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AIBU to think men should not be allowed in female prisons?

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SmileEachDay · 02/08/2017 00:36

This seems interesting and factual...

OP posts:
SmileEachDay · 02/08/2017 00:36
OP posts:
FerretsAreFeminists · 02/08/2017 00:39

But they might identify as women. It's not our place to tell them they can't identify as women if they want to.


eatingonlyapples · 02/08/2017 00:41

Transgender women are not men.

I don't think the people who write for sites like that know how much psychological therapy transgender women have to go through before they're recognised as women. It's not just a man saying he's a woman to get cushy treatment. It's horrific and frightening and a miserable experience for them. It's months or years of therapy. It's not an easy process. It's horrible. Prisoners deserve the same treatment as anyone on the outside would get: the medical care, both physical and mental, that they deserve.

SmileEachDay · 02/08/2017 00:41

Damn ferrets I wish I'd thought of that....


OP posts:
Italiangreyhound · 02/08/2017 00:42

UK prisons are segregated by sex; and sometimes by the level of risk. Not by how prisoners feel.

There should be proper provision for transgender prisoners. But female prisons are for females.

SmileEachDay · 02/08/2017 00:43

Did you read the article eating?

It doesn't have any issue with genuine trans women.

The issue is with the potential legislation change.

Which you'd know, if you'd read it...

OP posts:
FerretsAreFeminists · 02/08/2017 00:44

I think you're a bit behind the times there apple Grin

FerretsAreFeminists · 02/08/2017 00:45

You're such a transphobic bigot OP.


BarbarianMum · 02/08/2017 00:45

Transgender women are not women. And so should not be in a women's prison. If they don't belong in a men's prison then alternative arrangements should be made, fine. But not women's prisons.

Italiangreyhound · 02/08/2017 00:46

eatingonlyapples and if the law changes to self identification, will any man who identifies as a women be admitted to a female prison?

Imagine being a woma in prison and finding out a male rapist who has had 'gender reassignment surgery' will now be in the prison with you. Would that feel appropriate to you?

SmileEachDay · 02/08/2017 00:46

Shock ferrets

OP posts:
FerretsAreFeminists · 02/08/2017 00:47

On a serious note, you are of course 100% OP. I just really wanted to be the first to call transphobia

FerretsAreFeminists · 02/08/2017 00:48

*100% right.

Stupid phone Angry

eatingonlyapples · 02/08/2017 00:48

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

SmileEachDay · 02/08/2017 00:48

Barbarian trans women are already housed in female prisons.

The new legislation just makes it much easier for anyone to identify as what they wish.

OP posts:
Terfing · 02/08/2017 00:49

Prisons are separated by biology, not gender, for obvious reasons. Female prisoners are often vulnerable and should not be put in a situation which makes them even more vulnerable.

As always, I do have sympathy for anyone with body dysmorphia. Sadly, many prisoners have mental illnesses and the UK prison system is not great at dealing with these cases. However, this is not the fault of women and therefore women should not be punished for it.

FerretsAreFeminists · 02/08/2017 00:49

I've already been fucked thanks.

What does my sex life have to do with this though?

BarbarianMum · 02/08/2017 00:49

I know. And I think its wrong. The proposed new legislation makes it worse, of course.

Italiangreyhound · 02/08/2017 00:49

Agree with BarbarianMum, safe alternative provision. No one should be put at risk.

eatingonlyapples · 02/08/2017 00:50

italiangreyhound the issue is not as simplistic as you are making it out to be.

Funny how no one gives a shit about FTM transgender people and where they might end up. And nonbinary people who are out of luck wherever they are. It's always targeting the MTF people.

SmileEachDay · 02/08/2017 00:52

Extremely well read thanks eating.

The article is about the legislation. And how vulnerable female prisoners are.

But I suspect you won't want to have a reasonable discussion with "people like me" whatever the fuck that means

OP posts:
FerretsAreFeminists · 02/08/2017 00:52

I have no clue what nonbinary is.

All this gender shit hurts my brain.

SmileEachDay · 02/08/2017 00:55

Ferrets don't worry your lady brain about it.


OP posts:
Italiangreyhound · 02/08/2017 00:57

eatingonlyapples non-binary people still have a biological sex. If they want seoerate wings or prisons then I'd be happy for the. To have that. trans men are entitled to ask to go onto male prisons. They are unlikely to be a risk to the men there. They may be at risk which, personally, I would not want, but if they chose to go onto male prisons that is there choice.

Maybe we could have a trans wing for trans men.

But the issue is not trans men. it is males in prison identifying as women and wanting to be housed with female prisoners. That is the issue for females in prison.

Pawpainting · 02/08/2017 00:58

Prisoners deserve the same treatment as anyone on the outside would get: the medical care, both physical and mental, that they deserve.

Why does their right to this treatment trump the right of vulnerable women in prison to feel safe?

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