dog i would go to BMC
i dont want a new dog god dammit!!!

JustineMumsnet · 15/12/2006 10:38

Hello all,
Well first of all - apologies for all the upset. We genuinely didn't think it would cause so much distress. As suggested the changes were prompted by the home page update really. There was a suggestion from a few quarters that the old home page was a bit "cottage industry". And as it was getting on a bit, we agreed it could do with an re-vamp so we got a fab designer (who worked on Guardian Unlimited) to come and refresh the look. That involved changing the navigation to go across the top of the screen and that in turn prompted the changes on talk.

Previously on talk you couldn't link to other areas on the site - just the home page - so we wanted to change that too. Apart from the fly out menu on active conversations the only other change of note (apart from colours, spacing etc which we are more than happy to tinker with to make them better for you) is the pagination after 100 posts and this is all about ensuring the site works well. The multiple downloading of very long threads really did put a strain on our servers. If you detest that particular aspect then rest assured we are aiming shortly to introduce a MyMumsnet area which will allow you to override defaults and tailor-make your own look for the site. More of that in the new year.

Of course we do promise to take a look at all your thoughts and suggestions with regard to making talk better for you - if there's a specific thing that is making you sad then please do let us know what it is. Can we also add a small plea to all to give the new look a chance - it really isn't much that much changed, honest?

Many thanks,
Mumsnet Towers

foxinsocks · 15/12/2006 10:38

it would make a big difference if that toolbar on the left (starting with talk) was run along the top

There is SO SO much wasted space along the left hand side (under that toolbar) and it is making the active conversations screen too small and too impractical to scan

BexieID · 15/12/2006 10:39

I thought it was something to do with the half bottle of asti I consumed last night! Please, put the forum back to how it was. I have abandoned many a forum due to the layout in the past and don't want to have to leave here as well.

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