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What is the temperature of your house and is your heating on?

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AlternativelyWired · 01/10/2022 09:37

And whereabouts do you live because it makes a difference if you're on Shetland compared to central London. My hall is 14.6 and my living room 16.1. Bedroom 15 The heating isn't on. North West England. Thank goodness the sun is out today because yesterday was so cold wet and windy.

OP posts:
rcat74 · 01/10/2022 09:39

South-West. 20 degrees (new-build). Heating came on this morning for an hour or so. I’ve set it at 20.

MrsDanversGlidesAgain · 01/10/2022 09:41

SW London, 20 degrees. Heating on this morning for an hour, flat is south facing and it's a sunny day so probably will be warm enough not to need the heating this evening. If I do I'll use my halogen heater in the sitting room.

FiveMins · 01/10/2022 09:41

Northwest. 15. No heating yet this year. Aiming to do an hour a day when gets cold. Lots of blankets and layers at the ready as work from home.

ghostsandpumpkinsalready · 01/10/2022 09:41

Live in the north
Heating set at 20 and it came on this morning for an hour

UnagiForLife · 01/10/2022 09:42

18.4 in south facing part of house, 17 in north facing part. Heating hasn’t gone on yet, feels a nice temperature. South west.

sleepybuthappy · 01/10/2022 09:42

16 here - Scotland. Until now I'd have my thermostat set to keep the house heated to 19.5. Now heating is off, I'm wearing a thick jumper and eating breakfast feeling v cold.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor · 01/10/2022 09:43

17 and no, we are wearing jumpers and thick socks.

FacebookPhotos · 01/10/2022 09:43

I’m around the same area and temperature as you. No heating yet! My family are the same - we’re all determined not to be the first to put the heating on so it’s become a bit competitive.

Ifulikepinacoladas · 01/10/2022 09:44

South coast, 18.5 degrees. No heating yet. Googling heated clothes airers this am....

KangarooKenny · 01/10/2022 09:45

North West. The heating is set to come on at 16’c and it’s on.

sevenbyseven · 01/10/2022 09:45

16c on the hall thermostat. Not had the heating on yet.

OrangePomander · 01/10/2022 09:45

North, 19 degrees no heating.

YellowAndGreenToBeSeen · 01/10/2022 09:45

18 in South East / London borders. No heating on here, sitting in t-shirt and pj bottoms. Feels fine.

Saturdaydreamingway2355555 · 01/10/2022 09:46

Not sure what the temp of my house is- how do you guys know?
Im north west, it’s 11 outside and our house is cold but bareable- no heating here yet!

AlternativelyWired · 01/10/2022 09:48

sleepybuthappy I've just had a bowl of porridge and am making my way through a big cup of tea and feel nice and warm now. Yogurt and muesli won't cut it in autumn/winter and porridge is so inexpensive. Oats lower cholesterol too. The banana is one of my five a day and the golden syrup meets my sugar addiction 😁My toes are cold but my nose isn't and that's my gauge of being warm or not.

OP posts:
MrsPelligrinoPetrichor · 01/10/2022 09:49

Saturdaydreamingway2355555 · 01/10/2022 09:46

Not sure what the temp of my house is- how do you guys know?
Im north west, it’s 11 outside and our house is cold but bareable- no heating here yet!

Lots of thermostats have a digital reading.

FluffySocksAndHotChocolate · 01/10/2022 09:49

Northeast. Currently at 14, my heating is set to 16 but it's not on at the moment. Keeps us toasty at 16, never seen the need to have it higher.

Northernsoullover · 01/10/2022 09:49

My house is 18.5 in South Wales. Heating isn't on. I'll put it on for an hour later this evening. I had it on for an hour yesterday. I'm not going to stop using it completely but I'm going extremely cautiously because it really isn't that cold at the moment. The worst thing is getting out of the shower but once you are dressed it's fine.

PuttingDownRoots · 01/10/2022 09:49

According to the thermometer 19.6. Yorkshire. Yet to turn the heating on.

mrcow · 01/10/2022 09:49

South East

Heating hasn’t been on this morning. Clothes are out on the line - hopefully they will dry!

fairislecable · 01/10/2022 09:49

South East it’s 19 in the house 10 outside I’m comfortable in my jamas with a jumper on - heating may go on for an hour tonight.

Northernsoullover · 01/10/2022 09:49

17 is my benchmark I should add.

AlternativelyWired · 01/10/2022 09:50

@Saturdaydreamingway2355555 I bought some room thermometers from Amazon. I have one in my bedroom, one in the hall and one in the living room. I think they were about £15-20.

OP posts:
Lcb123 · 01/10/2022 09:50

21! No heating. Get lots of sun all day as 2nd floor flat with windows facing east, south and west

KennyMousetits · 01/10/2022 09:51

It was 16° when I got up so put heating on for an hour, it's 19° now and it feels nice. Heating will go off soon until this evening when I'll put it on for an hour if needed.

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