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Can't believe I'm even posting this. Christmas dinner highchair'gate'

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Nobhobs · 29/11/2019 11:49

Spending Christmas with DH, DS and the in laws. We're weaning DS so mentioned in passing bringing his high chair so he can sit with us during Christmas dinner (if he's not napping or anything like that) he's very alert and active and gets arsey if not being entertained. He loves being in his high chair and round the table and it's his first Christmas so we're a bit excited (yes I know he worn remember it)

MIL has said we can't bring his highchair, as her other sons baby will only be 8 weeks old and can't sit in one and we can't leave out one of the babies on Christmas Day. I laughed thinking it was a bad joke, but no, deadly serious.

We sort of ignored and thought we'd deal with it on the day, but had a text from 8 week olds mum saying that MIL had told her we were going to try and leave her child out and that she's not happy about it. Her baby will be the only one not in the Christmas dinner photos if we bring our highchair Hmm I said well obviously baby can be held up in the photos if that's what's upsetting you, DS is at the age where he doesn't just nap constantly and wants to be involved and entertained and it's nothing to do with leaving her child out.

It's totally ridiculous and DH is now saying just to leave the highchair at home to avoid drama. I've never had any issues with the in laws before and I'm mind blown by how stupid this is. Or am I BU? Is this a thing?! If one babies on the floor they all have to be?? Hmm

OP posts:
FannyCann · 02/12/2019 17:44

Good choice OP. Next year when you go to the in laws you can be potty training DS to win the first out of the nappy stakes. This will involve keeping the potty right next to, if not under the dining table. This is what my cousin did. Every time I removed the potty to the bathroom (Aunt's bungalow so next room) she brought it back. Now my DDs work in a pub and have occasionally been affronted by parents who sit a child on a potty in the middle of the pub. But I reckon I'd make an exception to the bathroom rule for your mil. And you can boast at how early your child is getting out of nappies, setting a target for your sil that she will never match. GrinGrinGrin

CorBlimeyGovenor · 02/12/2019 20:20

Come on OP. You can't get away with such a brief update. We want to know how the in laws have taken the news?

Iminagony · 02/12/2019 22:57

Wow! You've made the right decision.

They are being utterly ridiculous.
When and where is your child meant to eat?

Hope you stand your ground and don't get persuaded to go to theirs after all.

ISmellBabies · 02/12/2019 23:11

This is the most batshit thing ever. I'm glad you're going to your parents instead. God knows what mil and sil would demand next. Perhaps you'd all have to have a bottle of milk for xmas dinner because that's what the 8 week old will be having, you can't leave him out!

Jaichangecentfoisdenom · 03/12/2019 11:17

I don't think the OP will be coming back, with an update, given that they are well aware a tabloid newspaper got hold of this the other day.

HappyHarlot · 30/12/2019 19:07


How was your Christmas dinner? Did you go to your parents? What did your MIL and SIL say?

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